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"After I say this to her she’ll let me in her pants"

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After I say this to her she’ll let me in her pants
11/21/01 4:20:21 PM Eastern Standard Time


Matthew A.: (Commenting on AdamK: (Commenting on Matthew A.: "I decided to
step into her and give her the command, "You want me!." For the rest of the
night, she flirted with us and took the time to hold her end up in
conversations. When we left, I gave her a compliment on her energy, and she
"accidentally" grinded both breasts against me. Another example: I was
walking down the crowded street in Jersey City yesterday, and from the back
I spotted a girl with a nice ass and tiny figure (my personal taste). Mind
you, we were in a crowded sidewalk, and she was a block away. I focused my
energy on her with the same intent as the  waitress, and the girl STOPPED,
and looked back, directly at me....Although I do not like people who call
me a liar, I feel I have to answer your challenge. After all, honesty is
all we have. I was on my way to the bank, in a hurry, and I wasn't going to
run down the block to talk to her."):

Why didn't you "step into her" and tell her to give you her phone number?

Matthew A.: Commenting on "AdamK: Because my INTENT is not to collect phone

Why didn't you "step into her" and ask her to give you a blow job in the
men's room?

Matthew A.: Commenting on AdamK: "Because my INTENT was not to have sex in
a PUBLIC PLACE. In the first example I gave, I was with my father, and
maybe it is my limiting belief, but I do not sarge women when I am with my
family. In BOTH examples, I was experimenting with the new information, so
my INTENT was simply to see if it worked. And, it did!

Matthew A.: Commenting on AdamK: "(I'll tell you why you didn't: Because
that psychic influence stuff doesn't work in specific situations this way."):

Could you explain this? I am not being sarcastic, I really want to know
what exactly you mean by "specific situations."

Matthew A.: Commenting on AdamK: ("Practitioners always have some
convenient excuse as to why it "didn't work this time"."):

Where in my paragraph do you see an excuse for why it didn't work?

Matthew A.: Commenting on AdamK: ("Don't waste your time or money. Learn
real skills."):

I have and continue to do so. I have studied SS for two years. Guess what?
SS works, too! If PI does not work, then why does Ross include it in his
program? Why does Tom V. use the phrase "step into the person" to create
unconscious rapport? I'll tell you why. Because these men know what
works!  I am in no way saying that PI is the magic bullet» for sucksex. You
and I agree that you have to go up to talk to the girl. Part of the reason
I don't go up to a girl and visualize something like "You want to have sex
with me," is because even with PI, you are not changing her model of the
world, and coming on too strong will scare her away. Although, I may do it
after increased rapport.

Matthew A.: Commenting on AdamK: ("If the techniques you're using don't
work at least one 1 out of 10 times (minimum) to get you a phone number ...
then write them off as nonsense."):

Then I guess they are NOT nonsense.


Dwacon ( I hate flying without a wingman... but
necessity is the mother of invention. I was invited to an event hosted by a
Washington DC professional organization. I entered and immediately targeted
the most beautiful HB10 in the room, a young blonde congressional aide. She
and her two HB7 friends went into "ignore the jamoke" mode, but I just
barged right in and engaged her in conversation. I kept her attention long
after her friends peeled off... observed from across the room... then
Finally, she just stuck her hand out and grabbed mine and said, "Well, it
was nice meeting you. BYE!" I was caught off guard by that but let it go
and went over to another young woman... she seemed out of place in this
crowd of wannabee interns and snobs-in-training. It turned out she was
fresh off the plane from Eastern Europe and having a great time
entertaining the poor jamokes who were trying to impress her with their
I just went over and made eye contact, then moved in close (under the
premise of not hearing her over the din of the crowd) and started in. The
other guys standing around left one by one as she focused her attention on
me and only on me. I ran a couple connection patterns, then just spoke with
lots of kino. At first, she'd inch away from me when my hand would brush
against her. But, after a while, she was receptive to all sorts of kino and
when I moved my hand away she'd move towards me for continued contact. I
got her number and bid a retreat.


