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Mon, 29 May 2000 13:14:20 -0400


Albert:  Is there a way for you to separate postings from different people
by means of a blank line or


My Comment: Now this is very interesting because between every comment there
is supposed to be a blank line!  I didn't know that some people would
receive it without the separations that I had put in there.  I would
appreciate opinions on the above suggestion as well as hearing from anyone
who receives this in a jumbled or crowded format.

Albert: The last time I posted something to Cliff, I talked about the
importance of Self-image. Self-Image comes FIRST.  Seduction/persuasion
techniques come second. A negative, limited self-image will sabotage the
best seduction tools.  IF it's true that "you create your own reality", how
do you create it? By the deeply held beliefs that become totally
subconscious and are "materializing" results in  your life without any
effort from your part.
If this is true, it also follows that by eliminating those limiting beliefs,
and AFTER doing it, you proceed to program/INSTALL new, more useful,
empowering beliefs, then,  what '"materializes" in your life MUST
necessarily change..
I direct you to a very important area of your life. You may use it to test
if you can create your reality the way YOU WANT IT.   I perceive TOO MUCH
ENERGY being spent by guys in worrying about whether they are attractive
enough, sexy enough, BIG (size-wise) enough, young enough, good enough to
attract those women they WANT.  Too many believe that in order to get a
specific type of women one must be exactly that attractive, exactly that
sexy, exactly that BIG, exactly that AGE, exactly that good, exactly that
rich... and on and on.
If "you create your own reality based on the beliefs you deeply hold at the
subconscious level"... then, the deeply held beliefs that you are NOT
attractive enough,  NOT sexy enough, NOT "big" enough,  NOT good enough, NOT
rich enough will simply make you REPEL those women you want. You won't be
able to create the reality you REALLY want as long as you have those very
useless/limiting beliefs.
Would you be willing to put some effort in removing those useless/limiting
beliefs and program/install the EXACT opposite and then, when you REALLY
believe the new beliefs 100,000%, see if your sexual/romantic life changes,
see if your reality changes?
Based on  a couple of  very useful beliefs from my old book "How to have the
Self-Image of a Super-God",  I want to suggest that you STOP thinking in
terms of  being  not attractive enough, not sexy enough, not "big" enough,
not good enough, and so on.
Using whatever methods/techniques you know (NLP, visualization, affirmation,
self-hypnosis), I want you to start RE-programming your mind with the
beliefs that:
     1. No matter what my age, my looks, my physique, my "size" or  how
         much money I have, women love me, adore me, want me, desire me,
         and are irresistibly attracted to me.
     2. I am desirable: Beautiful women want me, desire me, want to be with
         they come AFTER me, they want to sleep with me.
     3. I am a magnet to beautiful women. I attract beautiful women like a
         magnet. I am absolutely irresistible.
     4. I attract, get and seduce beautiful women  QUICKLY, EASILY,
Use whatever methods/techniques you are familiar with. Do it UNTIL you
REALLY believe 1, 2, 3 and 4. ...WARNING: I am NOT talking about a luke-warm
belief or even wishful thinking that it is so. I am talking about a total,
complete, ABSOLUTE belief, a TOTAL ACCEPTANCE  that these new beliefs are
100,000% true.
Keep working on yourself until you develop that TOTAL, ABSOLUTE BELIEF, to
the point where there is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER in your mind that 1,
2, 3 and 4 are 100,000% TRUE.  I am talking about TOTAL BELIEF with NO
DOUBTS WHATSOEVER. Anything less than TOTAL belief, TOTAL ACCEPTANCE won't
How would you know when you get to THAT point?  Well, did you ever take the
time to stop for just a moment and  now think about something (whatever it
is) that you HOLD AS and believe to be AN ABSOLUTE, INDISPUTABLE,
IRREFUTABLE TRUTH?  How do you feel about it? What/how do you think
about it? Where do you feel it? What feelings, pictures, sounds does it
generate? How DO YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE FOR YOU? .....Once you identify
what/how an ABSOLUTE belief  manifests in your INNER experience, your job is
to get to the point where you have this SAME inner experience with those new
(1, 2, 3, 4)  beliefs. And that moment, they will become ABSOLUTE truth
for/to you.  When you GET TO THIS POINT, I would love to know if  your outer
experience materializes easily your NEW inner beliefs. Let me know, but ONLY
after you get to the point where you develop that TOTAL, COMPLETE, ABSOLUTE
BELIEF, THAT total acceptance, not before.
And there is an added benefit to the beliefs (1, 2, 3, 4):....... if this
principle that
"you create your own reality" really works, then, when you ACCEPT  1, 2, 3
FOR YOU instead of you having to do all the WORK. You will be using your
incredible MIND POWER to attract women
and save yourself  LOTS OF WORK. Do you think it is worth it to give it an
honest try? And... by the may use this same technique in other
areas like health, finances, school, job, ANYTHING!!!

