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The Rest is History
Sun, 3 Dec 2000 11:47:32 -0500



1.) I've recently stumbled onto a sure-fire way to pick up women at the
mall... and possibly several other places:

Go to the cologne/perfume counter. Have them spray you two cards with two
of the most popular colognes. Then, take the two cards and walk up to
every FUCKING hottie that you see and ask them, "Excuse me... I just moved
here from L.A., and was wondering if you could tell me which of these
perfumes you like better,"(The reference to having moved from X has NOTHING
to do with the colognes, but will spike her curiosity and give HER a reason
to start asking questions about you).
And then, BOOM!
You're suddenly in a conversation with the most beautiful woman in the mall.
Repeat, again and again.
It even works great if there are two or three women standing or walking
together. Plus, the fact that you're attacking their olfactory (senses?)
gives you a doorway into accessing certain things you might not be able to,
otherwise. Let me put it to you this way... by the time they take a whiff
of the second card, you will notice a complete and absolute trance-change,
immediately. Even the most dumb-ass, unobservant NLP drop-out will notice
it. It's amazing.
Once you're in a conversation with her (either about the cologne, or
whatever you decide to bridge to... you let the conversation go in whatever
direction it leads. I try to work in some patterns... just subtle stuff.
Most of the time you can tell that the woman is just glad that YOU are
having a conversation with them. They don't really care, because they were
probably looking for an EXCUSE to talk with you anyway. Then close for the
number, coffee, whatever.
2.) In response to the guy on the list who had trouble moving out of the
"dating frame," ... This is something that up until about a month ago, I
was having trouble with, also. I knew the stuff, in theory, but when it
came down to getting together with women, I'd always cave and end up
meeting for a meal... which, usually I would pay for. Here are a couple of
tips that I've tested over the last month, and they work!
A.) Instead of asking them out on a date, or for dinner, ask them to come
over to your place to talk and "drink a lot of tea!" It's cute, and they
seem to eat it up. This offer has been working for me a lot lately, and
it's been saving my wallet a fortune! If she's resistant about coming over
to your house because you might be a psycho, then meet her at Starbucks. A
trick I learned from Ross is to get there early and already be sipping on
your drink, so that she'll have to stand in line and buy her own drink.
Cheap, cheap, cheap... I love it!
B.) If you get suckered into going for a meal, here's what you say when
the bill comes: "Have you got money?" Her response will be one of the
"Yeah... here, I'll pick up the bill, this time." You can pretty much be
sure that if she buys dinner, you're going to get laid.
or she just replies:
"Yes." In which case you say, "Great. Let's go Dutch."
I've never yet had a woman throw the "But the Gentleman pays," bullshit,
right there on the spot. It's perfect.
C.) After you've met her for the meal, then next time schedule to have her
come over to talk.
3.) Random observation: Regardless of how hot she is, if you feel
uncomfortable with her... and keeping the conversation flowing is like
pulling teeth... I say, get rid of her quick and find someone else. I
think there's too much expectation amongst Seductionists that they need to
be able to "Lay Any Chick!" This is partially fostered by Ross's direct
mail copy... which I can't blame him for... it's good copywriting.
However, the realization that you are NOT going to be able to create a
"click" with every single woman, NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR TECHNIQUE IS... is
a realization that will save you time and money.
Just like the good stage hypnotists, who select their prospects carefully
and weed out the ones that don't give them a good response... ours is the
same goal.
4.) I recently was with a beautiful Black woman with long dreadlocks (Hey,
it's every young Jewish guy's fantasy, right?) ... and I thought she was
stuck up and haughty. She was/is also engaged to some White guy.
Nevertheless, I kept talking and talking and talking, as she never made any
attempt to outright leave... and then WHAM! There it was... the
trance-state-change. Her eyes went big and glossy and took on that, "I'm
enamoured with you," look.
She completely opened up to me and has shown herself to be
hyper-suggestible. I mean HYPERSUGGESTIBLE. And the funny thing was... I
didn't see it, beforehand. I could not have predicted it.
5.) Went to a Yoga class at World Gym, in Austin, twice now. 17 women and
me. I was giggling through the whole class in amazement at what these
women could do with their bodies. And what I could do to them. However,
perhaps because it was an 11 am class, everyone showed up RIGHT AT 11, and I
didn't have any time to schmooze before the class. And afterward, they
all pretty much hit the road just as fast. My experience: Not worth the
time investment or the muscle soreness. I'll probably try the 8:15 p.m.
class, to see if the women linger more before or after the class. Also,
there's likely to be more single women and less housewives in the evening
6.) Certain bars/clubs (and also which specific acts are drawing) attract
different clientele. I've found that many blues clubs on Sunday evenings
are great for getting 25 to 40 year old women. Believe it or not, I've
been hitting some places that (on Sundays) are getting 20 to 30% more women
than men. (Antoine's in Austin, Cafe Bugaloo in Hermosa Beach, CA). They
usually go by themselves or with a few girlfriends. Friday nights suck,
because they're date night. And Sat. nights are usually a younger crowd,
dates and frat brats. But it really depends on the place itself.
7.) The book, "You'll Never Make Love In This Town Again" is a must read.
It's about how incredibly hot women get seduced into being high-priced call
girls for people like Heidi Fleiss and Madame Alex. Sure, it's full of
"Blame the men in our society" feminazi bullshit. But it will also give
you a lot of insight into how the mind of the "Perfect 10" works, and
really how vulnerable they are to the right guy. Yeah, I know... a lot of
them are coke whores... but the book was still an excellent insight into
the mind of the women. It's written in the form of an autobiography of
four different women's lives as call girls. The book may or may not be out
of print. I found it at Half Price Books.
8.) The book, "How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You" by Leil
Lowndes... is pretty darn good. It talks about scientific/psychological
studies that have revealed techniques you can use for seduction. One of
the best tips I got from the book was, (I paraphrase): "When you're out in
public, or in a bar, and a woman glances over at you when she walks in...
YOU NEED TO WATCH HER. If she AGAIN glances at you, within the next 45
seconds... then she subconsciously wants you to come over and talk to her.
This is supposed to be a subconscious human mating ritual." You can buy
the book at pretty much any bookstore.
Anyway... I'm far from being an expert on this and I'm still learning by
going out and using and tweaking and experiencing this stuff. Sometimes it
can be like a job or a trek, because there's still a lot of bullshit you've
gotta weed through.
I'm living in Austin, now... so if there's anyone who wants to get together
and swap notes on good approaches or test new "pick up"(for lack of a
better term) lines, let me know.


