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Open Mouth… Insert Foot…
8/23/01 6:16:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Thanks to Riker for a couple of suggestions on the formatting here,
including replacing "My Comments" with "Cliff's Comments" to avoid any


Ross (Commenting on: "Next, let me comment on SHALLOW. Every girl is
DIFFERENT. I cannot, to this DAY, figure out what people MEAN by shallow."):
Someone who believes intelligence equates with being "uncool" or a
"nerd"...someone whose concerns and sphere of interests doesn't extend
beyond her own immediate environment...someone whose mind is basically
still in high-school where conforming with what others think is "hip" and
"cool" is what is most important. Someone who sees independent or
unconventional thinking as bizarre and scary rather than intriguing and cool.

New post: I just picked up a book I STRONGLY recommend. Everyone interested
in sleeping with married women(and for that matter, women in long term
"borefiend" relationships) should get this book


A Passion For More Wives Reveal The Affairs That Make Or Break Their Marriages
by Susan Shapiro Barash
Berkeley Hills Books

This is loaded with useful, dead-on insights and inadvertent pattern
language out the wazoo as married ladies describe in detail the dynamics
that drove them to affairs! DYN-O-FUCKING-MITE!

Cliff"s Comment:  You can order this for $10.36 plus s&h from at


Paul Lee Amorous
I am forming a seduction group for the Toronto/Southern Ontario area.
Anyone interested can contact me at Pau***[email protected]***.com[ ? ].


'Open Mouth... Insert Foot...''

I was in the gym... approaching the end of my grueling 30 minutes on the
stair stepper.  She walked into the room... a Lucy Liu look alike that made
my mouth water like the rivulets of sweat cascading off my dome that soaked
me with the testosterone pouring out of my sweat glands.  I'd seen her
before... broke the ice, made her laugh, then cut it short.  Today I played
it cool and she stood near my field of peripheral vision for over 45
seconds before I "suddenly noticed her."

I said "hi" then returned to my workout... then spent the next 1/2 hour in
the weight room.  After showering, I returned and sat next to her.  She was
open and inviting.  I made her laugh with a few funny lines, then invited
her to lunch the upcoming week.  She said she didn't know her schedule, so
I tried Sisonpyh's "do you have e-mail" line.

She gave me her email, and I fished in my gym bag for one of my custom made
cards.  Since I was in comedian mode (dangerous) I started with a
Seinfeld-esque "this thing has more crap in it than a woman's purse"
monologue.  Before I knew it, I realized that I had lost my audience.

She gave me a curt "thanks, see you later" and I knew my funny bone had
misfired.  My brain raced trying to find a way to back out of it, to
explain my humour away... but I figured it would be better to say "later"
and exit before any further damage was done.

Now, I figure I'll prolly see her in the gym tomorrow or the day after, but
regardless I don't think I should e-mail any earlier than two days from
today (or else she'd have reason to suspect "desperation" and use that
against me)... so the questions be:

How to recover from the misfired comedy routine the next time I see her, and
How to put some bullet-proof NLP into the e-mail I eventually send to
    (a) make sure she reads it
    (b) get the desired response.
Any suggestions?


Peta (Director of The Flirting Academy
> Stephane
> (Commenting on "Jaime I would like some tips on how to drive him crazy and
> ways to wrap him around my finger.")

Peta (Commenting on Stephane's advice to drive a man crazy...):
WOW STEPHANE... This is excellent advice.  This has been my way for some
time and I write about it.  As a woman I have been buffeted with
Cosmo-like propaganda from an early age.   Many women haven't been taught to
find out what makes a man happy.  That's the subject of my new book "How to
make a woman happy, how to make a man happy."

The reason I think we need this book and many others like it that are already
beginning to appear is that we've spent a lot of time in divide mode.  John
Gray says that men are men, they go in caves, we are women, we go down as
well, just understand.  I say take time to accept the differences and
instead of
analyzing, begin to get creative on how to adapt to them and have fun.
There's a great use for the NLP method of 'reframing' here.

I want to help men and women find creative ways to cross the divide and float
between and delight in the three worlds, her world, his world and their joint
shared world as well as realizing their connection as individuals to the world

  1- Obviously looking good and smelling good, etc. are gonna be important.
  But more important is always going to be how you FEEL.  If you want someone
  to feel good, go first.  Right?

My boyfriend is always making comments on my smiley face.  He also talks of
an ex girlfriend who used to 'look ugly when she scowled'.  I've been
saying this for so long.  Be happy inside, be yourself and feel good and
you'll send that out.  It applies to both men and women.

