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"She wants to date other people"

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She wants to date other people
5/21/01 12:26:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Meeting Steve Piccus and seeing Major Mark again at their seminar here in
Montreal a week ago was a great experience.  We need to make an effort to
get Mark and Steve back up here on a regular basis giving seminars.  They
have indicated to me that they would do them if there was enough demand, so
this is my plea to everyone reading this to contact Mark and Cassi at Trucor
and tell them that you want to attend seminars in Montreal (write to Cassi
at cas***[email protected]***.com[ ? ] and visit the website at; when you are
writing them, you could send me a copy of your email so I can know how many
are interested in attending as well) and let them know you want more
seminars in Montreal.  While Mark's focus is hypnosis, Steve's is in healing
and he has great knowledge in Past Life
Regression, Chakra cleansing and Chakra work, energy work, guided inward
journeys, hypnosis and NLP, connecting to guides and masters, metaphysical
counseling and healing, Huna techniques, pre-natal re-imprinting, and
others.  He has had tremendous results helping people who had a variety of
problems, including depression, bi-polar disorder, quitting smoking, healing
the wounded heart, and other areas in life where people are stuck.  It seems
clear that that seduction is not their main topic but I think a seminar on
helping guys overcome issues which have them stuck and are keeping them from
having success with women might be a direction they may consider.  Steve is
available for individual sessions as well.


Those you in Montreal and who are not on my Montreal list, should contact me
and get added.  The summer is here and it is time to sharpen our skills so I
will be proposing regular group practice meetings shortly.


Go to  Scroll down to the newsletter box and sign up
for their Free Weekly Dating, Sex, & Seduction Newsletter.  Then email me
and let me know you did this.  Once ten people have joined based on your
referrals, you can get free access to their members section. So start by
doing this and allowing me access :-)


Here are a few websites to visit, just for the hell of it:
Read this free e-book at


>We then talked about threesomes. She mentioned that she had been in a
>few. I suggested that the next time we get together, we should pick up a
>girl and have a threesome. She said that she was open to the idea, but
>needed to know me a little better. So my question to Ross, Rick, or any
>advanced brother, is how can I convince her, the next time we go out, to
>pick up on some girl and take her home with us?

There are a few things you have to do. I don't know if you have had a
threesome before or not, but as far as she is concerned it is a normal thing
to you, you have done that plenty of times. So, when you talk about it, use
the same urgency and importance that you would attach to getting an ice
cream cone. Ice cream is great, I like it, maybe I'll have one this week, or
depends if I am in the mood. That is the frame. Abundance and no rush. Next,
get her to describe what kind of girls she likes, because you are picky, and
tell her that if the two of you are going to find girls to play with, you
have to like her, so either one of you have veto rights an any girl. Next
rule... you two are the primaries, the girl is for fun, if the other girl
makes any power plays or tries to manipulate the situation, the girl goes
home, right then and right there. Your girl has to feel secure that she is
safe in bringing another girl in, and that you will not trade her in for
your 3-some partner. That is your job to make her feel comfortable with
Make sure she understands that that this is an experience for the two of you
the 2nd girl is for play. That also means, no one gets left out, everyone is
involved the entire time, hurt feelings can result if one person is not
getting enough attention, and that could be any of the three of you,
again...this is your responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen.

The reason why the 3-somes that don't work out well, don't work out well, is
because of the above factors. She has had, I am sure, mixed experiences with
3-somes. That is why she needs to feel safe and feels she need to know you
more.  Do what I suggest above, get some viagra, and you will be all good.


> Hypno Bill:
> >Kallisti:
> >> Ebderm:
> >> >Hypno Bill:
> >> >... have read "What the hell do women really want."
> >> >... women want powerful men....
> >>
> >> I ask you, have you seen the movie "Titanic"?
> >> Why did Rose choose to die for penniless Jack
> >> and dump her rich, powerful, handsome, fiancé,
> >> who bought her the world's biggest diamond?
> >> Answer:
> >> The character Jack was 1) fun, 2) exciting, and
> >> 3) he was able to connect her on a deeper level.
> >> However, in the real world, women often seem to prefer
> >> jerks, who do not supply #3 above.
> >> Somebody, please explain.
> >
> >It's not that these men are jerks, it's that they provide her with 1 and
> >All 3 are not necessary for a short term relationship. It's been my
> >experience that a lot of women are involved in relationships that provide
> >none of these characteristics.
> >I think the appeal of bad boys is the appeal of a challenge. Most
> >attractive women have no challenges in their life socially. They want to
> feel that
> >they personally have accomplished something by winning the bad boy.
> >Look at your life, have there ever been any women that you were attracted
> >to where it just seemed too easy. They were so into you that you just
> >the longing for something more. It's a stage that we all go through when
> >are exploring our sexual influence over the world. BUT everything I say
> >a lie.
> Powerful men appeal to the subconscious programming of biology. Women want
> a man who can take care of them and protect them as well as their
> That is why the Jerks have a lot of success with women. Jerks do not put
> with crap. Jerks don't take crap from women, so they pass the tests that
> women give them. Jerks are seen as powerful, the opposite of a wimp Nice
> Guy. Nice Guys put up with women's crap. Women conclude if they put up
> their crap then how will the Nice Guy be able to protect her? This has to
> with our instincts for survival of the species. I believe that SS works
> because it gives a woman strong responses. The SS'er must be a powerful
> because he is able to give her powerful feelings. He has a powerful affect
> on her. Remember in society the powerful men are the ones who know
> They are the ones who make money, who get what they want.