How do you deal with competition?  I have had the occasional success with
women, but this typically occurs in situations where I have no
"competition". In any situation where there are
other guys around I always lose.
Currently I'm often in a British pub type environment and most of my
friends are doctors and the women are nurses. Most of my friends are also
higher ranking than I am. Some of these guys are banging 3 or more birds a
week.  One of my mates who's particularly successful (he once banged 6
nurses in 7 days) basically said to me "You have to wait until you move up
rank, then nurses will want to shag you."
I come across as being less "funny" or "laid back" or whatever and my
friends often get laid at my expense. In these situations poetry, stories,
metaphors, etc. make me look way too "deep"
and I often end up getting laughed at.
I've also noticed that the dynamic rarely works in my favour. eg. Two guys
talk about some funny thing that happened whilst they were at Med school or
whatever and they capture everyone's attention and steal all the
conversation and have everyone laughing. I can't get in edgeways and
anything I do try to put in looks like a lame add-on or just out of place.
I really don't know what to do as in the area I live and the social
situation I'm in, these are the type of environments I'm in constantly.
I don't know how to knock other guys out of the water with efficiency and
smoothness.  Could someone please help me...


Recently, I picked up a Red String from the Kaballah Center. This is a very
overpriced snip of red thread. You tie it around the left wrist of a loved
one and knot it 7 times while saying a prayer (Ben Porat). While you do this
they commit to avoiding negative thoughts. The string is supposed to ward
off negative energy. After having great sex, I tied a string around my partner
and she tied a piece of the same thread around my wrist. This is a really
cool anchor when done with all of that sex energy. It creates the
possibility for lots of patterns and themes. However, I would warn against
doing it with someone if you're not interested in a long term relationship
with them.
In the past some people have posted about getting good questions and
conversation topics from books like "IF". I'm curious as to what are
people's favorite books of this genre?  Also, what are people's favorite
questions? Anyone makeup their own good questions?  Here are some that I've
recently had fun with....
Who is your favorite cereal cartoon character and why? I pretended to do
this as an analysis type game along the lines of the cube, handwriting
analysis, etc. Somehow this will frequently get people started making up a
party list. Rice Crispies Snap Crackle and Pop seem to be on the "A" list.
Who would you rather have sex with, Jesus or Buddha? I was with a lady friend
when I asked this question to a Barnes and Noble employee who turned out to
be a very bright, adventurous bisexual.
Who'd be better for doing commercials, the Pope or the Dalai Lama?  I think
they'd both be great for Coke. It's the Real Thing. Coke is it!
Note that the above questions alone are not going to seduce a person, but
they will create a fun interesting environment for getting to know each other
and discovering if you want to take things further.
Lately, I've had a lot of fun thumb wrestling with my girlfriend while
attending weddings and other formal places where we've had to sit quietly
together. It is great because:
1) It is fun
2) It plays to the naughty girl in her
3) It has a bit of Bad Boy appeal
4) It is playful, funny, and shows how you can make boring things fun
5) It is an age regressor
6) You get to hold hands and stimulate lots of nerves. The hand can be an
erogenous zone
7) It is a natural fractionator, and builds her adrenalin, excitement level.
Tension - Release training.
8) It is a great anchor that associates good feelings with holding your hand
9) Stop reading these reasons, over ANALyzing and JUST DO IT. LOL!!! ; ))
What are some other good games that people play?


