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That’s a good sign that it’s fake
5/1/01 2:34:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time


For those coming to Montreal for Major Mark's seminar May 11, 12 & 13, email
me and I will email you back a list of places to see, night spots,
restaurants, etc. that are special to this city.  Montreal has some very
unique places that you won't find elsewhere, and I put a list together that
may otherwise take you a while to find out about.


Here's another product in need of a review:
Learn how to be successful and pick up any women on the Internet :


>Oh, maybe I should ask a female's opinion to my poetry. A short one is
>Some say the world will end in fire
>Some say 'twill end in ice.
>From what I've tasted of desire,
>I hold with those who favour fire,
>That fire within your eyes.

The first two lines are a direct rip-off of a Robert Frost poem. Girls READ
poetry, dude. They read it FOR REAL. This is one of Frost's most popular
poems, and chances are if she's got tits and a bush she's read it. I think
she nexted you and pawned you off as a nothing more than a potential client
cuz she saw that you were plagiarizing in order to impress or seduce her.
Your intentions have been revealed! Also, as Clifford pointed out about my
online sarge "proposed response,"  you have to keep e-mail short and
succinct. And stay mysterious! Note to Cliff; after pouring over that
response a million times I had already cut those things out that you so
swiftly saw. It just took me days to see.....I responded with a shorter
letter and got a good response...........


>Cliff, I've discovered a bit of a scam in the online personals -
>I've been using the free ones to try and get chicks and will report on it
>for your newsletter, but I've found that many of the hotter babes are
>actually shams.

*chuckle*  Yes indeed... there are a lot of fakes.  However, there are
tell tale signs to look for.  Any ad from a "woman" that is overt sexually
likely to be a fake.  Particularly if the chick in the picture is VERY hot
looking.  Stuff like "My problem is only that I don't get enough sex..." and
"I like to read and write, make love, watch movies, go to shows, make love
and things like that. Did I mention I like to make love?"  (BTW, I pulled
these quotes right off the Yahoo personals.)  Of course any ads that list a
web site are obviously fake, too.  Stuff such as: 'HOT WET BOOTY.COMe (no
"e" in "come")'  Oh, and if the pic looks professional vs. a snapshot, (and
the chick is hot hot hot) that's a good sign that it's fake, too.

Another thing to check, at least on systems like Yahoo! personals, is to go
to their Yahoo profile and see if they list a lot of sex related interests
or have links to porno sites.  For Yahoo, just go to

Bottom line though:  If it looks too good to be true... it probably is.  I
mean really... why is a hot chick putting up a personal ad with her pic and
info on her kinky sexual tastes? Duhhhhh!!!

Now you might ask, why fake ads?  1) Because they're trying to harvest
working emails for SPAM purposes. 2) They're trying to get hits on their
porn site. 3) They're strippers 4) They're in the "escort" biz.

Another twist on this is that if YOU place an ad you will sometimes get fake
responses.  Again, the telltale sign is when the email gets into sexual
stuff.  Even more obvious is when they say, "Oh, call me at this 900 number
and listen to my voice mailbox..."


>This past weekend I had a beautiful Mariah Carey look-alike over for wine
>and dine.....We then went upstairs where I gave her a massage (she was
peeling from
>her suntan and needed to be lotioned) and ran another pattern ...I kissed
down to her
>panties and started doing some
>lickin' ....when she told me to stop, then
>"announced" that she had a boyfriend...

Question: What was the chick logic here?
Why did she come to your place?
What was she expecting?
Perhaps,  her boyfriend isn't filling all of her needs.
You fulfilled the wine, and dine, and romance, and foreplay.
He probably fulfilled the "play".
I suspect that she will not be staying with this "boyfriend".


>I can understand that to sweep an HB off her feet you need to get something
>going with them that same day. However, this would not be treating her as
>though she was a 7, and it may mean you are impressed by her beauty.
>Wouldn't you be behaving as though being in a hurry thus putting her on a
>pedestal? Maybe I did not understand what you mean by getting something
>going. Can you give examples, please?

Don't think about treating women like they are 7's or anything else.  The
day concept is about creating an excitement or connection.  The connection
has to be extra strong because she has other options.  A 3 looking for love
is going to grasp at every opportunity just like any other sex starved AFC.
A 9 on the other hand is not going to grasp for anything that is
better/different than what she can get an hour later from someone else.
> I followed up with a MIRV-ed Thermonuclear Hydrogen Bomb NLP/SS
> e-mail... but so far haven't heard a peep.  I presume her boyfriend is
> still benefiting from the hard work (and $300 worth of expensive
> champagne) I put into her.

