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Mystery & The PUA Olympics
2/24/01 10:08:02 AM Eastern Standard Time


>Question being: Is it not possible to get an SHB (9 or 10) in LA without,
>one bro mentioned, being an entertainment industry mogul,millionaire rock
>star, or coke dealer?

Yes, have talent.  Have an ART FORM. Convey your personality through your
art. Moguls aren't FAMOUS. They aren't KNOWN by a woman before he meets her.
He is just a man like your or me. Two guys in clothes, one a MOGUL and one,
me, enter a club ... equal footing. I could appear to be a MOGUL, too. You
need social proof?  Use the PHOTO ROUTINE. You need social proof? PAWN
groups into other groups. You need to appear rich? Dress nice but don't
flash money ... just SPEAK CORRECTLY and don't use EBONICS ... especially if
you're white. A woman has to judge you as she does the MOGUL. What is he
'revealing' that makes her want him? His house? No. He is revealing his
lifestyle. She doesn't have PROOF of his success, only INDICATORS of it.
INDICATORS are very inexpensive to manufacture. I knew a millionaire guy in
LA (success - more than successful) ... and I got the girl still. Why?
Because he had MONEY but I had ADVENTURE. I moved her with my arm and
storytelling. To move someone, like titanic moves its audience to tears,
it's powerful. The good news is, since a MAW (model actress waitress) is in
'show biz' or thinks she COULD be, if you have similar interests she is
going to LISTEN to you ... it gives you a chance to state who you are.  You
get that far. Most MAW's don't go for MONEY ... 'cause they are ARTISTS,
they think money is evil and they also don't want to SLEEP their way to the
top.  All you have to do is BELIEVE in them .. AND ... convince them that
you are talented so they BELIEVE in YOU. If a girl ENVY's you, wishes she
could be in your artist's position, she will want to get closer to you ...
she feels GOOD around you because you are living the life (or appearing to
live the life) she would like to live. She can live it just by HANGING OUT
with you.
>Are all 9's and 10's in LA fucked up??

REFRAME: they are DIFFERENT. To say 'fucked up' is to admit you don't
UNDERSTAND them. It's a failure on your part, not hers. I've met 'fucked up'
girls and then got IN and fucked them silly. Then I would learn that they
were only different. Their behavior makes sense in retrospect. You only
label them FUCKED UP when they aren't your GF. : )  9's and 10's in LA are
... SPECIAL. They get things for free. They live a different lifestyle.
Things are handed to them. Their behavior expresses their real lifestyle.
Then a NORMAL person like you or I come along and think they are fucked up
when they EXPECT you to pay, EXPECT you to buy them anything they want, have
a temper tantrum when they don't, etc. They legitimately DESERVE their
special treatment because ... hell, they are special ... BEAUTY is a
COMMODITY in LA. If you have it ... you are RICH. So, calibrate your game to
get the 10's. They aren't fucked up. They aren't harder to get. They are
just ... different.
>Is it possible to get a 9 or 10 with all of our specialized seduction
>even though we may have average incomes??

The pickup is a 20 minute set, dude. It's a performance. A REAL millionaire
must do the SAME 20 minute set. And it's not like he can bring his house and
car and business in with him. You are on equal footing. INCOME has NOTHING
to do with getting a 10 in LA. SOCIAL PROOF has EVERYTHING to do with it.
If you can create an image (not a long term image, I'm talking an image of
who you are while in the club only) that makes her think she can feel
SPECIAL AROUND YOU like, "I would love to be SEEN with him ... I can't wait
to show him off to my friends" then you are good to go. The MOGUL on her arm
can do it only by EXPRESSING his MOGUL qualities. How to get laid like a
rock star? Then BE a rock star! How can you PROVE you are a rock star? Sign
autographs. Seriously. Look it. PAWN girls around you. Get your wings to
whisper, "Oh, wow, that's Mystery! He used to go out with Britney Spears."
THAT is the meaning of social proof.
>(For those of you who have asked before, please refrain from asking "Why
>do you want a 10?", that's not the question here)
>Again, those who specialize in the LA scene please post.

