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"Drying his face with a piece of her clothing"

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Drying his face with a piece of her clothing
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 11:38:26 -0400


Try this out:  I was on a blind date recently where the woman was extremely
interesting to talk to but did not do it for me in terms of my being
interested in getting intimate with her.  This person, in my opinion, could
turn into an excellent contact, a great source of other women as well as
information and other worthwhile things.  So I told her that I would like to
be "friends" and that "I like to think that people have more value than as
just romantic contacts."  This line is extremely effective!


Every woman out there is a possibility, probably even the ones there with
partners.  You never know what is going on with the other person.  There are
a lot of babes there -- and one of my recent thoughts is that instead of
going for one in a situation where if it doesn't work out it can get
uncomfortable (e.g.. at work) you tell them that because of the fact that
work together that while you are attracted to her you don't think it's a
good idea for the two of you to go out but perhaps she knows someone who is
as nice and attractive as she is that she could introduce you to.... I wish
I had thought of this a long time ago (the key part is that you are turning
her down by asking for the fix up -- this opens the door to her to consider
it a challenge, to give you permission to make an exception, or to
respect what you are saying and fix you up).


I am completely new to PU and was wondering if you could put me in contact
with someone from either Cleveland or Columbus Ohio.  (I live in Mansfield,
about 1.5 hours away from both cities).  If you could place my email in the
list it would be greatly appreciated.  No one I know around here wants to
play and it's getting old fast.  kel***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]


Adam: I just saw a small, independent movie called, "The Tao Of Steve."
It's based on a real-life fat guy who is a chick-magnet and gets more pussy
than he can handle by following something on an existentialist approach
which is filtered into a couple of rules.  I can't remember them all, but
it was something like:
1.)  Eliminate all desire for an outcome.  Women can smell an agenda.
2.)  Demonstrate excellence in the presence of the woman.  She's gotta have
a reason to be attracted to you, if you don't naturally look like Brad Pitt.
3.)  I can't remember what #3 was.
4.)  Retreat and let the woman come to you.  (Kind of like a take-away.)
The main point of the film that really resonated with me was the idea of
becoming the 'hunted' rather than being the 'hunter'.
The one thing that still boggles me is that, in my experience, some women
will NEVER make the first move.  (Be it the first kiss, the first date, the
first fuck, etc...)  So, there's still a bit of fog on how to actually do
that.  And the movie didn't go into enough detail.  Apparently, the real
life fat guy has written some stuff for Playboy and other publications but I
haven't been able to find any of it.
If anyone on the list knows where I can find some of his writing on the
internet, I'd appreciate it.


Ed: > Not too long ago you posted an email in which a SS brother
> described a sarging opportunity involving brushing a woman hair and
> her head.
> (1) What  could be done if the woman's hair is long ? From what I
> on brushing long hair is that the woman needs to bend the neck
forward and
> brush the hair from the roots outwards. Surely that's a funny (i.e.
non ideal)
> position she'll be in when you try to sarge her.

Matt (Bro Wombat) replies:
This a simple question . Whatever you do you need to keep the girl's head up
right and relaxed and vertical.  If she has long hair then you simply fan
her hair out behind her head and work from there.   You have to be more
careful while brushing as the chances are it may be full of knots. Refer to
previous post about how to brush through knots.  After you start the scalp
massage, then she will either relax her head either forward or back (most
typically back ).  Don't put her head forward at all.  Let her move and
relax as she wants to.  And just keep going.  With regard to long hair I
find it
pretty good to have the chick's hair fanned out on my lap.  It really gives
me a woody although long hair is just a lot more work.  As well chicks with
long hair are normally quite proud and sensitive about their hair.  They are
easier suckers for the hair brushing routine.  Just relax and play it by


Joe: Here are 2 patterns I came up with this yesterday.  I used them on a
chick I met earlier this week that I didn't have time to finish off.  These
worked quickly.  Didn't use the first one the way it's written because I
laid down the scenario and she ran with it, which is how the second one came
about.  The second one is a little spin on what Ross uses and I naturally
flowed from the first because of what she said about wizard powers and how
her kingdom would look.  Then I remembered the commercial and added the
twist about her being able to see/hear/smell/feel the atmosphere changing
around her and she loved it.
Credit Ross' comment about 'accessing the creative, non-critical part of her
mind.' Viva chix who would rather give than receive!

If I were to say to you, :
'Imagine yourself laying down in front of me, totally relaxed and absolutely
comfortable, as you are now, (entirely free of all your worries and
problems) and imagine yourself a lonely unfulfilled princess asking me, the
All-powerful wizard of the kingdom, to give you the life and the man of your
dreams. I have the power
to grant your most passionately intense, sensually overwhelming, and
completely fulfilling wishes.  All you have to do  is, describe for
me, fully, the man and the life you most desire.

, take a minute to close your eyes and as you breathe in deeply,
feel all your anxieties and insecurities build up in your chest, and feel
them all float away as you exhale.  Now, as you're completely relaxed and
comfortable, take a moment and in your mine, picture your most perfect,
visually stimulating place. The kind of place you look at, and immediately
fall in love with. Describe your perfect place for me as completely as you

and ask as needed incorporating other senses>
 Now, imagine I have the power to create your most vibrant,
sensually indulgent, erotically inspiring atmosphere right here all around
you now.

away and morph into, for example a lush rainforest (like that Caress body
wash commercial) complete with Visual, Auditory, Kino, and Olfactory
words/themes she supplied you with in her earlier descriptions.
got her thoroughly worked up you can segue into her perfect man and
Now you are absolutely immersed, cocooned in this incredibly intoxicating
scene, securely wrapped around you like a pair of loving protective arms
touching the hell out of her> Describe the kind of man inside this place,
you want to share yourself with now.

to get ends values and get what you value in the end>


Nathan: > >Thinking about this from a guy's perspective, what's the best way
> >responding to the question of what's the most outrageous thing you've
>>ever done?