I believe this observation to generally be correct but here is an
interesting situation that I don't quite understand. I started dating an HB
that has a 10 face, and an 8.5 body. I'm probably a solid 4 or 5. I'm self
employed and work 70 hours a week and don't have a hell of a lot of extra
time to spend with this girl. She is used to having her every needs catered
to by her past boyfriends, and is constantly yelling at me for not spending
time with her, or paying enough attention to her. I don't really put up with
a lot of the crap that her ex-boyfriends have put up with, and she says she
doesn't freaken understand why she always feels like she is begging me for
attention when there are guys constantly hitting on her. So far so good, at
least I thought. I present challenges to her and treat her in a way that she
isn't used to, but now she is saying that she wants to date other people,
and feels less attracted to me because of my behavior. Just out of curiosity
what is happening here?

My Comment:  She's getting smart.  And you haven't framed the relationship
in such a way that what time you have for her is what she can expect and
should be happy with.


I just wanted to ask if you could request the attention of some people. I
certainly wouldn't want to limit it to Ross, but specifically, I would love
for him to read the essay about alpha males that was posted two newsletters
back. It's a difficult read at times if only for the fact that the grammar
is poor because of the translation.

Here's the link one more time:

I know it might be beating a dead horse, but I feel as if I have come to a
point in my growth where understanding this biology would be very helpful in
building who I am. More specifically and to the point, I'm curious about the
genetic factors of primitiveness and cultured-ness.

For instance, I was talking with a friend of mine named Crystal (no, really
was!) and she graduated with a degree in speech pathology. I guess they deal
with helping alot of social disorders that are present in people, such as
those who have
autism for instance.

So I asked her, where is the line between ultimate change through therapy,
hypnosis, psychology, changework, and then, on the other hand, genetic

In a sense that comes back to the idea of being, "the man".  I know the
alpha thing has been discussed before, but it really hit me as being very
essential in understanding yourself, and knowing what to change and how to

So, once again, a summary that begs to be answered. In your all's opinion,
is the status of a male (alpha, omega....) a fixed genetic determinant, or a
learned role (I can't help but see a genetic influence to say the least). In
autism, we see a certain amount of growth and change, but nevertheless a
person still retains the signs of autism. Many of them are able to move on
and live on their own, but not without supervision.

How about colorblindness?  If you don't have the correct rods and cones in
your eyes, you can't see certain colors distinctively. Can hypnosis change
that? Then how about your role as a male?  Did your mother and father pass
to you some gene that determined your stance in life?

I could go on and on, but I want to keep it focused as much as I can. Let
me know what you think...


>If she has to win him he will be more likely to stick around. This is
another reason >women test men. If a guy boots out right away he will not
stick around and help
>with the offspring. If he persists then he will stick around and she then
allows him to >mate her. This makes me think of the recent fractionation
posts on the SS list. >Fractionating her to build the number of events that
prove he will stick around.

I don't think they test men because that proves they will stick around. I
think they test
men to see how powerful they are mentally. Women figure that men who are
desirable won't fall on their knees for a woman just because of her looks.
But this has nothing to do with whether he will stick around or not, that is
the woman's job to try and keep him!


The Blockbuster pattern!
I've got a quick one I stumbled upon. It can be done online, on the phone,
or in
person. This is to help make that transition from fluff to deeper
Many stores can be substituted, like supermarkets, etc. It might even be
good for newbies that are hesitant about launching into patterns cuz the
objective is to build a mild trance state and transition to the next thing.
I hit upon it spontaneously during an online chat. Props to Ross for saying
that you should put yourself into the state that you are describing.

Squeaky: I want to rent movies..
Lisa: Well, go!
Squeaky: Yeah
Squeaky: I'm thinking up stuff to look for.
Squeaky: You ever get there and just blank out?
Lisa: Yeah, you walk up and down the aisle for one hour and you still can't
Squeaky:  Hehe, and everyone else is spaced out too ; P
Lisa:  You end up renting something you saw like a dozen times
Squeaky: Hehe
Squeaky: And the commercials on the TV loop over and over..
Squeaky: The Twilight Zone..
Squeaky: And the movies are like a dollar but I'm like... do I really want
to spend a dollar on this?
Lisa: Exactly!!
Lisa: Ok,  I'm getting freaked out
Lisa: We do have alot in common!
Squeaky: Strange how that happens.