People who don't want tens are just not into the CHALLENGE. They convince
themselves (before meeting a particular 10) that she MUST be personality
impaired because of her beauty. Truth is, I ENJOY hot girls. Not just their
bods, but their minds. They have legitimate problems in their life.
The problems are just different. Getting a date isn't one of them.
>I want to ask some older, seasoned PUA's a question about social status.
>almost 23, almost graduated from college, and I'm thinking about career
paths to take. How important is having a lot of money as far as social
circles go?

It's not.  You need enough money to appear to not NEED MONEY. Like, have $20
on ya so you can get an ice cream, get a few toys (digital camera), pay for
a taxi, get in a nightclub, buy a coffee. That's it. The rest is just
WHAT you say. If you ACTUALLY had money and I didn't and you and I were in a
club, do you honestly think you have MORE CHANCE? Dude, the PU is a 20
minute set. Can I express that money isn't a PROBLEM? Sure. That's easy -
and you don't have to SHOW MONEY. Really you don't have to even show TOYS
like digicam although I suggest having one strongly as the digcam photo
routine rocks. All you need is some photos of you doing fun stuff. It takes
money to do fun stuff and she will NOTICE that.

RULE: A woman doesn't look for MONEY. They look for MONEY PROBLEMS.

Why? MONEY is a pleasure emotion. MONEY PROBLEM is a pain emotion. And PAIN
is a greater motivator. She isn't qualifying you for her entertainment.  She
is qualifying you for her protection ... from pain.
>Do you feel that you are ostracized sometimes for not having a
>lot of money, even though you have a lot of charm and appeal?

I'm strapped for cash lately (my LA excursions really dug a hole around me)
so the only LIMITATION is having the money to go out and party. That's it.
Put me in a public gathering beside a millionaire and I'll STILL get more
pussy than him. Why? Cause he didn't bring photos that convey his
lifestyle (carefully constructed image) like you did. He doesn't have 2
women in his group laughing at what he is saying and hanging off his arms
(PAWNING) like you do. He doesn't BEHAVE like he's been around women and
isn't phased by their beauty like you. He doesn't have a TRUCKLOAD of
entertaining stories and bits that make her envy him and want to share her
time with him. There is MONEY and then there is POTENTIAL SKILLSET to make

Convey the skills to make them think, "Wow, this guy could make alot of
money with that skill."

Creating a belief sounds like too much work. FWIW, this what I'd suggest:
1. Find out what being with a guy who's rich &/or famous makes her feel.
2. Have her remember a time when she's felt that way and anchor it to
being with you.3. Get her to intensify those feelings, anchor those
intensified feelings to being with you, then do a take away.
4. Repeat step 3 until she jumps you.

It's too much work? Notice how you say it SOUNDS like too much work - this
tells me you have not field experience about it ... and yet you then ADVISE
the solution. Here is some ADVICE for the boys ...

Anchoring good feelings is good. I believe this is important. But you don't
have to conjure up the thoughts of a famous or rich guy and anchor that.
That's lameass. You are missing the beauty of anchoring. You can have them
imagining WONDER THINGS ... things she never DID before ... the "what would
you do if you had Brad Pitt" or the "what would you do if you won a million
dollars" is pale. Find out what she WANTS first. Is she an actress? Then
give her visions of SOCIAL PROOF, not money. "How would you feel if you were
more famous than Britney Spears and Brad Pitt asked you for your autograph?"
That's better. It's also more original. If I want to anchor
HAPPINESS, I don't say, "remember the last time you were happy?" That's
lameass and bad form. It's better to make her laugh and then anchor. But
then, I bet you'll say, "that sounds like too much work."

BULLDOZE into the girl. Don't pussyfoot with "too much work" paradigms.
Don't TRY to elicit certain emotions ... go in and EXPLODE on the scene.
You are a PRESENCE ... you are the best dressed in there. You are the only
one with people gravitating around you and smiling and laughing. You are
the only one that seems hard to approach. You are like a CELEBRITY. You
ARE THAT RICH GUY. Hell, only a RICH GUY could be as confident and secure
and happy as you are. Why go through the 15 minutes of anchoring shit when
you can EXPLODE onto her scene IN CHARACTER and convey all that shit in less
than 3 minutes. If you want 9's and 10's, they know when they found a guy
they want in 3 minutes. THAT's how EXPLOSIVE you must appear to them for
them to say yes to you ... and that yes comes QUICK.