> You quickly loose interest in the ones who think their
> behaviour has no consequences, the ones that believe they can treat
> poorly just because of how they look

Their behaviour has little consequence. They CAN treat people poorly because
of their looks. It is the outcome that must matter for them. How can they
treat YOU?


Phax: (Commenting to Dan):
>If the 'inevitable conclusion' is sex, then I'm all for creating these
>states. But when and where do you, or others, have that 'inevitable
>conclusion' occur?
>Specifically, I mean. Concretely.

The date frame is not the only one hurting you. This whole concrete,
scientific method sounding nonsense is really lowering your chances of
ever getting laid in large amounts. SEDUCTION IS ART. Like art, there
are different techniques (pen and pencil, charcoal, pointillism, etc) used
to bring the concept from the mind of the artist and into the real world.
The 'inevitable conclusion' is that women think of sex. Women think of
sex, like guys think of sex. They'll be kicking it, eating lunch and then
suddenly, half way through that bite of Caesar salad... WHAM!!! There's
the thought of someone tongue fucking their recently shaved slit. And
then just like that, it is gone again and life goes on.
Your job is VERY, VERY simple... yet you are making it exceeding
complex. Ready for this... you sure? I mean honestly, can you deal with
knowing that you only need to tune yourself to become aware of when a
woman is thinking about sex around you? No scientific theorem exists to
nail that specific instance down. Luckily for us, a lot of real world
experience hones the ability to quickly identify what people (yeah, I
guess you could include women in the people category, although it is still
open to some debate) are thinking.
If you don't want to wait for a woman to naturally think about sex, which
I promise will happen while you're being funny, charming, witty, curious,
mysterious (TM Mystery), easy going, creative, etc.... then you can
instead use patterns. At least to get started, because patterns are just
the sort of frame which good stories are made out of.
Jumping back to the 'inevitable conclusion'... Suggest sex, on so many
different levels, that it is subconsciously obvious that sex will be
happening. That is the concrete way to look at it. Bombard the 'brawd'
with billions of sexual vibes in every interaction you have. The art form
is doing it in such a way that her mind doesn't tilt. If it helps you get
started, sex is more than in and out, up and down. It is an experience, a
set of emotions, a connection, a fantasy, a self development
exercise... the nearly limitless list is only limited by what you think of
it as being.


