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"Should I make you beg for it first?"

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Should I make you beg for it first?
2/25/01 10:50:41 AM Eastern Standard Time


Just finished watching the LA Videos...good stuff. Ross' languaging is
powerful I used this on a cardiologist the other nite that is moving here
from Chicago to be with her boyfriend. Well, that was the plan. Dave threw
down the gauntlet the other nite with this major babe that was with this
guy. He was shooting pool an not minding the store.  10 minutes later we
were exchanging #'s, email and he was pissed, but he wasn't gonna say
anything cause it's NOT cool !!! Anyway, 3:00AM my cell rang but I missed
the was her. What I found out from Dave the next day was that she
had not seen this guy in a month, refused to fuck him, and at 3:00 he found
her in the bathroom with a cellphone in her hand. Too funny...word got back
through a mutual friend for me to back off....OR WHAT??? He's not gonna do
anything to me, it's not cool.
Besides nobody wants to run the risk of getting their ass kicked by an old
man haw haw haw!

Happy ending, She called Thursday and invited me to dinner her first night
back. Seems boyfriend is history. Never fucked an MD before, this should be
very educational.

Hey, I hooked Poetdude up with a good friend of mine...this should be
interesting.  I nicknamed him "The King" ona counta he fucked about
everything that moved at the Men's Club before I went on my tear. He was my
inspiration. Tommy is 53, about 60 lbs. overweight, very little hair, the
worst clothes imaginable, and a big old fucking black wart on his nose. You
would think this guy couldn't get laid in a Mexican whorehouse with a
fistful of $100's but I have seen things that boggle the mind. Tommy is a
speed seducer. He has no concept of what it is we do but he seduces women
through the sheer force of his will alone...and I think he's hung like a
mule! He
always told me, "GameMaster, if I looked like you I'd get laid 10 times a
day." Me and my buddy just watched in amazement as this guy would walk out
of that goddamn club every night with whomever he wanted. I can't do
that...takes me time to get there. Nobody better with strippers in
the world...I'd match him with anybody. He's a Virgo like Ross, totally
separated from the emotional aspect of relationships...been trying to sell
me on the benefits of one night stands for years.

Tommy would make an interesting addition to the list...besides all that, he
is the funniest motherfucker I have ever met! I always asked him "King,
please tell me how you do it?"
He would just laugh and in that patented Boston Lowell accent "I dunno know,
whut da fuck?" I'm laughing so hard I can barely type...he kills me Cliff.
His insights on women are unbelievable, he's got this shit

My Comment:  I've sent Tommy an invite, and let's hope he joins us.


> >Are all 9's and 10's in LA fucked up??
>REFRAME: they are DIFFERENT. To say 'fucked up' is to admit you don't
>UNDERSTAND them. It's a failure on your part, not hers. I've met 'fucked
>girls and then got IN and fucked them silly. Then I would learn that they
>were only different. Their behavior makes sense in retrospect. You only
>label them FUCKED UP when they aren't your GF. : ) 9's and 10's in LA are
>... SPECIAL. They get things for free. They live a different lifestyle.
>Things are handed to them. Their behavior expresses their real lifestyle.
>Then a NORMAL person like you or I come along and think they are fucked up
>when they EXPECT you to pay, EXPECT you to buy them anything they want,
>a temper tantrum when they don't, etc. They legitimately DESERVE their
>special treatment because ... hell, they are special ... BEAUTY is a
>COMMODITY in LA. If you have it ... you are RICH. So, calibrate your game
>get the 10's. They aren't fucked up. They aren't harder to get. They are
>just ... different.

Sometimes a lifestyle is, in itself, FUCKED UP. That doesn't
mean the women aren't fuckable, but it may mean that, after all is
said and done, the game wasn't worth the effort.
>I would like to challenge Ross ... not cause I personally want to challenge
>him cause I know it's not exactly fair as he works a different environment
>than me ... and also he old n' ugly (sorry, Ross haa) ... but because it
>would SOUND GOOD to do it and hell it's just for fun and I respect him and
>would like to meet him.

No problem; you are on. Only condition is I do NOT do clubs, bars,
etc. So that is completely out. It's on the street, coffee houses,
super-markets, etc. NO CLUBS. NO BARS. Welcome to LA and give me
about 30 days notice to clear my schedule
>I'm certain he's had tighter sets. She was a Somalian leper. Ok, so is he
>(haa) but seriously, his game was obviously geared for hotter chicks - that
>chick was not worthy at all. And the # close was contrived still. It
>wasn't great cause he didn't LEAD the close and have her close HIM. Not
>that it matters as she was horsemeat.

Ha haha...the chick had a SMOKIN' body. Somalian? No, she was an
Ethernopian, as they say on South Park.
>Speed Seduction» does have its benefits, especially when you need to
>convince a girl to blow you on-camera and let you take a huge dump
>all over her face. At times like that, it still comes in handy.

