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"For one minute I wanted to be single"

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For one minute I wanted to be single
9/11/01 12:21:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Mystery:  Just an interesting day 2 interaction to share.  Got a
bartender's # and met her at a cafe. I wanted to find a place that had more
than coffee so we moved to another place.  Sat inside because I wanted to.
I took charge; that was all good.  I wasn't interested in her THAT way ...
I just got her # to practice and then since I am practicing phone talk, I
got a get together.  I was planning on meeting a girl nearby later so I
figured, let's do both get togethers close together.  So I was there and
she was leaning in and listening and it was all good. I didn't want her
though (a mole on her chest was a turn off) and while she had great hips
she was not up to par (which I hadn't really noticed in the bar before). So
I decided to try to PLAY. A woman walked by who was ugly and I said, "ugg"
quietly. My 'date' heard this (obviously) and her body language» changed to
show she didn't like that I was judging another person. She leaned away and
her arms crossed. I'm telling you, body language» is like GOSPEL. If she was
a 10, I could demonstrate to her that I judge looks but to an 8, it is
offensive. Of course it would be. : )

(Commenting on: "Figure it this way  Why are most men attracted to some
chyck they cannot have? And why are they NOT attracted to the one that
WORSHIPS them and is willing to do ANYTHING for them? We have all been
though this; once you know you can CONTROL a person, you just lose
interest. Too easy. We need a challenge."):

This is observational bias.   What about having a totally HOT girl who is
all over you? Personally, I STILL want her. Actually, I think I want her
even more because those who are attracted to me are better looking because
I also like their great taste in men.


(Commenting on: "I wonder about the ones not in this newsletter who are
getting the women
and not talking about it to educate or boast to others, probably because
they have their hands full."):

You must be talking about the ones that haven't yet got their
fill of pussy, busily making up for a lifetime of frustration, who
don't have a life outside servicing as many accounts as they can?

Or maybe the selfish ones who refuse to share their knowledge.

Or maybe all the pimps out there who are too busy making a living?

Or maybe male porn stars?

Or maybe all the guys who get by on their looks, their money, their
political power, or their athletic prowess.  Hey, I hear there are
women who won't date anyone but computer geeks, so it's not just
athletic prowess anymore ... but hey, us computer geeks work seventy
hours a week just to get their real work done on top of fixing all the
messes average morons make with their computers.

C'mon, tell us where these guys are?  Tell us where these
guys come from so we can get them on the
list by appealing to their sense of higher purpose by telling
them how they can contribute to the entire human species by
raising the average level of sexual satisfaction.

(Commenting on: "I think the sexiest and most lasting way to keep a woman
is to be

What does "being yourself" mean?  Do we get any choice in who we are?
Or are we doomed forever if we happen to be such schlubs that we'd
be ashamed of ourselves for fucking any women who would choose to
sleep with us?

(Commenting on: "If she does not like you, then so be it.  Shit
happens.  Toughen up."):

Shit does not happen by itself.  Shit is a manufactured substance.
If your life is shitty, somebody put the shit in it.  Very likely you did.

(Commenting on: "But if she does like you in spite of knowing the real you,"):

Who (or rather, what) is the real me?  If the real me has no
poetry in his soul how can I touch your heart profoundly?
If the real me doesn't pay attention to you, how well could I
participate in a relationship with you?  If I happen to be
able to move your heart simply because I've decided your heart
needs moving and I know how to, how is that less worthy than
if I move your heart by an freak accident of genetics and


Stephane: (Commenting on: "Pablo  My first LTR was
completely screwed up because I told her I loved her. Instantly the control
shifted and she started to freak out because she was scared of commitment
and she realized that she could manipulate me."):

It is my belief that nobody is truly scared of commitment, only
dissatisfaction.  If you give a woman the power, I think we all agree that
she won’t be able to handle it.  It is not her role.  Our role is to make
the decisions, protect her, and then she gets our sperm if she’s been a
good girl.  Anyone care to add anything to this ‘roles’ thing?  I would be
interested in some varied views here, and especially controversial ones!