Albert:  Keep in mind that getting a phone number means very little BECAUSE
many times girls will give you a phone number (a fake one) just to get rid
of you !!! Now, touching, hugging, caressing, kissing is the REAL thing...
and MUST always be the goal... not collect phone numbers. I believe this
idea of getting phone numbers is way OVER-EMPHASIZED !!!

Tom: This goes to Poetdude, Mystery and anyone else out there in regards to
the guy that looks like Matt Damon, 6' 3", etc. I have been blessed with
good genes. I'm 6' 2", 170 lb.. 38 year old  and still have that boyish
look, I have been told I have John Travolta's eyes and still have his look
as he did in his prime. Although women are more responsive to me the only
problem I've had over the years is that I've been very shy and never had the
gift of gab. My whole point is that looks will get you the interview and it
will get your foot in the door but, it's not a guarantee that you'll close
the deal every time.  I'm speaking from experience. Have you ever seen a
woman that is physically attractive but, the moment she opens her mouth you
either want to walk the other way or put your foot in her mouth (not to
mention something else). Thank RJ for Speed Seduction» so, whether you're
good looking, average or look like Woody Allen you can still get laid.

My Comment: From everything I have seen, men get seduced through their eyes,
women through their ears.

Tom: A lot of guys think cause your good looking every creature from the
female persuasion are going to throw themselves at you. I have a friend that
a model and exotic dancer he says some times women are intimidated by his
looks, he has also struck out before as far as getting laid and another
friend of mine used to be Jean Claude Van Damme's stunt double in the
movies.  He has told me that he has been stood up before ..go figure. You're
right in that women are seduced through their ears and we get tranced out
when we see a breath taking beauty.

My Comment: There is no question that being good looking has its
advantages -- including the odd "freebie" with those women who are so
motivated, and the likelihood that you don't beat yourself up with negative
self talk about your looks (there is still negative self talk that good
looking men will have to deal with, but if they have some it will likely be
about something else), and being good looking is going to make a difference
when you are younger before you really have any idea about what you are
doing when you meet women.  But there's no question in my mind that your
communication and personal power can give you massive success with women, mu
ch more than a good looking guy who has no tactics or strategies.

Phil: Wonderwizards stuff is good, but Kenton is sometimes a better marketer
than teacher.  Herb Dewey has written three or 4 THICK books on cold
reading, that are cheaper, and, IMHO, better.  Really though, it's cute
stuff, and
unless you have almost all of Ross's stuff, or do mentalism, like me, it's a
waste, really.  Dewey actually runs psychic lines, and his books are the
training ground to get hired by him, if you will.  Some of Kenton's stuff is
horrifically padded, btw.  His Wonder Words series would have little value
for a SS'er who was not a magician. The site is at
Kenton is a magician who had the bright idea of using NLP in magical
presentations.  He's done work with Rex Sikes too.  Some of his stuff is
but some, imho, is padded.  Almost totally useless for the SS'er.  Useful
for the magician or mindreader.