I'd like to set for a challenge (of course its only for fun gentlemen - and
learning) - I bet I can get more #s and kiss closes (and hotter girls) in a
4 hour period than you. Bring it on. Mystery against the world. You and I
BEGIN ... and see who END's with more. Equal footing: just 2 people and what
they carry with them. You with your routines and skills and me with mine.  I
believe it would be cool to wager bets on this ...

I would like to challenge Ross ... not cause I personally want to challenge
him cause I know it's not exactly fair as he works a different environment
than me ... and also he old n' ugly (sorry, Ross haa) ... but because it
would SOUND GOOD to do it and hell it's just for fun and I respect him and
would like to meet him.

I would like to challenge Craig - only cause I'm older and hell, it would be
like taking candy from an anorexic. Haaa. It would be fun and when I win
the evening he can get pissed and punch me in the stomach.

I would like to challenge Riker - 'cause he's one of the big boys and hell,
should be hanging with him in LA, anyways. I gather he is my TYPE of friend.

I would like to challenge RICK - cause the bastard got 5 chicks in one
whirlpool and fuck!!! that pisses me off, haaa.

I would like to challenge ODIOUS - cause he's fun to hang with and knows his
SS - and really has creepy down pat.

I would like to challenge The Hypnotist in Toronto - cause he's nearby! And
he does hypnosis while I do witchcraft.  Similar mysterious imagery. And
having met him, I know he speaks well and is commanding - I'm curious to
know if he is a worthy opponent.

The PUA Olympics ... who wishes to sign up and get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize?
What do we do? First off, it should be held in LA 'cause - the best targets
are there and many PUA's are there now. We all crash at Craig's parents'
house : 0  and go out in a huge scary group of 20 people every night for a
week. A week long vaction with PUA friends. AND - aside from learning skills
from each other and having good laughs, we get to find out once and for all
*BUM bum BUM bum BUM BUMMMMM* WHO (who who who) ... IS (is is is) THE BEST
(the best the best the best) PUA (pua pua pua) in the WORLD!!!! (world world
world). And then when I win you all have to kiss my lily white ass and we
post the pix in the lounge for all members to see!!! Truth is, it's more fun
when you are out with people who are GOOD at the game. It's like a PAINTBALL
>Negging any part of someone's physique is BAD and WRONG, it may
>cause long term damage. I won't also neg on something expensive that a
>woman might have (i.e. Car, Furniture, ....) .

I  have no second opinion about that issue. What I do usually is negging on
little items, like an ear ring, color of pants, color of manicure.....
something that can be changed with no or minimal cost.

Wiggling nose is great fun. It's not really an anatomical one though -
remember it's hard to legitimately hurt a 10 by picking on her looks 'cause
she is used to frustrated AFC's saying, "You aren't THAT hot you know." Here
is another NEG for the archives ... enjoy:

Mystery's 52 Pick-up NEG
"I'm curious. How many times have you played the game 52 pick up? More than
once I gather."

Other bits to through in ZIG ZAG style:
1. "They say, 'The early bird catches the worm' ... but what the hell do
you do with a fucking WORM?"

2. "I figured out a way to speed up the walking of my dog when it's cold out
or raining. I just hold her under my arm and squeeze. Pffft! Finished.
Of course, I have to be careful 'cause she's pregnant and if I squeeze too
hard ... Pfft! Puppy Rainbow."

Me: I see that a smaller set would allow more exposure to your face. By the
way, let me ask you this; a lot of people seem to talk with you around here,
how do you differentiate between those who are trying to pick you up
(Pointing far to the right) and those who really want to get to know you
She: Ummm, I guess I don't care.
At that moment, she was called by another bartender, and she said 'Stay
here, I'll be right back' . I then said "I've to go now, see you."


Ha, that was a good exchange. Rook takes bishop. (oooh Bishop - another
guy I want to challenge at the PUA Olympics).