What about not taking bullshit, and showing who's the boss here? E.G:
"Why are you asking? Oh I see you're just trying to find an opportunity to
place your story ... ok, go ahead tell me how you've been sooo bad."

"Oh how sweet ... and that's supposed to be naughty? "

And make fun of her.

My Comment:  And this is supposed to endear you to her??  I know that
getting strong reactions of any type (even negative ones) can be very
powerful, but without a suggestion of how to connect the dots and bring it
back to a successful result, I don't find this very useful.


Ron Louis: I had one topical idea for the newsletter that might be worth
some time on and getting several opinions on and mentioning in the next
that is rejection. How do men deal with rejection? How does it stop them?
When does it stop them--only with hot women or is it all time? Does hypnosis
help to relax men? Do they anchor success and pleasure with rejection--or
does it act as a constant troubling issue? What has worked and what hasn't
worked in the past?
Also, I've read some stuff in the newsletters about the use of pheromone
scented colognes. Here is some research David and I did for an upcoming book
that I thought you might find interesting:
Pheromones are chemicals that humans and other species produce that cause a
response, usually in members of the opposite sex of that species. They don't
have any smell themselves, but seem to be part of the overall sexual smell
of a person. If you've got the right pheromones, you can attract anyone. You
are emitting them right now, along with the one thousand skin cells each
centimeter of your skin slough off each hour. Here are some facts about
pheromones that may interest you:
1. Some female insects produce pheromones that male insects can detect in
very small quantity from very great distances. Upon detecting these
pheromones the male is compelled to find the female and mate with her.
2. Women who live together, such as in a dormitory, often find that their
menstrual cycles synchronize. This process appears to be governed by
pheromones: studies have shown that when a woman smells a pad that has been
under another woman's arm for 24 hours, the recipient woman's menstrual
cycle shifts to be closer to that of the other woman.
3. People who are aroused by the smell of a woman or man's worn
undergarments have a sexual kink called mysophilia. (They also may have a
higher than normal ability to detect pheromones.)
4. English women in Shakespeare's day would carry a "lady's apple," a small
peeled apple in her armpit, which she would present to her man as a "love
apple," full of her scent.
5. Napoleon sent a message to his love Josephine on his way home from war,
telling her of his imminent arrival, and instructing her to not bathe.
Apparently he desired her smell as much as her touch.
6. Mediterranean men dance at festivals carrying handkerchiefs in their
armpits, which they wave under the noses of the women they invite to dance
with them.
7. Henry III is reported to have been driven to pursue and bed a prince's
wife after drying his face with a piece of her clothing and smelling her
8. Research at the University of New Mexico showed that women, especially
women who are ovulating, can evaluate men's level of attractiveness without
seeing them - just by sniffing their worn shirts. The women would sniff the
shirts and then rate the men's attractiveness; ovulating women were fifty
percent more accurate than non-ovulating women at correctly judging men's
level of attractiveness from their smell alone.
9. A British company, Bodywise, Ltd., makes a product called Aeolus 7+, made
from pig pheromones, which a mail order company in Australia used on
collection letters they sent out -- the idea being that the
pheromone-saturated letters would get a stronger response from those who
owed money. They sent out five hundred letters scented, and five hundred
not. The scented letters were 17% more effective at getting people to pay.
10. Researchers do not understand human pheromones. There is no evidence
that perfumes laced with pig pheromones, which are available for sale from a
number of sources, have any effect on humans at all. But in the
not-too-distant future, real, effective pheromone sex-attracting colognes
may be available. Watch your nose!


>Generaly: Overall, I like to use the metaphor of the executive recruiter:
When I do that, I can look at this whole game as an interviewing process,
where I am
>going around talking to potential employees (lovers), and getting
>information about them. If they reject me right off (yeah, it has
>I can look at them as rude, judgmental, and unfun, therefore they are bad
>candidates and I cross them off of the list. In addition, if I find out
>something bad about them, I can cross them off the list. If done properly,
>this has to give the women the impression that they are going to have to
>work, to have me. The important part of this is that recruiters talk to
>people all the time, they advertise, and go to great lengths to find good
>potential employees; however, they are the one with the goody (job) to
>So, somebody might ask me, "What is your average with this technique?"  I
>don't know, because I filter out so many rude, unacceptable and
>women you could say that it is either very high, or very low depending on
>what place we start the "game."  I would tend to say that my average is
>high because if they don't rise to the challenge and do what it takes to
>me, I'm just not interested in them.  One of the great things about being
>man, is that we are expected to approach women, so we can interview as
>women as we want.  If we interview 20 women in one night and they are all
>unacceptable, then so be it.

I think Generaly has consolidated the right balance of attitude and
technique with his "executive recruiter" approach. Having this attitude ("if
they don't rise to the challenge and do what it takes to get me, I'm just
not interested in them") prevents a person from having that repulsive look
of desperation. Also, it seems that many men have their eye on one
woman--one who usually disses them and never really wanted them in the first
place--instead of going out there and opening the pool to get more
applicants. With a bigger pool, you're more likely to get a larger number of
better qualified candidates.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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