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"She left a note on the door telling me to follow the candles"

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She left a note on the door telling me to follow the candles
3/10/02 10:46:13 AM Eastern Standard Time


David Update:
The mini-seminar on Sunday, March 17th starting at 11:00 a.m. to whenever
is on!  The purpose is  to tape the event and then market it as a
product.  There's a good number of guys who have responded and we should
have a nice crowd.  The cost to attend is $25 Canadian and attendance will
entitle you to a discounted price on the final product.  Contact me for the
rest of the details.

The last time we did this (to get material for the book), David was really
on and the tapes would have made a great "basic course."  But the taping
was not done professionally and the quality wouldn't be good enough. The
book is also well into production and we hope to have something available
soon.  If you have interest in attending, email me.

Private in person or telephone consultations with David are available.

PLEASE NOTE:  This David is not to be confused with David DeAngelo of (who has posted some great stuff here under the
name "Sisonpyh")!

David is particularly intuitive with regard to your specific individual
problems with certain women.  You can get on the phone, answer his
questions on the situation, and he will give you very insightful advice on
how to succeed in your particular mission.

He's had some spectacular results, and you will be reading much more about
this soon.


Problems getting these emails?  My problem in asking you about having
problems is that if you are you probably aren't seeing this question.  But
I have been having a number of complaints lately that people aren't getting
the emails.  I am working on a solution but for the time being I would like
everyone to know that unless you requested to be removed from the mailing
list, you are still on it.  So if you aren't getting it (and somehow or
other are aware of this note to contact me if you are not getting it),
please get in touch with me and I will resend what you missed.

One guy who has been on the list for a long time wrote to say he hadn't
gotten it regularly for months - I think his problem is having an AOL
accounts which seems to sometimes delete emails that are too long or
something like that.


Free Personals sites (these should be free to RESPOND to, not just put your
ad there):


I have found out about a book that you might be interested in. I think
you'll like it. It's called How to Get All the Girls You Want by Arthur
Gordon. He seems to know his stuff and the book has a lot of basic stuff in
it. His website is

Clifford:  Arthur Gordon has been in touch with me and he has some very
interesting ideas about women.  I hope to review his books here soon.  If
you order them from his website after reading about it here, just tell him
I sent you!


Seduction 101, for Guys by Paul Wolf
There you are in the arms of the woman you love, and, guess what? You're
thinking strategy. You know what you want; how to get it is another
question.  Not even the bedroom is free from politics. And diplomacy here
could be the difference between a ticker-tape parade and the cold shoulder.
"There is a big difference between an invitation to try something new and a
lecture" [about what she should be doing for you], says Kevin Gogin, a
marriage, family and child counselor.  Communication is key, but before you
speak, consider a bad and better approach to getting your message across.
Bad: "How come you never wear that lingerie I bought you?"
Better: "Driving home, I had this image of you in that black teddy, and,
wow, I couldn't wait to get home ..."
Heck. She might put it on right there. That first approach makes her
question her desirability. It sounds accusatory. Nobody likes to feel
The second approach, meanwhile, is creative, flattering and playful. It
doesn't demand that she wear the lingerie; it just plants the idea.
Gogin says men should use positive words and expressions like, "I thought
it would be fun if we ..." or "What would you think of ...?" At the same
time, men should avoid loaded words like "dissatisfied," frustrated" and
"practically never."
Here are a few pointers for getting your point across positively:
Start small: Trying a new position or adjusting a familiar one is less
intimidating than insisting she fulfill that dominatrix fantasy you've been
Consider the timing: Don't launch into a conversation about sex during
foreplay. Share your thoughts at a neutral time: on a walk or over breakfast.
Recognize her point of view: Your desires shouldn't be imperatives; they
are preferences, says cognitive therapist Michael Edelstein. "There is a
difference between having an experimental attitude and making absolutist
demands." Keep yourself and your partner free of demands, musts and shoulds.
Be playful: Sex is supposed to be fun, so why get so uptight about
discussing it? Train yourself not to take it so seriously. It's not a
matter of life and death.
Don't read into things: Before you label her The Great Withholder, consider
what may be really going on. Maybe that position is uncomfortable. Maybe
her mind is filled with work in the morning.
Be concerned about a refusal to talk about sex: It's difficult to be
lighthearted if she flatly refuses to communicate with you. If you've tried
and failed to talk about sex openly, you may want to consider counseling.
Just as she has the right to say no, you have the right to speak your mind
- especially when you are committed to doing so diplomatically.


