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4/1/01 1:39:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Some sites to check out:
Immortality?  Check out

Which reminds me:  I think it is time to do an update of dating/personals
sites.  What I want to do is run a list of those sites that are truly free
(i.e. you can not only post your ad or profile for free, but you can respond
to other ads for free).  So if you know of some good ones, send them in to
me and I will include them in the list.

And remember, if you are in Montreal send me an email letting me know and I
will add you to the Montreal email list.  This will keep you up to date on
local events, such as Major Mark's seminar that will be here May 11, 12 &


More on the Psycho ex girlfriend:,1367,42763,00.html


Mystery Comments on The AWARE State!
>As you can see, everything is about state. I think that's the hard part, at
>least for me. I hardly obtain any change, but the simple fact that a
>occurs after listening is enough for me to show it works.
>My Comment:  This is greatly appreciated -- whether you agree
>with the reviews or not, at least we are getting some feedback which will
>benefit the good stuff and save us money on the junk.

I wonder, after all this PREPARATION, how many women have you (not Cliff,
the other guy) approached lately?  How many girls have you fucked in, say,
the last year?  All this reviewed stuff is supposed to assist you in getting
into STATE.  What state is this?  A state of confidence I assume.  And why
must one go there?  That is my ongoing thought whenever I see shit about
state.  I've ignored almost all posts on states because I always thought of
it as an entirely lameass concept.  Now for MY THOUGHTS finally on the

People don't MEDITATE or listen to tapes or stand on their fucking heads
to get in a good mood so they can enjoy going out.  MOST people go out to
have fun.  That means the act of going out and mingling ... the excitement
of surprise ... is what people do to change state.  People go OUT to have
fun, not stay in and trick themselves into having fun to go out.  This is
fucking ridiculous.

All this talk about combating the aware state (that feeling of fear when you
see a hottie ... or when you know you need to impress her entire group).
The aware state is the exact same as having to get up on stage.  EXACTLY!
It's the BUTTERFLIES.  And people think that you can deal with them best by
tapes and such.  There are only two ways to get used to them (don't bother
trying to get RID of them) ... 1) creative visualization ... which sucks
compared to the second way ... 2) live approaches.  You have to fight the
fear like any comedian or actor does.  The PUA is a PERFORMING ART.  You
have to PERFORM.  That means you are an actor playing the role of a ladies
man.  The actor must have the guts to get on stage and perform.  Is he
scared?  Yes!  Does he do it anyway?  Yes!  How does he become confident?
Answer: by knowing his material.   Problem is, you can't know your material
mere memorizing because all the nuances and timing issues won't be there.
has to PERFORM to learn.  And through competence comes confidence.  The ONLY
reason I can do what I do is BECAUSE I fought the fear CONSTANTLY!  I mean
fucking CONSTANTLY!  Dude listens to all these tapes and shit and STILL
doesn't get laid like I do.  How sad is THAT?  It's like the guys who listen
to Tony Robbins and feel great and then the next day instead of acting on
the info, they listen to Tony again because those great feelings of
confidence come FROM Tony now.  It's like guys who read success books and
instead of putting the book down to BE successful, they fill their time with
reading more success books until finally they die of old age with a Visa
full of book purchases.  Get off your lazy ass and get the fuck out of your
house.  Do it CONSTANTLY.  Listening to tapes is to literally beat AROUND
the bush.  Yes, you'll be scared.  And you'll do it anyway ... because
the fear is what the excitement is all about.  When you go to a club, ever
think that EVERY OTHER HUMAN THERE had to do the same thing?  Meeting girls
is STILL AFC!  At LEAST be an AFC!  At LEAST get out of the house and
approach girls in a lousy way.  Staying home 6 out of the 7 nights listening
to tapes for 2.5 years will not get you laid.  How many times in the last
2.5 years have you been laid?  Did you bring them home and play the tapes
for them?  The SOLUTION to fighting the fear is to fight it HEAD ON.  You
KEEP fighting it until the fear starts to go away ... and then, you step up
your pace.  I started with approaching 1:1 and now I can literally approach
10:1.  Am I scared?  Sure.  And it's exciting.  If you are trying to GET
LAID, I think you came to the wrong place.  If however, you are trying to be
a PICK UP ARTIST, that's different.  Now you have the attitude to learn - to
take the bull by the fucking HORNS!  You LEARN by EXPERIENCING.  That means
GET THE FUCK OUT.  Get SCARED ... and then CONQUER the fear!  Over and over
and over!  Dudes!  Don't you GET IT?  I do this ALL THE TIME and I STILL get
nervous.  Sometimes it's paralyzing ... I had that 2 days ago and I still
what I had to do.  I ended up with 3 #s, one a kiss, too.  Older woman -
Mmmmmm.  I mean out of my league hot.  I see her tomorrow.  I don't even
challenge myself for the reward of the girl.  My reward is FIGHTING THE FEAR
SUCCESSFULLY.  The women are bonuses.  This is PERFORMANCE.  If you can't
ON the stage and perform ... go home and fuck off.  FUCK STATE!  Be SCARED.
Get the FULL adrenaline release.  It can't go past 100%.  Just get used to
dealing with that feeling and masking it while you do what you have to do.
Even Julia Roberts gets nervous before every appearance.   Yes, even the
we think have control over it.  They don't.  That's the truth.  They just
it.  Smile more.