I think the question itself sucks 'cause what is the desired outcome? You
are trying to convince her that you want to get to know her? WHY? I mean,
why would you SERIOUSLY want to 'get to know her'? You were leading to the
close with that and she smelled it coming. Her reply was the reply of a 10.
Welcome to the issues we must accept and successfully fight through. I
would have ENJOYED this girl. I LOVE this sort of challenge. That is what
NEG's are FOR, haa.

Even the "stay here, I'll be back" is 10 talk. I have learned to use that on
10's now and things like "Here, hold this, I'll be back" is better. This is
part of HOOP THEORY in MM (Mystery Method»).

Instead of, "a lot of people seem to talk with you around here" ... I would
have said, "People gravitate to you ... I like that."

Oh and "By the way, let me ask you this" sucks. Why? Well aside from being
superfluous, it smells of  "I've asked others this" and also it's like an
"excuse me, but". Asking a question like this is a QUALIFIER ... not real
conversation where you are intriguing her with a story. You basically
expressed your interest and lost the upper hand.

Optimus continues...> How can we, effectively steal everything that a very
>famous, very wealthy man could give to a woman, and link it to ourselves,
>so that there is essentially ZERO difference between us and a
>famous/wealthy person in her mind?
>Other than putting her into somnambulism and telling her that we are
>wealthy and famous person? I'm sure people out there have already thought
>about this, and have developed some cool techniques to do it. If anybody
>has any ideas or methods for this, please share. I'd also like to know if
>people think this is irrelevant, and not worth investigating.

I think alot of people are underestimating the power of DEMONSTRATION. You
don't TELL a girl you have FAME and SEX APPEAL ... you demonstrate it. If
you want to get a 10, you will RARELY if ever land her with a 1:1 direct
approach. Not even a group approach where you disarm the obstacles first
will do. You need to be NOTICED by her first, surrounded by people and them
laughing and showing positive body language». Just a 5 second NOTICE is all
you need. Then you can dissipate your PAWNS. That's it. NOW you can go in.
Imagine seeing a 10, standing within earshot of her and a girl you are with
says, "It's true though - you just have this sex appeal that drives me
You act all humble and gently shoot her down (PAWNING: you must lose a
lower valued piece to mate the queen). Now when you approach the group with
the target she has info about you BEFORE you even speak. Same thing with
fame ... example: you want to be famous for a girl? Then first BE famous!
Here is how: near the girl, have your pawn say, "I loved your show - you are
the most talented person I ever met."  You say thank you and ask, "what's
your name?" she says it and you sign an autograph for her like it was just
EXPECTED. She says, "wow, thanks" and NOW ... to the target ... you ARE
famous! If you are a hypnotist, you can give to your pawns, instead of your
card, your autograph. You are telling them you do hypnosis ... go one step
further and say you perform shows.  If they ask for your biz card you
instead say, "what's your name"? then sign an autograph for them. They don't
ask what it is, they just take it and say thanks, a little confused. They
don't say anything because it appears as if you do this as a part of your
lifestyle. AND ... the target closeby sees this. You have created FAME
before you started talking to the girl.

So, the format: let's say a 2set (9 and 10) are sitting on a couch. An AFC
would approach the target and fuck up. A smarter man would approach the
obstacle, disarm her then go for the target. The PRO PUA though would
instead approach another 2 set NEAR the target ... engage them in chat and
chat with them near the target. Make the pawns laugh and you could even
tell the pawns that you would like to meet the target. They will gladly do
something nice for you ... if you say, "laugh and both of you kiss my
cheeks."  The target sees you are having great fun and have social proof.
Then ... approach the target group. Now with this setup done, I would go
straight for the target instead of the obstacles first ... of course as soon
as an obstacle felt threatened I would switch to obstacle disarming - this
makes the target even MORE curious ... that I'm not all on her and am
engrossed in real conversation with her friend. Nothing to show anything
more than interest in the conversation and not sexual interest of course.
Because of the investment you made in creating the image with the pawns, you
will have no bitch shields to deal with. I have to show you guys this in
action. You and I are standing by the bar and notice a hottie in a group of
5 girls. Do I approach the group DIRECTLY? I COULD ... but if I PAWN
before entering, I stand greater chances ... and, when they say, "you have
lipstick on your cheek" you get a napkin and say, "can you get that for me?"
tell her to lick the napkin. When done say "Thanks ... you remind me of my
mom. haaa" Then ignore the target and work on the obstacles.

