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I thought for sure she would press charges
1/29/02 5:52:47 PM Eastern Standard Time


Seminar list (feel free to send in your schedule for inclusion here):
Ross Jeffries' ( Seminar Schedule for 2002 is as
Chicago May 3, 4 & 5
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Montreal August 9, 10 & 11
Palo Alto, Calif. Sept. 13, 14, & 15
He will also be giving his Magick/Psychic Influence Seminars in:
Orlando, Florida March 29, 30, & 31
New York June 7,8, & 9

Major Mark's ( seminar schedule for 2002 will include:
Feb 22-24 Atlanta -- Advanced Hypnosis: Bringing Deep Trance Resources
Into Conscious Control
Mar 8-12 Bangkok -- Performance Hypnosis: Basic and Advanced
Stage/Public Techniques
May 17-19 Lake Tahoe -- An Introduction To Hypnosis And Influence
Jul 26-28 Montreal -- The Essential Marknosis: Expositions, Exercises,
Inductions and The Alphabet Of Desire
Oct 18-20 Austin -- Build A Better Lover: Conditioning For Enhanced
Emotional And Sexual Responsiveness

Mystery is conducting Sex Magic Workshops in New York City and Los Angeles.
Mystery has added three more workshops in NYC and one in San Francisco.
NYC workshop 1: Feb 1 2 3
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*NEW* NYC workshop 3: Feb 8 9 10
*NEW* NYC workshop 4: Feb 12 13 14
*NEW* NYC workshop 5: Feb 15 16 17
Los Angeles workshop Feb 28, Mar 1 & 2
*NEW* San Francisco workshop Mar 7, 8 & 9
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mag***c@er***.com[ ? ]. For more info, visit

Clifford:  In addition to these locations, Mystery is planning to hold his
workshops in
Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver,
Philadelphia, Dallas, Boise, New Orleans, Sydney (Australia), Glasgow
(Scotland), Chicago, Amsterdam & London (England).

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Review and Report on Mystery's Sex Magic Workshop

I just finished the Sex Magic Workshop this past Saturday in Toronto (the
workshop took place January 24-26). Here is my outing report and review on
it. It is fairly long and detailed, but I want to cover all the major
points of the workshop. For the lazy bums among you, skip ahead to my
summary at the end. Any comments and feedback on my report would be

Day 1

There were only two students - a Canadian SSer, who's a friend, and I -
tonight. By the way, I am also primarily an SSer. We met up with Mystery at
the Indian Motorcycle Club in Toronto. I'd met Mystery before a year ago in
Toronto (I'm from Buffalo). For about 3.5 hours, Mystery asked us
questions, explained his philosophy, and elaborated on the format of the
Mystery Method». He gave us advice on our dress and style and so on. I was
told, for example, that I could pull off doing a model routine, and that I
should frost my hair, and get a fake tattoo on my neck. He also talked a
lot about the game metaphor for pick-ups. We were thrown a lot this night.
After this lecture, we headed downstairs (we were on the third floor, which
was relatively deserted) and went into action. We all put on big smiles as
we entered. I am not used to smiling all the time when I am out at clubs,
so this took a little getting used to. But, as Mystery said, the
biofeedback when you smile does lighten your mood a little. Immediately, as
I went to check my coat, Mystery told me to approach the coat check girl,
and gave me an opener and a routine to do. I went in with a big smile, said
"hi", and delivered my stuff. It was great - she was smiling and definitely
intrigued - some nice reactions. After a short time, I exited gracefully
and said that I would catch her later in the night. This was a good start
to an eye-opening weekend. The place has a slightly older crowd - more
people in their 30's and early 40's and not as many in their 20's. The rest
of the night, Mystery pointed out what sets to approach, gave us some good
openers and a couple of routines, and had us dive into action. It was
fast-paced and fun. He also demonstrated with a few sets, and I learned a
good deal by watching him work a room. His flashy displays and magic tricks
attracted attention, and not just from the set he was working on. I could
review and report on Mystery's methods as I would see heads turn in his
direction, people were intrigued and fascinated by what this guy was doing.
There were lots of smiles and laughter, and one woman went up to him
afterwards and complimented him on his amazing "kinetic energy." A guy
bought him a drink because he'd seen Mystery on TV.