And so ends Mystery's rant. : )  have a nice day :D

Evil Mystery:
I'm going to rant with thoughts in opposition to Poetdude's.  I MAY be
Devil's advocate here so bear with this.
>And yes, I'm usually interested in how to *do* things, not how *not* to do

When one does not know what TO DO, knowing what NOT TO DO is a great
indicator of our desired direction.  I believe TO DO comes only after NOT
TO DO.  How else does one learn?
>But, in the meantime, here's some spleen for ya, as well as a short
>to Becky's questions:
>1) Rating women: the external appearance of a woman is the map.
>The contents of her head is another map (arguably a more useful
>one).  What you can experience with her is the territory.  So, ask
>What do I want?  Elicit your own criteria regarding relationships with
>women.  What's important to me about going out with a '9'?  Does the
>envy I detect in all the other chumps put 6" on my height?  Does her
>face make it easier for me to explode into orgasmic ecstasy?  Or am I just
>not attracted to anyone less beautiful than that?  Using the number
>rating to make yourself feel important or to brag to your buddies is

I find myself feeling MORE attracted to a girl if my wings find her
attractive too.  Call it high school if you want; I call it reality.
>How she can make you feel is what really matters. The only
>initial rating that matters at the outset is the one provided by the MBS --
>the male binary scale.  She is either a 0 or a 1.  If 0 -- move on.  If 1
>-- go whole hog.  Using an analog system also has the disadvantage of
>making you use 70% of your resources to nab a perceived 7, 80% for an 8 --
>you catch my drift.  Chuck it.  You either dig or you don't dig.  Now go
>for it.

I'm all for this except for the fact that CERTAIN 1's require a different
approach.  1a and 1b.  The 1a's need negs and group tactics while the 1b's
may accept compliments and less negs.  For that reason the UG, B and HB was
made.  So it's like base 3 ... 0 of UG, 1 for babes and 2 for Hot babes.
It's important to make the distinction - at least in MY GAME because if I
try to use pro tactics on just a regular girl, I'll over-qualify myself so
fast ... it's like Brad Pitt hitting on a waitress.  She doesn't go for it
because she figures he must do this all the time.
>2) Lying.  Under this category goes plagiarizing,
>misrepresentation, and outright lying.  You wanna have two (or more)
>girlfriends?  Have the courtesy and decency to inform them of each other's
>existence, so they can choose whether or not they want to get STD from each
>other (vs. you making the choice for them).

This simple B&W approach to a complex situ shows me you haven't lived
through it ... I'm dealing with this right now.  I WISH it were are easy as
you make it out to be.  Morals are subjective ... there is a place for
lying in this world.  LYING WORKS.  That is why it exists.  The one who
performs white lies gets laid more and by hotter women clear and simple.
As for the STD argument ... it's OLD.  I know my girls and I know myself.
You fear the unknown ... if YOU had 2 GF's one after another or both
together, you share the same risks.  Nothing like a visit to the doctor by
all parties to get clarity on the unknown factors.
>If a chick pulls this stuff on you, she's a lying whoring bitch, but if you
>do it, you're an alpha male»?  Pure, unadulterated bullshit (and bad for
>health, sez the doctor).

