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I don’t enjoy eating worms
1/7/01 1:08:47 PM Eastern Standard Time


Seminar Schedules:
For the benefit of those reading this, here are seminar schedules (note
especially the Montreal ones) which I will be repeating to remind you to go
to them!
Ross Jeffries:
Speed Seduction» Seminars, 2001
LA Jan 19, 20, 21st
Chicago April 27, 28, 29
London, England June 15, 16th 17th
NYC July 27th, 28th, 29th
Montreal, Canada August (Exact Date to be announced)

Magick/psychic Influence Seminars, 2001
LA, Feb 23, 24th, 25th
Orlando, May 25, 26th 27th

Major Mark's Seminar Schedule for 2001 is the following:
Jan 12-14  Basic Hypnosis in L.A.
Feb 09-11  Stage Hypnosis in Las Vegas
Mar 16-18  Special Topics:  Adventures In ThoughtCrime -- Designing and
Imprinting Your OWN Belief System, In Taos
May 9-13   Awakening Unafraid in Montreal
Jul 06-08  Stage Hypnosis in Wash. D.C.
Sep 14-16  Advanced Hypnosis: Deep Trance, Mentalism and Beyond in Boulder
Oct 12-14  Advanced Stage:  Non-verbal Hypnosis in L.A.

For additional information on Ross's seminars, contact Dr. Yates Canipe at
yat***j@ix***.com[ ? ] or visit the website at  For Major
Mark, visit


Here are a couple of topics I'd like to see comments on:
The Roll of Persistence
Competitiveness of women
Age issue (both younger wanting older and older wanting younger) and ideas
on overcoming resistance when you aren't in their target market


Devil Boy:  Last night I'm at my watering hole and I spotted this hotass
babe with another guy and I went over and stood next to him and began
quietly flirting with her. He got up for the men's room and I immediately
made contact with her:

"Boy, am I glad he left. You could cut the tension over here with a knife
and I don't know if it's because he's just insecure about you, or totally
threatened by me...or maybe both but it's nice to have a little breathing
room now....don't you agree?

Oh, he should be threatened by you?

Well, he was sitting in my energy field. I do a lot of meditation and color
work and I'm told it's quite powerful. My friend tells me you can be totally
frightened by it, or completely drawn to it. Hi, I'm John T. B (stressing
the last name).

Hi, I'm Marcy...nice to meet you.

Look, wouldn't you say it's rare to meet someone these days that you really
want to get to know better?


Especially when the phone book has five stars by their name.


Yeah, I'm the only guy in town that has five stars by their name....look it
up. John......T......B.
Look, your "boy" is coming back and I don't want to create any more issues
than you already have so I guess I better scoot.

Nice to meet you John T. B."

So, I went back across the bar from her, continued with the flirting and
tabbed out, walked back over to her, looked at her boy with total disdain
and said "Marcy it was a real pleasure". Shook her hand and walked out. This
guy was fuming. I could hear him exclaim as I walked out "Who the fuck was
I was grinning all the way to the parking lot. Well, to my amazement, Marcy
called this morning:

"Is this John T. B.?

Yes it is, Lisa?

NO...Marcy, I met you at Harper's last night with my boyfriend.

Let's see.....Marcy Marcy Marcy. Blonde, stunning, silver necklace, two
silver bracelets and no diamond, angry guy sitting next to you. He treat you
like that all the time?

Uh, no...not really.

Hmmmnn. So, what's on your mind, Marcy?

I looked you up in the phone book and there's no five stars next to your

Oh really? Well, then how many?


Oh, I see what's happened. Look call the phone company and have them send
you Version 2.0 of the phonebook....or, you can just pencil them in

Why would I want to do that?

Well, you can do it now or you can do it after we've gotten to know each
other a little better.

Jeez, you are one cocky bastard!

Not really, I'm just not intimidated by beautiful women like most guys,
Maybe you've never experienced this before. So look, I don't have a lot of
time this weekend but I can meet you for coffee tomorrow around 2:00.