  2- If you really want to hook a guy, work on your tonality.  This is so
  important and alot of people miss this. Bathe him in tonality, sexy, rich

Totally agree.  Richard Bandler [founder of NLP] says that sound waves don't
go in the ears, they go in all over the body. One of the things Ross makes
good use of is his tonality.  It's amazing how much power this has and how
much it can overshadow other stuff that isn't so attractive.  We all have a
voice and we can all learn to moderate it and use it or ooze it, with
sex...The more we women allow ourselves to feel sexy, desirable, admitting we
want it, the more we will send our man crazy.  Using a voice that oozes
'fuck me now' even if it's really saying 'can you pass me that book' is a
subtle seduction that men love.

  3- Be the innocent, Sunday school teacher AND the $1000 a night hooker.
A  man will only commit, truly commit to a woman when she satisfies him
sexually.  Make him feel that he's  earned it, because he's so unique and
special and you never have and never  would do these things except for him.
It makes us feel wanted, and truly loved and appreciated and powerful.

I heard my boyfriend in a conversation with someone the other day - he said
'How on earth could anyone dream of getting married to someone if the sexual
spark isn't there?'  That's obviously a strong criteria for him.  Useful
information can be picked up from listening really carefully to what people
say in 'general conversations' .

I think some men do commit to a woman without that sexual spark.  It's
probably a case of 'being grateful for anything'.  A message that Ross does
his best to demolish.  I received an Internet roundie that was for men from
women in relation to blow jobs.  It was a 'joke' but like many jokes it
supports popular cultural stereotypes and plants thought viruses in people's
minds and sometimes they adopt these thoughts.  I wrote a riposte to the
first statement.

1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it.

My riposte:  True, we ain't obligated and obligation takes all the fun out
of it!  It's not the same as really wanting to do it, offering it with lust
and love,
being begged for it, or seduced into it. AND when we do it and get it right
and embellish it and they moan in ecstasy; isn't that a pussy wetting
sensation? It is for me!

As for swallowing - a friend of mine has a husband and a lover.  She loves
the husband dearly and only has sex with the lover.  I suspect the true
sexual spark has gone with the husband.  She says that her husband's cum
tastes awful, but her lover's is another story.
I have an unproven theory that is based on the genetic attraction thing -
where we are attracted to someone because their genes and our genes are so
different that together we'd make find strong babies.  It's emitted in smell,
taste, imperceptible signals we pick up.  I reckon if that's there, the cum
will taste wonderful.

In Sex and the City, Samantha was screwing a guy whose cum tasted awful,
they had her trying to feed him wheatgrass which was supposed to change the
taste.  Anyone know about this?  Who knows... And one last thought..
perhaps some women think it tastes awful because that's what
Cosmo-programming has led them to believe.   If someone says taste this
it's awful, we're biased before we start.  Would our thoughts that this is
the juice of our lover and a precious part of him make it taste more

  4- Learn how to cook.  Alot of girls THINK they can cook.  I'm saying make
  sure you can cook at least a few dishes to perfection.  Best way to a man's
  heart (besides swallowing!!!)

IF a man loves his food, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing him
demolish a plate of it prepared by me.  But that's because I love food,
think eating is a wonderful activity and love 'breaking bread' with friends
and my lover.  I love to cook and have seen the powerful affect it can
have on a man's feelings.  For that reason I'm happier with a man who loves
food and is willing to try most things.

6- I could go on forever.  Let him go out with his friends, even encourage
it.  He'll be home earlier if you do.  And make sure you get along with his
stupid, immature idiot friends.  I know they suck, but don't criticize them

Very important.   We should each respect the other person's needs and
leanings.  My boyfriend is a motorbike journalist. As part of his job he gets
the opportunity to ride all kinds of bikes.   Instead of coming to a family do
with my family [he gets on well], he went for a track day in France.  Was I
angry, NO!   When he came back from the trip, he called me and turned up.
He was so happy, excited, charged up that I felt great, too.  The thought
of how
he would feel if I nagged him to come to my family do and give up the chance
to do something he really loves, is not good.

  7- When a beautiful woman walks by, don't freak out!  Instead, point her
  out to him! Say, "Look! Look at that ass! Wouldn't you like to slide your
  big hard..."  You get the point.  If he can't look at other women, he
  eventually will want to be with those women.  Because he'll feel
  trapped.  Even go to strip clubs with him.  Encourage him to look at these
  sluts, and let him get turned on by them.  You will get the sex of your
  life if you do that!  This is one of the most beautiful acts of
  understanding that you can do.

In my view, spot on.  I notice how my boyfriend looks at other women.  And
I've told him about it and how I enjoy observing what he does [of course,
it's my work!!!].  It's just a sign that he's a red-blooded male.  There are
many ways we can shift this to our advantage as Stephane suggests.   I
point out women who are good looking and also ones who are not!  We discuss
it.  It doesn't pay a woman to be fearful that her man is going to run off
with the next beauty round the corner.  If what you have is good and you're
both being yourselves, then the chances are he won't!