(Commenting on: "VINIGARR   so why don't u hook me up with some of your girls
HB     why no hook up with me ? can't handle me?
VINIGARR   I like u as a friend
HB     damn"):
Nice to see someone field-testing this approach.  It works wonders.  I'm
going to be getting PLENTY of threesomes with this little trick, as I have
just used it on my GF recently who is now begging ME to do a 3some with her
and her little friend.  It uses their fears of abandonment, but not in a
nasty way.  Instead of what most guys would do, “Either we are going to
have a threesome or I'm dumping you,” this pattern isn't mean or nasty at
all.  You’re simply asking her a question.  You’re saying, “Since you don't
want to do X, that’s perfectly OK, sweetie.  I, however, still want to do
X.  So do you have any friends that would be into doing X?”

May I offer you some ‘constructive criticism’?  I think you pushed it a
little too far, though.  She kept saying, “I want you” and you kept saying,
“Hook me up with your friends”.  If you were just EXPERIMENTING, then I
congratulate you.  But if this was a woman I really liked and respected, I
think once or twice would suffice.   So just be careful what you wish
for.  I like women to feel GOOD when they are with me, not insecure.  I
want my girls to feel wanted and such, so long as they appreciate it.

And as for the spanking comment, I agree that women love this.  My friend
Al taught me that in order to keep an HB in line, you should spank her!  He
is about 50 years old, and when he talks about spanking his women, you know
that he means it!  He says not only do they love this, but it lets them
know on the most basic level that you are in charge.

I have adopted this and use it on my girlfriends and they genuinely love
it.  Wanna date younger girls?  Just spank your wife properly and she will
BECOME younger.  She will talk younger, and look younger, too.  A good
spanking is the best age-regression tool I know of.  And once you've
spanked her good, you've got an INCREDIBLE anchor set up.  Whenever she
‘steps out of line’, all you do is raise your hand and she'll relive the
spanking.  Great for when you are in public!  You can turn hard core
bitches into giggly little girls with this.  And don't be afraid of
offending them, because they universally get off on it (unless there’s some
trauma or something).

One last thing about spankings.  Just the MENTION of the word spanking
seems to get them giggly and wet.  Do not dismiss this as a ‘cute
idea’.  It’s just too effective to be overlooked!  Remember that post about
finding out what her father is like and then mimicking the father?  Think
about it!

Stephane (Commenting on: "Roland (Definitely some good material provided by
Stephane. My question, however,  is Stephane's story regarding staring
deliberately at a woman's
tits during a pool game. I also read where she said "good-bye" which
might have been just a flirtatious thing on her part."):

JUST a flirtation?  Of course, that’s what it was, and I view that as a
good thing!  She was with her BOYFRIEND, and very clearly did it when he
wasn't looking.  When a girl slaps your ass and winks and talks to you in a
sexy voice, to me this is a green light.

(Commenting on: "It is my understanding that it is not good to give what a
woman wants. I
tend to agree with this, and if an HB is walking around with her cans
hanging out, she probably wants guys to look at them, which in a sense
is giving her the control. One writer on seduction wrote that "
soon as an HB sees that you "notice" her, than you are stuffed and
mounted." That is why I will make it a point to be very nonchalant and
indifferent around a hot looking chyck who seems to want attention."):

I agree and I don't.  Yes and no.  You need to give her what she wants ON
YOUR TERMS.  If she has her cans hanging out, I agree that she wants men to
notice!  And I also want to look, so I do.

As for noticing a girl, and being ‘stuffed and mounted’ because you noticed
her, I disagree.  IF, however, all you do is notice her, and turn away when
she looks at you, then you are stuffed and mounted!  Because you are just
being a pussy in that case.  Don't turn off your sexuality just because an
HB walks in the room.