I can't tomorrow...I've already got plans for brunch.

Well, too bad. Thanks for calling.

Wohhhh wait. You're hanging up on me?

I really don't have time for all this cat and mouse stuff but I'll tell you
what. I'm gonna stop at Harpers for a salad right after church tomorrow. You
meet me at 12:15 and you can decide for your ownself that this is something
you want to pursue.


Yeah, why is that a problem?

No, I don't guess.

Well then I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll be there John T. B."

Cliff, this never happens when you meet a chick with another guy and manage
to somehow slip her your number under his radar....maybe two in ten have
actually called me. The five star thing just came to me last night as I was
thinking of an approach. Thank God he left for that 2 minute roundtrip to
the head. I've timed guys in the bar...if they're with a hot chick they are
back in 2 minutes or less, if they are with a friend, they take more time.
Anyway, the church thing....lends credibility and mystery to the bad boy
image I guess and opens the door for some nice patterning on spirituality.


>My Comment:  I think we agree about the screening.  I think perhaps living
>in L.A. you see more "unworthy" ones that need to be screened out, whereas
>as a general rule I think you will find people in Canada more down to

I can see your point; here in LA LA land MANY of the "hotties" are
"wanna-bes"; wanna-be actresses, singers, models, etc. And I can tell
you 90% of the one's I've met are incredibly self-absorbed with
little to offer ANYONE other than their neurosis AND their bodies.
There's no "there, there" as Gertrude Stein once said on another
>However, I do have a big issue about your being disturbed about the
>on "10's."I think the whole point of this
>exercise is to accomplish your dreams, to have what was thought
>unattainable, to crash through those limiting beliefs about what you can
>have in life.

Cliff, I agree. I also and in addition to this think that it can be
important to ask what you REALLY want in life and to ask, from time
to time, if what you are aiming at is really what works best for you.

I have no problem with guys shooting for whatever floats their
boat; whatever is a "10" for them. My issue here is that no one seems
to be discussing what MAKES a "10" a "10" other than physical

In my book, a woman who LOOKS like Gabby Reese, but who is also
self-absorbed, neurotic, hearing voices or whatever is NOT a 10,
although her body make measure up to my "10" standards. To me, such a
woman is more like a MINUS 11.

What disturbs me  is when I read guys posts that say things like "I
never appear enthusiastic" and "I never give a woman a straight
answer, unless it is "no"" and "I never give a woman what she wants".
This doesn't seem to me to be about expanding the other person's
ability to feel and experience things that she's never had before;
instead it seems to be reinforcing a pathological person's need to be
denied and controlled.

I don't doubt it works; there are zillions of very disturbed (and
very hot looking) women that will go along with this. The issue is,
at what cost to the practitioner? The kind of "10" who would go for
this is either very young and doesn't know any better or very
disturbed, and so in my book doesn't measure as a "10". But to each
his own.

SS, which is what I do and teach, definitely teaches the importance
of setting the right frame, but working through someone else's
deepest pathology and indeed tweaking yourself to appeal to it seems
to me to be a game not worth the prize. But whatever works.....
>  Sisonpyh and I have similar tastes in women (I know from when
>we went out together in the past) and we are attracted by the best (again,
>in our humble opinions, of course)

Cliff, is "the best" a woman who would be drawn to a man who "NEVER
gives her a straight answer" and "NEVER gives her what she wants"?

My Comment:  I think that the vast majority of great looking women are
programmed or develop these elaborate, convoluted testing programs which
they use to filter men out and most guys are out there looking for one who
will behave in a "normal" manner.  I have news for those guys (AKA as
"AFC's"), that is normal.  The difference between L.A. and Montreal may be
that here once you get past all that bullshit you are likely to find a real
person of quality.  But because she's a woman and been "blessed" with a
genetic abnormality of great looks, it seems she will also have these
behaviour patterns which either you deal with them in which ever way you do
that gets past these patterns or you do without this kind of woman.