If a woman is giving a man great sex unless he's got some issues with self
esteem, he'll probably be happy with what he's got.  I always recommend
women flirt sexually with their before going out.  A couple knows when
they've had magnificent moments of sex.  It's easy to re-anchor specific
moments by using a simple phrase, or key words that bring back the moment.
'Remember that time before you went X when you came 3 times in succession'
sort of thing'.  It'll send them straight back and make them feel all lusty
towards you... with visions of you in their head and what you were doing.
They'll be looking forward to more. Just my opinions.

Peta provides the following:
1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it.

[True, we ain't obligated and obligation takes all the fun out of it! It's
not the same as really wanting to do it, being begged for it, or seduced into
it. AND when we do it and they moan in ecstasy isn't that a pussy wetting
sensation? It is for me!]

2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful.

[Yes, be grateful for all the good things you get, and of course we know
you'll be giving us what we want for exactly the same reasons I pointed out
above... except instead of getting a wet pussy you'll get
.......................fill in the gap]

3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard
practice to cum on someone's face.

What is standard practice and would you want to make love according to
standards? 'No you can't stay in my arse for longer than two minutes' , or
'You must complete at least 25 in/out penetrations within the first 15
minutes of the act'.

I could go on but it would sound like a legal document!. Standards, my arse!
Does it drive them wild to cum on your face? Does she beg you to do it? Try
it and you might get a real thrill from their pleasure. If you really don't
like it... don't do it.  Try something else or look for a creative way to
it to suit you both! - A final word on porn. Porn can be a stimulating and
exciting diversion and it is fantasy. What might work on film to excite you
may not be so doable or exciting in reality. Make up YOUR OWN porn.

4. Extension to rule #3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow.

[No one should HAVE to do anything. But what's the harm in thinking 'suck it
and see']

5. My ears are NOT handles.

[True! It's helpful to be tolerant when your lover grabs you in the throes of
passion. If it's not unbearably painful, let it go and tell him later or
gently remind them until they learn. DO NOT complain in the midst of their
passion unless it really really hurts or is likely to do you damage!!!]

6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard,
deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on your

[Never force anything on anyone. Suggestion and plain asking is much more
likely to get you what you want. And you don't have to puke, you just gag or
not! I read somewhere that gagging is good for you because it tenses so many
muscles and then relaxes them. It's inner exercise!!! Either way, it takes
some practice...which reminds me, I did promise to do that... Now where are
those courgettes?]

7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart.

[Who gives a shit!!! ]

8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through
your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel particularly
obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now.

[Orgasms are great for relief of period pain! Good time to tell her something
you like about her, let her lie back, give her a massage, relax her and
she'll likely open right out, time of the month or might not get
your blow job, or you may have to modify what you do, but you'll end up
satisfied only in a different way]

9. Extension to #8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls -
if you're that desperate, go jerk off and leave me alone with my Midol.

[If you have to stop what you started, it can be fun to flirt with the
thought of finishing. Tease and suggest give a taste of what's to come - and
make sure you get round to it within the next 24 hours. Alternatively, what's
so wrong with having a good wank! If you stop feeling resentment at your
lover for not letting you finish and resolve to take the matter in hand... it
can be just as satisfying and provided it's not a regular occurrence, there's
always the next time!]

10. If I have to pause to remove a pubic hair from my teeth, don't tell me
I've just "wrecked it" for you.


11. Leaving me in bed while you go play video games immediately afterwards is
highly inadvisable if you would like my behavior to be repeated in the future.

[Agree! Unless it was a quickie and that's what quickies are about. Do it and
on to the next thing. And so long as quickies don't become the only thing you
do... There's nothing wrong with running off after to do what you have to/want
to do.]

12. If you like how we do it, it's probably best not to speculate about the
origins of our talent. Just enjoy the moment and be happy that we're good at
it. See also rule #2 about gratitude.


13. No, it doesn't particularly taste good. And I don't care about the
protein content.

[If it don't taste good it's probably down to chemical incompatibility! We
might have lots in common, and/or we might really love that person because of
who they are, [emotional and social compatibility] but sometimes the chemical
compatibility isn't there.

It's the chemical compatibility that sparks off 'instant attraction'. When
you go weak at the knees and feel that surge of desire going through your
body it is because your body chemicals are automatically responding to unique
chemicals from the other person. It is chemically attracted.