I approached about 4 sets tonight. Although I didn't get any closes, I did
learn a good bit. I got experience in approaching groups. One of the first
sets I approached, I went in asking, "Do you believe spells work?" This was
addressed to a couple, which was part of a larger group. The woman asked me
later if I just go up to people asking this question. I said yes, because
my friends and I were having a discussion about the movie Poltergeist, and
I was curious as to what others' opinions were. She thought it was very
cool that I did this. Now, before the workshop, I would rarely approach
groups. Groups intimidated me, especially ones with guys in them. But I
learned that groups are really not so scary, and that guys are great to
talk to and befriend! On the other hand, one-sets suck. Mystery had me
approach a one-set to learn why it sucks. Sure enough, a minute after I
approached the one-set, her friend came over and distracted her, taking her
away. Still, she asked me for my name as I was exiting, and that's an IOI
(indicator of interest).

At the beginning of the night, Mystery had pointed out a very cute waitress
that he wanted. The timing was not right then, though, and he did not go
in. Later in the night, he spotted the same waitress walking around and
stopped her with "I wanted to meet you." Then, he went into his routine,
talking with her about 7 minutes standing and moving her to the couches and
talking to her there for another 10 minutes or so. During this time, he was
able to handle an guy obstacle who entered. There was good kino soon
enough, and he ended up number-closing her (and getting a mouth-closed
kiss). It was impressive stuff.

After this, as the place was dying, we went near the dance floor (where we
would normally never be), and Mystery did a few magic tricks on the dance
floor. He moved in on a two-set, and found out that the guy was the
boyfriend. He did not hit on her, so it was fine, and he exited nicely.

On the whole, even though I did not approach as many sets as I had hoped to
do - I was busy watching Mystery demonstrate much of the time - I still
learned A LOT from this night. Mystery's showmanship and magnetic presence
were quite impressive. One complaint would be that he was not watching us
closely as we approached the entire time, and we needed to tell him what
happened in order for him to give us feedback. This is understandable,
though, since he is only one person, and he cannot be watching or talking
to everyone at the same time. Also, Mystery was without a wingman the
entire weekend, and it would have been nice to at least have one
experienced wingman help the students while Mystery might have been busy
watching and helping another student. Finally, we spent only about 2.5
hours in the field, when I wished we could have spent closer to 3.5 hours.
This can be excused, however, since the expository material, which was
quite valuable, took up a lot of time.

On the whole, a good night. I am not usually this comfortable at making
approaches, but armed with some good openers and routines, and seeing the
field as just a PRACTICE field, I did not feel any fear in approaching
sets. I pretended it was just a Holodeck. It was great.

Day 2

We met up for the initial talk at Chapters, a bookstore. Another student,
who had missed the first night, showed up. Unfortunately, we spent the bulk
of the time getting this third student up to speed. I can see that he's
pretty inexperienced, and would potentially have a tough time at the
workshop. In my opinion, the workshop is not designed for a complete
newbie. Mystery will point out a set, give you some pointers on how to
open, and you are literally approaching in the next 3 seconds. The other
student and I had gone clothes shopping at the mall earlier in the day, and
I was sporting some cool clothes. Mystery was disappointed that I still had
not gotten a fake tattoo - I did not have time - oh, well. :-) The third
guy, however, was completely unprepared for the night. He was dressed in a
white shirt and tie, and jeans. The jeans would later cause problems.

I have nothing personal against this third student, but I think Mystery
should make it a policy for students to attend all three nights. We spent
too much time backtracking and reviewing things for this third student and
too little time learning new things. Instead, I would have wanted him to
teach us a few more routines. I still only had 2 or 3 routines to entertain
groups with, and I did not feel quite prepared for the night.

We headed to a bar across the street. Our plan was to stay at the bar for
at most 40 minutes, and then head to a club that Mystery got us on the
guest list at. Things did not turn out as planned, however, because the
third student could not get nice pants at that time of the night, and he
was not going to get in with jeans. This was a disappointment for me, as I
did not quite like the first place (I did not think there were enough
targets, for one thing), and I was hoping to only stay for a short time.
But I was still determined the make the most of the evening.