And after that, as the Microshaft slogan says: "Where do you want to go


>Last night I decided to go to Barnes & Noble to do a little sarging. I
>spotted a beautiful brunet-long black hair, piercing black eyes, and a body
>to die for, e.g. the tight top under her jacket revealed her naturally
>large breasts, and her short skirt revealed her beautiful long legs.  So I
>up to her and asked her for the time, then I asked her "What would you say
>I were to ask you for some of your handwriting?"
>HER: Sure, what do you want me to write?

Typically beautiful women need more rapport building interactions before
they will agree to give a handwriting sample. It is very hard to believe
that you could walk up to this beauty as a complete stranger, ask the time,
then ask for her handwriting. In reality, she would become suspicious, maybe
even defensive. The only way a man could get away with this, soon in the
conversation, is if he was a drop dead gorgeous model type man.  Otherwise,
one would have to spend some time developing rapport and intrigue. Women,
especially the more beautiful they are, typically do not give in that easy.
Also, when a man asks them for the time of day, they smell BS.
>ME: That's vague. Each and every one of us is learning about people
>everyday, but it's not necessarily fulfilling.

The reply is negative. Telling her that her answer is vague and it doesn't
tell anything about her, is a total insult. Instead, be congruent, then
probe deeper.
>So, if I were to ask you, what
>sort of learning about people do you find fulfilling?
>HER: Good question.

You told her that her sort of learning is not necessarily fulfilling, but
then you ask her what sort of learning is fulfilling, and she says "Good
Question."  That reply is hard to believe. Again, you just slammed her. A
typical response would be for her to become defensive and maybe entirely cut
off the conversation with an excuse like she has to go home to her cat. When
in conversation with women, the man has to make the woman feel good. Once
those feelings are established, she will open up and become more engaging.
>HER: When I write I can escape the ordinary responsibilities of life. It's
>that place of "fantasy", that place where anything is possible. It is that
>place where I can be "the real me."

It sounds exactly like Ross' terminology about the 4 places in the mind.
Doesn't it seem a little suspicious that this gorgeous drop dead babe would
use Ross' terminology to a tee to describe her feelings? It leads the reader
to believe that this woman knows Speed Seduction». Is it possible that she
took Ross' course too? If so, she has Ross' 4 places in the wrong order. The
place where anything is possible is beyond her real self.
>ME: Yeah, there has to be a bond. Have you ever just met someone and felt
>that bond?
>HER:  Yeah, that emotional connection.

Red flag alert. The "emotional connection" between two people statement.
More Ross terminology. This woman is good, do you agree?
>ME: The second value you gave in a relationship is someone who challenges
>your intellect. But I have a feeling you like someone who can challenge you
>in general.
>HER:  Yeah, but I hate bullies; the type of guys that make me submit.

"Bullies" and "submit." Ross terms. It is precarious that this particular
woman knows how to exactly describe her preferences in men, using Ross'
>At this point she becomes a little teary eyed.

Going back to the latter point that rapport was not developed with this
woman, it seems unlikely that this pattern would be able to conjure up deep
emotional responses.
>ME: You can open your eyes...If I were to tell you that your pleasure goes
>beyond the 1-10 scale, how good did that feel.
>HER: Oh my God, that was so weird. You read my mind. I feel infinitely

She's laying it on kind of thick.
>ME: Cool
>HER: I know this is going to seem odd, but are you bisexual? I ask this
>because your voice is very soft and you also seem sexually adventurous.

"Sexually Adventurous." That is a Rick term, directly from his palm reading
>ME: No From here I went into Ricky's stuff about the Yin and Yang, and how
>two dominant energies are not compatible together, yet two nurturing
>are. I went on to tell her how bisexuality among women is natural.

She gave you the perfect segue into Rick's Sexual Nurturing pattern, and
then instantly she confessed all her bisexual secrets.
>HER: It depends on the person, but generally speaking, I like kissing girls
>more. See, girls are more process orientated, while men are goal

This is classic Ross terminology. "Process" and "Goal." Did you ever stop to
think maybe she is seducing you? She uses all the words.
>After the fun was over we sat and talked in her car. She told me how she
>thought I was really something and that she had never been with someone
>like me.

She is laying it on very thick, considering the fact you never built
>We then talked about threesomes. She mentioned that she had been in a
>few. I suggested that the next time we get together, we should pick up a
>hot girl and have a threesome. She said that she was open to the idea, but
>needed to know me a little better.

She already told you she is bisexual, she already did you, what more does
she need to know? By this time, she is already open to the idea.
>So my question to Ross, Rick, or any
>advanced brother, is how can I convince her, the next time we go out, to
>pick up on some girl and take her home with us?

It is obvious that she used classic SS to seduce you. Since she is to die
for gorgeous, that means you are one incredibly handsome drop dead gorgeous
man. Otherwise, she would not have put up with your insults and lack of
rapport. The whole thing sounds like such a fantasy, or maybe it was.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Check this out.

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