Hi Nightlight, I must say that I really respect your posts... But in reply,
you might think what you think, as most guys might think this, but rape
laws have been rewritten to remove the "forcible compulsion" element that
was in the old days an element of the crime, thanks to the feminist
legislature and lobbyists. Generally, most states have "sex with lack of
consent" as the sole element. Bruises are not necessary. Condom/no condom,
it's all good, charge 'em all... let the jury decide. So, from a physical
and forensic, analysis, evidentiary standpoint, consensual sex would be
indistinguishable from non-consensual sex, other than her word saying it
lacked consent.
We don't even take people's word for it when they tell us their name and
date of birth, hence identification cards. We don't take women at their
word for paternity cases, hence DNA paternity tests. But for some strange
reason, we take women at their word for rape accusations.
Another problem is that the case can still be charged and in many times
has. You would be surprised by reading cases how much this happens, without
being famous or of interest to the prosecutor. It all boils down to your
local DA handling the case, and if he/she believes the victim more than the
accused, the state's workload -- all factors not connected at all with
reasonable determination of reality and truth. Also, here is a particularly
troubling point: Attractive people tend to be viewed by juries as more
truthful. In essence, the better a PUA you are, the more beautiful a woman
you can acquire relative to your attractiveness, and therefore the more a
prosecutor will want to charge the case due to jury appeal. And there is a
trend towards believing women over men -- pretty much all domestic violence
the state takes the woman's word over the man's and runs with her story.
This alarming trend has permeated the jury pool because the public wants to
believe the government is there to protect us, is pretty much always right,
and wants to have confidence in it by approval of the government's
accusation against a defendant. And add to this the state always gets the
last word on closing argument as well.
Regarding mental instability, the more girls you PU, the better you are at
PU, the more chance you'd get a mental "bad apple"/crazy despite whatever
screening methods you'd employ. Simply without the PUA devising some plan
to limit criminal liability from bogus accusations, the success of a PUA
might lead to his ultimate demise. (Not much PU going on in prison...) Some
would argue why would a girl meet a guy and within minutes/hours of meeting
him have sex with him? AFC's on juries find this behaviour unfathomable.
They don't understand chick logick. Would the trial consist of something
akin to teaching the jury PU? They assume the victim is truthful, because
why would anyone expose themselves to being a rape victim? The reality is
the rape shield laws have gutted the cross examinability of the "rape
victim" and made it a pleasurable experience, replete with travel
allowances, victim compensation, a serious power trip for women who hate
men, etc., coupled with the reality that the risk of being charged with
false reporting is nil, and at best a misdemeanor for the bogus "rape" victim.
What if you went to a Chevy dealership and handed over your wallet? You got
home to your family and were counseled by a financial counselor to call the
police because you got a bad financial deal and you could have the sales
associate who sold you your car put on trial for a crime with a mandatory
minimum sentence for 10 years.  Would the unscrupulous do it?  You bet.


Mark B.:
Thanks to everyone who addressed the issue of solving a woman's problem.
(Comments on: "I agree that you need to be careful (courageous and considerate
simultaneously) because I have said things that have caused me to crash &
burn pretty hard! The trick is to find the balance between being brutally
honest AND mature. I have found, however, that most guys interested in
overcoming AFCness are too afraid of what women will think, and would
benefit greatly from
more of a "Who cares" attitude until they learn that they can get away with
ALOT more than they think. I once walked up to an HB9 virgin in a bar and
said,"I know that most guys would come over and buy you a drink and make all
kinds of boring small-talk with you, but I'm not interested in that
shit. I just wanted to tell you that I really really really want to fuck
you." It worked. I had her crying within 5 minutes of meeting her, because
she never
met someone who was "so sweet"! Go figure..."):

I love this. I believe this could work because the way that it's said sounds
very sincere and respectful but it gets to the point right away without any
fluff. A great way to get your point across. Most guys who want to tell a
woman they would like to sleep with her do so in a such a way that
guarantees rejection by saying something like "hey baby, wanna fuck?" or "hey
sugar, nice tits". The better way seems to be to get the same message across
but in a very sincere way such as stated above or "You know I could not help
to notice that you have great breasts. They look quite appealing to me and
turn me on. I would like to see you naked and fuck your brains out and have
you cum all over yourself" - still the same message but the way it's said
provides her with an incongruity - you are being extremely forward and crude
but you are also being so in a highly gentleman-like manner. I'll test this
out on at least 20 women by telling them this as soon as I meet them and
then report the results.

