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"I like them to be able to admit to me they are whores"

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I like them to be able to admit to me they are whores
1/22/02 6:29:47 PM Eastern Standard Time


Seminar list (this is going to be a regular feature here, providing news of
seminars, meetings, conferences, etc. relating to seduction, picking up
women, etc.):

Ross Jeffries' ( Seminar Schedule for 2002 is as
Los Angeles January 25, 26 & 27
Chicago May 3, 4 & 5
Atlanta July 12, 13, & 14
Montreal August 9, 10 & 11
Palo Alto, Calif. Sept. 13, 14, & 15
He will also be giving his Magick/Psychic Influence Seminars in:
Orlando, Florida March 29, 30, & 31
New York June 7,8, & 9

Major Mark's (website is but it needs to be updated, Mark!)
seminar schedule for 2002 will include:
July 26-28 Montreal no topic yet
Oct. 18-20 Austin Texas no topic yet

Mystery is conducting Sex Magic Workshops in Toronto, New York City and Los
Toronto workshop Jan 24, 25 & 26.
NYC workshop one Feb 1, 2 & 3
NYC workshop two Feb 5, 6 & 7
Los Angeles workshop Feb 28, Mar 1 & 2
Reserve your spot now (only 6 positions available per workshop) by emailing
mag***c@er***.com[ ? ]. For more info, visit


Now this is probably going to give me a lot more work, but Toecutter
commented that he had wanted to say something about a post he read but by
the time he read it, it was already a few weeks old and he figured that the
conversations had moved on. Well, in my opinion, these conversations are
timeless. What would be GREATLY appreciated would be, if you want to make a
comment (no matter from whichever email it came from) to just follow the
format below. That is, copy the comment you want to comment on and put the
person's name in front of that comment, then make your comment.


Totally free personals:


I have a book coming out soon, and how do I go about marketing it through
Yahoo Groups?? The book, "Mode One: Let The Women Know What
You’re REALLY Thinking," targets how men find themselves feeling angry,
frustrated, bitter, and unfulfilled because of their failed relationships
and/or ineffective interactions with the opposite sex.


> Mark B.:"You know, Mark, I am not this conservative, you know. I know how
to have fun and can get pretty wild at times." I said "what do you mean?"
She said "I cannot tell
you because I would not want you to tell all my secrets." I walked off and
then thought "Man, she was obviously making myself available for me since I
did not ask her out after she said no before and now maybe she changed her
mind and wanted to let me know she is open to
having fun." Perhaps this was her way of letting me know I should make a
move and maybe she was telling me rather than tell me she would rather show
me how much fun she likes to have and how wild she can be? I am not very
good at picking up on these things as when they happen I am not sure how to
take them and what to do. Any advice on what she said and what I should do
in these situations?

NightLight9: Yeah, you're right she was interested. I think you may have
misinterpreted some of her earlier response as more negative than it was
(in other words, sometimes you need to get a response that throws them a
little off balance. Regardless. Your best move was to tease her back after
she said she wasn't that conservative. My favorite is "You good girls are
so cute..." She'll argue playfully then you say "you must have to sit at
the good girl table at Christmas." If she is laughing and you have made a
good connection, you can close there. If she still needs a little more
negging, tell her "Hey, I like good girls. I'd hang out with them if they
weren't so boring." (This is all done tongue in cheek with a big smile.)
Then just close.


> Mark B.: Here is a scenario that happened to me a few days ago. To all
members of the list, if you have comments and insight as to what she meant
and what I could have done I welcome the suggestions. I went to Sears
(department store) to get some skin foundation for myself. BTW I am not
some cross dresser but I have skin blemishes and when I need to make an
important appearance I prefer to cover them up. This hot looking girl
helped me out who I had asked to join me for lunch before but she said no.
I started off being funny and silly and made some silly sexual innuendo
jokes which she did not appreciate and backed off from me. Then I went
quiet said little but just looked at her and smiled as she rubbed the shit
on my face to see what shade I should get. I listened to her and allowed
her to talk. Her whole demeanor changed. She smiled more all of a sudden
and became more open and friendly. In the end she says "You know, Mark, I
am not this conservative, you know. I know how to have fun and can get
pretty wild at times." I said "what do you mean?" She said "I cannot tell
you because I would not want you to tell all my secrets." I walked off and
then thought "Man, she was obviously making myself available for me since I
did not ask her out after she said no before and now maybe she changed her
mind and wanted to let me know she is open to having fun." Perhaps this was
her way of letting me know I should make a move and maybe she was telling
me rather than tell me she would rather show me how much fun she likes to
have and how wild she can be? I am not very good at picking up on these
things as when they happen I am not sure how to take them and what to do.
Any advice on what she said and what I should do in these situations?

