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GameMaster: “Gimme Two!
1/16/01 8:37:11 AM Eastern Standard Time


This past Saturday nite did not disappoint. I spent the day dusting off old
routines, reading posts from the archives, making notes, and visualizing
what I wanted to happen. So I was hooking up with my wingman Dave for the
evening, this guy makes tremendous bait, he's gorgeous, women flock to him,
and he's got the best job in the world for meeting hot women....he sells
Hondas! Anyway, I gave him the script for the evening and explained that
the goal was two-three hotties in a group, the setup, and then to just shut
up and let me work.

We decided to abandon our old haunts and move upscale for this experiment.
We got murdered on our first two attempts and Dave was about ready to give
up on this routine. We took on more shot at a private club and struck gold.

Two very hot steel bellied home entertainment centers sitting at a table
alone. We watched for a while as they destroyed every guy that wandered into
their power zone. So I walked over, looked them straight in their eyes,
"Sorry I'm late..damn traffic" (no response)."Look, see my friend standing
over there"...they ooohed and said 'Oh yeah'.  " Well listen, he's not shy,
but he's still getting over a serious relationship and I'd like you to talk
to would really help get him moving again. I'm gonna go mingle
while you three talk". So I motioned Dave over to a table full of smiles and
disappeared and allowed them to feel safe in knowing they weren't going to
have to choose between this hot stud and the "old guy"!

Now Dave is fluffing and then turns the conversation to me..."So what do you
think about my friend JT"

Them: Oh, he's nice.... a little old maybe.

Dave: No he's not....he's the perfect age. And he's got more women that he
can keep track of.  The guy's really interesting, knows a lot about women,
matter of fact he's writing a book on how to turn women on.


Dave: Yeah, he's really cool, you ought to get to know him.

Them: OK, bring him over.

Dave gives me the signal and on the way over I stopped at two different
chicks and said "Don't move....I'll be right back". Now, the girls at the
table saw this and they're thinking 'what the hell is he doing', and both
the other girls saw me walk to the table to a smiling
reception-----VALIDATION! Now I've created an atmosphere of competition I
can come back to later if things didn't pan out.

Them: (skeptically) Dave tells us you're writing a book?

JT: Dave was not supposed to tell anyone why I am here. Oh, I guess you
thought we are here to pick up women. (big laugh)  No, my dance card is
pretty full...I'm here to do research.

Them: (skeptically) On what?

JT: What turns women on. (Dave's not a liar-more validation) The title of
the book is "A Woman's Desire...Pathways to Ecstasy". It's based on the
concept that most guys don't know what's really important to woman, and also
the fact that most women don't really know what they need...until they see
it standing right in front of them. So let's try a little experiment OK, and
in a few minutes I'll tell you exactly what you have to do to achieve total
and absolute
fulfillment in your love life. (them totally intrigued) So I like to start
by asking a question, and you'll feel totally comfortable in giving me an
honest answer...this will reveal a lot about your sensual nature. So look,
can you remember your first kiss, and I'm not talking about kissing little
Joey under the mulberry bush, I'm talking about that first...sensuous
kiss...the first time you looked at this guy and felt things stirring deep
inside, creating an anticipation that kept building and building until you
just couldn't take it anymore...and you knew this
was right and you just had to have it or DIE! (they were completely hooked
at this point and gave it all up, trance words, roadmaps, everything and I
was paying close attention!)

Them: So JT, tell us your story. (haw haw haw. and they had completely
forgotten about Dave ; )

JT: Her name was Lisa and she was just you know how lucky
you are to be with someone like this? Anyway, we had been seeing each other
for a while but we were waiting for....well, remember that anticipation
before you first touch these lips. So we went for a drive up to Honeymoon
Hill. It was a clear night, the moon hovered in the sky, her eyes reflected
the stars...and we just knew. And as we inched closer and closer, with
that sweet tension building and building, she leaned in and said "JT, will
you put the top down first". ( then I shut up and waited)

Them: Well what happened, did you kiss her?!?!?

