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"She just doesn’t get into if I don’t push her head down"

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She just doesn’t get into if I don’t push her head down
8/25/01 12:24:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Women as Animals

It's been a nagging thought that has grown and continues to play on my
mind.  Recently, I have been reading "The Dirt" by Motley Crue.  And before
you say "Well, yeah, but they are rock stars," note that this started well
before they were famous.  These guys' seduction techniques appear to have
consisted in its entirety of "Hi, nice ta meet cha, bend over."  The
accessibility they seem to have to having sex with attractive women, is eye
opening.  Consider that these women are literally lining up, one after the
other, for a quick sexual thrill with no intimacy involved.  I am not
saying all women are like this, but I am certain that all women have
similar structures and accessing those structures efficiently intrigues me.

Sisonpyh and I were talking about a guy he met who insisted that women love
assholes.  And while Sisonpyh tried to define that and qualify it, this guy
said "No", and he meant real assholes.  Below you will find the story of me
field testing his favourite pick up line.

I figured it would only work on a really hot chick so while at this new
trendy happy hour bar, I picked out this tall brunette in a shiny silver
mini dress.  I felt I was in for trouble because as I came up to her she
started to freeze me out before I even opened my mouth.  Instantly, as
such, I figured I really had nothing to lose now so I said "Hi, my name is
Clifford, I have a nice dick and I'm a great kisser."  She started burning
and was totally pissed off -- she ran over to the security guard and wanted
to get me thrown out.  I told him all I did was introduce myself to her and
he told me he knew her a long time and believed her.  Fortunately he was
cool and told me to just go stand on the other side of the terrace we were
on.  I really felt like a shit afterwards, too.

So this didn't work for me (maybe I am missing a piece of the puzzle).  I
also tried being a jerk on the telephone voice personals recently and
started sending out mildly insulting messages one night.  One woman, who
sounded pretty good, actually, seemed to want to make me her project to
save my sorry ass and no matter what I said to her she kept coming back
trying to get me to talk to her and she'll help me (women all want a guy
they can fix, don't they?).  I got off the line before it went further, but
we must have been sending messages back and forth for 15 minutes. But I
could see that she wouldn't give up and that this would clearly work on
some women.

I also keep coming back to Hugh Hefner.  Women are always espousing their
monogamy philosophies, yet here's this 75 year old guy who is
simultaneously and continuously with seven hot women and he has become the
idol of the L.A. social scene.  It seems like everyone, whether directly or
covertly, looks up to this guy -- men, women, his children (just kidding),
everyone.  Again, you may point to the money and fame, but I have to
believe that there's more to this.  I have always been intrigued by the
"dark side" of seduction, and I will be learning more.  Comments?


(Commenting on Qaexl: "One thing I have noticed, you have to have energy or
power (or force)
in order to make the psychic techniques work well. So I write to you
in this article detailing a few simple techniques to raise and store
the level of energy in your body."):

Ross's Comment: That is totally correct; MANA. Mana can be breath, or it
can be emotional energy properly directed or it can be confidence in your

(Commenting on "Dr. Houston Vetter:  I asked if he would like some help and
he said yeah. So I explained that he already knows and understands all this
stuff. He has taken the time to study, practice, etc. The proof is what
happened last night. Now it's time to learn how to trust yourself. (I think
I remember Ross or someone saying something similar years ago and I'm sure
he still recommends things similar.)  So I had him build another model of
him in front of himself and give that model of himself all the cockiness
and humor he could find. Then I had him give that model Ross's cockiness
and humor and then think of his favorite comedian that seemed cocky and
give all those traits to this model. Next I asked him to imagine an
elevator door opening and another him from another dimension stepped out.
One who had been doing all these skills successfully for a long time using
cockiness and humor.  And we asked this other dimension "X" to join in."):

Ross's Comment: I like that because it makes it more him, and presupposed
there WILL be a future where he masters it. Make sure this one ALSO knows
how to deal with setbacks and some things not working because that will
still happen, even at the best level of ability.

Now did you have this him from dimension X (I've dated girls from there, by
the way) step into the model of himself he had in front of himself?

(Commenting on: "This is a great example of "either/or" thinking moving
into "and/how else can I" thinking using Ross's material combined with
Sis/Mystery approach.  I actually think Ross encourages this process
because it is the process I see when I read his information and model his

Ross's Comment: That's correct. I do.


> Dwayne
> 'Open Mouth... Insert Foot...''
> She gave me a curt "thanks, see you later" and I knew my funny bone had
> misfired.  My brain raced trying to find a way to back out of it, to
> explain my humour away... but I figured it would be better to say "later"
> and exit before any further damage was done.

