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"A New Attitude to Involved Women"

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A New Attitude to Involved Women
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 16:39:20 -0500

Craig: MrSex4uNYC is a genius!  Check out this post that appeared
recently on ( on HB's with BF's:
ShadowJack wrote: Hi guys, this is really a few questions to the older S
Seducers out there. I've noticed over a few months now, as I've grown
much more confident in approaching and talking to women, I've noticed
several curious observations. Namely pertaining to women that are in the
traditional sense either are married or taken. I must stress that I make
it a personal rule not to touch married women, but as for the rest I
consider fair game.
What it is I've noticed outside of the club and bar scene in ordinary
day to day life that women that are married /engaged or just got a plain
old BF are substantially a lot easier to seduce than single unattached
My observations with taken women are that:
1. That they are willing to forget their partners (albeit temporally) if
they meet a man that they desire.
2. That they are much more approachable than a single women (less verbal
blocks etc.) and are more willing to be seduced.
I've also noticed when you talk to a taken woman that they generally
tend to tell you in conversation (this once happened while I was talking
to a nurse, while I was being treated for a sports injury) pretty much
early on that their partners don't spend enough time with them and or
that romance has gone out of their relationship. And if you keep your
eyes open the ring hand tends to disappear behind their back or in their
pocket (if you see them day to day, you'll often
find it goes altogether).
So my question is? Where along the line does a women go from being a HB
that can be really hard work to seduce, to being taken HB that's can be
a easy lay. (If you want to) I think it's down to complacency on the
male partner, who lets himself go when he has got his women, or boredom
on the women's side or an amalgamation of both.

MrSex4uNYC wrote: I think it's pretty simple. Since I specialize in
other guys' women, I can tell you what I find. Women that are "taken"
are different from women that are single in that they are either LESS
PICKY or MORE HORNY.  What I mean by that is a woman that is good
looking has her ASSORTMENT of men to choose from... why doesn't she just
PICK ONE and make him her boyfriend?  She can get AFCs to do ANYTHING
she wants, so why not do it? The single women are either looking for
more than just dick (MORE PICKY) or they have less of a sex-drive so
they don't REQUIRE a man in their lives unless he's just what they want.
 A chick that is "taken" gives herself to a guy so he can fuck her.  Now
the pressure is on the guy to perform.  Unless the guy is still HOT for
the chick, the sex is routine or most importantly... ORGASMLESS for the
woman. When she meets you, she feels that DESIRE to be with a man. She
feels YOUR DESIRE to please her and take your pleasure from her. It is
that ROMANTIC kind of interaction that she doesn't get from her
"boyfriend" coming home, turning on the TV, watching sports, feeling her
up for a second (lack of foreplay is a MAJOR turnoff) and fucking her
until HE cums and then falling asleep. As long as she feels like she can
get away with it and still have her hum-drum relationship intact, she
will fuck you. You would be surprised how many women are "taken" but
nowhere near SATISFIED! Another guy made the point that HB's are NEVER
without a man. They keep the one they have until they hook up something
new. Then they skip off, so if you are waiting for an HB to become
SINGLE, you can forget it!  When you see a chick that is single and an
HB, there are reasons that she has BLOCKED OUT all the suitors she has
met so far. She is looking for something special or has some other
problem. it's like when a guy marries a virgin who is 24 years old. Why
the fuck is she a virgin THAT OLD? What was more important to her than
enjoying her natural bodily sensations? Chicks that are "taken" enjoy
their bodies and want men to use it. All YOU have to do is convince them
that they want YOU to fuck them, and it's on. How do you think they
switch men? They have to try a few out :)

My Comment:  I think this is really interesting in that what has been my
major hurdle (constantly running into women with boyfriends) is his
specialty.  Clearly attitude and approach are up for revision.

Anil: I have tried the pheromones by this guy (Don Diebel "Succeed With
Women" and several other companies and it has
never worked for me period, no matter how much I put on... I also tried
the Mephisto seduction subliminal jazz tape (you talked about it some
time back)... anyway it was a waste of time, we listened to the whole
thing and it did not make a difference...