Review: David Shades Manual
I finally got my hands on a copy of David Shade's Manual, and it's a good
thing I did! For those of you who aren't familiar with David Shade, he is
an experienced Seductionist whose specialty is giving women the ultimate in
pleasure, both inside and outside the bedroom. This is what Shade's Manual
is all about. You newbies should go read David DeAngelo's book first, cause
Shade's book won't help you if you can't get any women! For those of us who
can, however, this book is a must read. One of the great things about
Shade's manual is that it features a full range of techniques, ranging from
sexual moves and secret spots to advanced sexual hypnosis and orgasm
control. I especially enjoyed the sections about phone sex and warming
women up for the kill. I love showing up at a girl's house with the work
already done, or better yet, having them show up at my place with panties
dripping! The sections on vaginal stimulation were especially beneficial
because the techniques can be used immediately, which I proved just a
couple of days after I got the book. Now how do I get her to stop calling
me, Shade? I haven't gotten into the hypnosis techniques yet, mainly
because I don't have a steady girl right now and I am a little reserved
about trying them out on the bar sluts. I will report back when I do. I
have read alot of emails from others who have used them and I am very
impressed with the results. I give this book my highest recommendation!


How To Be a Chat Room Hooker
During a recent email exchange with Cliff I mentioned the success I've been
having lately with meeting women on line and closing them ASAP. He
suggested I write about it, so here goes...... It's so simple I feel
foolish about writing it up, but I'm sure many of you have never tried this
so what the hell. With this method you will meet and fuck women easily.
They won't be fashion models but I've not hooked up with any ugly ones
either. Most I meet are in their 30's, attractive, and sexual as can be.
- If you don't have AOL, GET IT. Yes, I know it sucks and I hate big
conglomerates like AOL-Time Warner but if you want to get laid AOL is a
gold mine.
- Get a nice pic taken of yourself with a digicam, or get one scanned. I am
25 and not bad looking, so your results may differ from mine. You will need
a pic to show the ladies... no one wants to meet some guy that could end up
looking like Jabba the Hut. Also consider taking some nude pix of yourself.
No you don't want to show your FACE in them, but a nice snapshot of your
dick is good to trade with women that are into this stuff... and YES they
are out there, I've met a few of them. I am just average in size and my pic
always gets compliments and has gotten me laid plenty. However if you're
below average in size, have a big gut, etc. skip this step ; )
- Go to the AOL chat room for your city. If you're in a city too small to
even have an active chat room, chances are you need to move the hell out of
there. My city and the surrounding area have approx. 250,000 people and
that's plenty for me. Click on Chat, then on 'Find a Chat', then on 'Search
All Chats on AOL'. Enter your city or state name and get in there.
Sometimes it will be full, but just bookmark the top page and keep trying.
- Once you're in, start checking the profiles of people. Most of the women
in the room will be obvious from their screen names, although sometimes you
can't tell. Don't get caught up in the chat room bullshit. There will
usually be a bunch of inane babbling going on or some argument. Stick to
Instant Messaging the women in the room. I can handle 2 or 3 at a time but
I type fast, too, so your mileage may vary.
- I always open with just 'Hi' and wait for them to respond. 80% of the
time they will. The "A/S/L" - age/sex/location deal is a common opener but
I prefer not to use it as it turns some women away. After you start the
convo and ask how they are doing then get their age and location. The room
I go into is a state rather than a city chat so a handful of the people are
from cities 2, 3, or more hours away. Offer to trade pix with them so you
can see what they look like - the sooner the better on this. Don't waste
your time with hogs.
- What you do from here is up to you... I prefer to accelerate everything
and try to fuck them that night. I use stuff like Mystery's "What are you
looking for?" to try and open them up, and as soon as they even hint at sex
I'm off and running. COCKY AND FUNNY is also a great state of mind to be in
- thanks David D.
- Remember that these women have never seen you in real life so you should
give them some leeway.. i.e. I will give them my # sometimes so they can
call me instead of taking their number. I would never do this IRL but their
fear of having some freak stalk them is a real one... hell, one married
girl I'm doing now has some idiot calling her all the time. Here are some
sample results: - 34 year divorcee, closed her on the same night I met her
online. We traded some hot pix then she called and invited me over. She was
the first girl I met that ejaculated (my new favorite fetish). We got
together a few times until her boyfriend moved in with her : (
- 35 year old divorcee, she found me with Yahoo Instant Messenger one night
out of NOWHERE. We exchanged pix and it was ON. She gave me directions to
her place, and left a note on the door in her complex telling me to follow
the candles to her bedroom... where she was in red lingerie and had bought
us 2 small bottles of Jagermeister. Massage, oral, and more. We 69'd and
she squirted all over me at least 4 times.
- 29 year old single girl. Has one or two rich older guys take her on trips
and all that jazz. Set up a Monday meeting and when I called her cell there
was no answer. I sent her a stern email, she apologized and we got together
2 nights later. She was great at oral, and I must be, too, because she
squirted and she normally does not. Met her in AOL Chat. Exchanged some hot
pix too.
- 25 year old married girl. Came over this past Wed. afternoon and we were
into each other so much as we kissed before she left we tore each other's
clothes off and had round two. She gives great head and likes to take it in
the ass as well. Met her in AOL Chat. She wants to find another girl so we
can have a 3some now, too.
Then of course there is the 18 year old that I'm meeting tomorrow night,
and the 38 year old married woman that I'm supposed to meet next week...
she wanted to squirt SO BAD but couldn't... I showed her a web page and she
had her first ejaculation this afternoon just by following the techniques.
She said she played with herself in front of a mirror just to make sure
it's real. In the future, I don't think I'll give away the store like that
before I actually MEET them : )  Now there is a thought - how about being a
well get a bad reputation in the chat room. I should have thought of this
before and just used different screen names. The other night I was just
sitting in there and some guy started ragging on me, saying that "decent"
guys like him had to "fix" the "damage" that "guys like" me do to women,
because I "just go to the room to get laid". What a bitter loser. NEVER
tell anyone in the chat room what you're doing or some lame clown like this
will try to fuck you up. Thing is, I've never told anyone what I do so how
he knows this stuff is beyond me....
- Remember that AOL lets you have several different screen names so it's
easy for women to play around with you... always be alert and WRITE DOWN
screen names and info for women you've talked to in the past so you
remember who they are, their real names, etc. Good luck