Bucky: I just had my first ever club-sarging experience. I went by myself
it was not too positive. I felt exactly like I did when I first started
in public. It's weird because I don't have problems making approaches at my
normal hunting grounds (usually coffee shops, bookstores, and malls), but
clubs are a completely different environment. I only made two approaches and
they were quite short lived. It seems like SS languaging would be difficult
because of the noise, so I imagine your game must be conveyed mostly in your
attitude. I have a couple questions: first, since so many girls get real
"dressed up" when they go to clubs, is there any way to tell the difference
between the ones that want to fuck and the ones that want to fuck w/ guys?

It takes alot of courage to force yourself alone to go do this.  I'm a club
expert so I know the score.  Seriously, I bow to your ballsiness.  I
suggest: keep going.  If you can get good in THAT scene, and yes it will
take work, you can be a MASTER anywhere.  The club is a training program in
a holodeck.  It presents lots of challenges in a short amount of time.
View it this way and by the 50th time out you'll GET IT.  SS is great when
you have them sitting at the couches.  Tell fun stories, learn about group
theory (formerly groupset theory) for understanding the dynamics of groups
of girls together in clubs.  THAT is the game!  Every place else is TAME.
You get good in there, man, and you'll have killed the shark in jaws.  THAT
your DRAGON.  And you must slay HIM.  It IS loud, so stay away from the
dance floor - don't LOOK at it.  It's evil.  It bleeds your time.  Stick to
the quietest areas.  There should be 2 or 3 of them.  And YES, there are
alot less people in there.  You don't need LOTS ... you need only the NEXT
target.  Force 12 in an evening.  Not 12 pickups, just start conversations
... OPEN.  Try out 3 openers ... experiment.  AND ... until you get rid of
the feelings of weirdness, KEEP GOING.  IMAGINE if I said, "you now live
upstairs."  And you went there every night 'cause it was downstairs ...
get USED to it, wouldn't you?  You know what?  If you want to be a PUA, you
HAVE to get THAT familiar with it.  THAT is your DRAGON, slayer.  And
because the girls dress all yummy, you can't judge them based on clothing.
A virgin or a slut can be both dressed sexy.  Don't prophecy your outcome
before you profiled her personality first hand.
>Also, could some of you experts offer some general suggestions for >someone
who is just starting out doing club sarging? I'm guessing that clubs >offer
the biggest challenge for the PUA/SS'er.

Yes, but you have so much more room for failure ... which is good.  It's not
real in there.  It's a holodeck program.  That's it.  And the computer
structures opportunities in there.  Remember, when you think you didn't have
any opportunities to get girls in there, know that I go in there and it's
ALL GOOD.  You just need to redefine what is an OPPORTUNITY and what is a
group you shouldn't approach.  My solution was to approach EVERY group that
I felt was WRONG to approach.  So, if you see a girl and you feel, "oh man,
I can't approach her, it's too unnatural" THAT is your OPPORTUNITY.  BING,
the computer sounds and you have to figure out how to win the situation.
And yes, the first 50 or 60 of them will be all fucked up.  You won't feel
bad 'cause you don't know how to play the game - all the rules are hidden
from you - you've been given the joystick to a video game with no
instructions.  There are hints on the net but you can't even read them and
understand them til you get the basics of movement down.  So there you have
it.  Congrats.  Don't give up.  And yes, look forward to many a lonely ride
home.  It's part of the learning curve.  Go for the EDUCATION and not the
GIRLS.  Think, "I better get to practice", as you get ready to go out.  Only
with QUANTITY (of approaches) will you begin to see the reoccuring patterns.
It's a videogame in there.
>Also, if there are any pros in the Southern California area that are
>to help me in regard to clubs (or whatever) please contact me at
&gt;buc***r@ho***.com[ ? ]. thanks.

