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Sex on the Brain
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 09:47:38 -0400

Craig:  Last night... At a club, no prospects but I danced with a ton of
girls.  People knock the dance floor but if you know how to work it it's one
of the best places to meet girls.  Afterwards I was sitting outside having a
smoke and this girl that I had danced with a few times that night and weeks
past comes up and sits down next to me.  She's about a 7, nothing to brag
about.  I said, "I don't think you should sit there too long, cause I'm a
bad boy and you don't want me to get the wrong idea."  She said, "What idea
is that?"  And I said, "That's it...You're coming home with me."  And she
did!  Too easy man!

Freeqshow: Very slick...Golden Balls Award.

Craig (continuing):  I got head for like an hour and then I decided to try
the triple play.  I went for the first part (massage from the top) and I
didn't notice any reaction from her.

Freeqshow: If you're unsure where this spot is, get your girl to guide your
hand. This is a light pressure area--most girls know about this spot and
will be glad to

Craig (continuing): I went to the 2nd part (penetration) and still no
reaction other than the standard moaning.  Since I didn't see any results I
skipped the anal and just went back to my standard technique.  Afterwards I
asked her about it.  She said that the massage from the top just made her
feel like she had to pee...

Freeqshow: If she was blowing for an hour she probably did have to pee. If
this technique irritates them in any way, they will let you know by moving
your hand. That's rare but I can see how this might send them screaming to
the bathroom if they've been holding for a while.

Craig (continuing): ...and the penetration wasn't deep enough but I had the
right idea there.  She said she felt like a science experiment and I told
her that I was just trying to make it better for next time!

Freeqshow: OK, I'm quoting from "The Complete Manual of Sexual Positions" by
Jessica Stewart (Media Press)..... "With Stimulation of the G-spot, women
can have orgasms that by all accounts are deeper, last longer and are more
satisfying than clitoral orgasms alone. ****It took me quite a while to find
my be patient.****  With the middle finger, first locate the
lumpy Skenes gland just inside the opening, then the hard area you can feel
through the skin (that's the corner
of the pubic bone) then a smooth area leading back to the cervix (which you
may or not be able to reach). Come back to the pubic bone with your finger
and hook the finger in back of it, finding a little hollow just before the
smooth area begins. Your finger will be pointing up towards (her) navel at
this point, not back towards the cervix and anus.(again, let her control the
tempo here).
Probe this region with your finger, and when you hit the G-spot you may feel
a temporary urge to urinate (AHA!) Don't worry, empty your bladder and begin
your stimulation again..... (note: it's also important to make sure that
your partner is adequately stimulated before beginning a G-spot exercise so
take your time before you begin). In many cases the Grafenberg spot will
swell and harden until it feels like a small bean under the surface of the
skin. You can sometimes intensify the feeling by pushing on the
corresponding area of the lower abdomen while stimulating the spot from the
inside (well, I'll be goddamned, I guess this is where I
got all this shit!).  ....clitoral orgasms feel sudden, sharp explosive.
Grafenberg orgasms feel deeper, more relaxed, and affect their whole bodies
(note: this is due to the release of Kundalini energy racing up the spine
opening all 7 Chakras along the way) in a warm wavelike spread of sensation.
One of the most exciting reports on the Grafenberg spot research is that
some women have the capacity to ejaculate. (Guys, if you've never witnessed
this it is something to behold. I have only just recently experienced this
for the first time with my girlfriend of 10 months so I think there's a
comfort zone involved before they totally surrender to this.)  Researchers
note that women who 'actively' stimulate their G-spot in lovemaking tend to
report ejaculation more often than do other women. Also, investigations have
concluded that the G-spot is the female equivalent of the prostate gland.
The fluid secreted by the Grafenberg spot through the urethra is not urine,
it is a clear substance that has many of the same chemical ingredients as
male prostatic fluid without the sperm, of course." (end)

Craig (again): "She said she felt like a science experiment and I told her
that I was just trying to make it better for next time!

Freeqshow:  Bet she's a fucking Virgo!;) No offense guys, the girls are
different.  You know, now that I think about it, I've probably never used
this technique
on anyone the first 2-3 times we were together. You think about the way a
woman's brain works...that's an awful lot of intrusive activity for a maiden
voyage. I guess I'm recommending waiting til at least the third session
before diving into this. Anyway Craig, I hope this helps. May be worth a
trip to Barnes and Noble to read up. Ping me back if any of this is