My Comment:  Freeqshow claims that the only ones that work are the
expensive, custom made tapes.  I have a couple of the cheaper ones, and
I used them twice.  Once it seemed to work and the other time she asked
me to put something else on as she found it annoying.  But if I've got
them back to my apartment and we are listening to music, it's usually
too late for a tape to make a difference anyway...

Perry (Commenting on "The pheromone cologne I bought also hasn't seemed
to have had any effect. Anyone with different experiences to report?"):
Yes, I also have Realm, and I've had no noticeable good results, just
some various comments on how I smelled, from cigars to starch, even
though I don't smoke cigars, but I do starch my shirts heavily.

My Comment: Are you saying that some people thought you smelled like
cigars or starch?  This Realm must have a different effect on everyone
or it reflects back the smells around it...

Marcus (Commenting on "EB: (Commenting on
would be suspicious of this site.  I don't believe that a woman knows
how to seduce a woman. Most of my women friends have told me: "Just be
your self" "Be an honest and dependable nice guy" i.e. a supplicator."):
 It's not that they don't know what they want or that they're lying
about what they want, it's that they are speaking in code. They are
saying what they are trained to say without going into what they would
need to experience in order to know that a guy was being himself or
being dependable. They haven't examined on an honest level what they are
saying so that they could even tell you what they really want. I guess
I'm mostly agreeing with EB after all. OUR job as men is to take a look
at what I really need to do in order to fulfill the values she's telling

Marcus (Commenting on Rick's comment about dating several women at once,
which was to answer the question if you are dating other women with
"Yeah, you wanna hear about it?"): I agree with Rick's technique, though
I use whatever wording comes to mind. I frame it like this: It doesn't
matter how many people we can share our affections with, but rather it's
about how well we can truly be with whom we're with when we're with

Marcus (Commenting on "My Comment: If there's one thing women speak up
about, it's this. They will bring it up.  You don't need to; what you
need to do is handle it when it does come up."): I totally agree. If no
one has brought it up, then there's no arrangement and we can see anyone
we want. She knows it, I know it, the American People know it.

Marcus (Commenting on Greg's comments about women lying "quite a bit.
One told me it had been a year, then later said it was one month but
that didn't count.  Whatever!  Another said she never does this
(sleeping with someone so soon, I'd guess) but she was very loose.  Make
that two of those so far." Which was followed by My Comment: "Hey, I was
once told by a quite intelligent woman that she had not slept with
anyone else since we had stopped seeing each other (meaning, she didn't
sleep with anyone else for like 6 months after).  Well, she's a Libra
and a friend of mine told me all about Libras.  She fit the classic
mold; probably did 10-20 guys since me but lives in denial about it...
Yes, it's true I don't know for sure but everything else fit so exactly
into the pattern that you have to be realistic."):  Seems to me the
secret is  in focusing on your position concerning others rather then
what they really think about you. Because you'll never know. It can be
difficult to let empty spaces stay empty, but that's what you need to do
if you're going to be able to let all that worry go and really start to
have fun. I agree with Clifford's modesty here. Compliments are nice,
but they don't reflect any objective reality.

My Comment:  Paying attention to reality dictates that you realize that
what they think or say is not important; pay attention to what they do.
Women prefer a man to be the man, to take the lead and make the
decisions.  If you are always making the right decisions, and providing
her with great pleasure and comfort (and a little drama and the sense
that if she doesn't treat you at least as well that she could lose you),
then what you will be busy with won't give you time or desire to think
about what else she is thinking or up to.  When they are really into
you, their behaviour often becomes predictable and normal (for the most
part), or at least more the kind of behaviour men expect from other
human beings.  But this requires you to be in control and to hold the
reigns tightly.

Bill: I still wonder where the babes are. I went to my local mall last
night. I walked the mile and a quarter from one end to the other. And
then back, I swept a few stores for sales girls. Not much luck.