I approached more sets tonight - about 6 or 7 in total. We got a good 3.5
hours in the field. I fucked up the groups quite a few times - approaching
the target first by accident, approaching a set that had already been
approached by my friend, approaching a group at a pool table and not being
able to get the attention of the target, etc. - but I still learned from
all of them. Again, it was quite helpful to watch Mystery in action as he
entertained and dazzled one set after another. He number-closed a cute beer
girl quite easily, even while she was distracted by customers trying to buy
beer. When he wasn't getting IOIs from the target in one set he worked for
about 15 minutes, he introduced me to a couple of girls and told me to
demonstrate graphology (handwriting analysis), which I'm great at. Soon, I
had a girl (one of Mystery's obstacles) isolated and was doing her
handwriting. She looked cute from a distance, but when I got closer, she
turned out to be old - not ancient, but older than I usually go for (I'm
25). Still, I had a good time with her and talked to her about energy and
Huna and that kind of stuff. She was all into it, and I was getting some
good reactions. I could have probably number-closed her, but I chose not
to. Soon enough, Mystery's target (which he didn't get enough IOIs from)
entered our group and commented that we seemed to be in a deep
conversation. It was all happening so fast, and I didn't immediately
recognize that this girl might have actually been interested in me. I only
talked with her very briefly. If I had better skills, I might have been
able to turn this into a close, but it was still a good learning
experience. I exited soon after that, but I could still see the girls kind
of looking over at me later in the night. I learned the power of enthusiasm
and smiling.

Mystery's most amazing demonstration was his last set of the night. He
spotted a birthday party group, found the perfect angle at which to enter,
and after entertaining the entire group with a couple of routines, found
himself on the couch right next to his target! He is going one-on-one with
her, fascinating her with his many routines, and getting good kino and
other IOIs. My friend and I are watching all of this from a few feet away.
The cool thing is that Mystery had pointed this girl out as the girl he
wanted earlier in the night. She is definitely hot, almost an HB9. A guy
cockblock enters later, and Mystery enlists my help to get rid of him. I
happily obliged. :-)

Soon, the place is closing up, and Mystery goes for the number close. The
birthday girl, who I actually talked to earlier and who is pretty drunk by
now, tries to wreck the whole thing. She tries to pull the target away
(Mystery didn't get an opportunity to disarm this obstacle earlier), but it
doesn't matter. It's clear that the target is really into Mystery, and she
was not going to be simply pulled away by her friend. Her friend tries to
take the pen away from her as she is writing her number, but she is
unsuccessful. Eventually, the friend manages to pull the target some
distance away from Mystery, and you can hear Mystery saying, "Who's in
control, who's in charge?" This simple challenge motivates the girl to move
back towards him, but her friend is too strong, and Mystery walks out of
the room after her. Mystery tells the target that he will call her at 2 pm
the next day, and the friend says, "I'll be there." None of this
interference from the obstacle matters. It was an impressive display.

Day 3

My friend and I went to a magic shop and picked up a thumb tip, which is a
great tool, a book on mentalism, and some other stuff. We are working on
expanding our repertoire of routines and tricks.

We meet up at Chapters again. Mystery told me to approach a two-set with a
HOT blonde (the obstacle was pretty hot as well), which I discovered soon
enough was a little young (maybe 16), but still had some fun with them. I
did some handwriting analysis, got them smiling and laughing, and tried to
go for a quick close. I fumble the number close - she mentions a serious
boyfriend - but I learn. I needed to do more work before going for a close.
She was vegetarian anyways. ; )

In the meantime, Mystery has entered a two-set with a hot brunette and a
guy friend. He would discover later that she is only 15 (she definitely
looked older - about 18), but, what the hell, we are just having fun, and
14 is the age of consent in Canada. ;-) He entered with the pretext of
borrowing a chair from their table, but worked his magic right away. After
about 10 minutes, she joined our table, and he demonstrated runecasting.
It's brilliant, and both the girl and the guy are absolutely floored by the
demonstration. Mystery presented himself as an authority - she wanted to be
a singer, and he told her he is a performing artist. He gets a number
close, and we dissected runecasting downstairs. Runecasting is an awesome