Hey guys, tonight is DAY 3 (last day) of my San Francisco Sex Magic
workshop which is sold out. : )  Limo, clubs, women, knowledge, fast paced
adventure and I believe it's going great according to the guys (I'll get
them to post their reports on the workshop here in a few days). In fact, I
JUST got off the phone with one of the girls I met yesterday. : ) Anyways,
the LA workshop last week went great as well. (Testimonials to come when I
have time to track them down - I'm travelling now and don't have ONLINE
time.)  I also had the chance to meet RJ the day after my LA workshop was
complete. That was fun. So now ...
I've decided to come to MIAMI, FLORIDA!
I will be conducting my Sex Magic workshop in MIAMI on April 11, 12 and 13.
If you are interested (who isn't!!!), sign up now (go to I'm going just to go and while I'm there, I figure
I'd teach the Florida boys my shit. Cool? I only have room for 6 people,
sorry, and, yes, there are already people interested so get in early, k?
Also, I have purchased (wholesale) some awesome RUNES (really nice wooden
ones with the symbols burned into them). I'm keeping one set and selling
off 5 of them to you guys and those in my Lounge. Trust me on them, they
are BEAUTIFUL, I would never steer you wrong. Get a set off me and a book
(I'm considering writing a runecasting book for US in the near future
actually - when I have time from the workshops) and throw them in your prop
bag.  They are VERY cool. They are mysterious and don't appear TAROT
gimmicky. They are very useful for us. I only do what WORKS after all.  So
email me - they are a little expensive (I haven't seen the invoice as I'm
not back in Toronto yet - somewhere around $40 for a set I think, might be
a bit more) but the quality is there - very important to have everything as
close to perfect in our approach as possible after all. aiiiiight! l8r G.


> Mark B.: sudden and surprising kiss near the end followed by some more
kissing and boning later on. I swear it could not be easier. I think I am
going to write a book.

