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"Women are capable of anything"

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Women are capable of anything
5/11/02 1:11:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Dwacon (Quincehead Art Curley
I will be in New Orleans all next week (May 13-19, 2002). Any list members
in that area? Maybe we might hook up and do some sarging in the big EZ ???


Gregory Rasputin:
This is a comment about that zodiac guide. That was nice and all that, and
I have to say sometimes these generalities do sometimes fit the person
(loosely, tho), but I REFUSE to believe that my character is determined by
the stars. I'll give you one reason. I'm a Virgo, and they say that a Virgo
is a perfectionist, and is shy and lacks leadership qualities. To a certain
degree it's true, I've acquired sooo much by reading, and learning
techniques. But if I'm such a perfectionist, why don't I learn how to be a
leader, perfect it, and be better then any Leo? Everything about the Virgo
description is wrong. I'm hardly neat...maybe with my clothing, but God
knows, not with my surroundings. I am NOT shy, and am more outgoing then
anyone I know. Now, the girl I've been with for 4 months is a Cancer, who
you say is the biggest cheater. That's also bs, maybe she has the
potential, but all girls do, especially when they have shitty guys. So, to
the guy who wrote this guide: you can come here, I'll show you who my girl
is, and you can try all the SS you've got, all the lines, and zodiac
techniques, and I can GUARANTEE to you that she'll come up to me and say
"make him go away", because 1) I have already installed all that needs to
be installed in her mind, to the point where she feels guilty just looking
at other guys and 2) she's had quite a few shit b/f's b4 she met me, and
she never ever cheated on any of them. However, I know one girl, who's
cheated on all 7 of her b/f's, and she was an Aquarius. Your personality is
not determined by the stars, period.

GameMaster responds:
Thank you for your note, and for pointing out missing data in my analysis
that was about WOMEN!
So here's an addendum to GameMaster's Guide: "Virgo males will react
violently when exposed to infallible logic that they can not understand
which threatens their belief system." haw haw haw
What this means is that Virgo's, men and women, don't buy this stuff. I
definitely think you may have volunteered for a test case with the Cancer
girlfriend-my specialty.
I don't know what you've been 'reading' but an article in Cosmo hardly
qualifies as an expert analysis. The two best starter kits on the subject
are "Astrology for Lovers" Liz Greene and "Sun Signs" by Linda Goodman.
They break down the differences between male/female and even tell you how
to recognize an Aries from a Capricorn on first sight. It's an art form.
I repeat...."I do not have any Zodiac LINES" I don't use this stuff and
especially on fucking Cancers or Virgos. You're both natural skeptics and
don't even want to hear about this shit. Right or wrong?Oh fuck, there I go
generalizing again. And I'm not trying to shoot holes in your deal, man,
but here's a word of advice.....Cancer women, all of them, are the world's
greatest liars. some are even pathological, and they hide behind a sweet
moon maiden facade while they are out flirting it up and fucking anybody
and everybody that they "want" too when "it just feels" right. How do you
know she never cheated on her ex's...cause she TOLD you? That's the
funniest fucking thing I've ever heard, man. Here's an new
girlfriend, Cancer, is married with kids, and elder in the church and
Sunday school teacher, she WORKS for the church full time, and looks like
Snow White's virgin sister, and she is completely insatiable...but not in
her primary relationship. They always look outside the stability, and
although I'll admit there may be a rare exception to that rule there aren't
Indifference appeals to them and it's the only way to keep them in line and
Virgo guys have got enough of that to go around. Right/wrong?
And while I'm on this rant here are some words of praise for the Virgo
brothers out there. I have found you guys, in general of course, to be very
witty, charming, devoted friends, lousy golfers but they always want to
show you what you're doing wrong, excellent in business whether they're in
a leadership position or not (of course, most Leo's got there first : ),
great thinkers with a good logic trail that they will defend to the death,
masters of the one night stand with no regret, and if you can't relate to
that "neat" thing then you are aware of it and are proud you don't fit that
One of my best friends is a 52 year old Virgo, he's 6'1" and about 280 and
if you can find an uglier guy anywhere I'll suck your dick.....but I
watched this guy pull the most beautiful strippers out of the No.1 club in
the country nite after nite after nite and sometimes two and even three at
a time and this was over a 12 month period. Thank God the son of a bitch
finally went back to Boston so I could get in on the action. My crew
watched this happening right before our eyes and we are all still shaking
our heads.
Tommy once told me "GameMaster, if I looked like you I'd be getting laid
ten times a day." To which I said "When I come back in the next life, I
want to be Tommy, but uglier."
The entire table agreed I couldn't get any fucking uglier than Tommy. He
just did it with pure balls and bravado, and BTW he buys his clothes off
the sale rack at K-Mart which makes him even uglier but he is the coolest
and funniest sumbitch I've ever met.
I'm sure this debate could rage on forever without a practical experiment
and I'll leave that to Clifford but here's a word of advice for anybody
that's in a primary relationship with a Cancer and where there's any
emotion attached to the relationship. Option 1) put a voice activated tape
recorder under her drivers seat and check it regularly. That's how my
unbelievably charming Cancer wife that I married twice got me before I
wised up. (Ya'll should have heard the blowjob tape she played for all my
friends-hilarious) They are very smart little cookies. 2) go to, get one of their cheap GPS pager units that allow you
to track her every movement on your PC. The thing will even send you a page
or call your cell phone when she leaves certain specified coordinates that
you define. And one final note on Cancers....there is nothing like
arrogance to cause them to shop around, they need sensitivity...or at least
what appears to be. I repeat, I am not jaded and I still love Cancer women
in spite of some setbacks, but I am armed with their greatest secrets and I
will never allow myself to get into a serious relationship with these hard
shelled cunts again. Why do you think they call 'em crabs? Oh yeah, don't
ever say anything bad about their friends, their mothers, or your mother or
you are dead. Rasputin, you still have time to send this chick's mom
flowers for Mother's Day....I guarantee you the best blow job you've ever
fucking had or I'll refund your money. Thankee.