Freeqshow: Clifford, a note on long range effects of girl Christina
is the first  chick I ever Blammo'd to completion. This girl was married,
pure as the driven
snow, totally virginal, and has that aura that just says 'back off'. Well,
it was at a company function, I was hammered and had already been through a
of women who knew me and my much undeserved reputation as a DOG....the
typical reaction was like..."John, do you hear the shit coming out of your
face... or, 'where the hell is THIS going?" So then I'm left with one girl
out of about 6 good candidates and she was totally untouchable(a solid
9)...well,  then she came over and said "Shot down again-huh?" She was
standing there with this dumb smirk on her face that read "OK jackoff, let's
hear it!" So I segued right into the Discovery Channel/IC......right out of
the book. That was the most unexpected sex of my life that night and I won't
forget it. This came up in a conversation tonite and she asked..."You ever
use that 'cloze yore Ize' on anybody else?" I told her those words were
divinely inspired and I couldn't repeat a word if my life depended on it.
She said..."the things that were coming out of your mouth were RIDICULOUS,
it was just the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard. I knew exactly what you were doing but I ***wanted
you to do it". *** Now, I don't know if I believe for a fucking minute but
it is amazing how this works on the subconscious. She even caught the scope
ambiguities and said..."you know, you were making me feel things that you
weren't even talking about, but it sounded like it...understand?"  The moral
here for you guys that are using SS for the first time with some frustration
is..."you never know". You have to keep plowing away. And, as I am in the
middle of the most satisfying relationship of my life I am very grateful to
Ross for bringing this to the masses. Now, if I can
just figure out how to keep threesomes on the table and strippers in the
program we might make it permanent:)

Freeqshow: I mentioned my friend Chris to you once...he's a skinny, no
manners prick from West Virginia with absolutely no redeeming social skills
whatsoever. Except for the fact that this guy has fucked more strippers in
the last 6 months than I have tallied in the last 2 years and it's a fucking
fucking full time job for both of us.  His program is very simple, he is
just fucking outrageous. I think a lot of these girls fuck him just to shut
him up. He is completely eye contact EVER. The most flattering
thing I've ever heard him say was "You Fucking Whore"! I had the privilege
of standing near Chris last nite at about 4:00AM when I heard the
unmistakable "Hey, why don't you come back here and suck my dick, you slut".
To my amazement and delight, a
23 year old, married, hot stripper that I've been trying to nail for 6
months followed this little bastard to the bathroom and into a stall. OK, so
I went to check it out---I just couldn't believe it even though I've heard
he's pulled this off more than once.  I've been trying to analyze why he is
so successful. He does not supplicate in any form or fashion---ever. He only
deals with strippers  exclusively... maybe he appeals to a side of them that
knows they are sluts and they don't have to hide anything from him...just be
themselves. Hell, I don't know. Comments from the guys would be appreciated.
Oh yeah, my own little experience. My birthday party at the club where I
hang out...all the girls were coming over for hugs...this one girl Lisa was
hanging around (we've been off and on but mostly off) and the path was
finally cleared and I shoved her away and grabbed one of the other girls. I
put my hand on her chest and pushed-she almost fell off her 6" heels.  Guess
that got her attention. She's a Leo and we have a lot of personality traits
that are mistake with her was treating her with a modicum of
respect.  Even Chris was shocked. Now, do you think for a minute that bitch
walked away---NOPE! I couldn't believe she was still standing there until I
acknowledged she existed only to tell her to go 'fuck off'. My phone has not
stopped ringing and I'm thinking Restraining Order. I know this girl's
history and it's basically a string of abusive relationships going back to
age 14 including her father. If you take the time to survey,
you'll find a lot of these girls have similar stories. Maybe that's the key!
I have met a lot of the boyfriends along the way and these people generally
don't exhibit a minimum of social grace. They're fucking assholes---with few
exceptions. So Clifford, this make any sense to you?

My Comments: I love reading this!  I would love you to find out what would
happen with your friend Chris if he tried any of his shit on "regular"
women.  Does he
have a sixth sense on who this type of treatment will work on?  Logic
dictates that he'd get creamed with an attractive, intelligent professional
woman -- but maybe not!!  I would really like to know!  I personally am
totally fascinated by this stuff.  More more more more more
more more....

Freeqshow:  I'm keeping a close watch on that boy. We all used to laugh at
him and thought he was a clown but now I'm seeing some method to the
madness. Yeah, a 'normal' chick would lay him to waste but I think he's got
enough sense not to attempt this routine with anyone but a coke whore or
stripper. He is at the club every nite (like me) so I guess you'd have to
call him a specialist.
I'll keep a close watch on him and report back any patterns I see besides
calling the girls 'fucking hookers':)

Gilles sent the following comments:
Hey, I tried out the triple play on Thursday and I got a mixed review.
Spots #1 and #2 met with *very* positive response, but spot #3 (the ass) was
"too much." In fact spot #3 is the one I'm confused about...I'm going to
give it a few more tries, see if I can get it right, but from the
description posted in the last email I wasn't able to visualize how you can
stimulate the g-spot from inside the ass...pardon if this e-mail's a bit
graphic, but it's useful information and if this technique's as good as he
says I want to get it right...