NightLight9: Mark, you know I've been supportive of your posting as
truthful, but if you want to write a book, you are going to have to start
capturing the "intangibles" that separate your approach with that of
others. I have seen plenty of guys try to do what you do, and fail. I don't
think it's your looks (at least not just your looks). But when I read your
post, I get your kinesthetic internal workings, but not the visual and
auditory experience that is what makes the women like you. If you believe
in those inner workings. It's not just that you honestly express yourself,
it's how you honestly express yourself. This is really important. It's not
just that you honestly express yourself, it's how you honestly express
> Insider: As I look at Mystery's website on the things he does that
enables him success (and can appreciate what he does!), these seem like
"kiddie" tricks, and hence it is more apparent to me that hot chycks in
America are very much like a little children, and children don't
particularly like "art".

NightLight9: I would say the % of hot chicks that art is probably about the
same as "normal" chicks that like art. That said, Mystery targets a very
specific type of girl. The kind that goes clubbing, etc. I'm not saying
that that's the only type of chick he goes after ever, but that's what his
methods are designed for. If you're going to target that subset of women,
art is probably not the best way. If you are picking up women at a museum
on the other hand :-) Once you establish value to these (club) women
(perhaps by using MM), they will appreciate your art. However it's not
going to be the peacock plumage it could be on a cocktail party, and it's
certainly not going to be the peacock plumage mentalism or alphamale
characteristics that are
going to be the thing at a club. If you want to see an example of a not
particularly good looking artist who nail lots of hot chicks. Check up
"Naked Pictures of My Exgirlfriends" .
There is a self portrait at the end, and it's safe to say this guy was
nailing chicks way hotter than him
real>. Plus it's a pretty good book.
>Insider: I do understand that being flexible is very important, but if
one is also an artist, then am I simply supposed to shut that part of me
down and assume the James Bond personality, and perform magic tricks? Or is
there a way to combine these two personality types? If the answer is "yes"
to combining the two personalities, then the question is how? Mystery and
others on this list: I would be interested in feedback.

NightLight9: Art is cool, any skill is cool. It's a lot more than just
combining these two things. You need to work on projecting a whole image.
Can you pull straight James Bond off? If you can, what the fuck are you
reading this shit for :-P Anyway, yes, you should combine all the positive
parts of your personality and then develop the skill to show them as
necessary and in the appropriate light.
> Prophet: I have a feeling I'll see her again, and when I do I'll suggest
we exchange numbers.

NightLight9: Yeah, you did a great job connecting. It would be pretty
surprising if she wasn't into you (if that did happen it would be an
indication that you aren't being innately sexual enough, or she's f-ed up).
>If she is at my watering hole before she goes clubbing, I'll go with her.
I should have followed them to the club, I guess, but I just haven't had
enough experience yet.

NightLight9: Why would you follow them to the club? I think that's low
percentage or at least low efficiency. Here is why: If you go with them,
you're pretty much committed to a few hours with them. Unless you are going
to pick up other chicks there, you have blown your evening spending time
with these chicks and maintained a situation which is low percentage
comparatively for more than a make out close. If you meet up with them late
at night, or it's a Tuesday and there aren't many other chicks, this is a
fine plan. On a Friday, # close, and then go get some more chicks. Then
close this chick later.
> Tristan: I have to add something you didn't notice, Mesa: What I do
though is walk around fairly quickly NOT slowly and casually. The reason
being that this conveys an attitude of "I'm here looking for some buddies"
instead of "I'm here scouting for some babes. " BIG difference.

NightLight9:  Glad to see you are getting into a groove. Everyone has
different models of working a bar. I look for a good spot at the bar or a
table or anywhere and go to it at a slow and purposeful pace. Good can mean
a variety of things, but generally it means someplace
where there is traffic and you can view the bar without looking like you
are scoping. From there, I like to set up my base. If I have a few women
there, I call it a power base. This is where I return between working the room.
> I wasn't sure how to handle this. I guess I could have tried asking her
to sit somewhere else to move matters along. But, to be honest, because
what was happening was new to me, I had no real sexual feeling towards her
because in my mind I was thinking 'this is really weird, how well these
concepts are working", I was just having fun.