I don't judge women who like to fuck as WHORING BITCHES.  I regard them as
HUMAN.  So, of course, I have to carefully profile my women.  I ASSUME at
some point either may lie to me.  If one came home with a bite on her ass
and said it was from a rock, I would consider the probability that a lie
has been made.  Then I have to judge how it affects me.  If my GF wants to
fuck another girl, enjoy.  That's not cheating.  If she wants to fuck
another guy - obviously what I don't know won't hurt me so long as I
her accurately and know she would use a condom.  I feel safe as both had
been condom users with me before we went LT.
>Lying is also the sincerest form of supplication.  It says to the
>world and to your unconscious, "I do not fully accept myself as I am,
>therefore I need to misrepresent myself so people will like me." Ouch.

Sometimes we HAVE to misrepresent ourselves ... especially if we are
damaged goods.  I can't tell a girl I've fucked 100.  So I lie.  I fucked 15
tops.  Why does accepting yourself have to happen to get laid?  People have
their own issues to deal with.  You think all the PUA's are NORMAL?  This is
some fucked up shit needing so many women ... I need this to feel NORMAL.
If I don't, I feel like a total loser.  Is it right?  Is it wrong?  Hell,
that's nobody's fucking biz but my own.  If I have psychological issues and
solve them in my own way by fucking lots of girls, then that's me.  That's
strategy.  If you don't like it, fuck off and masturbate by yourself in the
corner knowing you did the right thing while I fuck 2 girls and laugh
maniacally.  This art form is not about ethics.  It's about NATURE.  It's
to, not WHY to.
>Also, taking other people's poems, stories, etc. and saying you wrote it
>just plain sucks and is lying plain and simple.

Bullshit.  It's not easy to get laid.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  If a
guy sings a song to a chick and says it's his, as long as he gets away with
it, good for him.  It's not like someone is getting hurt by it.  Where is
all this MORALISTIC shit coming from?  It's like you want to clean up the
PUA.  PUA is intrinsically Satanist.  Lying WORKS.
The only people who told you lying was bad were the ones that had something
to gain by obtaining certain info from you.  The best lies are the ones
that have some evidence to prove it's not a lie.  Then ... in a way, it's
really NOT a lie, is it?  The statement, "I'm an alpha male»."  Is that TRUE?
Is it a lie?  I have many pieces of evidence to support my claim.  Many
people, if they think lying is not alpha, would say I'm not.  Fuck them.
>Attribute it -- lotsa people have gotten laid reciting Byron and Shelley,
>without having to pretend they were Byron or Shelley.

And if they DID?  So fucking what?  Let them lie.  You can't stop them
anyway ... why bother getting into people's shit?  Lying ... like GREED ...
these aren't bad words.  Someone TAUGHT YOU they were naughty.  Greed - the
only people who tell you you are greedy are the ones that want something
from ya.  Don't get suckered by the hype of what bad is - how its a sin to
lie.  Next, sex before marriage will be a SIN again.
>Besides, Byron and Shelley died young -- I sure as hell wouldn't
>want to be them.

Where did that come from? *shrug*
>3) Stealing girlfriends; humiliating other men.  Another application of
>the 'do unto others' philosophy.

If a man can't keep his girl because I'm better ... so long as I can get
with it without a fight, it's ok.  Stealing GF's is FUN!  It's CHALLENGING.
And ... it happens ALL the time.  Any girl that has a BF and doesn't tell me
because she likes me will be mine.  Humiliating other men?  That's a waste
of energy - but if that has to happen and I don't like the guy - then hell
I'm up for it.  "Do unto others before they do to you."  Biblical axioms are
only half right.  There are axioms that contradict other axioms.  Take, "a
stitch in time saves nine" vs. "haste makes waste."  Fuck axioms - they are
little rules of life wrapped in a tiny little pink bow.  Axioms are faggy.
You heard this one right?  "A cock in your ass makes you a homo."
>Look, if some schmoe came and interrupted your date uninvited, ignored you
>and tried to pick up your date (not even girlfriend), how would that make
>you feel?