I don't mind the behavioral testing; that can be stimulating (if at
times a bit tiresome) and a challenge. Maybe it is just LA, but I can
tell you Cliff there are lots and lots and LOTS of very disturbed
humans out here and MANY of them are also female and beautiful.

I don't mean, by disturbed, "confused" as to what they want.
Although, pushed severely enough as a syndrome, "confused" slips into
"disturbed". I mean N-U-T-S. Like, as in, hearing voices.
Delusions. Etc. etc. etc.

My Comment Continues:
I don't think you will find the woman (or women, as the case may be) you are
looking for when you first meet them.  They all say that they have to get to
know you better but the truth is you have to get past their nonsense before
you really find out if, as you say, they are a "10" for reasons "other than
physical appearance."

Now, that first phrase, "I don't think you will find the woman you
are looking for when you first meet them" is PROFOUNDLY powerful. For
lots of reasons. It ought to be engraved on every man's wall in some
secret room somewhere.

My Comment Continues:
And I think that includes getting past their controlling issues of being the
ones to decide when you have sex (especially for the first time) and all the
games that go along with it (like the various telephone games we've
discussed in the past, like the "a date is not a date unless there's a firm,
specific time otherwise it is a tentative plan" -- if she was hot for you,
you can bet your left testicle that she won't consider it a tentative plan
if you say let's get together Friday night, even though you didn't give a
specific time).

Oooh..I don't bet the family jewels, but I agree.

The way I put it is that I don't usually take what women say or
their initial responses at face value, and you explain why
beautifully below.

My Comment Continues:
I happen to think you've got to do different things from what every other
guy does, and while you may choose to use different tactics than Sisonpyh,
you have to use tactics.  We don't use any of this shit with other guys
because we don't have to -- we act "normal."  I say use anything that works
within your own ethical boundaries and strategies like "I never appear
enthusiastic" and "I never give a woman a straight answer, unless it is
"no"" and "I never give a woman what she wants" are the type of things she
doesn't expect -- these moves circumvent her testing patterns and female
nonsense and it is the same ultimate structure as SS in that sense.

Yes, they DO circumvent and keep you from being the victim of female
nonsense and to that extent, I recognize their merit and value.

My Comment Continues:
I personally agree with you about the use of the term "never" -- I think to
some extent you always need to maintain the upper hand in the unspoken power
struggle between a man and a woman but that doesn't mean that in many if not
most respects you can't eventually settle down to treating her in a much
more "normal" manner where she will get what she wants out of being with
you.  Actually, I think if you ask the same question of women ("to ask what
you REALLY want in life and to ask, from time to time, if what you are
aiming at is really what works best for you") they are totally confused
about what really works for them.

Ok, this is getting VERY useful and profound; I'm tempted to ask
permission to post this to MY list, damn it!

I think women ARE confused because they are battling inwardly between:
1. What society PROGRAMS them into wanting; what society says they SHOULD

2. What they are USED to responding to; what is familiar, what
"feels" comfortable, what SEEMS to be the real "them".

3. What would really come along and free them, liberate them, thrill
them, make them happy.

That's why I seldom take what they initially say or do at much
face value and that is the reason for their "confusion" and their
often wacky behavior.

I guess what I am saying is what is the difference between the
testing behaviors that arise out of this confusion and the sheer
wacky, self-absorbed, insane and nutty stuff we often encounter out
here in LA LA land?

My Comment Continues:
How many stories do you know of once the woman finally seemed to get what
she wants, all of a sudden she's bored?

Hey, I could have banged a gorgeous woman who had only been married
4 days. FOUR DAYS. Many of my less responsible students WOULD have
banged her, and then surely gotten the snot beaten out of them by her
martial arts expert/competition fighting HUSBAND. (Whom she kept
calling, "my boyfriend.")  She started out calling him her
"soul-mate" and then, it was apparent she was already regretting her
decision to wed.