Played out, dude.  I can't believe you put up with all that shit.  If a girl
won't kiss you, you are probably headed towards a wall.  My chocolate close
would have killed in this situation I think.  It warps a girl's reality to
fantasy and then some patterning on fantasies probably would have sealed the
> I am now chatting with an HB over the internet, she told me she likes me
> from my photo. However she has a broken heart cause her ex bf left her
> because he said he wants to enjoy himself (great guy, he must be).

What makes him such a bad guy.  He wants to enjoy himself and
doesn't want to be with her so he broke up with her.  This is the right
thing to do.  Your comments are totally AFC.
>I think I
> made a mistake by telling her I put her photo as a wallpaper lol.

Huge mistake.  More AFC.
>Now soon
> she's going for a 2 week holiday and says that between study and packing
> too busy to meet me this week.

Translation:  I don't value you enough to see you this week.
>I want to get in control of the situation.

You need to grab the reigns, then.  I don't think this is
recoverable, but if it is, the first thing is to pull back a little and stop
valuing her so much.  I mean, you're already taking her side in her last
up while in the meantime she is treating you like a pawn or a diversion.
Probably your best bet is to get another hottie and parade her in front of
this one.
>I gave her my mobile number, always supposed to call but did not yet. I am
> going to ask her for her number, I don't think it would be a good idea.

Why did you give her your cell phone number?  I see no reason
>I have to generate interest in her, however, maybe at times I lost control
> due to her beauty, and I don't want to repeat mistakes. What should be my
> next move? Should I press to get something going before she leaves for the
> holiday or wait?

What difference does it make she doesn't see you as a man
anymore because you've acted like a boy.  This is textbook AFC:  I elevated
her value in my head when she did nothing but talk to me,  I complimented
her beauty, I jumped through her hoops and gave her my cell phone number,
etc., I put her concerns ahead of mine, I asked her to see me and she said
no, so I said thanks, I'll be here if you need me...  TOTALLY AFC
> By the way, she told me she does not want to meet also
> cause I would miss her. I told her "Oh, I appreciate your modesty". She
> me why I don't think she's modest and I replied that "Do you think I'm
> miss you just by meeting one day. Do you call that modest" ?

This is the only thing you've listed that has been correct so
far.  That said, it only came up because of previous errors.  Time to start
fresh with a new chick.
> Joseph:
> Cliff, I've discovered a bit of a scam in the online personals -
> I've been using the free ones to try and get chicks and will report on it
> for your newsletter, but I've found that many of the hotter babes are
> actually shams. I also can report on whether some of the sites are really
> free or not.

I agree, I think that some of these girls are definitely
setups.  The pics and descriptions are too perfect.
Anyway, I read your reply (snipped from this)  You need to cut out the
sections on supplication, etc.  In general it's way too long.  I think you
need to get rid of much on your musical career and how much you have in
common since you only have one thing in common.  Instead of getting so
in-depth on your music styles, just ask hers.  This is basic rapport
building.  Don't offer info
that is likely to not match hers unless it's for a purpose (to demonstrate
trait or to prevent looking like you are a yes man, for example).  In
your reply just seems needy.
> (His first email):
> It was very nice meeting you last night. One thing I didn't tell you was I
> felt you were special from the other customers. I don't know what exactly
> was. Hard to tell, but it's just like going to a theatre, the others
> are the typical audience. They just buy the tickets and watch the movie.
> you look like an actress in the film. You go into and find a place to sit
> down, then enjoy the movie you are so familiar with, quietly and joyfully.
> You are totally different from the others. I don't know why I had this
> feeling, maybe just intuition. Can you tell me why if you know?

This is good.
> The fun talk with you really gave me a happy feeling. I have been always
> thinking about a question: there are 6 billion people in the world, how
> two people meet together? There must be some luck involved.

Why luck?  That's pretty unromantic.  How about magick?  Which
do you think resonates with her better?  That's important and you should
know it.
> Especially, if

"when" not "if"
> you find this person so interesting, so special, so sensitive and even
> what's inside you, what's your feeling at this time. For me, it's just
> it sparkles in my mind, a mysterious compelling click that takes place
> there.

Where?  "inside your mind." perhaps?
> You don't want to let it slide away. You want to grab it, don't you?
> Sometimes, this kind of click can give me inspiration to write poetry.

End it here.  It's already long.
> Oh, maybe I should ask a female's opinion to my poetry. A short one is

Don't stress it's a females opinion, this implies that you are
adding value to her sex and sends the wrong message.
> Fire.
> Some say the world will end in fire
> Some say 'twill end in ice.
> From what I've tasted of desire,
> I hold with those who favour fire,
> That fire within your eyes.