Who says I would do that to a guy?  I would approach the 2set and engage
the obstacle, negging the target playfully and gaining rapport with him
while she watches.  After finding out the relationship dynamic, I would
choose to eject or move in for the kill as the poor sap watches.  If the
relationship is 3 years old and I knew there was a problem I would sneak
the number under his nose.  Those sets are FUN!
>What have you done to deserve this rudeness?

Alienating the obstacles is no way to get to the target so your scenario
is unlikely.  I give respect to the guys FIRST!  Hell, he is with her so he
can't be THAT much of a loser.  Only after I know the score will I decide
to encroach if I can get away with it.  If I can't, I eject having made new
friends that I respect.
>C'mon guys -- no need to poison the well.

Another axiom.  I don't make enemies.  BUT!  If you just met a girl and you
were with her at a bar and I came along and met you and found out that you
two had just met and you were a wuss, fucking up your game with her ... I'd
take over.  Not
to a wing, of course.
>If she approaches you, or gives obvious signs that she needs to be saved -
>fine. But the person who needs to make himself feel important by
>humiliating others is a small man indeed.

Humiliating is not a tactic of mine.  In fact, it's not really a useful
tactic at all because it's not practical.
>This also comes from a scarcity point of view.  There are so many available
>women out there that frankly it's not worth my time to steal one from a
>date, boyfriend or husband (especially when he's around).

You think I have a scarcity POV?  Nope, not me.  I just enjoy the CHALLENGE
: )
>When I am thirsty, I don't feel the need to dig a well to prove my manhood.
>Tap water will do just fine.

When I want to chase a girl, I feel the need to approach the most difficult
scenarios to prove my manhood.  Call it high school.  It's just me.  Tap
water sucks ... I prefer Perrier.
>4) Becky asks what a woman has to do to get a man.  The old joke
>says "show up naked with a six-pack of beer", but here are my
>thoughts anyway (and I'm not being the spokesman for all carriers of Y
>chromosomes either -- this is me, specifically.  Take with boulder-size
>chunk o'salt).  The most attractive feature for me in a woman is
self-possession. A
>self-possessed woman is smart enough to know who she is and what
>she wants, and strong enough to go after it. She also tends to be
>funny and successful -- effects of self-possession, methinks.  My last
>relationship was with a pretty extraordinary woman: 24, spoke 4 languages,
>grad student in economics and math, 5'11", former Bennetton model,
>absolutely astounding figure to send me in raptures, totally beautiful,
>kind, sweet and funny.  So why did we stop seeing each other last month?
>Because she had the self-esteem of a gnat -- all in the presence of
>extraordinary gifts.  Is that attractive?  Do I need that kind of energy
>drain in my life?  No.  Do you?  Didn't think so. I deserve the best, and
>do you, hallelujah and amen.

And yet, I have 2 GF's and one is a tall model/university student ... 4
languages, 5 ft. 11 inches.   Her personality is actually great.  And why am
I not
getting a huge one for her every time I'm with her unlike the men who see me
with her?  It's because her hip to waist ratio is not to my liking cause she
is 5 ft. 11 inches and big boned (literally).  So I find myself with GF1
alot more
(who is a stripper).  You should see the women I have lined up this week
though.  mmmmmmm.

My Comment:  I can't go along with your thoughts about lying.  My friend
Max, who those of you who have been reading this a long time may remember,
will say absolutely anything to a woman to get her in bed.  He promises
marriage, having children, buying them houses, cars, anything they want to
hear.  I think this kind of behaviour will come back to haunt you.


I had to get this one to you before I forgot. Went out with Natalie tonite,
the model. Well, she's a interrogator of sorts and that's how we
hooked up. She asked me a question tonite that I danced around until she got
so pissed after dinner because I wouldn't answer she told me to go "fuck
off". Looks like I got the intrigue meter pegged. She'll be back. Anyway,
the question was very simple but it's not anything guys EVER think
about...."What do you have hidden under your bed?" She could tell from my
reaction that I've got something under there I don't want to talk about,
especially to some hottie I'm just getting to know cause it's a jewelry box
full of shit that girls have left here like bracelets, earrings, and shit. I
had to buy the box to put all this stuff in. So Natalie got a little pissed
onacounta driving back from Florida today to go on a date with me just so I
could make her angry by withholding something she wants to know. But the
question is GREAT for chicks....this is a good example of how powerful that
Q can be!