Prophet: Sounds like a good time to say the Natural Woman Pattern. Well, my
HB was getting jealous of me talking to other women. She said she didn't
feel safe. She felt like I was still open to other women. I have only been
SSing for just under a year and I want MORE experience. I am still too much
of a nerd. So I left her in Canada. I'll try keeping her warm with Email. I
also pass up on opportunities to pattern. I live in Germany. I can't say
the "Find Your Desire" or "Natural Woman" patterns in German yet, so I
should take any opportunity to say them in English whenever I can. There
was a black chick at a gas station who clearly wanted to speak to me, but I
just ... what the hell did I do? I smiled at her and went on my way. Duh! I
have to get my priorities straight. Maybe this letter to you will assuage
Lady Luck enough to look my way again.


> Dorex: One of the biggest factors in my success recently is that I
dumped the GF in I put it all down to my confident entrance to the original
party, which was in part due to the improved set of my shoulders and angle
of my neck- most guys have their heads protruding wayyyy in front of their
shoulders, which in turn are often rotated forward from too much desk work
and poor work out habits.
CPowles: Nice post. What did you do for posture? Learn it yourself or take
a class? I find posture to be very important also, on a woman as well,
because bad posture indicates LSE (low self esteem) while great posture
conveys incredible self-confidence. I wouldn't mind perfecting mine: I
tried the Alexander Technique for a while, but felt frustrated because it's
a long slow process (or at least it was with my teacher). Any other
suggestions? Does anyone else have any ideas for learning smooth, seductive
movement and body language» in general? Ever watch a Fred Astaire movie?

Dorex responds: The thing is that I'm a qualified personal trainer and
fitness instructor in my
spare time. Therefore I attended the excellent Canadian Fitness
Professionals (CanFitPro) conference last summer. An aside - that's an
awesome event... over 3500 gorgeous women and
about1000 guys, a significant proportion, if not the majority, of whom are
gay! While there, I attended a postural assessment course and I now give
many of my clients a brief evaluation before I make an exercise program for
them. To correct my postural problems, I did a variety of things. One of my
problems, like a vast majority of people these days, is that one of my
shoulders was carried way below the other. If you're right handed, it'll
usually be your right shoulder. I only noticed this in photographs of
myself. That one's easy to correct - you just look in the mirror and force
yourself to straighten out. It'll feel weird and even seem lopsided, but
given time it'll pass. Simply check your stance in the mirror every time
you pass one. Then try to maintain the corrected posture as long as you can.
Another problem I had was the anteriorly rotated shoulders. That's also
easy to fix by stretching exercises and also concentrating more on the back
exercises. This problem is very commonplace and the big goons at the gym
all have that problem, too. It's from doing what we call 'mirror
exercises'- that is focusing too much on the shoulders and chest because
that's what you see in the mirror, and not really working the weak, back of
shoulder muscles and the upper back enough. Of course, failing to
adequately stretch too is a major contributor.
The key really to all of this is to have a very strong core. The core
region is the trunk and the deep abdominals, obliques and lower back
muscles are the key players. To achieve this
working with Swiss/Stability balls is a very good solution. In fact, I
specialize in that and at the gym I'm often referred to as the ball guy.
Training in deliberately unstable conditions, for
example using a ball as a bench rather than a bench, forces you to
strengthen the stabilizing muscles that will hold you erect, which will get
you noticed by hot girls, which will lead to
you seducing them, which will hold you erect... so it goes full circle. =)
Also doing deep hip flexor stretching is essential too - so many people
have screwed up posture due to that
muscle group being tight, compounded with a weak core. The bummer is that
so-called 'ab' exercises, if done incorrectly i.e. if they were taught to
you before about 1990-1994, will
actually work the hip-flexors, further tightening them, rather than your
abs... so beware and go and get a consultation, preferably from a non
bodybuilding type of trainer. If you're in the Montreal area I'd be willing
to assist at a heavily discounted fee for the list brothers.
As for smooth seductive movement, last night was the first time that I
could have picked up from my dancing ability alone. I always attract a
crowd and a fat chick who works with me,
came up to me and told me her cousin thought I was really good, but thought
she could do better and wanted to challenge me. I was a bit annoyed and
then I saw the cousin... HB!! I
approached her and told her that I knew she wanted to challenge me. I
looked at her and said that with her I'd rather do some serious
cooperation. That got a smile and we got chatting. I
was on good form and it was all going well, but I decided to forget about
her because she wasn't all that intelligent. Still, I might get her number
from her cousin tomorrow. I've finally
got to the stage where I can choose to reject girls if *I* feel like it.
Anyway, that was a field report on how to smooth moving can help you. How
do you develop that sort of body
language»? I'm sorry I can't help much, because day to day, I work in a very
intense environment - research in a neuroscience molecular biology lab. I'm
usually very hurried so not at all
fluid. However, if I have taken time to plan my day better and I'm
listening to my discman at work, which we have the luxury of doing, then I
can still rush around but almost dance my
way from one place to another - I don't mean literally dance, but rather a
kind of gliding which flows with your purpose. Then I am very fluid, and it
puts me in a great mood, too. I think
constantly listening to music will not fail to bestow you with rhythm poise
and balance in your day to day activities. I hope some of the above makes
some sense. Good luck.