This is good.  I've always like this one, although I would
drop the last line until you have a lot more rapport and you can look in her
> What do you think? Talk to me.

I've always liked "talk to me, goose" ala Top gun, but it
depends on the age group.
> (Her reply):
> Sorry I haven't got a chance to write sooner, I just got back from
> Atlantic City!!! It was on business, and it was absolutely incredible.
> to the Taj Mahal - beautiful, went to Caesar's Palace, did a little bit of
> gambling (no winnings though) and met so many amazing people.  I thank you
> for your letter, and the poem was really touching and made sense : )

This says she's into visceral excitement.  Motorcycles and
skydiving are good types things to mirror back.
> So how are things with you? What are you doing in your life right now?
> Are you happy?

This looks very bad.  Either she thinks you are depressed
> I have never been so happy in my life than right now - I was introduced
> to and offered the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime - no joke!!! If
> you keep your business options open and if the concept of getting paid
> every time someone picked up a phone, flicked on a light, or clicked on
> internet interests you at all, I would love to introduce this to you as
> well.

...she wants to plug you into a pyramid scheme. LOL.  You
should tell her that you are far too successful at something you love right
now to think about changing careers.
> I am sorry that I cannot talk long but I have a thousand things to do,
> but will be looking forward to your call!!! : )

This means either a)she wants to exchange numbers (in which
case just ask for her number, don't offer to trade or send yours...)  or
b) she sent you a form letter that typically has a phone number in it.


>(Her reply):
>Sorry I haven't got a chance to write sooner, I just got back from
>Atlantic City!!! It was on business, and it was absolutely incredible. Went
>to the Taj Mahal - beautiful, went to Caesar's Palace, did a little bit of
>gambling (no winnings though) and met so many amazing people.  I thank you
>for your letter, and the poem was really touching and made sense : )
>So how are things with you? What are you doing in your life right now?
>Are you happy?
>I have never been so happy in my life than right now - I was introduced
>to and offered the most amazing opportunity of a lifetime - no joke!!! If
>you keep your business options open and if the concept of getting paid
>every time someone picked up a phone, flicked on a light, or clicked on the
>internet interests you at all, I would love to introduce this to you as
>I am sorry that I cannot talk long but I have a thousand things to do,
>but will be looking forward to your call!!! : )

To quote Mystery... "Haaaa"

The first thing that popped into my mind was "multi-level marketing" and
then there's your reply.  I get the sense that this guy has been blown way
out of the water.  For the longest time, I lost the sense of timing that I
was so good at as a kid, and because of that lost sense had the tendency to
launch into long and involved 'rants' right off the bat.  The first email of
his where he goes into the tale of 6 billion people, right after admitting
something to the effect of, "I think you're special, but I don't know why
you're special."  Hmmmm, enough negativity and criticism... onto the
constructive advice.

After trying to emphasize the uniqueness of two people meeting, she responds
that she went to Atlantic City and met 'so many' amazing people.  Obviously
the uniqueness of meeting a single, charming individual did not fit in to
her life.  Her series of three questions sounds like the puppet reciting the
party line of the MLM empire.  Are you happy?  Who isn't happy?  But, could
you imagine yourself being happier as you are sitting back, on a beach with
a Mai-Tai and getting paid big, big money every time someone picks up the
phone and flicks on that light switch of internet interest deep inside your

So, anyway....

Bro, bail the fuck out on this one.  If you want some practice, do some
elicitation on what Atlantic city was like besides beautiful.  Dive into
she means and feels when she calls the Taj Mahal beautiful.  Fuck, lie out
your ass and tell her you're going to Atlantic City in two months with a
friend of yours (leave the sex unspecified) and really want to know what the
Taj Mahal was like.

If you wanted to be really evil and shoot some holes into her happy reality,
link the MLM nonsense with her losing at the gambling table.  Of course, to
get the material to link the gambling to, you'd have to ask her about the
MLM crap and IMHO, that's a waste of time.  Unless you get on those streaks
where you like to crumble people's reality just for the practice.  Oops, did
I say that on the internet?  =)~  Good thing that I'm only, not really
serious from anything other than a mental exercise point of view.

To sum up, focus entirely on the first paragraph if you are going to waste
your time responding.  I see a couple of trance words; incredible, beautiful
and amazing.