My Comment:  Reminds me of the "goodie box" that an ex I saw for 8 months
let me know she have but we never got deep enough into a relationship that
she would share that with me.  I'll bet most women have something similar.

Happy ending! Natalie came over uninvited today to resolve this "conflict"
we had last
nite. Apparently nobody has ever said NO to this chick....spoiled little
rich girl. Anyway,
the weirdest thing happened. I had a feeling I'd be seeing her again so I
put my son's
comic book collection under the bed just in case. Well, you can pretty much
guess she
was gonna stay until she saw what was under there and when I pulled out
those comics
she freaked out. Turns out she was an art major and one of her hobbies is
comic book characters. This one is too weird. I have never had so many
things in common
with someone half my age. So we spent the afternoon making up and looking at
comics. Then I threw her out! : )

My Comment:
We all like happy endings!


>  Dynamic Hypnosis = put a person in hypnotic state in 2-3 minutes. Works!
>  It's like the opposite of traditional hypnosis.

I'm not familiar with this product.  Who makes it, and how can we get it.
Thanks for your reviews.

My Comment:  I have asked Mario for the URL and will post it if and when he
sends it to me.
>  Or: ask her to pick something up from the market on her way
>  to your place (you are assuming the sale as well).

This is also a great example of what RJ recently wrote about using the
anchors of their inner circle.


> Poetdude:
> Hey there, boys and girls.  This little rant has been prompted by some of
> the stuff I've been reading here over the past 3 months which sometimes
> strike me as petty, weak and supplicative -- basically, against the Tao of
> life.
> 1) Rating women: the external appearance of a woman is the map.  The
> contents of her head is another map (arguably a more useful one).  What
> you can experience with her is the territory.  So, ask yourself: What do I
> want?  Elicit your own criteria regarding relationships with women.

A good point. I'm not attracted to any particular "type" of woman
- that is, any particular look or build. It's her personality and
attitude, especially sexual attitude, that turn me on. What's
important to me is how I feel when I'm with her. A super HB who is
cold towards me leaves me cold.

A fat chick who has a super attitude can turn me on. I admit,
though, that the more overweight she is, the more attractive her
attitude has to be.

Physical factors can turn me off. Attitude can compensate for
physical factors. What I'm *primarily* looking for is a great
> 3) Stealing girlfriends; humiliating other men.  Another
> application of the 'do unto others' philosophy.  Look, if some
> schmoe came and interrupted your date uninvited, ignored you and
> tried to pick up your date (not even girlfriend), how would that
> make you feel?  What have you done to deserve this rudeness?
> C'mon guys -- no need to poison the well. If she approaches you,
> or gives obvious signs that she needs to be saved - fine. But
> the person who needs to make himself feel important by
> humiliating others is a small man indeed.  This also comes from
> a scarcity point of view.  There are so many available women out
> there that frankly it's not worth my time to steal one from a
> date, boyfriend or husband (especially when he's around).  When
> I am thirsty, I don't feel the need to dig a well to prove my
> manhood.  Tap water will do just fine.

I take issue with this whole frame. Here is my frame.

I have the freedom to approach any chick, any time, anywhere. If I
approach her, she has the freedom to like my approach or not to
like it. We are both autonomous adults.

How she deals with my approach is up to her. How I deal with her
response is up to me. If she has difficulty with my approach,
that's her problem. If I have difficulty handling her response,
that's my problem.

Now, if she is with a guy, she and I still have that freedom and
responsibility. And, I assume the guy she is with is also an
autonomous adult, with freedom and responsibility.

How he deals with my approach, to the chick he is with, is up to
him. How I deal with his response to my approach is up to me.

If he responds by feeling humiliated or powerless or embarrassed,
then that's his problem. Such a response tells me, at least, that
he has issues to work through - issues of jealousy, of fears about
his sexual attractiveness to this woman, fear of abandonment,
issues about relating to other powerful men.