If you are chemically compatible, you will probably mostly enjoy the taste of
your lover, if you aren't you might find them 'distasteful' most of the time.
If you are chemically incompatible but enjoy being with and making love to
the person, it's not the end of the world. You can find other ways to enjoy
sex that don't involve tasting bodily fluids. But remember, If your feeling
bad towards your partner, then change your attitude, you might find your
chemical composition mutating towards that of your lover! Who knows...]

14. No, I will NOT do it while you watch TV.

[Oh yes I will expect you might not get to come while you are watching TV.
When a man is watching a sport that increases his levels of adrenalin and
testosterone, that's the perfect time to give him a blow job. He's all
testosteroned up, you get him excited and, before you know it, watching the
game can be a precursor to great sex AFTER the game!]

15. When you hear your friends complain about how they don't get blow jobs
often enough, keep your mouth shut. It is inappropriate to either sympathize
or brag.

[I for one wouldn't mind if my lover told everyone about what's great and it
can be done in slightly suggestive, but general terms.
If it ain't so great best keep your mouth shut, opening it only to tell her
how it can be better! Follow this by opening it once again to get a great
blow job, and opening it for the last time to kiss her and tell her how
exciting it was!]

16. Just because "it's awake" when you get up does not mean I have to "kiss
it good morning".

[True, it's the 'having to' bit that I'd resent. But if you don't feel
obliged, you can realize that it's nice to do that sometimes! At the risk of
disapproval for repeating myself - I can only say once again - SUCK IT AND


Mark B.:
I have been studying SS for a week now and put it to use in the real world.
Here is the report so far. I was walking to a mall next to my office
building a few days ago with a woman from my building. I told her about the
SS techniques and said that I would try them on her. So I went through the
connection patterns, the attraction and love patterns as well as the sex
acceleration patterns. She got so turned on that she started to rub my back
and said she wanted to sleep me right there on the spot in the mall. The
effect was that powerful that she wanted to sleep with even though she knew
that I was using an SS technique with her. Next I came back to the office and
told my admin assistant about the techniques. I said to her "You can feel
the warmth of my voice wrapping itself around your body as I speak and
vibrating throughout your being." She said "Holy shit Mark, you are turning
me on, stop it."  Next I am walking to the mall across the street where I
work. I see a hot black babe (I love dark beauties). She was smiling so I
ask her why she was smiling. She said that she was trying to clean her pants
with her saliva. We talked for a bit and then I said to her "If I was to ask
you to come for a drink where we could go and have a great time, laugh and
feel totally comfortable and be ourselves, would you go out with me?" She said
yes and we exchanged numbers. I called her the same night and used the
following quotes "Have you ever walked on the street minding your own
business when you see someone and they strike your attention and you
feel a spark between you and that person?  As if there was some sort of
profound energy field that existed between the two of you?  And then as you
spoke to that person you feel an instant connection with that person, as if
you knew them for a long time and you began to feel a sense of comfort and
security and you wanted to see that person again?"  She said yes. I ran a few
more patterns on her where I talked about passion, humour and laughter
and feeling totally in love, connected and in sync with the other person. We
made plans to see each on Friday night for a coffee.

*Then later on in the conversation a very interesting thing happened that I
did not expect but struck me a profound. She basically repeated that she was
feeling all the things when I met her that I described to her when we spoke
on the phone using the patterns - security and safety when we talked, a
sense of connection and attraction, a spark that existed as we spoke and the
desire to see each other again. Basically by using weasel patterns with her
to describe our initial meeting using security, spark, feeling of comfort
etc. her mind imposed all those feelings upon our initial meeting even if
she may not have felt them at that time. So basically by getting her to
imagine what she could have felt when we met caused her to think that she
felt those feelings at our initial meeting that I described. This could be a
great way to enrich a first meeting or dates you have had with a woman when
you speak to her on the phone about it later. It was funny the degree of
accuracy to which she repeated every emotion and action I described, almost
as if she was drawing from a memory bank of the experiences for there were
too many emotions to simply remember and too detailed descriptions to
memorize and repeat with such detail. She must have experienced them inside
her in order to repeat them back casually to me with that level of accuracy.
I wonder what she felt inside as I described to her a night filled with
passionate ecstasy and the spark between two people that grows to a raging
hot inferno as they spend more time with one another. She even suggested
that she wears a red dress for me when I see her to remind me of that spark.
I love it.

I am just getting started here with this SS stuff and I have a long way to
go still but the results so far have been more than I expected with a few
surprising twists on the positive side, of course. I feel that this will give
me the ability to go out at any day of the week and bring back a woman home
90% of the time.