We headed to a strip club next. Mystery's girlfriend actually works at the
place. He had some fun with the waitresses, totally breaking their frames
and their programs. He went into an analysis of how to work strip clubs,
and it's absolutely brilliant stuff. Mystery has had several stripper
girlfriends, and he knows more about how to work strip clubs than anyone
else I know. As he explained his strategies, I see the beautiful logic of
it all. Although I rarely go to strip clubs, it's definitely golden advice
for when I do decide to hit one later. Mystery also taught up mnemonics and
the money bag routines - all good stuff.

My friend bought the POWER-LEV from Mystery; it's a device that he
invented. Get this device if you really want to dazzle a girl! It allows
you to levitate beer bottles and other heavy objects right in front of an
HB. Mystery would sometimes spot a group, take 30 seconds to do the trick
and then just walk away! You invariably get wide-mouthed reactions, and the
girls beg you to come back to do more!

We headed to a rather exclusive club next. Mystery's sorta-girlfriend was
supposed to get us on the guest list, but, for some reason, we are not, and
I was a little annoyed. I was hoping to hit a place with a more exclusive
crowd (and hopefully more HBs), especially after what happened the previous
night, but we had no luck. We went instead to a bar called the Fez Batik.
The place is okay - not too many HBs, but still a decent practice area. The
place is a little strange, and I don't do very well tonight. The first set,
for example, went nowhere. I approached a group and found myself talking to
only one of the obstacles. My energy is somewhat lacking, and I only get
lukewarm reactions from this set. Also, the ESP routine that Mystery taught
us does not work for me AT ALL. It failed every single time, and I lost
credibility early. I think I am going to ditch this routine. Anyways, at
the end, I exit, and I swear that this dumbass AFC guy sitting near the
girl starts busting up laughing. I was tempted to kick his ass (and I
easily could have), but I didn't want to waste my energy and deal with this
stupidity, so I moved on to greener pastures. Incidentally, I had this huge
zit on my face near my eye the entire weekend, and I'm pretty sure that
this took away from the effectiveness of my approaches this weekend,
especially tonight. What perfect timing for a zit! Grrr! After this zit is
gone, however, watch out! :-)

I only did about 4 sets at the bar. I messed up one two-set that approached
later in the night. I tried to address the obstacle more, but she actually
didn't hear me and started dancing! So I ended up talking to the target,
who turned out to be pretty ugly on closer inspection. She wasn't reacting
well to my routines, so I quickly exited after giving her a neg. As I
turned, I think that the same AFC dumbass from before started laughing (I
didn't bother to look at his face). This asshole must have been following
me or something and watching me from a distance. What a loser. Next time I
see him, he's getting his ass whipped.

The second set I approached was a two-set. I did not do very well and I
managed to ignore the target (about an 8) too well and she left! So I ended
up talking to the obstacle (about a 7) exclusively and thought I would get
some practice in closing. I did a few of Mystery's routines, but also added
in my own routines. By this time, I was making up stories on my own and
getting out rough versions of 2 or 3 of my own routines. One of the
benefits of the workshop is that as you engage in conversations with your
sets or even your friends, you find that you get fresh ideas for stories or
routines all the time, and I love it! Anyways, after running some routines
and SS patterns and some value elicitation, I simply go for the number
close. I got the number even though the girl knew I lived in Buffalo. :-)

Mystery got two numbers tonight. He closed an HB9 near the bar. It was
pretty amazing, because he simply blasted through her resistance. At first,
when he went for the close, she said, "Well, you can meet me here next
Saturday." Mystery told her, 'No, that's not what we're going to do." He
went on to tell her that he will meet up with her soon, and that he will
call her the next day. She must have been pretty shocked at this response,
and went silent. He got the number soon afterwards, and she was mouthing
"Tomorrow" to him as he was walking away. Great stuff!