>(Commenting on: "You are coming from the "dating frame" here and will get
>what you expect. By following the traditional dating process, you put sex
>pedestal and hand the controls over to the woman.

Excellent; although I've put it somewhat this way before, I've never put it
QUITE this way.....well spoken. Rather than put sex with her on a pedestal,
demonstrate to her that her MIND and BODY are an altar, upon which you and
she together can work magick she never knew possible.
>When and where do you nail them? And how do you get them to that physical
>place, whether it's your apartment, her apartment, or the stall in the bar

I can answer some of this:
1. This depends on the past experiences of the woman. If she's the
kind of gal who has ALREADY had sex in these kinds of places (bathroom
stall, etc.) or has fantasized about always DOING so, then it's already
familiar behavior. So, you aren't trying to get her to do something
unfamiliar, but merely presenting yourself as an unexpectedly delightful
opportunity to indulge that she might otherwise have missed out
on/overlooked. Much easier.
2. You need to take the great feelings she is having, ANCHOR
them. (You do know how to anchor, don't you?) As you zip up the
anchor, you might say, "You know, I don't know if you can imagine
just how far you could enjoy taking these good feelings somewhere
else, WITHOUT all these distractions...where you can really FOCUS IN,
and ENJOY...but as you think about it...why don't we get out of
here...go somewhere else?" (This has also worked for me, if it
applies, "You know, I don't live too far from here..there's a lobby
in my condo complex where we could sit and talk". During the day,
while massaging necks, I've said, "You know, as good as this feels,
it's too bad I can't get to your know there's a park
about 4 blocks from here..I don't have my oils or anything, but we
could go there..."
In other words, in this case, give an option that is safe but also
INCONVENIENT and would interrupt her pleasure. Once she mentally
commits to wanting MORE pleasure, she'll usually almost always, on
her own, WANT to eliminate the inconvenient aspects.
>Because what I
>want to do is: nail hot brawds. And the way I understand it to be done,
>apart from one-night stands begun at clubs, is to date the hot brawds.

No, that is the TRADITIONAL frame, that gives WOMEN the power. And
if all you have to offer is a souped-up version of traditional frames, and
can't intrigue women with your touch, your energy, your confidence and what
you speak about and how you pay attention to them, you are CORRECT.
However, if you can evoke/invoke powerful states in them....take
them a way a little bit...assist them in bridging over in their
imagination to enjoying EVEN more somewhere else without all the
interruptions.....and present it as something they may not get
another chance at...then the social strictures tend to RAPIDLY
>If people on this list are having sexual intercourse with women without
>dating them, Lord on high let me know how! But also describe _in depth_,
>you could, concretely, exactly how these encounters pass. You meet her on
>the street? You seduce her verbally on the street? And then you take her
>immediately to the nearest motel? Or how?

I first spotted Cambria, a dynamite 24 year old half-Filipino with
HUGE breasts, green eyes, great attitude, VERY sexual, when she came
to work at a favorite restaurant of mine. VERY briefly chatted with
her a few times when I was sitting at the counter...I mean just a few
sentences. But a couple of times driving down Lincoln I'd see her
walking from the bus stop to work, and toss out a "hello" through the
car window....
What I noticed is she carried herself VERY if she
were comfortable with her sexuality..hmmm..'s what changed things.......One day I'm sitting at the
counter (I try to sit right near the station where the foodservers
have to go to order the drinks from the barkeeper) and Cam is putting
in a drink order...I notice her neck is hurting her, so I reach out
as I say, " look tense" and proceed to rub back of her neck.
She MELTS into it, saying , "Oh my God..that feels so good!"
I let it go at that...then the next week as I'm getting out of my
car at a local shopping center this hot chick says, "Hi Paul!" ***MY
REAL NAME**** I turn around, it's Cam in street clothes (her boobs
look MUCH bigger than when they are hidden by that loose white
server's shirt). She's with her borefiend, a total Marklar......
Anyway, I say "Hi" and go to a restaurant. They go to a different
one, about 150 feet away. They sit inside near the window, and I put
a little psychic zap on Cam...she turns and looks right at me through
the window.....And after they are done eating, she and borefiend
decide to come to the restaurant I am at to have dessert. (Hmmm..)
She asks about me doing hypnosis, which she heard about through
one of the other girls...she has allergies to BF's cats (he's ignoring
both of us during this conversation) and asks if I could help. I say,
"sure".....just give me free desert next time I come in to the
restaurant......which she does.
We arrange to meet at Starbucks.(I almost NEVER let them come over
right away....) I explain that ALL change starts with good feelings
first, so let's generate some good feelings. I do the neck rub thing,
anchor, amplify it, etc. etc. till she is shaking with pleasure. Then
I remove the allergy (Yes, it really works..and convenient for me too,
since I have Tabby the kitty at my house and don't want girls I am
banging slobbering with mucus all over me!)
So, now that she has a taste we go outside to work uninterrupted
and I really amp up the pleasure...she opens eyes, looks at me and
says, "You realize you're driving me crazy?
I say, "Yep...doesn't it feel great? Well....what are you up to
now? Where are you headed?"
Her, "Nowhere really..I've got until 5 when my boyfriend comes home.."
Me, "Well, cool. Why don't we go somewhere else and hang out? I'm a
little hungry"
We go to a restaurant. She pays HER own way. Then we go back to my
place "to test the allergy work and to show her some even better
Rest is history.......
>For them to accept your offer is a
>conscious decision on their part to change the setting from a romantic one
>at the restaurant to a sexual one at your place and if she is even
>prissy she may hold off. Start the date with a romantic setting at your
>place and there is no conscious decision necessary