If a guy does that to me - approach the chick I am with - then I
have a number of choices. I can feel flattered that he's attracted
to the chick I'm attracted to. I can observe him and try to learn
from his game. I can use this encounter as an opportunity to
improve my cockblocking skills. I can take an interest in him and
see if we have anything in common, apart from attraction to the

I can leave her with him, for the time being, and sarge another
chick close by. I can invite another chick back to the other two
and form a social foursome.

I can get violent. I can sulk and feel resentful and powerless.

A number choices. What do I want to do? How creative can I be?
How to handle it in a way that is in my best interests? That's
the issue that faces me.

Feeling resentful and humiliated and powerless is not the way I
want to deal with it.

If I do feel threatened, then maybe that feeling is a message to
me that I have work to do on myself. Maybe it's a message that
this chick doesn't want me after all, and I'm better off sarging
other chicks right now. It depends.

If you, Poetdude, are out with a chick, and I see her and want
to approach her, and I figure out a way of doing it, I'm going
to do it. Deal with it, Bud. How you do that is up to you.

Maybe you need practice in doing that. I know from my own
experience how difficult it can be to let go of negative feelings
and respond to that situation in a creative, fulfilling way.

It's not about me proving anything. It's about me living my
life the way I want to. You just happen to be in the way :-)
> Mario:
> "Oh, but there's the challenge! The pleasure of turning the
> tables when she is not responding well in the beginning!" Yes,
> maybe, if it was easy, wouldn't be good. But that's not my
> point. It's not being easy, but being productive. Why do we have
> to explode bitch-shields?

Sometimes we don't. I had a powerful lesson in mindsets and personal
responsibility, the other night.

I was visiting a new bar (new to me), simply checking it out for
future sarging potential.

I was tired, because I hadn't been looking after myself recently -
my fault entirely.

I was a little nervous, because bars aren't my usual niche - so I
keep telling myself - and this seemed like an up-market
high-attitude place. It was Friday night and I was on my own.
(Notice all the excuses I'm lining up.) I dressed well, though.

I hadn't planned to meet anyone. I intended only to look around.
It's 8 pm and it looks like an after-work crowd, in the heart of
the city's business district.

I'm at the bar, drinking apple juice. I see this HB 8.5 in a group
with three guys, a few metres away. Two of them look keen
to fuck her, judging by their eye contact. None of them are
touching her, though. She looks my way and gives me the strongest
eye contact I have ever received from a woman. Nothing teasing or
coy about this, nothing hostile either, just a full-on expression
of interest. It is so strong, I'm feeling intimidated.

A minute or so later, I look her way. A few seconds later she
looks back. Strong eye contact again, like the first time. I
keep looking and she doesn't look away.

"Fuck," I think, "I'm not ready for this." I can't think of a way
to approach her or the group, due to tiredness. My mind is blank.

About fifteen minutes later, I notice she and her entourage are
standing closer to me, behind me and on the other side than
previously. I get glances from her. I still can't think of how to

In the meantime, I'm at the bar, and this young HB 8.5 comes up
to one side, and orders a drink. I'm 39, she's early 20s, and I
usually get poor responses from chicks of her age - so I keep
telling myself.

I say "Hi", and to my total surprise, she says "Hi" back with a
warm smile, no bitch shield at all.

"Fuck," I think, "I'm not ready for this either."

I'm expecting a bitch shield and I'm losing my balance because
there is *none*.

I'm struggling to make conversation. My game is way below its
usual (RAFC) standard. I'm so lame this night.

She doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave. Eventually she
collects her three drinks and moves away. We exchange some lame
pleasant closing remark as she does.

What's my point? I had opportunities in my *face*, there. Within
minutes of arriving. I go in bristling with assumptions - bars
are no good for me, young chicks don't respond well to me,
HB's have bitch shields, Friday night is a bad night for solo
sarging - you name it. So much baggage, I need a backpack to carry
it all.

And the world showed me, last night, that's what it all was -
baggage. Instead of responding to external reality, I was
responding to assumptions in my head, and on this night, in this
place, they weren't true.

And I set myself up for this, by not taking the best possible care
of myself, and for holding on to beliefs that not only are false,
but which run counter to my best interests.

For me it was a valuable night. What a powerful lesson.

Mario, as you go around carrying your assumptions, what will
you do when you meet a hot chick for whom your assumptions
prove false?