Near the end of the night, Mystery worked a set on the couches. I did not
see the entire approach, but towards the end, he was holding an HB's hand,
getting good kino, and as she is walking away, she says to him, "You're a
bad boy, you are so bad." It was some kick-ass stuff, because that is
precisely the image that Mystery intends to present. I was pretty amazed
that the girl actually said this to him. This girl was HOT, too - she was
definitely a 9.

At the end of the night, Mystery gave each of us his assessments of our
performances. He told me that I am the fastest of the group - I cannot
disagree with a master. ;-) He said that I just need to practice more and
come up to speed so that I can go sarging with him some more.

All in all, despite a few mishaps and some disappointments, this was a
great workshop and definitely worth the money. I feel that I can take the
skills and knowledge I picked up from the workshop, read up more on the
Mystery Method», especially the specific routines, and in a month or two,
after tons of practice, become GREAT at doing pick-ups in bars and clubs.
There's A LOT to absorb during the workshop, so don't worry if you feel a
little overwhelmed and don't become instantly good at your pick-ups. I know
I did not exactly come out with all of my guns firing. But I also know that
I WILL internalize all of this soon enough, and I will be posting some
great outing and lay reports soon - watch for them! HBs in Buffalo will
have never seen anyone like me. ;-)


1. If you are fairly comfortable at approaching girls, and don't stall in
your conversations after just a minute or two, this workshop WILL improve
your skills. If you NEVER approach girls, however, and cannot accept
failure and being more than who you currently are, this workshop will not
be very helpful.

2. Mystery is an amazing performer and PUA. All the girls he closed this
weekend were hot.

3. I wish Mystery would have done a little less demonstrating and more
working with the students individually. It would have been also helpful for
him to have an experienced wingman there to help the students along.

4. I wish we had gone to a higher-class, more exclusive, and more
beautiful-people place for at least one night. I felt there were not quite
enough HBs at the places we visited, so I didn't feel as motivated to
approach and to close.

5. All in all, the workshop ROCKED. Mystery will teach, show, and have you
DO the Mystery Method», and you will come out a different person. I know I
have. :-)


Reply to Alan's "how do I go about marketing it through Yahoo Groups??"

This'll be brief and if any of it sounds brutal, then understand my time's
short and none of it is meant in any way as a personal slight. Aware of it
or not, several here are in the same boat you're in. On a larger scale --
MOST of the sites and online marketing out there suffer from similar
afflictions. So you have lots of company, if that's any consolation to you
(it shouldn't be).
>I have a book coming out soon, and how do I go about marketing it through
Yahoo Groups?? .

First off -- put your release plans on hold. You're nowhere near ready to do
this, based on current information at hand. I'm saving you a lot of
frustration down the road. Second, get better educated about marketing --
do an online search for marketing or internet/online marketing. There are
plenty of free sites out there with free information. Not all of its good,
but hey, it's free.
> how do I go about marketing it through Yahoo Groups??

Don't. Never. Ever. Unless you want to kill it before it ever has a chance
to thrive. Spend the $15 and get your own domain name. Sucking off the
yahoo teat and doing this on the cheap will doom your project before you
get out of the gates. if money's the issue, best to wait until you've saved
the money to do it right. I looked at your site. Lots of problems there.
Highlights (from top of the page and down):
1. the problem with "free" domains -- you surrender some of your most
valuable real estate on your homepage so someone else can make their money.
Not only is that bad marketing, it's bad business. See opening comments.
2. You spent too much time creating a fancy logo, and not enough time on
writing compelling copy. Nix it or make it smaller and put it off to the
side. Making it smaller will solve that unprofessional pixilated look it
currently has.
3. Major mistake -- NO HEADLINE! Put one in here that addresses your target
market(s) major concerns . . . and see #2 above. You have only 6-10 seconds
to hook people in to read more. Where is it? Honestly ask yourself -- "If I
weren't the author, would I even bother?"
3. Nothing here entices people to click the links, which are ill-placed on
the page. Ugh!
4. Lose the "about me link". No one cares. Visitors to your site are ONLY
interested in how you can solve their problems and have zero interest in
the humongous, over-pixilated picture of you.
> "Mode One: Let The Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking," targets how
men find themselves feeling angry, frustrated, bitter, and unfulfilled
because of their failed relationships and/or ineffective interactions with
the opposite sex.