Being indifferent is very hit-and-miss.  I prefer to make my desires
known.  I'm going out to a Toastmasters convention tonight, and I plan to
use the tit stare.  I'll let you all know how it went!

(Commenting on: "Halbster  I find myself saying things like "In my next
life I want
to come back as you!"  or "I want to be you when I grow up.""):

I field-tested the Bratty Little Sister frame yesterday.  Here’s how it went:
I was sitting in the subway car, and I had my feet up on the seat in front
of me.  This woman comes in and gives me a dirty look, so I take my feet
off the bench, give her a smile and raise my eyebrows twice.  I was
conveying a, ‘so you like bad boys, huh?' type of body language».

As she sat down, she started giving me shit and saying how people shouldn't
put their feet up on the benches, because it’s rude.

ME I was just keeping it warm for you, Sweetheart.
HER (surprised at my comment, smiling) Well, I don't mean to be rude, it’s
just that...
ME (Interrupting) It’s OK, I admire any woman who can stand up for
herself…it’s a very rare and attractive quality.
HER Are you always like this??
ME I try
HER You’re so…(looking for the right words)
ME You started off giving me shit, and now you’re falling in love with me.
I just want to warn you, I'm a very bad boy.
HER HOW do you do it??
ME Do what?
HER Does ANYTHING bother you?
ME yes
HER Like what?
ME YOU bother me (wink)
HER (laughing) Don't ever change, young man!
ME So now I'm a ‘young man’?  Does that make you an old BAG (wink) or what?
HER (laughing) You’re terrible!
ME Terribly attractive.  It’s a standard compliment, thank you.
HER (laughing)
ME I'm a lot older than you think, btw
HER  How old are you?
ME How RUDE!  How old are you?
HER I'm 36
ME  I disagree.  You are not 36.  Your BODY is 36.  I figure I'm about 600
000 years old, give or take a couple thousand…
HER Ahh, you believe in re-incarnation
ME It’s not something I believe, it’s something I've always KNOWN.  There’s
a difference.
HER Really?  But when you come back, you might be a snail or something!
ME Well, right now, I'm a snake.  But I'm thinking of coming back as YOU.
HER ME?!  Why me (laughing)?
ME  There are a few lessons I need to learn from you.
HER Yeah, like what?
ME My intuition tells me that you’re very adventurous

Here, I was trying to set her up to sleep with me, but it backfired.  She
responded that she isn't adventurous, and that she annoys a lot of people.
Why?  Because she is a Jehovah’s Witness!    She started in on me with her
fucking religion so I said, “Lemme ask you a question before I go”  She
said OK.  I asked her, “If you had truly found Heaven on Earth, if you were
truly fulfilled, then you wouldn't harass people with those damn comic
books all day.  Enjoy getting rejected for a living.”

(Commenting on: "Rocky  Last thing she said was accompanied by a smiling
face with hearts around it! I think back to an episode of Seinfeld where
George comes up with the idea to do everything the exact opposite of what
he had been doing...if it was white it was black, up was down, left was
right, in was out...this is almost what I did today. I basically did
exactly the opposite of what my feelings and heart would've said in a
conversation with her. I don't know if this will ever lead to a meeting but
it sure as heck taught me a lesson...."):

The impression I have of you based on your post, may not be completely
accurate, because I don't know you, so please forgive me for
generalizing.  You seem to be taking the whole dating thing waaaaay too
seriously.  “Pissed me off basically.  I pretty much gave up on her by mid
week, making excuses to myself that it would've never worked any way and
that the cultural and societal differences were too broad to cross. Later
in the week I changed my mind and began reading and rereading some of the
posts from this list since no one had replied directly to my post. I had my
mind made up to give it one last shot, no holds barred.  I was going to
beat her at the game or disappear into the night a raving madman in her
mind. Never to talk to her again.”