Will you know how to deal with a stunningly simple opportunity?
Or will your baggage make you lose your balance?


On earlier neg-hits discussion
Here are some new neg hits for you guys- I picked them up from Grandmaster
types who don't "know what they're doing" as far as technique names and
terms go.......

When the target refers to a friend of hers in a conversation;
"Oh, you have a friend?" feigning surprise.

Later when she talks about another of her friends-
"Is this the same friend? No? So you have two friends!?!" faking excitement
and happiness for her.......

Also, making sexually blunt, but tongue-in-cheek statements has the same
effect as neg-hits-
For instance, a girl "friend" asks you if you want to go to a party, get
tacos, etc....
Your reply "No, I'm staying home.... but we can get it on before you go out
if you want to.."

As long as you're joking, it's OK. The Grandmaster "just kidding" follow up
is kind of an apology- I wouldn't use it after the first couple of times,
just get her used to hearing you make these kind of jokes, and get the right
tone in the remark.

Sometimes a girl sees your apartment/home before you've really closed,-
i.e. stopping to get something on the way to the party/disco/coffee shop
after a pick-up or on a date is a good thing to do in order to let her
imagine being there again-

Here's a good way to break the tension if she's still a little bit nervous
about being alone with a strange man in his apartment-

   an Austin Powers move like-

"Well, while we're here we might as well shag!"

This can do wonders to let her relax and see that you are sexually
uninhibited and also

Not A Threat!-   i.e. you are not intending to rape her or make a move on
her....if something is going to happen, it's going to be a mutual

I wait 'till the girl is talking and expressing all of her wonderful
feelings and forgetting about the plans to go to the party/disco/coffee shop
to say "Oh! Time to go!"

And this makes it easy to suggest the apartment later, the actual time for
the fuck-

In other words, don't mention shagging when you return, but she will
remember the anchor......


>.  You're building a hot-rod from the ground up (hard, but with
>long-term results), not just putting some additive in the fuel (easy but

Ali, that is a beautiful and awesome metaphor! I love it!  The guy
laboring away in his garage, building something new and awesome from
his own designs and specifications! DAMN GOOD! You get a Tabby Treat!
>1The only initial rating
>that matters at the outset is the one provided by the MBS -- the male
>binary scale.  She is either a 0 or a 1.

Again, I love it!
>. Attribute it -- lotsa people have gotten laid
>reciting Byron and Shelley, without having to pretend they were Byron or
>Shelley.  Besides, Byron and Shelley died young -- I sure as hell wouldn't
>want to be them.

It's easy. Just say, "It's like this poem I once read"...anchor the
responses, zip up the anchor, call to action, etc.
>3)There are so many available women out there that
>frankly it's not worth my time to steal one from a date, boyfriend or
>husband (especially when he's around).


First, I agree, if you approach a woman while she is with her date,
guy, borefiend, etc. YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE!  I GOT YA!

But dude, I have to disagree with this "homestead" approach to
relationships; the person who got there first establishes "ownership".

That ain't no free-market model. If I am providing more and better
and she wants to choose me over her current, them be the breaks. And
same if someone I am with takes more of a shine to another; I may not
like it, I may and WILL bitch about it and smart a bit, but that is
the way things go.

How many women are just hanging on to their current guy, hoping,
even PRAYING for someone to come along and pull them away from it?
>  When I am thirsty, I don't feel
>the need to dig a well to prove my manhood.  Tap water will do
>just fine.

Don't get this metaphor; women are more like rainstorms, constantly
replenishing themselves. Do I provide better "atmospheric" conditions
for her to "rain" than her current sit-rep?
>4.  My last relationship
>was with a pretty extraordinary woman: 24, spoke 4 languages, grad
>student in economics and math, 5'11", former Bennetton model, absolutely
>astounding figure to send me in raptures, totally beautiful, kind, sweet
>and funny.  So why did we stop seeing each other last month? Because she
>had the self-esteem of a gnat -

Hallelujah! I keep saying lots of these "babes" are fucked-up in the
head, mentally.  No one seems to believe me.  I'm glad someone is
reporting in the truth.
>So whilst obviously more
>accessible, rather than just learning a few "tricks" like firing the
>anchors that those that are sure of themselves (like me) have left behind
>(and I think this is a valuable thing to do), why not build a state where
>is also congruent with who you are?