5. Change the title. It's a snoozer. Women are more the fast-twitch
responders to this type of title, not men.
5a. Have you done your research, surveyed your target market(s)? Is there a
viable demand for your book? Will people be willing to pay for it? This
blurb you wrote is very uncompelling. I won't contest that you've put your
finger on the pulse of the problem -- I just seriously doubt men would buy it.
At least with that kind of teaser you wrote. Learning basic marketing and
copywriting skills should partially remedy that problem. However, even the
most clever copywriting and marketing whiz-bang will be for naught if no
one's interested. Find the flush, hungry mob, whip them into a feeding
frenzy, feed them.
 From a marketing professional's perspective, you've got a lot of work
ahead of you, so I hope you weren't going to roll this out anytime soon. I
would destroy the yahoo site, scrap all copy (not your book, though that
too probably could stand a massive rewrite) . . . and start at the
beginning -- once you've grasped the basics of selling your product
One of the best role models that you can study on the cheap, because many
of his emails were here first, is "Sisonpyh"/"David DeAngelo"
( Get the archives from Cliff. He's a textbook
case of effective guerilla marketing.  Plus, he's a peer on this list and
that may make it more believable and doable from your perspective. Study
how he first established himself as an authority here, giving tons of
valuable information, then leaked info about his new book and then, etc.,
etc. Plus his website is really basic, yet does most things right as far as
marketing goes. The site is a great example of "it doesn't have to look
great to do great."
Good basic design, effective use of headlines that pull visitors in and
compelling copy that ensures they continue to the end and then at the end,
some real killer effective offers that are very difficult to not buy.
"David's" (if that's his real name) one to watch. With what I've seen him
demonstrate thus far, he'll own the dating/seduction information market
within 3 years if he a.) has those ambitions, b.) continues his current
efforts and accelerates them. If he doesn't, it's because he has other
Regardless, watch and model. Get on his email list. Study.
Gotta blaze. Hope this helps. At it's least, I hope it creates more
questions than it answers.
If you email me off list, I'll send you some links where you can buy the
best marketing information. It may take a few days, though before I have
time to respond. Though, to warn you in advance if you have one of those
"free" email accounts, I typically don't reply to them.
Wishing You Massive Success,
Walter Terry ( -- Words That Produce Results!
See the new "Raving Fans" page that nearly got me into trouble.
PS -- For more free marketing advice that's worth far more than you paid
for it  -- myself and Doc La Tourrette have posted a huge pile of
good, basic info on the "Marknosis" and "mindmastery-essentialskills" email
lists. You can find Mark and Doc's lists through Many of
his posts are prime examples of sneakily-effective marketing tactics.
In fact, Doc posted a great one on effective marketing principles last week
that I've printed out and placed above my computer -- it's that damned
good. Just for the record, whatever people have in their heads about the
guy -- La Tourrette is a far better marketer than many of the "masters"
I've studied with. Emulate his model and you'll never go hungry.


> Dean: I have to disagree with this. I know many guys, myself included,
that have received compliments from women related to their looks.
Compliments I have received from women include:
"You're so handsome"
"You're really hot"
"You look good enough to eat"
"You're soooo cool"
"I want to fuck you"
And not one of these compliments has been from my mother or girlfriends.
Good looking guys DO get complimented.

Halbster: Good looking guys do get complimented. However, where do you go
with this?
Aha! Now, perhaps you realize the value of merely noticing or complimenting
a girl on her looks. All it leads to is a mere thank you.


