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Sat, 1 Jul 2000 11:15:12 -0400


Re: Hot spots for sargying.  Activist groups and Political Groups tend to be
an excellent source that not many people seem to mention.

>  > I read somewhere that Mystery paints his nails black.  That works great
>  >for him to get HB's interested.  I think 99.9 % of guys would NEVER
>  > do good with that type tactic.

It depends on who you are looking to attract. He's looking for younger women
who are, as he says "peacocks".  To each his own, I say. Personally,
identifying myself with a brainless bird who struts and makes lots of noise
is not where it is at...FOR ME.
However, Mys knows HIS market. What he does works...FOR  HIS MARKET. I think
for the type of women I like and enjoy painting my nails
black would be about as effective as lighting my farts on fire......or maybe
even less so.
About matters of taste there can be no argument.
>(2) Pace by apologizing for not speaking the native tongue. (This is not
>supplication, it is good manners.)

One thing I've noticed about my good friend Rickiwan is that he is like
Hannibal Lecter: HE HATES RUDENESS!  Rick really DOES practice common the notion that you have to be an asshole to be a chick
magnet goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW if you've ever watched Rickiwan. About the
ONLY way to offend him is not to practice common courtesy and etiquette
around the guy.
>(Bishop): Second, I personally hate clubs. I refuse to compete with loud
>music to be heard. But, that's MY personal preference.
>Mystery writes: I do NOT compete with the loud music.  Of course I
>understand that loud music is an issue in a club and yet there are many
>places that exist in clubs for good conversation (known by my friends as
> the SWEET SPOT).  Why do you HATE clubs?

1. LOUD noise; not just music, but the over-arching din of a thousand
conversations overloading my neurology and making me want to
2. I'm 41. Most clubbies are in their mid 20's. While I do NOT look out of
place at all in a bar that is attached to a classy, upscale restaurant, in
clubs I DO look out of place, unless I am going to see a specific band where
I know the band members.
3. LOTS more bitch-shield attitude than at a restaurant, mall, gym, etc.
etc. etc.


>Problem?  Gold mine!  People who become vegetarian do so for their own >
very personal reasons.  Find out what they are.  What about being veg is
>important to her?  What kinds of veg is she and what drew her to the
>particular flavor?  When you get to the deeper reasons you can connect at
>those levels and don't worry about how it manifests in behavior.

Having been a vegetarian for health reasons for a few years now, I've found
women to be *extremely* responsive and interested in me for this reason.
Why? Many women are vegetarian as they believe it makes them far healthier
(or, as an afterthought, because they feel bad about cute little lambs being
banged on the head for someone's lunch). Like attracts like, so they tend to
respect others who are concerned about their health also. In my experience
vegetarian men are a minority so it generates additional interest. I'm
always asked why I'm vegetarian. It's very easy to respond with "Why, are
you vegetarian too? Really? Is that for health or other reasons..." Easy
conversation starter and as someone pointed out, you are talking about
issues that are *very* important to them.


Horn Dog:
After a long absence of contributing, I hope you don't mind my multiple
comments.  Please pardon the length:

Some guy sez: ""Why dis the gimmick? Just because it's not your style (and
not mine either) doesn't mean it won't work well. The object is to get in
there and if that helps get in there... I say use it. It's not supplication
so no biggie.""

(ditto! there's been too much of 'your thing is bad, mine is better' on this
list.   Totally antithetical to the NLP ethic of  'use what works, learn
from what doesn't')

""pussy comes to me during the course of my daily routine, so I don't have
to go searching for it. A "true master" doesn't have to go seeking pussy, it
comes to HIM.""

(some other reader said this was lame. why? I totally agree with it!  Why
spend any more effort than you have to?  Does it make sense to hitchhike
several miles to work when you can drive down the expressway?  Not only
that, if they come to you, that only reinforces in their minds their need
for you.  If you take  advantage of any opportunity, anytime and anyplace,
you can develop the flexibility to seize opportunity in the more difficult
situations that you really
want to make work.)

""I do not think generic "one piece of advice fits all" PU tactics will

(again, ditto.  If it gets the girls wrapped around your pole, why knock it?
If it doesn't, why worry about it?  Just use what DOES work for you, why
care about what the other guy does, except to learn? case closed)

""her appearance is a strength IF it intimidates a guy into supplication. If
I don't look at it that way, however, SHE'LL be looking for something else
to impress me.""

(ditto. HB'S have no more power over you or your internal states than what
you allow.  Neg hits are nice, Halbster's artful diplomacy is nice, but if
you ask me, COMPLETE  AND TOTAL INDIFFERENCE (for me, anyway) is most
disarming.  I come at them with the attitude "don't flatter yourself, you
don't impress me, you're cute but not that cute.  Get a life, baby!" and use
a look on my face of total disdain.)