NightLight9's Comment:  This is so the wrong tack to take.  You should be
like what the fuck is
wrong with this chick who doesn't get an obvious joke?  I guarantee the guys
she fucks don't apologize for having a sense of humor.  Being comfortable
with yourself is confidence.  Not apologizing for a joke that wasn't mean
is not being comfortable with yourself.
> Peta (Director of The Flirting Academy
> 6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard,
> deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on
>your dick?

NightLight9' Comment: I  am dating two girls right now who like to have
their heads pushed down.  With one of them she just doesn't get into if I
don't push her head down.  I
always ask first to see how they like it.  Being grateful for a BJ may be
correct in some scenarios, but these days a lot of women like to give head.
They like the power and the love to turn you on.  I dated one girl who
never got
wetter than when she was blowing me.  I'm more grateful for her being a
cool person in general and appreciating what a great person I am, too.
> 8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through
> your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel
>particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now.
> [Orgasms are great for relief of period pain! Good time to tell her
>something you like about her, let her lie back, give her a massage, relax
her and
> she'll likely open right out, time of the month or might not get
> your blow job, or you may have to modify what you do, but you'll end up
> satisfied only in a different way]

NightLight9' Comment: Having a period is no excuse not to have the best sex
you've ever had.  Women are more horny than ever on their period. As far as
I'm concerned, every week is hummer week.  I please my women and I expect
them to the same for me.  Any woman who doesn't like (and I mean enjoy)
giving head, isn't going to last long with me.  The kind of
non-sexual women who aren't into oral sex are typically boring in bed, in
general.  They can go build relationships with similarly non-sexual men.
>Commenting on If you are chemically compatible, you will probably mostly
enjoy the taste
>of your lover, if you aren't you might find them 'distasteful' most of the
>time. If you are chemically incompatible but enjoy being with and making
love to
> the person, it's not the end of the world. You can find other ways to
>enjoy sex that don't involve tasting bodily fluids. But remember, If your
>feeling bad towards your partner, then change your attitude, you might
find your
> chemical composition mutating towards that of your lover! Who knows...

NightLight9' Comment: Some women smell and taste better than others, and it
has little to do with their chemical compatibility.  You can assume that
diet and genetics affect it.  I know people who have changed the taste of
their semen.  There is also
a product (that I don't have any knowledge of the effectiveness of) that is
available on the web.


(Commenting Regarding Dwayne's situation:  "I started with a Seinfeld-esque
"this thing has more crap in it than a woman's purse" monologue.  Before I
knew it, I realized that I had lost my audience.
She gave me a curt "thanks, see you later" and I knew my funny bone had
misfired.  My brain raced trying to find a way to back out of it, to
explain my humour away... but I figured it would be better to say "later"
and exit before any further damage was done.
Now, I figure I'll prolly see her in the gym tomorrow or the day after, but
regardless I don't think I should e-mail any earlier than two days from
today (or else she'd have reason to suspect "desperation" and use that
against me)... so the questions be..."):

If it was a female comedian who said this to her and not you, this girl
would probably find it funny, gotta love the double standards [NOT]. I have
met brawds like this before, they are deep  down very uptight and most of
the times they simply are not worth it. These are the kinds of chycks who
seem quite nice at first, but then you make an innocent little joke, then
she immediately sees you as someone who is worse than Hitler. Since you are
a comedian, that is who you are and don't make any excuses for it. Don't
try to do any "damage control"  because doing so you'll make you look like
a wimp. If when you see her again she continues to be nice, then pursue
her, but if she gives you the cold shoulder, don't even give her a second

Rio (Comment on Peta: "Peta provides the following
Geez, Cliff -- what are you getting soft? Another reason why not to have
chycks on this list, but 'nuff said on that. Time to take this brawd to

1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it.
2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful.

RIO Uhm... If I  am going to go through all the protocol of getting an HB,
you bet your feminist  little ass you best give oral if I damn well want
it. Grateful? All things aside from good conversation, etc.,etc., and all
the bs things that media in society want to throw at us, make guys think
what we want, ultimately real guys who are true to themselves want one
thing - sex. It is all men's birthright to want this, without a
supplicating mentality that I'm supposed to be grateful that you are doing
me some kind of  favor.

3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard
practice to cum on someone's face.

RIO With my past girlfriends I have cum in their faces, on their asses, in
their hair, on their tits. I enjoy it and so do they. Again, I'll do
anything I please so long is it does not put her in harm / risk in any way.
and YOU do not tell us men what is standard for all women.

Cliff"s Comment:  The last girl I was with wanted me to cum on her face
(more than I wanted to, actually).