NightLight9: This to me is such a cool social experiment. If you had
approached this girl with no confidence or daring, this never would have
happened. You would have stayed at arm's length away and she the same, and
that would have felt "natural". There you are 2 inches away and that feels
"natural" (at least to her :-). For another guy kissing her already might
have been "natural". This is a huge step. My goal is always to be in a mode
where the it is just natural for me to be extremely close (mentally,
physically, sexually) to a woman. The key to this is your internal view of
what is natural and your projection of this in a confident, relaxed and
compelling way.
> It's never fun for a regular to have some manager come over and ask him
to tell his sargy bro to stop hitting on all the babes.)

NightLight9: I strongly agree with your attitude about getting in good with
the help, and also respecting your bro's territory. It's just common
courtesy, and smart behavior. And it can really help you out in a bad
situation, which may not be your fault at all. If the help doesn't know
you, and a beautiful girl says you did something inappropriate, who are
they going to believe? I wanted to note, however, that "hitting on all the
babes" is unlikely to cause you a direct problem, I mean, they know that's
why you're there. You are far more likely to get a reputation as a player,
though, which can help or hurt you or if you are unsuccessful or you pull
not so hot
chicks, that reputation is even worse. That's why it's so important to talk
to everyone in a place. Guys, unattractive chicks, the help and the
hotties. Just be a friendly, awesome guy. People view their friends in a
different frame then they view strangers, and it's a frame you want to be
viewed in. Some hints on making friends with the help:
Always say hello and ask their names (and remember them). Next time you see
them, ask them how they are by name.
When you order a drink, tip well (not excessively, but 2 bucks at least on
anything under $10 and at least 20% over ten). If you do a shot, order one
for the bartender. "3 shots, plus one for you." Even if he doesn't take it,
he'll remember.
Ask them personal, but safe stuff. "So how long have you been bartending?
What do you think you'll do next, or will you stick with this for a while?"
Use the info you get back from this to next time you see them. (For
instance if they say, "I want to be a marine biologist", next time you see
them (that night or in 2 weeks) say "I saw this amazing show on octopi the
other day.") It's kind of like the AFC/fluff/value elicitation parts of PU.
Ask them what's good to eat at the place or what the best drinks they make are?
> 8- personally, if a chick is not indicating to me that she is
interested, I will not even CONSIDER asking for the number.

NightLight9: Yup, I never close unless I'm confident she is interested.
Otherwise, it's just a waste of time, plus, girls rarely get more excited
about you after you leave, i.e. if she is on the fence now about hanging
out with you, by the time you call her, she will be less interested.
> 9- if you don't think you're going to full close right there, get the
digits and get out.

NightLight9: I agree, as you get more advanced, you will be better at
coming back to this girl later in the evening, but once you've made a great
impression, and gotten the number, all that can happen is you fuck it up.
It's like when a football team is up by 2 with a minute left, they don't
start throwing passes, they kneel down, run out the clock and take the win.
> DAB: Chicks may be bored by "art", but they are never bored by PASSION.
If you are truly an artist, then you are truly passionate about your art.
Don't focus on your art... that's secondary. Your art is merely an
expression of your inner passion. Don't show them your art, share with them
your passion. Talk about how it feels to express that passion on your
chosen canvas. Allude to painting (or photography, or whatever you do) as a
sexual act, something powerful, primal. If you're any good, you'll know how
to work this into your conversation in a way that does not diminish your
alpha status in any way. In fact, if you do this right you'll appear
stronger and more alpha.

NightLight9: Don't ever seem like you are trying. It should just come up in
normal conversation. Or it should come up as part of what's going on
besides her. Here's an example of something that you could use as a
routine. You're talking to her for about 5-10 minutes and things are
comfortable. You've opened, displayed some humor and gained rapport. She's
not ready to be closed. You say "hold on
surprised>, I just want to sketch this" Then quickly, sketch something
nearby that's interesting in form. Then return to the conversation and no
matter what, don't comment on it unless answering a direct question comment
by her. If she doesn't ask, don't comment. If she asks something dumb like
"did you just sketch that?" don't give a long answer on how you are an
artist. Just say "yes". Make her lead the conversation. Otherwise it's
trying. Be prepared for her not to say anything about it. This doesn't mean
she didn't notice it or wasn't impressed (of course, this might be the
case, but its unlikely.) Women are better at subtle communication. If a
conversation starts, to shift to patterning, say "yes, I'm very passionate
about art and beauty. Are you a passionate person... What are you
passionate about?" Then pattern. This will help make the experience hers.
Let me know how this works for you.