Mark B.:
> Craig: It must be hard to think like a man when you are wearing make up,
so I don't blame you for slipping : ) I would have told her I thought she
was full of shit, and that her idea of being wild was probably wearing
black shoes with a brown belt. I would have kept this up until she was
BEGGING to prove me wrong, then I would have dared her to do something to
show me how crazy she is. If she didn't get the hint or pulled the "I'm at
work" line, I would have given her a chance to prove herself later by
hanging out with me when she got off work (Gotta hit it while its hot!).

MB: Yes, it was hard to think like a man when you have makeup on but I made
sure I said things like "I love the way your hands rub my face, I could
really get used to that". The point about turning it around on her is a
good one and I will remember to use it next time around.
> JM: You walked off AND...??? This girl was practically BEGGING you to
listen to her secrets! By walking away from her without giving her a chance
to free the secrets she's been keeping, you actually did something pretty
disrespectful in my book. Next time you can easily do something better like
the following.

MB: I walked off and then it hit me but I also wanted to make her squirm
for not accepting her initial invitation to go out with me and to not make
it so easy this time around. Perhaps it was disrespectful but the reason I
posted this incident here was to get your suggestions. Like I said I am
used to making the moves so when they do this I a taken by surprise. Also
when I asked her to lunch before she made a vague statement of not ever
going for lunch or not being into it so I did not bother pressing her. But
after I left it hit me like a ton of bricks.
> JM: (You:(in playful tone, with big smiling eyes)... "Mmmhmm. You mean
you don't *want to tell me* because you're too conservative (blatantly
point to and look at a mannequin or something). Because all the girls I
date who really know how to *spontaneously become wild this very instant
(point to self)* wouldn't even care what people think about them. Girls
like that (point to her) just do whatever they want (self point) whenever
they /*want it (sp again) Now with me*/, I just don't believe you *feel
ready to do it (dick point)." She freaks and polarity responds to her
anti-value of conservativism etc.:
"Oh yeah! Well one time, at band camp...".
And the more you don't believe her, the more she'll want to tell you more.
I mean, this is so junior high school it's not even funny. But hey, if a
part of a super-hot chick is still stuck in junior high, then be a "nice
guy" and help her become a woman.

