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Issue #2 – Rump Ranger Report

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Hi David. First, thanks for taking the time to do the column! There are many forums out there, but most of the good ones are focused directly on how to get a woman into bed the first time. What to do with a woman after she is having sex with you is only a lightly covered subject. I hope this advice column becomes successful.

Here is my question. There is a girl that I have been with for a while, and I have been trying to gently warm her up to the idea of anal sex. It’s not something she’s done before, and when we’ve overtly discussed it she seems fairly indifferent to the idea (but not disgusted by it). Using your “guide for rump rangers” from Cliff’s list, I have taken the first step of anchoring sexual pleasure/excitement to her asshole during oral sex. But when it comes to transitioning from that to the actual act of anal sex I don’t quite know how to proceed. Keep in mind that I don’t really have any major hypnosis skills. I can hold my own with SS but when it comes to hardcore hypnosis I am not skilled. What can I do to continue this process that I have begun? Thanks.


Hi C.R. Some women will happily take it up the ass at the drop of a hat. Others never will. Sounds like your subject is like most women, somewhere in the middle. That’s a good thing. This is your opportunity to expand her envelop of sexuality, among other things.

OK, you did step one. That is, while you were going down on her, you let one finger slide into her ass. That way, when she cums, the finger in her ass is associated with the orgasm. The first anchor is set.

Remember, never take anything that was in her ass and put it in her vagina. That’s a bad thing.

As with any form of expanding her envelop of sexuality, you will use repeated applications of anchor setting, anchor firing, and commitment and consistency, to ratchet up her responsiveness to you – and her responsiveness to the anal stimulation. And as always, your woman must know that you believe that every part of a woman’s body is sensual. Every part of a woman’s body is responsive. Everything is natural and normal.

Now, keep in mind, you actually do have hypnosis skills. And you will use them, and use them often. Whenever you are sharing an intimate moment with your woman, you will whisper a fantasy into her ear. Start with things she will actually do. For example, when out on a date, as she is resting her head on your shoulder, sensually describe what you are going to do to her when the two of you return home. Describe it in sensory rich detail. Very important. As you describe the fantasy to her, she is going to go inside and experience it in her imagination. She is going to go into trance. This conditions her responsiveness to your descriptions.

It’s all about conditioning. Major Mark has been harping on us about that forever. He defines conditioning as “that state of training where the context, learning, and response/action become reflexive.” (You can join his [Marknosis] egroup on Yahoo and look it up in the archives.)

Then move up to more advanced fantasies. It may be something that she may never actually do, but that’s ok, it’s just a fantasy. While describing the fantasy to her, she experiences the fantasy in her imagination. Because it is you describing the fantasy to her, she is going to become strangely excited about it. Because it is just a fantasy, it’s ok. As a result, she becomes even more responsive to you, and eventually, more open to trying new things with you.

That could include her taking it up the ass. While you are in bed, have her lay on her stomach, so that you can masturbate her “from a different angle.” Make sure you use a liberal application of Astrogluide to make it really slippery. However, you happen to ‘accidentally’ spill some on her ass. As you spread that around, you narrate a fantasy in her ear about how she would never allow herself to be so naughty as to be fucked in the ass by you, but that the idea strangely excites her.

Tell her that the more excited she becomes about being fucked in the ass by you, the more her ass begins to relax. The more her ass becomes relaxed, the more her ass aches to be fucked by you. The more excited her ass becomes, the more she is able to relax her ass. Then tell her to relax her ass completely as you slowly slide your finger in just a bit.

Describe the above cycle again. Slide your finger in a bit more. Describe the above cycle again. Slide your finger in a bit more.

There are varying degrees of resistance. There is “Oh Honey, I don’t know if I want to do this” in which case you just slow down a bit. And there is “Get your God damn finger the fuck out of my ass” In which case you will have to retreat all the way back to conditioning in the living room some other day.

But let’s assume you have done “a thorough professional job” as Mark calls it, and things progress smoothly. Make the narrative more forceful and descriptive. Begin slowly sliding your finger in and out. Continue the cycle of excitement/relaxation. Continue narrating the fantasy about you fucking her in the ass. Speed up the finger fucking. You can also press your finger towards her vagina, pressing against the back of her deep spot. If your woman truly is well conditioned, and responsive to you, the stimulation will result in her having an orgasm. Now she is capable of having an orgasm through anal stimulation only. That will certainly blow her mind. That will certainly convince her about the advantages of being increasingly responsive to you.

Ask her if it was exciting for her. She will affirm. This is commitment. Then you use consistency when you are in bed again to move to the next level. She must be consistent with her previous affirmation.

One night, when she is on her period, you again ask her if it was exciting for her. She will affirm. Remind her how exciting it was for her to have an orgasm by you stimulating her ass. Then you remind her how exciting it was for you, and that thinking about it makes you very excited. As you did before, stimulate her ass, while reminding her to relax. When she gets very excited, take your finger out and tell her how excited you are about putting your cock in her ass. If you have properly conditioned her, she will insist upon it.

David Shade
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