Flyer (From private email, talking about wearing really long hair):
Though I didn't go to  any clubs in NYC during that time, I would have no
problems getting chycks to turn their heads my way in the places in

I should point out that this image is definitely retro; sort of a David
INXS late 1980's USA look here. I'm sure there are the general long hair
styles that are not necessarily associated with a specific time period, but
still evoke that emotions in the little darlings.

I've always been convinced that long, well kept hair was a powerful
element. I sent a photo of myself with long hair to a female co-worker of
mine last Fall, and she liked it very much. In fact, later that day after I
sent it to her she commented on how she had to stop drooling over it.  Of
course, it wasn't like she was throwing herself at me now that I pretty
much lost most of my hair.

As interesting as this seems, however, this does strongly suggest what fucking
idiots HB and SHB's are in America. They seem to be total by products of
contemporary American idiocies. This is why I am leaning towards giving up on
American HB and SHB chycks and going off to Europe and Eastern Europe to meet
girls just as pretty, but hopefully not so fucked up.

When a head of long beautiful hair on a man is what does it for brawds,
guys like
me whose hair went south on them don't stand much of a chance, without
having to
resort to all the known tactics written down here on all the seduction web
on the web. Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of trying to perfect
techniques and
witty things to get stunning looking pussy, I would much rather be in a
where I  just stand there and the stunning pussy approach me!


How to pick up a chick using a lint brush...

I was at the bowling alley, yesterday, and there was a REALLY NICE looking
blonde chick bowling at the lane next to me.  She had a nine year-old boy
with her, and I heard her tell my bowling coach that the kid was in the
special Olympics and that it was her girlfriend's kid.

After my coach left, we chit-chatted a little.  I only had time to glance
at her hand momentarily and was pretty sure I saw a ring, and used that as
an excuse to "pussy-out" and not close.

By the time I got to my car, I was REALLY pissed at myself for NOT taking a
WTF attitude.  Which I've generally been pretty good at.

So... I drove over to Bed, Bath & Beyond (Guys... if you ever want to find
a place that has a 3 to 1 woman-to-man ratio... go to BB&B!)

I bought some overpriced soap dishes and then got in line behind a young
hottie... probably 20 years old.  I grabbed two lint brushes that were
point of purchase displays (not knowing what else to talk with her about)
and asked, "What do you think the ACTUAL difference between the $4 lint
brush, and this $3 lint brush?"

I know... LAME, LAME, LAME...

But it's obvious (as it usually is) that she's just looking for some excuse
to talk to me, so she very openly engages me in conversation, cracking
jokes, etc...

Then she leaves, and the old-lady checker starts bullshitting with me about
what kind of dog I have, what I'm going to use the lint brush for, etc...

FUCK!!!!  "Just ring up the fucking lint brush and let me go chase that
sweet stuff, you old hag!" I think to myself.

So I'm pushing the cart out of the building and I see HER start to pull her
car out of her parking space.  I'm parked on the other side of the parking
lot, so I pretend that my car is parked in the same aisle.

As she drives by, she waves.  I'm totally out-of-state, but since I'm still
pissed about fucking up my opportunity with the girl at the bowling alley,
I'll be damned if I'm gonna let this one get away, too.

So I walk towards her car, and she rolls down her window.

"Oh, I was just waving goodbye!" she says.

"That's okay," I'm at a total loss of what to say, but at least I've
regained my WTF attitude, so I follow with, "I think you are absolutely
adorable.  Are you single?"

As soon as I ask that question, I remember Cliff's list and just about kick
myself in the back of the head.

"Umm... yes!" she replies.

Whew!  Made the sale.

Me  "Why don't you give me your number and we'll get together and have
some fun?"

(Another dumb question that was a potential way I could have fucked it up.
I should have asked, "Should we meet for drinks, or would you enjoy coming
with me while I take the dog for a walk?")

It didn't matter.

Her  "Sounds great.  I'm only in town for a month, on business, blah,blah
blah... here's my number." (She hands me her number and name, written on a
card) "What's yours?"

Me  "Here's my number.  It won't be turned on until tomorrow, as I just
bought a house.  You'll have to come over and check it out.  I'll give you
a call in a day or two."

As you can see... I pretty much did everything wrong, but because I still
pushed through to the close, I got the number.  I think a lot of the
pick-up is like buying a dog.  If you choose a dog with an easy temperament
and a strong desire to please, then the training part is a piece of cake.
Even if you have lousy timing and you're using inferior equipment, the
training part is still a piece of cake.  And I think it's the same with the
pick-up.  If you hit on the right girl (she's in a receptive state) then if
all falls into place quite easily.  How do you find the one's who are in a
receptive state?  You hit on all of them!!!! hee hee.