MB: This suggestion hits the point well. Perhaps it would have been good to
say "I really do not believe that you can get wild and have fun" or
something to that effect or even "Well, if we never get together I guess
you will never have the opportunity to show me will you?"
> JM: (This structures challenges utilizing the away-froms/towards that
she gave you, sets frames of spontaneity and your studlihood with wild
women, anchors conservatism *out there*, anchors wildness to her, anchors
desire to you, utilizes in-bed-ing commands, and your overall tone and
rapport creates an environment of safety, trust and play that allow all
this enormous good stuff to slip right into the deepest parts of her. In
fact, if all she did was tell you a secret I would be surprised.

MB: Wow. I did not realize that this simple exchange accomplished all that.
Now I see her as a woman begging to be discovered as to really what sort of
a wild woman she really is. This Friday I called up a girl I have not seen
in two weeks and said "You know I have forgotten how you pussy tastes like"
to which she said "Well, this weekend you will have to find out, won't you"
She came over on Friday night at which time I proceeded to do the triangle
diving expedition. In the morning, I complemented her on her fucking
ability and on her looks. Her
response shocked me - she said "Mark, big fucking deal I know am beautiful
and my pussy tastes good and I fuck well. I know that but what are you
going to do about it. Where is this going? You say that you think I am this
or that but I feel like a piece of meat." I nearly fell off the chair,
recoiled, and realized something was wrong. I drove her to work, went home,
slept until
2:30 in the afternoon and went to the gym at 5:00. At the gym I saw a guy I
have not seen in months. He is mid 40's and has slept with well over 600
women in his life time. He owned a bar/lounge in downtown Toronto and still
owns a couple of restaurants so he has had a constant and steady access to
women. But he claims that he constantly meets and dates new women wherever
he goes and has women calling him and asking him out all the time so his
access to women at the restaurant is not as big of a deal as I thought. We
frequently discuss women as in the past whenever I saw him at the gym with
a woman it was almost always with a different one each time. He is Italian,
maybe of slightly above average looks but not the type that would make one
stop and look at him on the street. And although he goes to the gym he
loves to eat so his body is not the greatest you could imagine - yet he
gets laid like crazy. So I thought what better guy to ask than him. I
explained what happened and said to him "what are the top maybe three or
four things that you could say you can attribute to your success with women?"
He said "Mark, I give them attention and then take it away. I tease them by
letting them know how they get to me and then I shift the topic of
conversation to something else. I am loose and relaxed and try to be funny,
not in terms of telling jokes but in terms of how I overblow things that I
see. This way I give them a huge but very short dose of what they do to me
and then stop and I have them begging for more." Then I asked him to give
me an example of what he may say to a babe. "Well, I'll see one and tell
her 'Oh my God, you know the instant you walked in
here you just took my breath away and made me glad that I was a man. I feel
like there is something magical about the way you carry yourself that makes
me admire you as a woman" then I quickly shift the conversation to
something else. They will inevitably act in such a way as to get me to tell
them more but I hold back and only give them slight doses later on. Once I
have her going, I can pretty much do anything with her." Then I told him
about the problem I had in the morning. He said "I rarely compliment women
and just leave it at that the way you do. When you compliment women I find
that you are not adding much value to what they already know, they do not
feel special and it makes them into a commodity rather than making them
continued "....I find it's much better to let them show what they have done
or do to me with their ways rather than making some comment on what you
think they are. Women want to know that you specifically find something
beautiful or magical about them and how that effects you and express that
to them." So I said to him how do you do that to which he said "Mark, when
I see a woman I find attractive I tell her 'My God, the instant I walked in
here I
was so taken by who you are as a woman I could not help but to thank God
that I made my way in here' or 'You know the way you flick your hair and
smile it just amazes me and I cannot help but be in total admiration of
your beauty.' When I say this they melt and suddenly they are putty in my
hands." I left after that but I could not help to think more about what he
said. For
the first time in my life I see that just outright compliments "you are
hot" "you are attractive" to a woman do little if she already knows she is
hot. I realized that an affirmation of what she already knows means nothing
if she hears it 100 times a day. What she really seems to want is a genuine
expression of what sort of reactions she has elicited inside you in big yet
short doses. It seems that AFCs either compliment and get nowhere or they
do nothing at all and still get nowhere. I realized that whenever I was
successful in banging some HB after I complimented her, it was always when
coupled with a genuine expression of how she made me feel or what I thought
of her as a result of who she was as a woman. I incorrectly assumed that
just compliments work on their own and while they may, the risk of them
backfiring is too big to ignore. So, I thought rather than saying "You are
hot or beautiful," it is probably better to say "Your beauty or
attractiveness makes me glad I am a man" "Your beauty made me want to take
a second look and come over and say hello. I felt drawn to you by your
female energy" or "I was walking here and I could not help to take notice
of you and your beauty" or something like that. Here I am also making sure
she knows I find her attractive yet at the same time I am also revealing my
inner thoughts which she probably cares more about than simple
observations. In the context of my conversation with him, I picked up a
book I have at home called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by
Robert B. Cialdini. I picked it off the shelf and began reading the chapter
on the Scarcity Principle. This basically suggests that which is more
scarce is perceived as
more desirable. He also suggests that people are more generally motivated
about trying to prevent a loss than trying to obtain a gain. He suggest to
try to frame your arguments in terms of avoiding potential losses rather
than gains. For example, when trying to score a number "It would be great
to have your number so that we could not lose a chance to talk or see each
other again" rather than "It would be great to have your number so that we
could get together and have some fun" or "If you do not let me lick your
pussy you may lose the potential for a great orgasmic experience that could
blow your mind and body" or "If you do not accept an opportunity to go out
with me you may lose a chance to have a great time and feel totally
relaxed." So if you do not read this book you may lose the chance to learn
many great
techniques that you could apply to getting laid. HA!
He also tried to figure out what makes a scarce object more valuable -
whether the fact that it's nature is that it's scarce or that it was once
plentiful but more scarce now. He concluded that objects that were once
plentiful but more scarce now are perceived as more valuable. He pointed
out periods of revolution in Russia in 1917, the civil rights movement as
well as the fall of the Soviet block with periods where right before the
revolutionary movements periods of higher quality life existed which took a
sharp downward dive shortly before people revolted. So, it is not so much
that oppressed people fight for more, but ones that have things taken away
from them. I mention this because it ties into what my gym buddy said. He
gives women a high dose of what they do to him for a short burst and then
he takes it away leaving them begging for more. 600 women by your mid 40's,
average looks and slight gut - not bad at all............


