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"Is it just about the thrill of the chase?"

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Is it just about the thrill of the chase?
Sat, 25 Nov 2000 07:40:28 -0500


Mystery, you are always welcome to propose any method you believe will help
the guys here. Let me point a fundamental aspect of communication you seemed
to have MISSED somehow:  NONE of us here is the OWNER OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
Therefore, wouldn't you agree that you could have presented/offered your
ideas WITHOUT the need to put
someone else's ideas down, without engaging in useless "put-downs" and
demeaning phrases?  I would venture to say that such a communication format
will be received by all in a much more positive way and will encourage the
birth of even BETTER ideas - - - - We will all learn how to communicate much
more effectively ... And.... we OWE IT TO CLIFF to disengage from any
destructive criticism whatsoever, wouldn't you agree?

You also missed that what I proposed has NOTHING to do with seducing women
or trying to control them. It has to do with gaining total control (or as
much as possible) of one's own INTERNAL STATES. Therefore, what you proposed
does NOT negate what I proposed. And what I proposed does NOT negate what
you proposed either.

We can NEVER overemphasize the fact that getting women should be made as
simple as possible, that men shouldn't make getting women a hard chore but
something fun!!!- - - - -

And can one have fun with women when one is afraid of them? I doubt
it.- - - - -
For some people, studying a better approach, or using X or Y might work.
Fine. For others, it doesn't work and THEY ARE STILL AFRAID in spite of the
many new things they learned, in spite of all the new approaches, etc, etc,
etc. It's an individual THING. - - - - -

My method was presented for those who want to lose FEAR super-fast and in
the simplest, least complicated way. For those who want to use a more
elaborate scheme, feel free to do it. My method is sort of a "SHOCK"
treatment to get rid of any fear of women.

Again, so there is NO misunderstanding, my method is not intended and it was
never intended to seduce women. It is intended to make you lose fear of
women SUPER-FAST. Then you can have fun learning new approaches and new
techniques while FREE from any fear!!! - - - -

And why 'One woman a day"? There is a secret. There is a reason/secret why I
wanted you to do it with "one woman a day". ONLY THOSE WHO
When you do it with just ONE woman, you will feel such a rush of adrenaline,
you will feel free, freer than ever before, you will notice all this power
at your disposal that you were never aware you had. And you will love it so
much you will immediately look for another 'victim'. I don't need to tell
you to do it with more than one woman. YOU will feel
this desire to do it again and again. That's why I said to you it could
create a REAL MONSTER unless one strives for balance !!!


Do any of the men who subscribe to your seduction newsletter get women they
love and keep them for a lifetime? Is that what they are looking for or is
it just about the thrill of the chase?

My Comment: Believe it or not there are married men and women on my list who
aren't looking for new conquests. In fact, a friend of mine here in Montreal
and his wife read my emails and have been intrigued to find ways to improve
their already great relationship. Major Mark, who you may have read about on
my list and who teaches in the Speed Seduction» seminars, has been married
now for a couple of years and that looks like it's pretty solid. Personally,
I have always felt that when the right woman will come along, I would have
no choice. Nothing else would appeal, nothing else would hold any interest.
But until then....


Commenting on Dr. Love's "little dilemma"
> Major Mark was discussing on the LA videos how young
women require a
> certain archetype of man to be "the boyfriend" i.e.
good-looking, jerk-type
> social idol. Fair enough he doesn't ultimately
fulfil them - 2 years down the
> line when he'd rather be watching football than be
with her.

Huh? Women require skills to find, recognize and communicate with the man
who will truly fulfill them. They take time to develop those skills, some
develop them earlier, some later in life and, unfortunately, some of them
never develop them at all. Your mission is to determine quickly whether she
has those skills yet, irrespective of her youth or beauty. Without them, she
doesn't qualify. You can go as far as she's capable of going at the time you
meet her, and point her along the right path in the road if she's straying
up Jerk lane, but ultimately she has to have enough self-knowledge and
maturity to recognize the value in what is being presented.
> My problem is that by the time she wakes up to the
fact that these men
> don't give her what she truly wants she's gone from
being the 19 year old
> sweet cheerleader goddess to being a 26+, jaded,
> woman who the guys that don't meet the social
criteria have to be stuck with.