JT: Yeah, about three hours later.

Them: What!

JT: It wasn't a convertible ( laughter ). No look, we did kiss and it was
spectacular and it was everything YOU knew it would be, but I only made
light of it to illustrate that we have to have fun with this, right? Look,
do you mind if I take some notes (whip out notebook, open it and toss it on
the table)? Now, if you would just write down your first name with your
birthplace and's important for the demographics. (now they're
writing furiously WITH last names, with addresses, phone numbers, email,
next of kin....I am in total disbelief ). OK, here's the next piece of
this...would you say communication is important in a relationship?
"Oh Yeah"
Would you say men in general are good communicators?
"Oh, hell no."
Well look, we're gonna find out exactly what's important to you....your
deepest hidden needs, wants, and desires...then I'm gonna show you EXACTLY
how to communicate that to this that you can find
your OWN.....pathway to ecstasy."

Now at this point these two are literally drooling and begging for of em' was gripping the table with both hands afraid to let go or
she might rocket into outerspace. I have only seen this phenomena once
before and that was with my ex-wife, so I knew I was moving in the right
direction. I didn't even notice Dave had left the table and neither did
they. I began eliciting their values, validating and feeding it back to
them, and taking notes all the way. I've got their birthdays and with a
background in Astrology I know what I can
get away with (Scorpio and a Sag-perfect, fuck sluts of the Zodiac). Moved
into some deeper pattern language using their hot buttons against
them..."falling in love", "special place", "hot guy," etc., etc., etc.  I
was not accessing the exact sequence I wanted but it didn't matter - they
were done and I had exhausted all my material. I had been at the table for a
little more than an hour.

JT: Jeez, look at the time. I really have enjoyed this but I've got work to
do so look, next time you two begin to think about your deepest that you've found what you really want, maybe you'll remember

Them: (in unison) You're not going anywhere!

GOTCHA ! Dave was doing fine on his own so I excused myself, took him the
key to my car. When I came back to the table they were standing and paying
the tab and I started reciting the batting averages of the 61 Yankees in my
mind. "Are you coming with me"?

No, you are coming with us!

We walked out to the car and Tanya pulled me into the back seat with her.
Jenny almost killed us on the way to her apartment but we finally made it
in one piece.

I had scripted this whole routine with notes yesterday and put it together
in a way so that the pieces should naturally fall into place. Unless they're
a mismatcher, it's amazing how easily led women can be but I never bargained
for this outcome.

I live in a professional players town and the under 30 crowd is tough. I've
come to realize that  the success I've had here was largely credited to the
crew I was hanging out with which were mainly strippers...that is instant
validation and I always took it for granted. I thought it was just cause I
was so cool : )

Same with the Maniac Buddy pickup. You know what it's like when you're
introduced to someone by a mutual get the benefit of the
doubt and people are a little more open to conversation and less prone to
shut you down cold which I have experienced a lot. My self esteem is too
important to let that get me down. I accept the fact that the world is full
of cynical cunts that just don't know any better. To hell with them.

One thing I learned this week is that you never, ever, fucking ever talk
about yourself. Unless you are a professional baseball player or some shit
like that, you never ever go there. It completely breaks their state. You've
just spoken to this woman in a way that she's never imagined and now all of
a sudden "Mr. Interesting" works for the bank.......BOOOOOOORRRRRRING!
I don't give a fuck if you are 007, a Navy Seal, astronaut, it doesn't
matter-CAUSE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE YOU.... and you have just killed
the fantasy. Fuck them first, then let the walls come tumbling down. I
realized this when I was out the other nite practicing on some strippers and
I could see their state change as they insisted to know what I did for a
living....never give them the opportunity to ask!

Now, do I feel guilty about misleading them with the book thing? Shit no. I

mean, how long have I been talking about doing that very thing. It's like
what Chris Rock said about the difference in the lies we tell...."A man will
come home from the pool hall and tell his wife 'I was at Tony's house', a
woman will come back from the doctor and tell her husband 'IT'S YO BABY".
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