Raising and Storing Energy:
I do know about the brand of "metaphysics" in regards to using psychic

One thing I have noticed, you have to have energy or power (or force)
in order to make the psychic techniques work well. So I write to you
in this article detailing a few simple techniques to raise and store
the level of energy in your body.

Raising and accessing the level of energy is something a lot of occult
and spiritual practicioners think about, however, the storage of psychic
energy is something usually only the martial artists practice. The
reasoning goes along the lines of energy being unlimited, so why
bother? A psychically-trained martial artist knows that, in the field,
you often cannot wait for the psychic energies to flow. Better to have
a local source right there available to you. Likewise, a psychic
seduction artist in the field needs access to the psychic abilities,
and needs it right now. Also, it takes psychic energy to access
energy. Having a large store of psychic energy means you can access
that much more energy you have not stored.

Storing energy in your body also gives you the advantage of a passive
but powerful and commanding aura. It comes with the attitude of "I am
here, and that is that" and what is there is someone you cannot
ignore. Have you ever noticed someone walking in the room that has
such a command, vitality, and presence that you had to take note of
him? I understand that some of the psychic seduction techniques
teach you how to actively create such a presence. This is a nice
technique, if you have the psychic energy to sustain it. On the other
hand, when you have stored that much more energy in your body than
anyone else in the room, this creates a pressure outflowing to the
room. They most certainly can feel the palpable presence.

In order to raise your energy, you must know how to move it. I agree
with Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics and (author of the free
ebook on this subject located at in
that using tactile-imagery is far more effective than using auditory
(chants, toning) and visual imagery.

You first start with your hands. Slide your left index finger along
the palm of your right hand, then feel and memorize the sensations
produced the pressure, the dryness or wetness, the heat or cold, etc.
on the surface of your right palm.  Take away your left hand, and
continue imagining this tactile sensation. When you can imagine the
touch of your left index finger on the surface of your right palm,
start imagining the touch of your left index finger on the inside of
your palm.

This is the basic technique for moving energy in your body. You can
generalize this by first physically touching, then imagining the
touch on the surface, then on the inside. Most people's hands are
fairly sensitive, so one usually gets a sensation rather quickly.
Other places, say your lower spleen, might be a bit more difficult.
However, this technique does not require a deep trance, just a bit of
focus. You can apply this technique anytime you are waiting in line
and see no one to seduce.

With this technique, your goal is to open up the energy channels in
your body. I would start with the extremities, the fingers and toes,
then move on to the hands and foot, then forearm and calves, then
upper arm and thighs, then your spine and skull. You will want to
make sure you not only get the flesh, but more importantly, shift the
energy around at the bone level. You probably will feel large, intense
sensations at first, sometimes even pain. These sensations are caused
by the flushing of energy blockages and should subside -- think of it
as you would the burn you feel when you work out. If they don't
subside or even increase, stop the practice in that region and work on
something else. You CAN burn yourself out, so let your body guide you.
For more details, I suggest checking out Robert Bruce's book or some
of Mantak Chai's books.

In addition to opening your energy channels, you should strengthen
your ability for your hands to gather and concentrate psychic energy.
Use the above technique to energize your fingers and palms. Then put
your palms together like it is holding a ball. Allow the energy in
your hands to attract more energy and focus them between your hands.
This is very different than moving energy and focusing them, since
that sometimes takes away energy from other parts of your body. Energy
can attract energy, though, so you should quickly feel some slight
pressure or sensation between the palms of your hands.

Now, move the palms slowly and smoothly away from each other. As you
do so, imagine that the energy between your hands is attaching to each
other, and becoming sticky like gum or putty. The farther you move
your palms apart, the more pressure your hands feel to move back
together. Move your palms apart until you cannot move them apart, or
until they are about shoulder-length apart. At this point, you reverse
and move your palms together. As you move your palms together, imagine
the energy between your hands trying to expand outward like a balloon,
keeping your palms apart. The more you move your hands closer
together, the more it pushes the palms apart. You move your hands
until you cannot move them together any more, or as close as it can
together without touching. At which point, you go back and do the
palm-moving-apart exercise. This is also another exercise you can do
while waiting on the bus.

When you can create these energy balls between your hand, you can
program them to take on certain qualities. You do this by focusing the
energy in your hand, and spinning them. As you spin the ball, you
imagine the thoughts, commands, and programming being spun into the
ball as a strand of energy. When you are finished, you collapse and
condense the ball, so it gets rid of all the paradoxes you might have
inadvertently programmed in. (Ok, so not everyone's a software
engineer.)  At this point, you can release it to do your bidding. I
suggest, rather than using these on one specific person, to have them
support you, such as guiding you to where someone attracted to you
might be (and setting up conditions favorable to seduction).  You CAN
use this technique to go directly into someone's mind and embed
commands, but this is overkill. A more efficient use would have you
send the energy ball so they would continually think about you. Yes, I
have tried it, and it works rather well. (It also kept me from going any
further in my spiritual development, but I figured you guys will have
to try it before you will believe that part ;-).