> Stephane: Another thing you can try that always works is to prescribe
the symptom. In other words, you encourage her to not talk in such a way
that she WANTS to talk. There are an infinite number of ways you can go
about this, such as saying something like,"You've just met me, and I don't
know you, and you don't know me. Since we are still strangers, there are
some things that you will be comfortable and some things that you won't be
comfortable discussing with me until you trust me. Therefore I don't want
you to share with me anything that you don't want to. I ONLY want you to
open up to me in any slow way you wish."

Jeff: This sounds really good. But do you use it on girls you're picking up
or just when you first meet a girl?

Stephane responds: Doesn't matter. You use it when they're too quiet,
either during initial pickup or the second date or whatever. Personally, I
don't like shy types. I like bad girls, whores. I like them to be able to
admit to me they are whores. "Deep down inside, I know you are a little
whore and slut." If they can't look me straight in the eye and tell me
this, then I don't want them. Because she isn't being honest with herself.

For Ross and Swingcatt:
I was thinking that if a good looking guy is approaching a really good
looking HB, it is highly likely that many other guys are approaching the HB
as well, rich guys, famous guys (well, local yokels at least) guys who are
really fun playful and confident, other good looking guys, bad boys, etc.
So even if a guy is approaching an HB and he has looks, this gal may
encounter other guys who have characteristics that she values right along
with looks, so in this case SS would give a guy an edge...Just as an
example, there is this really cute 20 year old gal in my building who parks
cars as a job (she is a student) for an NBA team...she gets to park the
Mercedes, Lexus, etc. of pro basket ballers. Anyway, one player who is 35
and worth over 10 million asked her out. She was talking to her friends
about accepting, but she seemed doubtful. She said the guy wasn’t that
bright and had little to say, and she did not find him really appealing. I
found her attitude refreshing, but I knew this is not the norm.
Occasionally, these arrogant NFL guys will come and visit (at least they
used to) go to the bars, take any woman that presented themselves off to
the bathroom for quickie. When push comes to shove, many will fuck fame.