Oh're still the romantic you were when I first met you!
Tabby says "hi" good buddy!


Learn how to use seduction, charisma, Killer Instinct, and much more to
drastically improve your relations with women -- and, more importantly, how
you can EASILY use these skills to take your SEX life to exciting new
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[Yes, I still apply the principals of NLP and SS to get the girls to do what
I want (such as fill their holes with a nice fat cucumber), but I don't have
to "hit the streets." This will give you an idea of the girls I work with --
> (local amateur girls)
Speed Seduction» does have its benefits, especially when you need to
convince a girl to blow you on-camera and let you take a huge dump
all over her face. At times like that, it still comes in handy.]

Hi Lew. I'm sure that I echo the question that sounded in the minds of many
who read your contribution to Clifford's list - 'exactly what kinds of
things do you say to a girl under those circumstances, to get those kinds
of outcomes? Could you please elaborate with some real life examples?
Don't leave us hanging like that, Lew!' :-)


Hey, ask Lew if he has a "dump" pattern (LOL).  I think there is even a
limit to what SS can do : )


Pheromones, I've tried them. The Contact 18/DateMate2000 series. After two
years of applying the solution I finally found out what pheromone means:
ATTENTION! You will not attract the heck if you are an AFC-accepter like me.
Pheros make you dominant which means you are considered aggressive in a
subtle way you better can control. Females like you, men are a bit
frightened by your appearance. Get your winter clothing out of the closet,
it's gonna be cold in the world with its people.
Pheromones can bring you on top of the world or to ground zero. It depends
on what you do. These chemicals only render you being utterly noticed. You
can shout your message out (tonality) and use your communication skills to
make yours a better place or they play their sticks and bones.
To fully understand what pheromones offer I think the alpha-male model is
best to be integrated. Only human is misery. I found out that being alpha
means to protect and to serve truly or walk away determinedly. This is a
first conclusion after a long time of self-deprivation and depreciation has
gone me by. The packet of responsibility an alpha-male carries for himself
grows so big it's hard work to not let it bang anyone's head away. If you
want to rule the world you better learn about sublimation and that we are
using the alpha word here, if you want to get girls you have to rule wise.
By being alpha-male you accept a duty not only of sexual but also of an
emotional nature. And men are emotional beings too, never forget.
The duty you have to do is to entertain people. Never creep in to your
however silly you feel, say happyhappy or stuff and step back on to the
world. Oh my god I'm talking to myself. That's what I learned by feeling
like the center of attention. It may be hurting but you have to be flirting.
I read some interesting pheromone articles on ASF. Where's yours?

My Comment: There have been numerous comments about pheromones on the list
that can be found in the archives.  I bought some a long time ago and had
zero results, but obviously something happens for you.


Mystery's comments on creating the impression in LA women that you are rich
and that you are powerful, and adventurous, reminded me of how important the
image you convey to brawds is. And I agree wholeheartedly that if someone
were good at it, and invested time and energy in doing it, one could convey
in a club that one is rich beyond measure and powerful beyond measure.

But we must be talking here about a very shot relationship, right? Like a
one-night thing, right? Because there are, I assume, though I haven't
personally met them, though I HAVE seen their presumed houses lining the
Hollywood Hills, so I assume they exist -- there are, I assume, these
powerful men in LA who are in the entertainment industry and who super hot
aspiring models and actresses are dying to meet that ARE rich beyond measure
and powerful beyond measure. And so when a brawd meets one of them, well
probably on the first "date" she will ride in his Porsche and she will visit
his house on Mount Olympus.

So what will the person employing deception, or, in kinder language,
"impression management", do?

I guess there are a few responses. First, you might say that by the time
she finds out about your impression management (deception), you will have
already fucked her. Second, I guess you could say that by the time she
finds out, you will have already created these feelings in her and she won't
care (personally, I think this argument would be hard to make, because
Porsches are nice and so are the houses on Mount Olympus!). Third, you
might say that by the time she finds out you really live in Culver City, not
off Sunset Plaza, she will not care because she will be smitten with you.

I don't know, though. I think the second a brawd sniffs that the guy isn't
what he's claiming, she will be gone faster than Jack Nicholson motoring up
Coldwater Canyon.


(Commenting on what Kitty wrote):
> In response to Sisonpyh:
> "All of the most extreme sounding things that I've written, when presented
> in a cocky and funny way are like a woman's ultimate dream live.
> Go and make them beg... it's damn fun."
> And damn fun from a woman's point of view too... is it hot in here?

I understand women like this, but what I cannot figure out is WHY this is so
much fun and exciting for a woman. Can Kitty, and all other woman on this
list, enlighten me, in as many words as possibly, WHY this is so appealing
to you? Or should I make you beg for it first? ;-)

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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