Email Mystery (c/o cli***f@cl***.com[ ? ]) and I'll try to hook ya up with my
buddies down there - but send a self pic to me first cause I don't want to
have a lamo tagging behind their heels.  And if you are going to learn, get
to learn FAST - and if a wing says, "see that girl? get her" and you say, "I
don't know how" and he says, "learn what NOT to do", then just GO IN and
LEARN.  THAT is why you are there - not to gawk at the pretty ladies on the
dance floor all night.

(Mystery comments on:) Assman: Did anyone see Ross Jeffries on TLC, The
Learning Channel  The Science of Seduction on Feb. 14?  Very good bit,
although alot must have been edited, I would have liked to see the whole
seduction.  He used pure hypnosis, got the girl to focus on an object, a
flower, get her to visualize it and close her eyes.   The girl was
definitely in a trance, and seemed to enjoy the experience, at the end Ross
asked her for her phone #, "not just because the cameras are here" she
readily agreed and seemed  to
have genuine interest in Ross.

I'm certain he's had tighter sets.  She was a Somalian leper.  Ok, so is he
(haa) but seriously, his game was obviously geared for hotter chicks - that
chick was not worthy at all.  And the # close was contrived still.  It
wasn't great cause he didn't LEAD the close and have her close HIM.  Not
that it matters as she was horsemeat.

Ross was very good, a real master at delivering a hypnoticpattern.

I'm going to enjoy showing him the clubs.
>From all my past experience, I know that inducing a lowered state of
>consciousness is the most effective way to acquire a women. Forget about
>approaches, gimmicks, and what you smell like, learn those patterns,
>memorize them, and improve your delivery of them; it's what matters most.

I disagree.  If you can't FIND them, get their attention (the OPENER),
disarm their obstacles, provide social proof and THEN get them to join you
in a 1:1 set at the couches, then you cannot begin SS.  Remember that SS is
designed for the LA cafe scene - for 1:1 sets - a single target with no
group around her.  Most cities in the US and Canada do not have similar
scenes.  In Toronto a cafe is literally a donut shop - with the old bag
lady in the corner.  What about when a hottie is with her parents?  Then
what?  All the stuff leading TO the SS is called FLUFF talk.  That severely
minimizes the importance of what must happen in that FLUFF TALK.  Opening,
raising interest, removing obstacles or people, noise and time constraints,
getting them to trust you enough to sit with you.  THEN you can do SS.  And
then after that you still have to close ... preferably kiss close.  There is
alot to the game and SS is only a part of the LIFECYCLE of a PU.  SS falls
into the A in FMAC.  SS is a huge list of specific ROUTINES you
perform.  The question game, the photo routine, etc. are also ROUTINES that,
instead of ANCHORING FEELINGS, DEMONSTRATES your personality and your

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Here’s another one which I think has been reviewed here in the past but I haven’t gone through the old emails to check. Do You Want To Know A Simple, Two Minute Hypnotic Technique That Lets YOU Secretly Put Any Woman Into An Instant Trance And Persuades Her To Ask YOU Out?

Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

Success Secrets Our free newsletter reveals it all Money and Personal Finance secrets; Business & Marketing secrets; Health, Fitness, and Weight-Loss advice; Self Defense secrets; Memory Improvement tips; Smart Advice on Flirting, Dating, Sex, and Relationships; Personal Development tips; Communication and Negotiation tips; Tax Secrets & Loopholes! Investment and Stock Market tips; and Much More

The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Relationships is only $8.95 and looks very interesting. Comments, please.

Plus! Free Survey Results of Women Using Personals for SexThe Guide contains the following Inside Secrets: Replying to ads – how to get noticed and get a date for hot sex.   Placing ads – how to beat the competition and get lots of replies How to handle follow up communication to keep her interested. Examples of replies that worked on us. You can just copy and paste these into your ads or replies. Saves you time and increases your chances! A directory of the best websites for meeting hot women! Sick of chicks who are only into cybersex and nothing else! The Guide contains a list of the best adult personals sites.

A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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