A couple of quick comments
>Dwayne said:
>The first part of the seduction appeared to be going well.
> We got back to my place and, during the 2 bottles of Dom Perignon we
> consumed (she drank the majority), I did a few more connection and time
> distortion patterns before moving into arousal patterns.  Before I could
> say "Ross Jeffries" she was laying back on the loveseat moaning and
> writhing and once I saw the "high beams" glaring at me, I was sure it
> would be a very wonderful evening.  We did a little more light petting
> on the sofa.  I did Brother Soul's "The Rose" pattern on her... having
> her recall and visualize her favorite flower, then I have her attach all
> her hopes dreams and desires to the petals of the flower... Then I am
> holding it and being locked in that place inside her mind where she
> feels love and devotion.  For good measure, I described the process of
> how she fell in love... and she acknowledged I was right on target.  We
> located that place where she lets that happen... then she could feel the
> rich warmth of my voice coming from that place and enveloping her.

I've found that I alcohol can allow someone to relax their inhibitions, it
creates several problems.
-it makes the feeling that you are creating to seem less real, it is easier
for the woman to attribute her desire to her drunken state.
-Alcohol does allow people to be more physically responsive, it limits their
ability to connect with you on a mental level. It's on this level that I
that I really can distinguish myself from other men.
-it costs too much money. :-)

If you do decide to drink with a woman, and you get her into a seductive
scene, you HAVE to close. If you have not closed, it is done and it'll be
difficult to close her if you even get together with her again.
> We then went upstairs where I gave her a massage (she was peeling from
> her suntan and needed to be lotioned) and ran another pattern on her,
> "The Fire Burning Inside" where she becomes aware of her breathing...
> and the beating of her heart... and a fire that melts from her chest
> down to that burning pounding area... and she got completely hot.  We
> were on the bed (I was still clothed, she was down to bra and panties)
> and she wrapped her legs around me and rubbed up against me
> until she came.  I kissed down to her panties and started doing some
> lickin' (as a prelude to some stickin') when she told me to stop, then
> "announced" that she had a boyfriend.
> I stopped, sat down and after a bit of fluff talk did the boyfriend
> destroyer pattern and a bit more kino and it was back on... she got so
> excited she started chewing on her own arm... but then she slammed on
> the brakes again with the boyfriend issue and yelled, "DON'T TOUCH ME

I have had success being very direct in this situation. Ask her why she is
here with you.  Do what Ross does and constantly have her affirm that she is
having a good time. Having her talk about it makes it real.


I thought I would bring up this one character who
has been on TV recently.  He's the con artist Chris Rockefeller (Christopher

The reason why I bring him up is not because he's the world's greatest con
artist but because of the talent that lies behind him.  The guy's a complete
geek but has managed to create the ultimate persona from essentially
nothing.  He lived the high life, had people clamoring to be around him, yet
he had essentially nothing.

I don't know if anyone else has been following the story but what I'm
curious is what specific methods he used that can be modeled to create the
same result without breaking any laws?  I'm not interested in defrauding
anyone but it would be useful to be in a situation where everyone wants to
give you money and introduce you to powerful people.

Here is an article I was able to find about him:
Man scammed society's elite, police say
Wanted in U.S. and Europe: Claims Bill Clinton, Sultan of Brunei among his

Mark Hume and King Lee
National Post with files from news services

ROCKEFELLER AND A FRIEND OF BILL CLINTON: Christopher Rocancourt, wanted by
police throughout the United States, has been arrested in a tony
neighbourhood near Victoria on suspicion of fraud. In the past, Rocancourt
has claimed to be a friend of Bill Clinton and the Sultan of Brunei. :

VICTORIA - Christopher Rocancourt, a smooth-talking jewel thief sought by
the FBI for allegedly conning the rich and famous out of millions of
dollars, is in custody today after being arrested by a police emergency
response team in nearby Oak Bay.

Police from three different forces swept down on Mr. Rocancourt and a female
companion, Maria Reyes, just before midnight Thursday in the tony
municipality adjacent to Victoria.

He is in custody while police continue an investigation and is expected to
appear in court on Monday.

"The couple are currently being held in Victoria on numerous charges
including fraud, theft and personation [to pretend to be another person for
fraudulent purposes]. Under Canadian law, the subjects' names cannot be
released until formal charges have been laid," the RCMP said in a statement

"The RCMP's investigation stems from allegations of fraud and personation in
Vancouver and Whistler. This investigation has surfaced international
interests in the U.S. and Europe," stated the RCMP.

Identifying him only as "the male," the RCMP said he is wanted by U.S.
Marshals in Virginia, the FBI in Los Angeles and in New York and that he is
"known to police in France and Switzerland."

Police sources in Victoria confirmed that Mr. Rocancourt had been arrested
[the police are spelling his name Rocancort] and they identified the woman
as his common law wife.