My Comment Continues:
And I don't think this applies only to dysfunctional women as you point
out -- I see it happening all the time, everywhere, with all kinds of women.

Yes; so how do we know when it is sheer insanity, not worth the
candle, and when it is something else, like testing?

My Comment Continues:
It has to be part of any smart guy's goals (a guy who is interested in being
successful with women) to know how to not only get her once but keep her if
you want her.  And 99.999% of all the relationship advice out there is in
total denial of what actually happens.  Can we make this at least one place
where we don't fool ourselves?

I'm all for that!

Ross Commenting on Jeff:
>Also I have to say that from the women I have seduced only about 25% of it
>was from listening to Ross' stuff, another 25% was from talking  to Brother
>Soul, and I would say 50% came from reading posts by Bishop and about 90%
>that was just using poems of his.

channeled through his own creativity, but the structure is entirely Speed
Seduction». Ask him yourself and see what he says.

As for Bro Soul....I wasted about 10 perfectly good seductions on
his "Bro Soul" pattern which is a good bare skeleton of what COULD be
a good pattern sequence. By itself, I do not find it useful.  Nuff
said on that...


Interesting question because as RJ has previously said appearance is
important and even though I don't enjoy eating worms I use worms when I'd
like to catch a fish.
Appearance sends major messages about our identity, our self-image, our
success in life, and our level of health.  I personally believe it is a
better long term investment to focus on health and fitness than to spend
many hours primping in front of a mirror the way some women do.
I believe that how you dress when you first meet a babe is more important
than after you get to know her.  She will be much more comfortable with
jeans and a sweatshirt (on either of you) the morning after sex. I've
noticed that sometimes clothing that will attract a girlfriend is different
than clothing that will keep a girlfriend.  Clothing that attracts the babe
might be more "dangerous guy" i.e. dressing in black, leather jacket, maybe
an Armani shirt, etc.  Dressing after your together might be more "safe,
nice guy" classic preppy i.e. khakis, LL Bean or Polo shirt.  I tend to
prefer buying/wearing clothing that is somewhat timeless as opposed to the
most current style.   My preferred dress is jeans, tee shirt/sweatshirt.
However, that isn't usually the best clothing to pick up babes exclusively
by your appearance, or the best for conveying a successful professional
Some of my lines are drawn by the following factors:
1) I want clothes that I feel comfortable in -- I believe this also helps me
Sarge and attract woman I am compatible with
2) Generally, if I'm not in a suit, I want clothes that I can easily wash
3) Budget is a factor for everyone (even Bill Gates -- he just has more
options here)
4) I'd be very hesitant to make any permanent/semipermanent changes that
aren't natural (surgery, tattoos, steroids, piercings, etc.)
5) I rarely if ever will buy clothing just to wear at a specific place or
with a specific girl
6) I tend to buy clothing that goes well with my professional image.
Part of my personal selection criteria involves finding women who I don't
to tweak myself for.  Sometimes this might be a woman who prefers tweaking
(Linda from OH), but she will enjoy me the way I am.  I find that dressing
how you want can be done as a communication of confidence and power.  I
occasionally adopt my dress somewhat for the woman.  For example, when I
went to a wedding with EK (her friend) she wanted me to wear a certain suit
I've worn before.  These are her friends and she wants to show me off so I
listened to her.  Plus, you can often get great fashion advice from women.

Regarding criteria:  One of the things that I find very telling about a
is how she treats people other than you.  How does she treat her friends,
family, strangers, and animals.  Although I expect differences in how she
treats each group, I expect her to treat them all with some courtesy if she
wants to continue to enjoy me.

Last newsletters  "Josh  commenting on the following: Halbster on Mystery"
I don't think I made those comments on Mystery.  Although, Mystery gets
results his style, and the woman he goes for are so different than my
methods and women that I really don't have much to say about him.
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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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