Freeqshow: Hello Gilles, to answer your question, it's through the
tissue-not direct. A book by Jessica Stewart..."The Complete Manual of
Sexual Positions" (Media Press) has an illustration that shows how this
happens. OH FUCK...I just  did a search on Amazon and came up empty.
Although, my search did reveal a
book by the title "A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting"! The
reviews are hilarious. Anyway, there are other books in Amazon's stock that
illustrated and should be of help. I have a 1990 edition purchased from a
lingerie shop 5 years ago so she may have disappeared-soft content but very
informative. BTW, Amazon also carries "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for
Women" by Tristan Taormino...the dude got a Five Star rating and since this
is the final frontier I thought I'd pass that along. The reason I mention
this is that one by-product of the Triple Play, once they're conditioned...
they know this is NEXT. So, what was once taboo.....I don't have to tell you
guys, you nail a chick in the ass for the first time and you fucking own
her.   I'm sorry for the lack of detail, but like you, I find this difficult
subject matter to handle with the guys. It's only because of Clifford's
unrelenting assault on my manhood that I finally put this to words:)
Here's another bit of important detail...until your girl warms up to this,
don't go to step 3 until she's at the point of orgasm. It will be more
intense and she may not know why but this will entrain her mind. And as soon
as she cums, get out of there! She will associate this intensity with the
configuration of body parts later and become comfortable with the whole
thing. But it's also important to stay with her during this resolution
period......from "Jewel in the Lotus"....."During orgasms polarities switch.
Woman becomes more male, more verbal, wanting to communicate(the only thing
I WANT to communicate is 'get me a fuckin'  beer'-Hmmmnnn, that doesn't
sound very feminine does it?). Immediately after orgasm, we are in a most
vulnerable state, hyper-suggestible. Any comment made at this time can have
far reaching effects. Criticism can be devastating for male and female.
Expressions of love can be TRANSFORMING. This after-glow puts you in psychic
attunement with each other. This time is precious for solidifying the
relationship......." This is a time where it actually pays to supplicate,
but do it lightly unless your involved in a semi-committed relationship.

Anietie:   I once saw a documentary with an oriental ''master'' who could
induce orgasms in women,
even at a distance. The oriental master I mentioned was profiled in a
documentary by HBO about two years ago, I believe on the ''Real Sex''
program.  I do not doubt that orgasms can be so induced, after all, people
practice distant healing etc., and can even affect pets and objects at a
distance. I made several attempts to find information on this ''oriental
master'', but the efforts thus far have been futile.  Apparently, HBO
doesn't have an archive of its ''sexbytes'' series, though there is a video
entitled ''best of real sex."  HBO is to air the ''Best of Sex Bytes'' on
Thursday night (August 25, 1999) at 11pm---I hope that particular segment
would be featured.

My Comment:  This is pretty interesting.  Anyone have any more insight into
this?  I had never heard of this before.

Bill: Help me out here if you can. Answer the question of how a top seducer
actually is. What is the essence that
makes him successful. What are his beliefs, how does he act, anything that
accurately describes the successful seducer.  I am looking to distill the
very essence of successful seduction master. This is for the purpose of
writing a very powerful and compelling pattern script to be used during a
hypnosis session.

My Comments:  Major Mark's description of the romantic hero comes to mind
here.  He tells of the proper attitudes and behaviours which include being
assertive, adventurous, tough, cynical, and having a domineering quality.
Check your seminar notes.

Flyer: Those Precious Pattern Interrupts -- stay sarging in the cities. In
practicing SS and all related skills, I had some personal introspection
lately that I would like to share with you. For those of you who sarge in
the conservative suburbs (I assume a lot of suburbs are
conservative) and are having difficulty, do yourself the favor and don't
waste your time. Make it a point to sarge in a major city. I believe a lot
of you have heard me bitch and moan about this in the past. In fact, in
addition to all of my personal experience, I have read that other
publications on dating have stated the same thing about the 'burbs. The
common thing that happens with me, and it probably has a lot to do with
factors such as lifestyle, schedules, etc. general suburban mentality is
PATTERN INTERRUPT. What I mean by this typically I have effectively sarged
really hot HB's, and score their phone number, have a great time with her at
that moment when I first meet her. But when I try to reach her to get the
first date, there is always a barrier between her and me
e.g.: the roommate who answers all the time ". . . oh, uh, she's not here
uh. . . " (By the way, no I make it a point to  NOT call beyond what is
considered appropriate as defined by Ross and other SSers and look hungry)
or that common answering machine hell (yes, I will use the
answering machine techniques recently outlined, if I decide to leave a
message at all), and yes, even the no-shows. Essentially, I have found that
in the 'burbs a lot of, in fact, ALL of the HB's I have dealt with fall into
Kamal's "Flake Factors" (per Troubleshooters Tapes). Despite
this, I have always made it a point to constantly sarge in order for me to
get better at SS, and to eliminate limiting beliefs. Can I honestly say that
I won't meet an attractive girl in the 'burbs who I could actually get a
date with?? absolutely NOT. At this point in my SS practice, however, I
think I can say that for the amount of sarging I do, I get  better responses
in the cities. For those of you who are thinking otherwise, I propose this:
You come visit me and show me your SS skills in the field.

My Comment:  My experience says that there is no real difference between the
suburbs and the city other than your own attitude about it.  In fact, the
suburbs (at least here in Montreal) can be more relaxed and easier to work.

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