Mark B.:
I recently picked up a book from called 10 Secrets of
Success with Beautiful Women. Out of all the books I have ever read this
one along with Dennis Neder's book is probably the best in the field. This
book is dead on and has practical applications for success with women from
the pick up to getting her in bed. It's not one of those bullshit typical
fairy relationship books on relationships written by a woman. It's written
by a woman with the surprising goal of helping men get laid and it's not
adversarial or meant to put men down but is uplifting to our cause. Reading
it, I got the sense that the author wants men to get laid as she puts it
"women want and need sex as much as men do but they want men to go about it
the right way" and showing us the right way is the objective of this book.
I realized that her advice is genuine when she says that she herself has
been frustrated with men not getting it right in terms of getting her on
and fucking up too often. She suggests that women have needs and want men
and sex as badly as men want sex and women but many men miss the cues and
have no clue what to do and how to do it the right way. She says that men
either come on too strong or too weak and kill many opportunities that
otherwise they would have had, leaving women frustrated. (I agree with this
totally) As I read the book, I realized she was on our side when she says
"avoid going overboard with flowers or gifts" and "do not blow too much
money on your first dates" and "do not ask her for permission before
kissing her" and "if she touches you it means she is excited and probably
is attracted to you and follow up with that" and "avoid excessively telling
her how great it is you met" and "do not be a 'nice guy' by doing too much"
and "be and act like an Alpha male»" and shows you how to do it. She shows
how to recognize mating signals and how to take advantage of them, how to
keep the balance by not coming on too strong until you get a "buying
signal" (she also shows how to elicit this type of buying signal by
communicating subtly your intent to her) and then moving in for the kill.
She suggests why listening to woman is so important as successful
seductions rarely happen without some active listening (this is why I
always suggest asking her about her interests and her life and remarking on
that). She shows you how to make your romantic intent clearly known by not
being too strong and offensive so as to not scare her off. She also
suggests that because beautiful women get hit on all the time and can be
more selective, a man needs to display his dominant qualities such as being
more direct and showing definite interest in her when first approaching and
meeting her in order to differentiate himself with his attitude from other
less dominant males (I realize that I have been doing this all along and
that has contributed to my success greatly in bagging beauties). She
suggests that these women want and appreciate compliments on their beauty
that are strong, flattering, and specific to them - you are truly a
stunningly beautiful woman - not weak and unassertive - hey, you're really
pretty (complimenting women by being specific to them has worked extremely
well for me despite all the advice not to do this on this list and among
virtually all other literature out there.  In fact, every woman I have ever
slept with I have complimented that way and none I have not).  In the end,
she boils it down when she says all a man really needs to do to get a woman
is to say something directly to her first to make his interest known to her
directly and openly and make a definite time to see her.  The second thing
is to initiate the first kiss without permission or asking for it first.
She implies that if you forget everything else in the book but do both of
the above you cannot help but have more women than you can handle.  All the
other stuff in between will help you along.
Given my wealth of experience I feel this book brought it all together for
me finally and clarified a few points I have been struggling with in the
last little while. Many of the things she suggests are common sense but we
all need this sort of a reminder once in a while.


> Mystery: ...I don't TRICK girls with hypnosis. I become a FRIEND of the
GROUP (again, not a TRICK, it's legitimate) and that way when she says to
others how we met she says, "we met through friends." : ) I make friends
and treat everyone fairly, especially the guys. "Own the men and you own
the women."

Justin: I've heard many different approaches for the girls but I've never
really figured out how to "disarm" the guys or even make friends with them.
When I see a bunch of guys hanging out with some really hot girls, they
seem less than friendly to any guy that comes over to them. What is it you
open with when meeting guys and what do you continue the convo with for
them? (For
Mystery or anyone else that can do this.)