The reason you feel these states around women is because you aren't being
playful enough, if AT ALL.  When a chick throws you a neg, this is the
perfect opportunity to show her what kind of a man you are - PLAYFUL AND
FUN.  And especially with women that are so much younger than you.  You
must ALWAYS have fun in your dealings with women, otherwise you'll get killed.

And the heart thing is NOT necessarily a good sign (“Last thing she said
was accompanied by a smiling face with hearts around it!”).  She could be
testing you, control-wise.  I would call her on it by saying something
‘bad’ such as, “Don't fall in love with me TOO SOON, sweetie, I don't want
to break your heart!”  Remember to keep it playful.

Again, I could be wrong about you, but it’s just the vibes I get from your
post.  How far were you about to travel to meet this particular
girl?  Glasgow??  I hope for your sake that you live near Glasgow, or were
at least planning to take a vacation there anyway!  Forgive me for sounding
like a pretentious little prick.

Doing the opposite of what I feel  (Like George Costanza did) is something
I'm doing as well, and especially with the tit staring thing!  It’s what I
did when I learned the word ‘supplication’.

Stephane, Commenting on: "GoneSavage  This goes right along with the Little
Sister Frame.  This is what I used to do to my little sister.  Tell her to
do something pointless. Like tell
her to hold something, when I didn't even need my hands free.  "Hey, hold
this for a minute..." Or tie my shoe or whatever.  Then I say, "Hahaha I
OWN you!" Embarrasses her.  It was always fun to get her over and over."):
Thanks for the new trick!  My penis and I would like to thank you.

Commenting on: "Here's a question for Sis and those who use the Little
Sister Frame.  How
do YOU transition from this into being sexual?  It's a great attitude and
definitely allows casual comfort, but in my experience, in my  field, it
usually hinders getting intimate.  With me, it reduces lust so much that
often I don't even think about closing."):

This is a comment about YOUR state.  Maybe we shouldn't call it the little
sister frame.  After all, who wants to close their SISTER!  YUK!

But I usually have no problem tuning on the lust after doing this.  That’s
because I absolutely love interrupting patterns.  I'll go from total
‘asshole/joker/teaser’ and STRAIGHT to sincere.  Just as an example:

“HA HA look at your nose!  HA HA HA….see, now she’s trying to get upset.
See how these women try to control us???  Do me a favor, hold this.  HA HA,
NOW look who’s in control.”

Then I IMMEDIATELY change my state into calm/cool/sincere,  move in close,
soften my voice and say, “You having fun?”  (Her (Shocked and thrown off
balance) "Uh…yeah...")  “I'm glad, because I want you to think of me as
your vacation away from the stress of life.  Think about it, wouldn't it be
nice to be around a guy that you can just really LET GO and be yourself
Someone who makes you laugh, someone that you can really….connect…you know?
I don't know about YOU, but I….would love to meet someone like that!”  Then
I either slap her on the ass or tickle her and  walk away.  She will just
stand there, in shock if you play this right.

I believe they call this fractionation.  I like it because I'm showing her
that I'm not AT ALL intimidated, I'm funny, in control, AND romantic as
hell, too!  Let’s see, unpredictable, spontaneous, fascinating….you get the


(Commenting on: "Mystery said   Leill? I've seen her around the
self-improvement circuit...chick looks like she's been to Joan River's
plastic surgeon on a VERY bad day. Is her stuff really that good?

I'm reading how to be a people magnet, and so far (~30 pages)  I learned two
things.  Agreed with about 60% of it (some of it really basic). Disagreed
with about 30% of it (some of it's really AFC).  Good for beginners to get
the basics.  No more, so far.