Suggestions requested...
I found a stunning HB10 on one of the dating sites», she surely gets
hundreds of emails there. I did start to build a good rapport with her,
employing embedded commands, some other SS techniques. We had planned to
talk on the phone. Then suddenly I didn't hear back from her for a while. I
was trying not to supplicate. Finally, I did an analysis of her profile and
all her messages to me, and constructed a lengthy message entitled "I know
who you are" and it basically was a description of what she values, who she
is as a person, kind of like describing her after knowing her for years. I
also used that "were you that little girl, all safe in bed, dreaming of her
perfect guy" routine - which I love. She wrote back and said "I think you
were right on the money. Couldn't believe it. Like you were right inside
me."  To my disappointment however, I've been unable to proceed with her,
despite the obvious connection achieved. I told her I wasn't looking for a
chat buddy, and left her my number, and to call by 8 or let me know when
she would be calling (trying not to supplicate, though admittedly I have
been to some extent). I'm not sure what the problem here is, maybe it is
supplication. I'm not sure how to proceed, or what to do/say to get this
rolling once again. She is by far one of the most spectacular women I've
seen on these sites, and the connection/rapport seems excellent - so I'm
baffled as to why she's reluctant to take this to the next step. Possibly
she's just playing and the photos are not of her?
>Gregory Rasputin: Hey, well this isn't me whining that I can't get it up.
I can get it up, but not much further from there. I don't know what my
problem is, but my girl jerked me off for one and a half hours straight and
I was just hard, but I wouldn't come. I wore her out, and she really wanted
me to come. I don't know if it's my diet, if it is, then please someone
tell me what I shouldn't eat, and what I should eat for better sperm count,
and such. Also, what kind of mind tricks would you suggest for better
control of my buddy?

MindAuger: It's not what you shouldn't eat - it's what you should. First of
all, if you smoke - quit! Smoking does cause problems. Take "sex
supplements". The following did WONDERS for my libido:
3x a day:
3g L-Arginine
1000mg vitamin C
Ginkgo Biloba
750mg choline
500mb pantothenic acid
800IU vitamin E

1x a day
50mg Zinc
400mg folic acid
500mg tyrosine
DHEA (illegal in Canada - legally on par with heroin, but in the US you
can buy the stuff at Walmart!)

Diet aside, there are other things you can try if you want to come through
your girl's efforts. First of all, can you make yourself come? If so, then
you're doing great. The trick is, do yourself while she's there, and while
you do, LOOK AT HER. Look right into her eyes as you come. This
psychologically connects your orgasm with her, instead of you - you
associate the pleasure you're feeling with her. I discovered this tidbit at
a really interesting site at I
recently had a bit of a problem where I couldn't come while receiving oral
(I take a while to come as it is, which is great for fucking, but a bit of
a drag for oral). What I decided to do was clear my mind of any concern
over "being able to come" and focused on the fact that my gorgeous
girlfriend was giving me a wicked blow job. I looked at her and focused on
the pleasure of it, understanding that my difficulty was all in my head. I
kind of reframed the whole thing as though I was a third person watching
what was going on, and that helped me see how erotic it was. And sure
enough - bam - blew my load in her mouth (she'd been married for 13 years
and never swallowed until I was able to make her totally comfortable with
it, which was rather easy).
The point is, removing all concern for performance makes all the
difference. There's a mental state called "flow" which is found in
lovemaking and athletes. The idea is that you become so unconcerned with
your performance, that you excel beyond your wildest dreams. So, get the
essential "sex nutrients" and connect your orgasm with her, and you might
just find what you're looking for.


Dwacon (The shadow of a dog ain't never bit no one
> MB: she says "You cannot do that, I am pissed off." I said "well I know
deep down inside you really like that" she says "you are such a pig" I say
"yes I am a pig and I am getting a hard on just by you standing here beside
me" she says "really, are you really getting hard?" I say "Yes, harder by
the minute, want to see?" she says "you are sick." I say "well you are not
running away are you?" ........she stayed with me until the end of the night