So much for raising and using the energy. Now I will write about
storing the energy. In the Taoist tradition, there are three major
storage areas called the Dan Tien. The "tien" means "field", but not
in the same connotation as "electromagnetic field". It's more poetic.
The field is a rice field, where you plant seeds, cultivate, and
harvest. And likewise, these "storage chakras" are not mere passive
places where you dump the energy. It takes energy to access energy,
and in this case, you grow energy as well. The three Dan Tiens are
also know as the Triple Burner. Of the three, only the lower Dan Tien
is the safest for newbies to store energy in. (Yes, I cannot stop you
from accessing the upper Dan Tien. If you want to skip some steps and
become extremely emotionally and/or mentally unbalanced -- read insanity
-- go for it. Your responsibility).

The lower Dan Tien links in with your physical vitality. No matter
what other seduction techniques you might use, having a strong,
youthful vitality won't hurt, and probably would make you more
attractive. The Dan Tien are NOT linked in with any physical organs in
your body. On a more metaphysical note, the Dan Tien does not exist
quite on the same dimensional plane as your physical body or your
chakra system. You can generally locate the access point somewhere
below your navel. However, this point moves and shifts around. Some
people have it on their navel, and some people have it above their
navel. For someone who wants to project an aura of physical vitality,
you'll want the Dan Tien to sink below your navel.

Suffice to say that it is below your navel, and when you store energy
there, you understand the details I just described to you. Having the
intention of storing it in your Dan Tien will help you access it more
so than locating it physically on your body.

When you have cleaned out most of the energy blockages in your four
major limbs and spinal column, the next step is to store enough energy
in your Dan Tien and then inside the bone marrow. This allows you to
hold a high energy level that will be noticeable when you walk into a
room. (I told you this isn't a shortcut.)  What you want to do is
energize your extremities, then your arms and legs, and then the
spine, and link them all in. Then start thinking about your breath,
and draw in energy on your breaths through the limbs, cycle them
towards your Dan Tien. On your out breath, push the energy into your
Dan Tien. As you are drawing in energy like this, hold the intention
of drawing in only clean energy. What I mean by clean energy is the
sort of energy that's aligned with you and your life. (My "clean'
energy won't be the same as your's.)

After some sessions with this technique, you'll notice the sensations
in your arms and legs and body gradually lessen. This means you're
making progress, since the energy channels aren't stretched as much.
When you can do this exercise easily, and the sensations have dropped
to a low, warm glow, it is time for this next technique.

You start off by energizing your entire body, body part by body part.
When you draw in energy, however, you spiral them around the bones.
You start by spiralling energy around your fingers and toes, then the
bones in your hands and feet, then the legs. You want the spiralling
to create a "wringing" sensation, as you would take a wet rag and
wring the water from it. However, what you are wringing out is the little
remaining negative energy in your body and in the energy you've drawn
in. The rest of it should get squeezed and compressed into your bone
marrow. When you feel that burning or cold sensation to the extreme,
you'll know you've hit the limit for the session. At this point, lock
the energy down (affirm, intend and command the energy to lock into
your bones) and the take any excess energy and draw them into your
lower Dan Tien.  For details about this technique, you can read up on
Mantak Chai's book, "Bone Marrow Nei Kung".

Safety note: if your head EVER starts feeling lightness, dizziness, or
something burning/freezing your skull, stop, put the tip of your
tongue on the roof of your mouth and draw the energy from your head
down to your Dan Tien.

When you've stored enough energy in your bones, energizing your body
should become easy now, since you have a local store of energy. If you
need to send OUT energy, such as creating energy balls, I suggest not
to draw on your local store. Rather, use your local store to attract
and draw more energy from elsewhere.

A note about sources of energy. I highly do not recommend drawing from
other people. You will not only be considered a pariah among most
occult and spiritual groups (and a hero among psychic vampires), it
diminishes your chances for attracting quality partners. One big
attractor of storing energy in your body is because these other people
sense it at some level and want to go to the brightest source of
energy. If you in turn pull it from other people, they will become
repelled by you. Think about it. Would YOU want to be around someone
who seem to suck the life out of you? Heck no, not if you have a sense
of survival instincts about you.