Melissa (from private email):
My boyfriend and I are doing wonderful and things are going better than I
ever thought they would.  He treats me like a queen and loves me so
much.  I am happy and I have not been happy for a long time.  I was out
with my girlfriend on Friday night and this guy that she kind of
likes was there as well.  This was the third time I have ever seen him.  It
was kind of weird and I don't know if I can properly explain it, but I will
try.  I did not think too much of him.  He is attractive, intelligent enough
(he knows nothing about music and I consider that a huge flaw in anyone)
and he is pretty entertaining so I don't mind hanging out with him.  When we
were out, he and I ended up talking alone for about ten minutes and at the
end of our conversation he said "you know" and I said "I know what?", having
a pretty decent idea what he was referring to, but not positive so I kept
asking him until he told me that he liked me a lot and if I was not with
my boyfriend he wanted to be with me.  I was kind of floored, kind of
flattered and
kind of turned on and off at the same time.  What kind of man hits on
another man's woman, especially when he has hung out with him?  On the other
hand, I have not been interested in any guys since I met my boyfriend and I
he was cool enough and there was a tiny little something, but really
nothing.  Bottom line, if I was single I would perhaps sleep with him, but I
would not get into a relationship with him.  He has too much baggage.  I
told him I did not know what to say and he said it was okay because he
already knew.  On Saturday night, I went out with my boyfriend to celebrate his
birthday and we ran into this guy and my friend.  He told me that he could
not stop thinking about all of the ways he wanted to fuck me, I was buzzed
so I laughed it off.  I have to say though that I felt guilty for even
entertaining the thought of being with someone else, but it did make me
wonder if I do decide to marry him if I want a last fling.  I am still

A few other thoughts about the above:
1) When we went out on Friday night and were at breakfast he told me that
he thought I was more into my boyfriend then he was into me, because my
boyfriend did not seem passionate.  This was very interesting to me for two
reasons.  One
because he noticed (why was he watching?) and two because he is correct
about my boyfriend's lack of passion.  He does not jump up and down with
it is not him.  He is passionate with me, but not like I am.  I am bubbly
and very affectionate in public or wherever.  (He told me he is like me and
very passionate about everything.)  He noticed all of this though and my
friend that was with us got annoyed and quickly defended my boyfriend.  I
sat there and smiled thinking he was not as stupid as I originally thought.

2)  He gave me a massage in the car after breakfast and our little chat and
I did not think much of his liking me (guys always seem to want what they
can't have and my friend that he has been hanging out with is a bit
irritating and I am much better in comparison), but when he put his hands on
me I got chills from my head (yes, he massaged my head) to my toes and it was
strangely sexual even though he did not touch me like that at all, I still
felt it.  Whatever it is.

3)  When I ran into him on Saturday night I had quite a few drinks and was
feeling really good when I walked up to him (about ten feet away from my
and said, "I know you were going to kiss me last night."  He said, "Yes, I
was and did you want me to?"  Much to my dismay I said "Maybe" and smiled.

I am not going to cheat on my boyfriend and I don't even want to go there,
but I had
not thought about how much I was settled down until Friday and it was a
smack of reality.  For one minute I wanted to be single, take him home and
fuck the shit out of him.  I did not tell you earlier, but I invited him
over tomorrow night.  He said it sounded like a plan and he would call me.
I hope he does not.  I am walking into a fucking fire and knowing me I will
get burned.  I just don't know if it will leave scars.  I just figured if we
hung out casually I would figure it was a moment of insanity.  All I
remember about the whole event is that two minutes after I told him I never
have had any doubts about my love and future with my boyfriend, I had one
and it
scared the shit out of me.  I wish I could say I was fucked up, but I was as
sober as a nun and have no excuse.  It was just the way I felt.

I did not think this story was all that interesting but I am glad you found
it so.

Cliff's Comment:  Your story is very interesting and instructional.  I
think men everywhere will be interested in how you, a woman with a serious
boyfriend, got tempted by this guy who just seemed to have the balls to
ignore everything other than what he wanted and go for it.  And there you
are finding it sexy and tempting to the point where you invited him over
(like he's going to have milk and cookies with you....right!).

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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