Mystery Responds:  "Hey guys, I wanted to get your opinion on something.
You think spells work? Ok get this, my friend met this chick ... and he
doesn't believe in the supernatural ... only he met this chick and took her
home and made out with her and found out he wasn't really into her as much
as she was. So the next day he finds this weird mesh bag filled with
lavender potpourri or some shit and it was tied with leather and had a
feather on it and a scroll. The scroll had this weird writing on it and we
found out at the psychic eye store that it's part of a freaky love
spell.  So get this ... he doesn't believe in this shit right but ... now
he can't stop thinking about her. You think it's based on psychology or
some actual voodoo style shit?"

cliff’s list advertisment section
Cliff’s Comment: For those of you who are just reading about this for the first time, I decided a couple of emails ago to add links to these emails.  The idea would be to get enough money in to hire someone to take over the administrative work (and also to buy things which would improve this list, such as proper mailing list software) for this list.  If you were going to buy the product anyway, just use the link that appears below and you are helping to keep this list going at no extra cost to anyone.



One of the best places for you to start your journey on becoming more successful with women would be to get David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating» e-book.  David (who posts here under the name "Sisonpyh" — which is "hypnosis" spelled backwards) is a good friend that I have known for several years now that I originally met through one of Ross’ Speed Seduction» seminars.  His posts here have been among the most outstanding contributions I have had over the years and his book (and the free bonuses) is highly recommended.

Ron Louis and David Copeland have been reading these emails for awhile and recently sent me their Mastery Program Tape series which I have finished listening to. It has some very good stuff on it and that, in combination with other pieces that you can pick up here and from the other products mentioned can be a help. For those who are just starting out learning how to deal with women, this is an excellent basic daily course to take you through the process of dealing with women. For those who are more advanced, you should pick up a few good ideas from this set of tapes.

Comments on this product from Tony B.:
I thought I might drop you a quick line regarding some of the more popular sites that have been seen within this "seduction community". After seeing several terrible reviews and "flames" from, I decided to make a decision for myself based upon my own ideas of what could be offered on the Seven Magic Words product and after several months of reading great novels about how to attract women and multiple posts about how women are most attracted to men, I STILL found the site to be beneficial. After joining the site, I was happy to learn all the new techniques that I have never seen on any list and that alone made it worth the money. I am not typically the type of person that spends money on a site especially a seduction site, I would rather pay for some audio or video, but the information that was offered was different and unequal to anything I have seen in the past.  At any rate, I know you wanted a review.. and I have actually come to know the owner, and he puts more attention in his members area than I would expect to see from any other site.

Not only does this next site give you an unconditional 1 year no risk money back guarantee, but it stands alone and it’s program is unmatched. Right now they’re doing a Free Trial period, and I’d take advantage of this while you can. The site reads "Learn the proven secrets for meeting, attracting, and seducing women. From A – Z, you’ll discover the most advanced techniques for picking up women ever developed." Check out their Free Trial (before it ends) and you’ll see why their members like this program so much.


Here’s another one which I think has been reviewed here in the past but I haven’t gone through the old emails to check. Do You Want To Know A Simple, Two Minute Hypnotic Technique That Lets YOU Secretly Put Any Woman Into An Instant Trance And Persuades Her To Ask YOU Out?

Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

Success Secrets Our free newsletter reveals it all Money and Personal Finance secrets; Business & Marketing secrets; Health, Fitness, and Weight-Loss advice; Self Defense secrets; Memory Improvement tips; Smart Advice on Flirting, Dating, Sex, and Relationships; Personal Development tips; Communication and Negotiation tips; Tax Secrets & Loopholes! Investment and Stock Market tips; and Much More

The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Relationships is only $8.95 and looks very interesting. Comments, please.

Plus! Free Survey Results of Women Using Personals for SexThe Guide contains the following Inside Secrets: Replying to ads – how to get noticed and get a date for hot sex.   Placing ads – how to beat the competition and get lots of replies How to handle follow up communication to keep her interested. Examples of replies that worked on us. You can just copy and paste these into your ads or replies. Saves you time and increases your chances! A directory of the best websites for meeting hot women! Sick of chicks who are only into cybersex and nothing else! The Guide contains a list of the best adult personals sites.

A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

cliff’s free plugs section
Cliff’s Comment: The following are all recommended but clicking on the links and buying from them doesn’t send any money back here (it is also recommended that the sponsors of these sites consider setting this up — from the little experience I have had since I started the commercial section a couple of weeks ago, I think you are missing a lot of business by not doing this):


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