Two traditional sources of energy come from "earthly" and "cosmic"
energy. The "earthly" energies include accessing them from the magma
at the earth's core to hurricanes and storms. I suggest you do not
draw them from living trees and animals for the same reasons I
outlined above. You CAN draw them from the food and water you eat --
this hints at why there are traditions for blessing food and water
before a meal. You can also light a candle and draw energy from there.
Be careful and always transform raw elemental energies into human
energies -- YOUR energy -- before taking them in. If you draw fire
directly, you will get burned. Cosmic energies come from the stars.
Pick your favorite constellation. There are consequences to certain
ones, such as Sirius, Orion,  or Pliedes. I suggest the Big Dipper and
the sun.  (Drawing energy away from the sun rather than getting
sunburned can be nice.)

To use a source, again, intend and command the energies to come from
there. It might help if you read up more about the workings of the
source, which will help your subconscious to identify and work with
those energies.

Finally, clean the room you sleep in. It doesn't have to be a physical
cleaning. Besides having it look nice when you bring home that someone
you just seduced, a cluttered room can often hide constructs that drain
you of energy while you sleep. Just like you clean your body, you can
clean your room by sending out energy balls with the programming to
clean out any draining and negative energies. Especially the ones that
keep you depressed or lacking in confidence when it comes in

Have fun everyone.


Dr. Houston Vetter (
Just wanted to share with you an experience that moved from a Ross vs.
Sis/Mystery process to Ross AND Sis/Mystery process. I was presenting at
the International Huna Research Convention this year along with Dr. John La
Tourrette and others. We had a great time and John did some real great
stuff on manifesting the River of Money. And of course there were people
that like to seduce on purpose there. One morning a lot of us guys were
sitting around talking and someone asked did you hear what happened to "X"
(name withheld because I don't have permission - If he is on this list he
can identify himself). I said no. Well, we were out last night and "X" got
laid. I said that's great. But that's not all, they said. This morning he
had to leave in a hurry. Why? I asked. Because as they were going at it
this morning the girls say, F*** me hard you big black daddy. Now,as far as
I know he is neither big, black or a daddy .

During our conversation one of the guys mentioned that "X" had been a
little mechanical and wasn't very smooth and he could have done a little
better. I'm thinking, what planet are you from HE DID GET LAID, DIDN'T HE?
I didn't say anything about the fact that he got the outcome he was going
for, which happened to be the same as the other guy's who didn't get laid,
well at least not with someone of the opposite sex that night.

I didn't think anything about it other that it's good to see Ross's
technology working well.  Later I ran into "X" and he relayed in his own
words what had happened and then "X" said one of the guys he had been with
said he seemed mechanical and not very smooth. And I reminded him that he's
not the one that talked to the palm last night and that to me, was proof
that he wasn't as mechanical and was smoother than the other guys because
he got his outcome. Then "X" said, it does seem difficult sometimes because
I have to remember so much and when to do this or do that.

I asked if he would like some help and he said yeah. So I explained that he
already knows and understands all this stuff. He has taken the time to
study, practice, etc. The proof is what happened last night. Now it's time
to learn how to trust yourself. (I think I remember Ross or someone saying
something similar years ago and I'm sure he still recommends things similar.)

So I had him build another model of him in front of himself and give that
model of himself all the cockiness and humor he could find. Then I had him
give that model Ross's cockiness and humor and then think of his favorite
comedian that seemed cocky and give all those traits to this model. Next I
asked him to imagine an elevator door opening and another him from another
dimension stepped out. One who had been doing all these skills successfully
for a long time using cockiness and humor.  And we asked this other
dimension "X" to join in.

Then I asked "X" to step in to this new model only as quickly as he could
easily remember unconsciously to forget consciously all that he had learned
from Ross and others about seduction, consciously or not. He stepped in and
out about three times and he said it felt great. So I said use this the
next time you go out.

Later, he told me he was going out and from talking to the other guys he
thought he would work on rapport. I thought you can't get much better
rapport than someone taking you home and bumpin' uglies all nite. So I
said, that would be fun and when do you think you'll use your "Tower of
Power"? Oh, probably later, he said.

Later in the convention he came up to me and said, "that thing you showed
me really works." I asked did he think about which patterns to use or when
to do what? He said no, he played off what the girl was doing and was
having fun and it didn't matter. And I thought what a cool way for "X" to
utilize everything by enjoying everything and needing nothing.

This is a great example of "either/or" thinking moving into "and/how else
can I" thinking using Ross's material combined with Sis/Mystery
approach.  I actually think Ross encourages this process because it is the
process I see when I read his information and model his attitude.

I've just finished a training manual, at the request of clients, called
"Lover's Leap, The Training Manual for HAPPY Relationships". It is not
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training manual covers material from things I've learned from others
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Tourrette and many others. It is not in competition with Ross, Sis, Mystery
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You get not only, Lover's Leap, The Training Manual for Happy
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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

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