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David Shade’s Journal

Issue #4 – Letter from R

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If you enjoy David’s writing and find it useful in your life, consider picking up a copy of his book, David Shade’s Manual.

This letter comes from “R” a practitioner of pre-NLP trials and errors….

Just a note to support your work on the Deep Spot. Years ago, when I was in college in the 1960’s, I found myself more than once in a setting provided by our school administration in the days before co-ed dorms. There was a lounge open all day, with the lights off and the FM radio on, and no through traffic. The idea was that we would neck, and they wouldn’t peek, possibly on the theory that we were safer there than in some car with liquor at hand.

I didn’t have a car anyway, but did find that in this very relaxed setting, with other couples nearby on other couches, that we could go “all the way” if the girl wanted that and was willing to help engineer things. Of course, the problem in a way was the same then as always— starting that process, and in college then, quite possibly with a virgin. That’s how I discovered the Deep Spot, as you called it. In the security of this setting, it turned out to be fine to progress toward clitoral stimulation. After all, nothing risky could happen! I was so naive that even when I was making terrific progress, I always expected a slap in the face at each step; instead was rewarded with enthusiasm.

The method that developed, though, let me train each partner to have orgasms with my touch, and in that process I went deeper and deeper until I found the same phenomenon that you described, with the same curling “come hither” finger posture. In the process with the first virgin, she was effectively deflowered, with great excitement on her part, although she had earlier spelled out to me that she had no plans to change her status. After that, we discussed what a much better tool I had prepared for her pleasure, and she made the necessary arrangements.

Of course, I wish that NLP had been available then, but the bits and pieces that I stumbled onto, combined with this discovery, put me out of the misery range and into the happier average by the time I finished college. It wasn’t until I was a Senior that I achieved a one-day seduction, but then this knowledge of the Spot helped from the other end, as we developed a strong liaison out of what was supposed to be a one-night stand.

Keep up your outstanding work!

— R

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