Or make it about going somewhere else without all the distractions
where SHE can really focus in on the good feelings you're letting her
>Mystery: Riiight. you say the solution is to approach 1 a day and rip into
>I say (in order to get the results you claim come from your METHOD) is to
>approach 12 a day 4 days a week. You are focusing on ONE and I'm focusing
>12. Momentum is the solution, not acute focus on ONE.

Excellent point! You learn more from movement than meditation!
>Mystery: The fear does NOT go away. We just learn to HANDLE it. Not till
>the 4th girl in the night does the fear go away.

Seriously? That's interesting and I never would have thought Mys
would say this. I can honestly say I am no longer afraid to approach
women. There are times when I am unmotivated or don't feel a good
vibe, but fear? No, not anymore. Not for a long time.
> I swallow my fear. It will not go away by only burning out
>ONE a day. It's like trying to build muscles by lifting a heavy weight
>ONCE a day.
>It's a little IDEALISTIC to assume this will work. SIMPLE sure. TOO

I like the approach of priming the pump to put yourself in the mood.
Good point. Mys has game, as I have said before.
>Mystery: You can APPEAR on any rung of
>the ladder you choose - it's only a performance to a girl in a club.

That's part of my personal issue with clubs: it's CLEARLY a
performance and a performance, in this context, is EXPECTED.
Whereas, out in the real world, you may in FACT be "performing" but a
woman usually doesn't have the same kind of expectations, as she
isn't in a venue where she's:
1. Licensed to be a bitch
2. Has 100 drunk, horny guys paying her attention.
>Get out and EXPERIENCE the
>way the real field works cause right now unless you have 50 or more
>girls under your belt, you don't have the experience to accurately devise
>a mental model of the terrain.

If you aren't in the field, you are just whacking off mentally as well as
physically, because ONLY in the field do you see the real-world

Mys, I have an interesting query for you: How would you apply your
pick-up insights for clubs to the world, OUTSIDE of clubbing? I'm
also curious as to what personality type you are seeking out in a
club......and how would you spot these girls in a NON_club setting?
I think you have valuable, real-world, workable stuff to share; I
just HATE club venues. Loud noise, DRUNK PEOPLE, 3:00 am bedtimes just ain't
for me. I COULD do it, and in fact, next time you are in LA,
I'm going clubbing with you to learn from YOU; to model your states
as well as your behaviors and see how I can do. But how do you
suggest applying your club stuff in a non-club atmosphere for us 42
year-old farts who need their beauty-sleep, HATE DRUNKS, and get
pounding headaches from loud noise?

Finally....Yates and I have 60,000 paying customers, so Mys if you
ever want to do a course on club-pickups, I'd be game to sell
it.......with the exception of Rick H, none of my top-students do
clubs, so we're keen for a product to cover this.
>Mystery to Flyer: I've been to Russia. Clear and simple it's better than

I've heard Costa Rica is great and it's much closer (at least in my
case) than Rooshia! Gotta get there soon....

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