6. Extension to rule #5 - do not push on the top of my head. Last I heard,
deep throat had been done. And additionally, do you really WANT puke on
your dick?
7. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart.

RIO I'll fart if I damned well please.

Cliff's Comment:  I have met a few guys who are really good with women who
insist on farting, belching, etc. all the time and by doing so are in their
minds conveying what an animal they are to women.  They believe that the
women secretly love it that they do what they want and don't listen to
them...(I am not convinced).

8. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through
your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel
particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now.

RIO No problem -- I'll simply bang some other chick.

15. When you hear your friends complain about how they don't get blow jobs
often enough, keep your mouth shut. It is inappropriate to either
sympathize or brag.

RIO Men should make no excuses for their desires. It's brawds like this
that have created a lot of resentment from men in America, and inspired so
many seduction materials and writing on how to get beyond this crap we
unfortunately are fed growing up in this country. Only a dumb eunuch would
listen to her and follow her rules. The absolute perfect woman should turn
into a pizza after you get done banging her, but that will most likely not
happen this millennium. In the meantime, ignore these kind of women and
sarge on and fuck the system!


(Commenting on "Dwayne 'Open Mouth... Insert Foot...''
...broke the ice, made her laugh, then cut it short.  Today I played
it cool and she stood near my field of peripheral vision for over 45
seconds before I "suddenly noticed her."):

MARK  Man, no wonder you fucked this up, you are trying to ignore her in
order to get her to pay attention to you. It's the oldest game playing I
have ever seen and it does not work at least at the beginning. Get off that
"I will ignore you so you can beg for my attention bullshit." When you cut it
short she probably thought you were not interested or had other priorities.
Now she is just responding the way you did. You have to hook them in first
before ignoring them then it will work.

(Commenting on "I said "hi" then returned to my workout... then spent the
next 1/2 hour in
the weight room.  After showering, I returned and sat next to her.  She was
open and inviting.  I made her laugh with a few funny lines, then invited
her to lunch the upcoming week.  She said she didn't know her schedule, so
I tried Sisonpyh's "do you have e-mail" line."):
MARK  I would have said according to me, SS, and Ross "Hey babe, if I was to
ask you to have lunch with me where we can laugh, have a great time and talk
and feel totally comfortable, secure and be ourselves would you agree to
that?" She fumbled because you did not give her enough reason to see you. If
she wanted to see you she would have given you a chance at a time or told
you to call her when she is in front of her schedule.

(Commenting on "She gave me her email, and I fished in my gym bag for one
of my custom made cards.  Since I was in comedian mode (dangerous) I
started with a
Seinfeld-esque "this thing has more crap in it than a woman's purse"
monologue.  Before I knew it, I realized that I had lost my audience."):

MARK No wonder you lost her. No negative comments on women, buddy. Custom
made cards? She probably does not even care about them being custom made.
Also you tried to be a little too focused on impressing her rather than
showing some interest in her. Did you ask her about her workout, or any other
question for that matter? Women love talking about themselves, you know. She
probably also thought you cared more about how you came across rather than
her as a human being.

(Commenting on "She gave me a curt "thanks, see you later" and I knew my
funny bone had
misfired.  My brain raced trying to find a way to back out of it, to
explain my humour away... but I figured it would be better to say "later"
and exit before any further damage was done."):

MARK Good thing you did that at least.

(Commenting on: Now, I figure I'll prolly see her in the gym tomorrow or
the day after, but
regardless I don't think I should e-mail any earlier than two days from
today (or else she'd have reason to suspect "desperation" and use that
against me)... so the questions be..."):

MARK  I would not e-mail her until you talk to her again and establish some
personal rapport. Otherwise you end up looking even more foolish as a guy
who just does not get it. In my experience women will give a guy every
opportunity to see them if they are interested.

(Commenting on: "How to recover from the misfired comedy routine the next
time I see her..."):

MARK   Say "You know, I tried to be a comedian last time but I think I should
stick to my day job" and never try to be stupid-funny again.

MARK (Commenting on: "
How to put some bullet-proof NLP into the e-mail I eventually send to
     (a) make sure she reads it
     (b) get the desired response.
Any suggestions?"):
MARK  Buy SS as I did and you will know what NLP to use. Ross gives you
some good
stuff.  Other than that I would ask her a few questions about her workout
and focus
attention on her and do not try to be some fucking aloof prima donna. Why do
we love puppies so much - because as soon as they see us they run to us and
lick and slobber all over us. A puppy does not think "should I ignore my
master now so that he will love me more?"  He just shows his love without
fear. Be the same and you will only lose the ones who cannot allow
themselves to be loved and you do not want those masochists anyway.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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