(for the guy who beefed about the term 'sarge': that is the name of Ross'
cat.  Ross preferred to take words like 'seduce' or 'pick-up' and
depotentiate any previous conceptions his students may unconsciously have
attached to them
by replacing them with words of a neutral character.  e.g.; the word
'confidence' became 'google' (not to be confused with googol, a mathematical

""Vegetarians tend to be deficient in a certain chemical (Sorry, I cannot
remember it's name) found only in meats, mainly red meats. Lacking this
chemical in the body renders a person more susceptible to suggestion.""

(This is true.  Diets lacking certain animal proteins, peptides and amino
acids tend to produce a somewhat less than aware state of mind.  If you
compound the diet with heavy amounts fruit, the natural sugars produce a
condition of
'insulin shock' in the body, adding a lethargic effect.  Vegetarians who
insist they feel better from their diet are only dealing with a placebo
effect arising from their beliefs.  Mental hospitals use super large insulin
injections to reduce patients to a manageable lethargy.  That is why most
cults insist on such diets.)

""Some of his girlfriends have been chubby, to which he would say, "More
cushion for the pushin'!""

(My experience has been that chunky girls are more likely to howl like
banshees in the sack and grunt things about having my children.....)

""you're using props to validate your reason for approaching them, and
you're seeking approval.""

(What you see as a crutch, I see as an artful way of using an every day
object to focus their attention in a way that facilitates trance induction,
a sort of 'swinging watch' if you will.  Milton Erickson used any object in
his office that the patient took an interest in as his 'swinging watch' to
induce trance.)

""Mystery replies: OR, live by the rule: if you feel like you shouldn't
approach her 'cause you think you will fail, go in anyway and learn WHY you
thought you would fail. GO for the EDUCATION and not the SCORE.""

(Very good.  Maybe we should all have Bandler's words set in an engraved
stone on our mantels. 'use what works, learn from what doesn't' They've been
said over and over on this list, who's paying attention?)

(Some of the guys may have disliked the take no prisoners neg-hit approach
previously suggested. It reminds me of the heavy criticism that genteel
Northern socialites heaped upon Gen. Tecumseh Sherman about the wide swath
of total
annihilation he cut across the Southern countryside.  He simply shrugged,
refused to care, and said "war is hell..."  He was saying, you do things
your way, I do them mine.  As they say, all's fair in love and war.  Once in
a great
while, Milton Erickson would heckle and insult patients who were especially
recalcitrant.  It was not a retribution thing, it was a method of trance
induction via shock, confusion, and pattern interruption.  Maoist propaganda
spent hours haranguing POW's with insults and criticism.  They succeeded in
breaking many of them down and rebuilding them into ardent, supportive
defectors. )


myself...)before, so what should I do? >>

Here's my take.... you say you don't want to lie.  So what other ways are
there.. thinking a little out of the box... what about an older woman.  Some
older women like virgins... and you could learn a LOT.  Or how about finding
a friendly hooker and paying her to show you a thing or two.  Or you could
just do it and then know that you've tried.  Among my friends and people
I've talked to, they didn't expect the first time to be bliss time, it all
learning.   And when you get it over with, then you can go on, knowing
you've done it and start learning to enjoy it more, next time and the

Just some different ideas... if you get the experience you can safely
approach other women knowing you have had sex.   You won't have to lie other
than lie back and enjoy it... and whatever comes later!


Commenting on: >>...not tell someone where to start sarging babes, because
>> we don't know where >  >they are the most comfortable.
>  Mystery writes: Since when did COMFORT have anything to do with >PUing?
A newbie PUA will NEVER feel COMFORTABLE approaching >women so why even
bother trying to get comfortable?  The object of the game >is to INCREASE
the PUAs CHANCES of having OPPORTUNITIES to >meet targets.  Fuck comfort.

In a book I read long ago, the idea; "be comfortable with being
Uncomfortable"  had a profound influence on my life completely.  And FEAR;
false evidence appearing real, vanishes after doing what you fear; has led
me to jumping out of helicopters, heli-skiing glaciers, scuba diving with
sharks, driving too fast, and getting laid like a Ricki-wan-kanobi!


(Commenting on "Vegetarians tend to be deficient in a certain chemical
(Sorry, I cannot remember it's name)  found only in meats, mainly red

The chemical is vitamin B-12


This hot and very intelligent HB came up to me in a bar a few weeks ago and
asked "do you know anything about Hindu philosophy"? I said "Yeah, you work
your way up through several incarnations collecting points for good deeds
i.e. karma, your points are tabulated on a computer in this big space ship
and after you die as a doctor or a politician or some shit like that you go
up to the mothership and cash in your points for all kinds of neat stuff
like booze, T-bone steaks, women, etc. and when you run out of points you
come back to earth and start all over again as a BUG"! The look on her face
was priceless. I can't remember where I read that translation of core Hindu
beliefs years ago but she thought it was interesting enuf to hang around for
more....we sort of hit it off.


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