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Issue #5 – The One Hour Cum

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DG wrote: David, can you really give a woman a one hour orgasm?

It is absolutely true that a woman can cum continuously for an entire hour. And I don’t mean “close,” or “orgasm,” I mean CUMMING continuously for one entire hour.

The ground breaking book on the subject is “ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm” by Alan Brauer and Donna Brauer, Copyright 1983, ISBN 0-446-38645, 225 pages. The methods of stimulation described in the book are not as good as others that have been published in other places. The psychological methods for attaining a continuous cum are not as good as have been discovered in the realm of hypnosis. But the methods in the book will work, and the book is a good introduction to the subject.

Quoting now from page 100: “To your partner this phase feels timeless. She feels as if she is on an orgasmic track of continuous and smoothly rising pleasure. Like a meditative state, the feeling is of an altered state of consciousness – floating without effort. […] We have preliminary data from electrical brain recordings that show characteristic changes in brain waves occurring during ESO. The brain wave pattern appears to be different from other states of arousal and other stages of orgasm. We find a possible shift in activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which become more synchronized with each other. These changes are similar to those seen in states of deep meditation.”

This, gentlemen, is hypnosis.

It takes a lot of work to get to the point where your woman can cum for one hour. There are many steps along the way. To describe it all would require almost an entire book. But it is worth it. When she starts cumming, she just keeps cumming. Continuously. Her cumming gets stronger and stronger. Eventually, she will become so mentally and physically exhausted that her orgasm will begin to level.

And, if a one hour cum isn’t enough, it is possible to incorporate “Energy” techniques which will send her one hour cum to a place of total peace, total freedom, universal experience, and heights of pleasure that are… beyond pleasure.

David Shade
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