Dwacon: This makes me think about an earlier discussion where we cogitated
on how AFCs get the way they are. My speculation IME is that mothers
sabotage their sons by raising them in a way that has them automatically
supplicating. Maybe they know (as women) that if their sons strike out,
they can keep them to themselves. Kinda Oedipal, huh?
Most guys (including myself in my pre-SS days) in MB's position would have
immediately begun apologizing. It never dawned on me, until I entered the
NLP/SS world so many years ago (when I took Ross' course) that I should
never apologize for being a man. It is funny though how women will often
test you... throw a curve and then stop and look to see what your reaction
will be.
Last summer, I caught myself doing that unexpectedly. I was planning a
romantic weekend with an HB10 and things were going great, we arrived and
had lunch, then went back for some making out. When it came time for the
"grand opening" she threw me a curve and caught off guard I apologized...
and that was it... I had given up power and the weekend became a blue ball
special with her in the guest room.
Since then I have embedded a state in myself to always be on guard... like
a cat... never let that predatory instinct wane or attenuate. I used this
at the gym with a HB8 who walked past me and I smiled but she froze me out
and we could see each other in the mirror working out... she would glance
my way but I couldn't lock eyes. So I finished my set and went over and
just started talking as if we were old friends and got into the Brother
Soul rose pattern with tons of kino. Unfortunately, some of the guys who
work at the gym have been jealous of my suckcess and have taken it as their
duty to "warn" women they see me sarging. D-OHH !!!
Same thing with another gym femme... a HB10 (a personal trainer) who
initially gave me ice. But I got in with some fluff and commenced to trance
her out, then said, "We really need to hang out." She immediately answered,
"Yeah... let's do that." Her normal reaction would prolly be "I have a
borefriend" -- and she was so surprised at her quick acquiescence that she
backtracked and said, "But... just around (the gym) because I have a bf."
So I said, "Well, this is the place that we both get physical... so as you
begin to think about..." and etc. so I had her backed in a proverbial
corner. But, once again, the CB's working there steered her away.
But back to the original idea of how some mothers try to program their sons
into being AFC's... (considering my brother who was raised by dad gets tons
of pu$$ and I being raised by mom always struggled), I was talking about
this with a friend back home in Texas and he says that we get "old tapes"
recorded early in our lives that have to be erased... as they can rewind
and replay suddenly and unexpectedly. Hmm... sounds like a job for Ross or
Major Mark?
This past weekend I was with a Courtney Love look-alike and she threw every
curve ball in her arsenal, but in the end she was nekkit and I think it was
the same thing that MB is saying... to be straightforward and without apology.


I was looking at a course schedule of non-credit classes at my college the
other day and there was a class based on tapping into the more emotional,
and physical self confidence rather than the mental aspects. It mentioned
Oprah Wnfrey and Michael Jordan having the ability to tap into a deeper
emotional form of self esteem that didn't require so much mental work, so
to speak. I'm butchering the copy by paraphrasing it, but the essence
overall, was stop thinking so much and tap into the more animalistic
confidence, the instinctual primal form of esteem, rather than
intellectualizing it all. I think Mark B. is somewhere in that world, with
his focus on delivery rather than what to say. Mike Tyson for instance,
isn't using any PU techniques, I could almost guarantee it. He just
believes he deserves the attention of women, and simply goes for what he
wants, without thinking about what to say. Of course, I'm noticing a
pattern with this (here I go again intellectualizing) and it seems the
three famous people I mentioned have a quality that I notice is predominant
in people who seem to just go for what they want. I'm done.


Mark B.:
> Ciz: In fact, this girl felt very ashamed she caused all these problems,
and she was responsible for everything. In fact, she found her life totally
ruined and now completely avoids police, police stations, detectives,
county attorneys, rape crisis centers and forgets all about calling 911 --
because in the end, the government ruined everything for her and caused her
to feel very ashamed, bad, ugly, and stupid.........

MB: Intriguing story. I was once in a situation where I got hot and heavy
on a couch with a woman who did not object to me kissing her or putting my
fingers inside her or sucking on her nipples. But after I pulled them out
of her to lick them to show her I wanted to see what she tastes like
inside, she freaked and accused me of taking her pants off while she was
sleeping. I
think this may have been because she had a very strong scent that night and
may have been embarrassed over it. This was our first date and she said she
was not into that kind of relationship. This scared the living shit out of
me because I thought for sure she would press charges. But after that she
later said she was not into bringing guys home and fucking them on the
first date - she really did not want to look like a cheap slut. Question to
all of you on the list is if a woman makes these false accusations does she
do so with a sense of guilt even though she knows they are false? Would she
also have a problem facing the guy she made the false accusations against?
Also, why do they do this - why not just come out and tell the truth that
they are not into it at the moment rather than making themselves look like
total confused idiots.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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