My Comment: This brings up an interesting topic, one I should probably
post about.  I think several of us have that overall feeling that there
just aren't many women around. We know there's a lot of women out there
-- but we typically aren't interested in talking to ones that don't
attract us.  It makes it seem like there are very few out there.  And it
doesn't seem to matter whether you are in Montreal (where everyone
thinks this is a Mecca of babes) or in L.A. where you've got zillions of
people around (supposedly).  I know when I am in L.A., I am also often
out looking for crowds and trying to find the needle in the haystack
(that HB that we are all looking for).  Same here.  But they are out

I asked a friend of mine what he did when his stable got low and he says
he would usually throw a party.  Invite a lot of women and tell them to
invite their friends. An interesting sidelight is he would invite
certain women that he was seeing and he would usually get their friends
when he would meet them at the party (apparently many women have no
loyalty and if they want a guy their friendship doesn't mean enough to
stop them).  I think throwing parties is a pretty good idea -- the big
thing one wants to avoid when it comes to throwing parties or other
events designed to meet people is to not play the "host."  What I mean
by this is that it's kind of like the when you go to a dating agency,
the person you deal with is thought of (usually) as "off limits."  You
don't want this impression to come across about you when you do
something like this; you want to be seen as available and that is
something that you need to project.

Bill: Sometime I read posts on bros. asking for advice. "I was out with
friends and I want some advice on how to get the girls I know. Or I was
at this party."

My Comment: You actually have a lot more opportunities than you think.
Especially in L.A.  There are just tons of events, parties, etc.
constantly going on for numerous different organizations, groups, etc.
If I was there full time, I would be out at a lot of them.  You have to
look beyond the "party" that seems like it would be for single people.
Those can be ok, but you should open yourself up to a wide variety of
events, e.g.. political party rallies, charity events, etc. etc.  You
will be surprised that a lot of these have some totally amazing women
there.  And a lot of things are free.  Check out the Learning Annex
courses; there are a number of sex related things going on that I would
be curious about (e.g.. Dr. Susan Block  If I
started thinking about it, there's just too much.

Bill (Who has been buried in work for many years and does not have a lot
of friends because of this, but who is now emerging and expanding his
social network): Just a note Almost everybody I am interacting with
these days is SS bros.. Having worked to many long hour seven day weeks
for years killed my social structure, which was not much to begin with.
Now this will be a focus as almost all of the girls I had dated I met
through friends.

My Comment: Men can be a good source of women, a source we often
overlook.  What I find though is that you gotta give to get.  So if you
introduce guys to a few women, they may reciprocate (maybe not, L.A. has
a reputation of being a selfish place). Also, try doing a Mr. Smooth and
intro them when you are out sargying.

NightLight9 (Commenting on my comment "I really don't know why guys do
this to
begin with.  If it was a good fuck,  I usually want a repeat
performance.  If it wasn't, sayonara, baby.  I often tell women that a
one night stand, for me, usually only means I didn't enjoy it enough to
want to repeat it."):  I find the women I sleep with (particular very
early on) often tend to be a little self conscious the first time.
Generally by the 3rd time they are completely relaxed and the sex is 10
times better.  However I can tell the difference between nervous and
bad.  Generally, I'm only attracted to women who give off a real sexual
vibe, and they are generally
really good in bed.  I can usually tell if a woman is good in bed in a
few minute's conversation.  I'm sure I'm not always right, but I'll take
my chances.

NightLight9 (Commenting on Rob's comment: "I order a pheromone cologne
called REALM from California.  I got cologne, pit stick, body wash, the
entire shebang.   No noticeable results.  I get comments from women I
don't know all the time about my usual cologne I wear, which is Aqua di
Gio by Armani.  Women seem to really love that stuff, and so do I!!
Pheromone colognes are BULLSHIT if you ask me......"):  They sell Realm
at Sears. :-)  I've had good results with it, but not better than with
what I usually wear.  In other words, Realm is a good cologne,
but I don't buy into the pheromone content being the reason.
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