For Swingcatt:
I liked your recent post about the SS bar PU. But you did a post here a
while ago that was picture perfect at a Barnes and Noble . Why would that
not be a good bar PU to emulate? Your bar PU seems to be saying above all,
be fun and funny sprinkled with tidbits of SS. I know the importance of
being funny and carefree ..the PU's I know are that way and it works,
especially for bars. I can be that way and it is great, but it is so hard
getting into that state, especially if you sarge solo or are in shopping
mall (although I am sure that was not your intention). Anyway, a while ago,
Kamal and Orion put out something called Magical Connections. Orion
especially seems to be fun, funny and cocky. Do you think the routine they
practised would work well in bars?

cliff’s list advertisment section
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One of the best places for you to start your journey on becoming more successful with women would be to get David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating» e-book.  David (who posts here under the name "Sisonpyh" — which is "hypnosis" spelled backwards) is a good friend that I have known for several years now that I originally met through one of Ross’ Speed Seduction» seminars.  His posts here have been among the most outstanding contributions I have had over the years and his book (and the free bonuses) is highly recommended.

Ron Louis and David Copeland have been reading these emails for awhile and recently sent me their Mastery Program Tape series which I have finished listening to. It has some very good stuff on it and that, in combination with other pieces that you can pick up here and from the other products mentioned can be a help. For those who are just starting out learning how to deal with women, this is an excellent basic daily course to take you through the process of dealing with women. For those who are more advanced, you should pick up a few good ideas from this set of tapes.

Comments on this product from Tony B.:
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Here’s another one which I think has been reviewed here in the past but I haven’t gone through the old emails to check. Do You Want To Know A Simple, Two Minute Hypnotic Technique That Lets YOU Secretly Put Any Woman Into An Instant Trance And Persuades Her To Ask YOU Out?

Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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Cliff’s Comment: The following are all recommended but clicking on the links and buying from them doesn’t send any money back here (it is also recommended that the sponsors of these sites consider setting this up — from the little experience I have had since I started the commercial section a couple of weeks ago, I think you are missing a lot of business by not doing this):


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This is an archive of a free e-mail list relating to seduction, maintained by "Clifford".  Your comments are requested, encouraged, and greatly appreciated (note that comments from different people are separated by IIIIIIII’s).  If you know anyone who would like to be added to the list, or if you would like to be removed from the list, send an e-mail asking to be added or removed to
cli***f@cl***.com[ ? ] and it will be done.  If you would like to be added to the free joke list, just ask.  For those of you unfamiliar with the references to Speed Seduction»Â®, Clifford highly recommends your visiting  For those interested in seeing the previous e-mails that were sent out ("the archives"), they are available on request to Clifford or, preferably, can be browsed and searched at the archive at

By your accessing this archive, you understand that the information contained in within is an expression of opinions, and they should be used for personal entertainment purposes only.  You are responsible for your own behavior, and none of anything you read herein is to be considered legal or personal advice.  You also understand and agree that any products you may order as a result of your reading about them in this archive are produced and sold independently from us and that any complaints, disputes or other issues which you may have with the sponsors of these products are to be dealt with directly with said sponsors and we are not responsible in any way whatsoever for any issues which you may have with them.   If you are not in agreement with any of this, please leave his site now.

This newsletter and the newsletter archive in general is reproduced here with Clifford’s permission.  Visual enhancements and search features have been added by the webmaster to facilitate the reading and researching of the content.  The raw text as it appears here is exactly as it appeared in the original e-mail newsletter.  Products, services, or external web sites mentioned or linked to in this archive does not denote endorsement of those items.  The contents reprinted here are the opinion of the original writer(s) and are not necessarily the opinion of, nor endorsed by, the owner(s) or operator(s) of  The archive enhancements are generated automatically and there may be occasions where the visual cues don’t correlate exactly with the textual context; most of the time, though, the enhancements are pretty accurate.  The archive is updated as regularly as possible, whenever new newsletters are sent out.

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