Since when is it about guys meeting the "social criteria"?? If a girl shows
by her actions that she is able to meet your criteria, you MIGHT be
You quickly loose interest in the ones who think their behaviour has no
consequences, the ones that believe they can treat people poorly just
because of how they look and the ones that believe they somehow deserve
special favors.

It's hardly your problem that she made stupid choices in the past. It's only
your problem if you can't step out of her way fast enough when she finally
wakes up and makes a grab for you!

The reason these HB-Jerk relationships last so long is that the HB hopes
she'll be able to change the jerk into a nice guy. A bit like alchemy, she
believes the secret is out there. The jerk tries to change, and maybe even
makes promises, but always falls back into his old ways, even getting
worse. He balances her between hoping he will change, and doubting he loves
her enough. See the structure?
> What have I missed in this scenario? (I think MY
current jadedness
> with human behaviour in general is permeating into
my view on women and
> I wouldn't mind being kicked back into line).

You didn't miss anything. It was a perfectly rational explanation for you to
allow yourself to stay put, unchanged, stuck. Remember that if you ask your
unconscious mind how or why things are not as you want, it comes up with
lots of reasons to keep you happy. Ask different questions: Why is it that
cute cheerleaders are discovering that I am unbelievably attractive? How
could it be that now they are becoming incredibly aroused by my words?

Being jaded involves accepting the current situation. After you change your
frame of mind, and realize that your thoughts create your reality, then
you'll be ready to lead chicks into that reality with you.
> Essentially, I think the number one method for
> the best babes is to be a social climber
> (hang with the cool people, go to all the right
places), keep with the
> fashion (but be slightly creative to keep from
appearing like a sheep),
> do fashionable things, and enforce your superiority
over others
> within this context.
> (Which woman would rather bang the appy than bang
the leader?)

I'm wondering if you give this "method" because it is something you think
you can't do yet, or that you must do, before you'll be "good enough" to get
cute chicks? It might be just one more self-imposed obstacle, when in
reality there's nothing in the way of you going out right now to get the
girls you desire.


Aaron (from private email):
Flyer: > > Hey, could you ask Aaron what places he likes in
> > Eastern Europe, and if he speaks Russian, if he does
> > not, how he managed to meet women in Russia???

I speak some Russian. I would probably speak it
better if I took a couple semesters at a university.

Personally, I've only been to St Petersburg and
Moscow. From other people I have talked to, the situation in
St. Petersburg is similar throughout the Slavic-language countries. (Poland,
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Bulgaria, etc.

When I go to St. Petersburg, and it's like a 24-hour/day
beauty contest. You see a few overweight women, but the
majority of them are in their 50's or older. Sad to say,
but the "typical" 30-year old woman in St. Petersburg is
much better looking than the typical 20-year old woman
over here...simply because the typical 20-year old woman
over here is already overweight.

In any event, once you're settled in, despite the fact that
the buildings are a little dingy and not maintained to
the same appearances as in western countries, you'll really
hate getting on the plane to leave the land of
feminine women to return to the land of feminist harpies...

Have Russian women heard of feminism? yes
What do they think about it? "It's for women who
aren't real women."

When I first went to St. Petersburg, it was in 1997, 2 years after
having dated a girl from St. Petersburg who was here in the US for
a summer. Losing track of her was the final push needed to go
see this city ("maybe there's more like her where she came
from"...that turned out to be an understatement).

Having seeing ads in the back of National Review for
various introduction agencies in Russia, we decided...what the
hell, let's do that....go travel AND get introduced to girls

Apparently, the concept of commercial "matchmaking"
services goes back for over a century in Russian
least in the larger cities.

There is also a long-term cultural archetype of the
beautiful young girl who meets a handsome prince/well-to-do guy
from some far off exotic land who takes her away from the
stagnation(*) of her home land. This appears in literature, poetry,
and songs going back for several hundred years.

There are quite a lot of night clubs around St. Petersburg, and
whenever girls find out that you're an American, lots of them
want to practice their English with you....and...they've heard
lots of very...interesting rumors....about American men being
great in bed....

Anyways, my way of looking at things is like this:
Speed Seduction» is the METHOD for picking up girls
St Petersburg is one of best PLACES to find high
quality girls.

VERY well-educated, good attitude, traditional

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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