Eric H. (Commenting on Phillip, who was commenting to Eric H.: "It seems
that we have a miscommunication; with regard to "completely cold," I was
referring to the content of this system not as to its perceived value and
use, because it may work. There is not alot of content, The opinion I posted
was my take on it."):
You are the only one assuming miscommunication. My original statement
holds... What it really means is when you haven't actually *used* the
technique, you have little "authority" in saying how effective it is. It's
kinda like the Pope trying to tell Catholics how they can have sex when he's
never had sex himself. As for all the rest of those one-liners you gave, all
I can say is "Oh, please!"  We were not discussing how much experience we
have as magicians, or whether we will reveal secrets, or what people assume,
or any of that other stuff.

Vinigarr (Commenting on "These things say they can enhance the ejaculation
volume and force, this part appeals to me more because I think it would be
fun to be able to spurt across the room."):   The PC/kegel exercises work.
Do a couple of sets 2-3x a day and in a month you'll definitely have firmer
AND be able to spurt across the room. If you're on top of a chick and about
to spurt, make sure her head is down, otherwise you'll take her eye out.

Sud (Commenting on Bjorn's comments "Too many of the players are getting
laid because they have stats like that Dick guy, case inpoint, Mystery.
These players are impatient with other AFC's in the newsgroup and give
unrealistic advice.  Someone like Mystery can use SS techniques and get laid
(i.e.. because they have looks [and height]) while an AFC using the EXACT
SAME technique will not get laid (i.e.. because they do not have the height
or looks)"):
The point you made before was spot on, but here you are completely off the
mark.  Mystery's techniques work in the field.  It would be fallacious to
attribute his success to his looks, as he says he didn't even get laid until
the age of 21.

Halbster:   Commenting on Bjorn's statement that looks, height, and age rule
with the babes and money and being a bad boy/jerk gets the woman. Hogwash!!!
What counts is your ability to capture and lead a woman's imagination.  How
you create unique and inviting opportunities, and structure challenges.  Can
you show her a fun time?  Can you awaken feelings of sensuality deep inside
her?  Can she trust and feel comfortable with you?  Can you bring out her
sense of adventure and excitement?  SS is about doing the above and I hope
you learn about it Bjorn.  I've always considered myself a nice guy (nice,
honest, and respectful).  Please note that being nice is different than
being a wimp.  I respect myself first.  Very often, I've been successful
with the woman because they find a nice honest guy with confidence a
refreshing change from the assholes, bad boys, and jerks that they've met in
the past.
I know from first hand experience that you don't need looks, age, or money
get the babes and you can do it while being nice.  There was a time when I
considered my looks an asset.  I was a health fanatic and I spent many hours
a day working out.
Then it happened.  Nature handed me a powerful lesson.  A bad flu strain
attacked my nervous system.  It left my face with a Bell's Palsy-like
condition where portions of my face were frozen in an ugly, distorted,
unsymetrical position and I lost almost all use of my right arm (and I was
right handed).  Not only did I have to stop working out fanatically, but I
was also spending all my time going to doctors, physical therapists,
accupunturists, etc.  At the time when this occured, I was living paycheck
to paycheck while paying off debts that I accrued while going to school, and
this was derailing my career.  I was about 29 years old.  Thus, the only
trait on Bjorn's list that I had was height (just under 6'1").  Yet, I found
that it didn't really effect my ability to score with beautiful woman.
Fortunately, with tremendous effort I've healed myself.   About a year ago,
I did a post about a monkey boy on the SS list.  If someone wants to send it
to me, I'll share relevant portions on Cliff's list if he wants to post it.
The monkey boy post was a story about a friend who wasn't just hit with the
ugly stick.  He was caned, repeatedly.  Yet, he has extraordinary success
seducing beautiful woman.

My Comment:  I remember that monkey boy post.  If anyone wants to see it,
let me know and then I will get it and include it here.

BooBru (Commenting on Bry's comments about how women don't seem to care
about size, that it is men who seem to care more):  Kudos for Bry's Comment
..   Finally intelligence peeks out from around the corner and smiles on the

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