According to U.S. records, the correct spelling of his name, as it appears
in his French passport, is Rocancourt -- but few things are certain about
the son of a housepainter, who rose from a humble background to party with
movie stars and drive Dodi Fayed's old Hummer automobile.

Mr. Rocancourt, 33, has claimed to be friends with Bill Clinton and the
Sultan of Brunei. Mr. Rocancourt, who went under the alias Christopher
Rockefeller, allegedly cut a swath through the wealthy residents of the
Hamptons, the Long Island resort villages that serve as a summer hideaway
for New York's elite.

Police allege that before he showed up in the Hamptons he had used similar
cons in Los Angeles, where he lived with actor Mickey Rourke and boasted of
business deals with Jean Claude Van Damme, whom he had promised $40-million
to produce his next movie.

One of his trademarks was to always have a stunningly beautiful woman on his

Among his girlfriends was Ms. Reyes, a former Playboy playmate and softcore
porn actress, whom he married.

According to a recent article in Vanity Fair, Ms. Reyes met Mr. Rocancourt's
girlfriend, a model named Rhonda Rydell, when they both rushed to an L.A.
police station where he had gone to report he had been shot at. Police held
Mr. Rocancourt when they ran checks and found he was using a false passport.

Ms. Rydell said she'd lived with Mr. Rocancourt for six months, without
knowing he was married. She said he had told her he was French royalty, the
son of a countess. At the police station she realized for the first time
that he was not what he seemed.

"At that point, the whole picture started to come clear to me, that he was
living a double life," she told Vanity Fair.

In Los Angeles, he drove Mr. Fayed's old Hummer, and stayed one step ahead
of a growing list of creditors and people who had given him money to invest.

Police allege he masqueraded as a wealthy French investor, wheeling and
dealing as he tried to put together a wide range of business deals, before
walking off with whatever money he could convince people to invest.

He entered into negotiations to buy a Gulfstream jet, had a Bentley
delivered to the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, where he lived for six
months, and attempted to buy a $9.5-million mansion. All those deals fell
apart, however, when he was unable to come up with down payments.

In the Hamptons, he showed all the trappings of being an heir to the
Rockefeller fortune, arriving at the local airport by helicopter, being
served by a butler and swilling Dom Perignon champagne with his guests.

Police say he convinced people that he was rich, and got them to loan him
money, with a promise that he'd triple their investment.

In an affidavit filed in U.S. courts, George Mueller, a Los Angeles District
Attorney investigator, alleges that Mr. Rocancourt has scammed investors in
California, Europe, Asia and Canada.

He said Mr. Rocancourt "led a high lifestyle, renting limousines, hiring
bodyguards and staying in palaces."

Mr. Mueller said Mr. Rocancourt's criminal record begins a decade ago, when
he was involved in robbery in Switzerland involving several hundred thousand
francs worth of jewelry.

In 1997, a business associate of Mr. Rocancourt's, Don Miguel, was found
dead in his Los Angeles hotel room.

"Our sources say that they were here to launder $4-million," said Mr.
Mueller, who had Mr. Rocancourt in custody in 1998 after a shootout on the
streets of West Hollywood.

He said Mr. Rocancourt posted bail and disappeared -- until police caught up
with him last summer in the Hamptons.

Police were tipped to his activities when people became suspicious about
whether he really was a Rockefeller.

When the East Hampton police picked him up, they ran a computer check and
came across a list of aliases and phony identifications. At times he was
known as Fabien Ortuno, Christopher Lanencourt, James Fox, Christophe Lloyd,
Christopher De Laurentis, and Christopher Reyes.

In Los Angeles, Rocancourt is wanted for questioning in connection with a
nightclub shooting, smuggling diamonds from Zaire, possessing hand grenades,
money laundering, bribery and perjury.

The hand grenades were found in an apartment along with an assortment of
other weapons.

In the Hamptons, he is sought on a 17-count indictment that includes grand
larceny, scheming to defraud and theft of services. Police say he left
behind a trail of phony investment schemes and unpaid bills at fancy inns
and restaurants.

He fled after posting a $45,000 bond, before police were fully aware of his

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Comments on this product from Tony B.:
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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Relationships is only $8.95 and looks very interesting. Comments, please.

Plus! Free Survey Results of Women Using Personals for SexThe Guide contains the following Inside Secrets: Replying to ads – how to get noticed and get a date for hot sex.   Placing ads – how to beat the competition and get lots of replies How to handle follow up communication to keep her interested. Examples of replies that worked on us. You can just copy and paste these into your ads or replies. Saves you time and increases your chances! A directory of the best websites for meeting hot women! Sick of chicks who are only into cybersex and nothing else! The Guide contains a list of the best adult personals sites.

A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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