I agree. Where did I say "either/or"? In fact, it's BOTH......

What is the Greek martial art called? Pankration? I believe it
translates as "all powers fighting".

My belief is I am NEVER impressed with genetics.  So what...they
didn't do anything to earn it or build it. It's all an accident.
Anymore than a boy or girl who inherits Daddy's wealth and never
worked a productive day in their life. Big fucking deal.
>Ultimately it
>is not congruous. Just believe in yourself, take her off her pedestal, and
>let her know that YOU are the higher status individual in this
>If not with words (like negs), then with attitude. I am not talking about
>being a jerk, or a prick, or an asshole. Think James Bond, as an example.
>Just a man who is comfortable with himself around women.

I agree; you know, there is this married lady who is very hot for
me, but her hubby is a martial artist and I don't want to go there.
But anyway, she told me how every guy she has ever been with has put
her on a pedestal (her words) and called her "princess" (her words).

I replied, "I would never, NEVER dehumanize you like that! Turn you
into a "thing" rather than see you as a person.  Or put you up
somewhere where you couldn't look me in the eye and see the person
YOU want to be with."
>I'm starting to notice a real paradox: on the one hand, pussy is the
>worlds biggest commodity, available to any man who takes the time to
>learn how to "be the man."  There's actually more single women than
>single men, and actually married women are there for the taking too.
>OTOH, there's no such thing as free pussy; everything has a price, even
>if the cost is sarging time plus time spent with a woman you might have
>enjoyed even more ... I

Oh my god! THIS IS GREAT! There's no such thing as a free lunch! And
there's no such thing as free pussy!
>  think that's why the "masters" get more and
>more selective.  Actually, after all the time I've spent learning SS,
>pussy is getting very expensive indeed!  When a man is completely
>satiated, a lot of things might more important than getting one more
>fuck in.  But when you're not getting laid, pussy is the color of your
>glasses, am I not right?

HA HA HA HA.  Pussy is the color of your glasses....but I just had
>This is really bothering me I keep getting "stood up" by the hotties.
>I meet them.
>I feel like we establish good rapport.
>I set up a get together via a challenge.
>They call one hour before the date and cancel with a lame-ass excuse.

WE get this on the SS list all the time.

A couple of possibilities:
1. They get tons of attention. Between the time you meet them and the
time you set for the next meeting, they probably have been hit on 15
times and gotten what THEY perceive to be 2-5 better offers. So they
take them. As one girl told me, she is always looking for the
"bigger, better deal".

Solution: Try to get something going with them, THAT same day.
Momentum...sweep them right off their feet.

2. Their girlfriends talk them out of it. Tons of these women have NO
sense of self or self-judgement. They are totally externally focused
and rely on opinion of peers. This is a BIG factor if you are an
older guy.

Solution: try to get something going with them, THAT same day.

3. They are just flaky with everyone and EVERYTHING. They flake on
their own opportunities, female friends, etc.

Solution: try to get something going with them, THAT same day.

4. They already have a borefriend. They liked you, enjoyed the
interaction, now feel guilty or worried about possibly cheating on

Solution: try to get something going with them, THAT same day.

I think the timing issue is the single hardest thing for RAFC's to
work through, but it can make a big difference.


Funny snippet from an description of a Pilates book:
"Every exercise starts from and focuses on the abdominals. Done lying on a
mat, a 15-minute workout teaches you the basics of the exercises to
come, demonstrating how to work your torso muscles in new ways, such as
"roll-ups" and long leg circles"
I have to get into that : )
> They call one hour before the date and cancel with a lame-ass excuse.
> Is there some technique or mechanism that you (or the guys on the
> list) use to keep them from flaking?

Seems no. I have had several flaking experiences in the recent 48 hours/last
weeks and have come to the conclusion that flaking babes are not worth a
second thought anymore. My prospective is to install the jerky fuck you I
don't need you attitude and stop seeing most of the bitches I used to meet.
To stop a first date from flaking IMHO you can only install anticipatory
anchors in her which means you really have to BUILD UP HIGH LEVELS OF
INTEREST. You did talk, didya?

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