(Comments on:  "Instead off studying all these books and attending all
those lessons I
started to copy previous exams and learn from that. I tried to get as many
previous exams as possible and then I would mark the passages in the book
that are important and before an exam I would just learn those marked
passages. What happened then was really amazing. My grades actually
increased from 6's to 8's! (here in Holland we give grades from 1 to 10 (10
is excellent). I actually had better results with less work!!!"):

I did the same thing in school and graduated with Honours. Old exams are
great for getting good grades. I would actually write down and copy what was
in my text books as a way of learning. I found that when I wrote down what I
was trying to remember, I remembered it a lot faster. It seems you are
tricking your brain to assume you know what you are trying to learn because
you are writing it down. In bodybuilding, I read and followed the eating
habits and training routines of the greatest bodybuilders from Flex or
Muscle and Fitness Magazine and achieve great muscle and strength gains. But
I have never tried to actually write down what works for me with women. This
is something I feel would greatly help me see where I succeed and fail.
Here is a project we could work on in creating the ultimate PUA: How about
we all provide the top 10 things that we do to get the highest success with
women? Then we look for the most common traits and assemble the composite
top 10 list.
Here is my top 10 in no particular order:
1. complementing her
2. being up front with what I want right away
3. touching her a lot
4. expressing my opinions
5. giving her direction and leadership
6. deep thought provoking conversations
7. asking her do things for me
8. frequent contact
9. challenging her opinions - saying no when it matters
10. persistence and not taking vagueness for an answer
How about you?

I just thought of a great pattern to use on a woman.
Life is like jumping into a cold pool of water on a bright summer day...
It takes time to work up the courage, the thought of cold water covering
your whole
body makes you feel uncomfortable at first...and when you just jump in you
the cold against your body but then as you get used to it, it's easier and
to keep jumping back in and swim you get used to the water that's
when all the fun begins...and you forget your fearful anticipation because
you have become used to it...the hardest step is the first...then things
just fall into place...
...have the courage to jump in...and enjoy yourself....


Gregory Rasputin: (Commenting on: "...laughed, and I laughed even harder
hearing about it. So, of course, this compliment was bullshit, and it was
obvious everyone knows it's bullshit, because after all he's singing a
Backstreet Boys song, but it was still funny because he was pretending that
all he said was true, and of course it was flattering, and the humor
increased that effect. Now this is a very interesting way of complimenting,
because it isn't supplicating, because after all he is talking bullshit,
but he still is complimenting her. I mean, the words do come out of his
mouth, and do assume a meaning in the girl's head.
Again, my assumption is that he was not genuine with his "compliment." In
effect, he is lying to get into her pants. To me, that IS supplicating."):

You got it wrong; first of all, he is NOT lying. He's acting like he made
the bbs song.  How is that lying? If I told you I sang all the Bob Marley
songs in a joking tone, would that be lying? Both sides know it's bullshit,
it's just fun. The reason he's so called "lying" is not to get in her
pants, but to have fun. That joke was really funny, and was done for the
sake of being funny, there was no "buwahaha, after I say this to her she'll
let me in her pants" type thinking involved when he said that.

(Commenting on: "This is something important that any good master of
seduction should do: never attaching too much meaning to what a woman says
or does, and remaining calm in the face of resistance or bullshit.
Therefore, I'm not sure that this really defines the GM style."):
Well, maybe if there was a Webster's definition to GM then you could make a
statement like that, but because there's no solid definition for it, you
can't tell me what is and what isn't GM.

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I thought I might drop you a quick line regarding some of the more popular sites that have been seen within this "seduction community". After seeing several terrible reviews and "flames" from, I decided to make a decision for myself based upon my own ideas of what could be offered on the Seven Magic Words product and after several months of reading great novels about how to attract women and multiple posts about how women are most attracted to men, I STILL found the site to be beneficial. After joining the site, I was happy to learn all the new techniques that I have never seen on any list and that alone made it worth the money. I am not typically the type of person that spends money on a site especially a seduction site, I would rather pay for some audio or video, but the information that was offered was different and unequal to anything I have seen in the past.  At any rate, I know you wanted a review.. and I have actually come to know the owner, and he puts more attention in his members area than I would expect to see from any other site.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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