A few more comments on this as Rasputin's note has been the source of the
best laugh I've had in years. Sorry man, the moons in Aries today and I'm
ready to fight. Been behaving way too diplomatically of late : ))~
1) One can not be taught or learn leadership ability. Either you are born
with that quality or you're not and you are destined to go through life
wondering why you can't learn "how to be a leader in three easy steps" by
reading a friggin book. And there have been a number of Presidents, Prime
Ministers, and other leaders that were Virgos so where are you getting this
information? Lyndon Johnson was the classic...brutal and detached with no
remorse whatsoever.
2) Only Virgos refer to Astrological profiles as "generality." It's only
because they refuse to accept something they can't explain with hard facts
and don't naturally believe in and wouldn't accept no matter how accurate
the portrayals may be. And, only a Virgo would make reference to a "limited
belief frame" to those that do have the ability to accept new things, when
it is they themselves that are guilty of having same. Ironic ain't it.
3) Not ALL women have the ability to cheat when they are in a committed
relationship. I said Aquarius women don't give a fuck....what do you think
that means? I didn't say they don't like sex! The ones you need to cover
your ass on are Aries, Cancers, Leos, some Scorps, Aquarius, and Capricorns
but only when they are moving up the ladder. If you are dating a Capricorn
and she begins to show an unusual interest in your Sr.V.P., then you should
go on alert.
4) Learn how to spell. Women dig guys that actually have brains. I
5) Everything in your construct from your personality to your character IS
determined by the "stars", or the rather the position of the planets when
you were born. I've never done a reading of a person's birth chart where
that person didn't go away with some new and deeper understanding of why
things are the way they are, and I have quieted more than a few skeptics
with some of these insights.
6) People in general enjoy being around other people that are open to new
things. For example, do we expect our women to be open to new ideas and
behavior that we transmit, or implant? Guys in general that refuse to
believe that there are things in this world beyond their limited
understanding are BORES and are generally BORING...generally speaking of
7) No woman ever admitted to her boyfriend that she fucked around on ANY of
her exes and anybody that believes she was incapable is an idiot. Period.
Women are capable of anything, generally speaking, of course.
8) Be careful who you offer to introduce your girl to, and I would be
especially on alert if your Cancer girlfriend tells you she "feels guilty
looking at other guys." That's one of their TIP OFFS. Sorry man, looks like
somebody already beat me to it.
"that guy"
hahahahahaha : ))


> Shagfu: This weekend, Peter and I headed to Tokyo Bar on St. Laurent
Boulevard in Montreal to try out Mystery's Method. Tokyo's yet another
great spot on St.L, I started out by dancing and trying pickups that way -
found out it's just not my method. Chicks were giving me annoyed looks and
leaving - hell, if I'd been a chick, I would have been annoyed at me too! :-)

ADD4HB: Hah! I used to bartend there last summer where I've had many a
nights that make for great field reports. Most of the reports would not
have been all that useful for those on Cliff's list because a bartender is
a unique and uncommon role therefore irrelevant for a typical SS'er. I've
been floating on this list for over a year and now want to share a few
insights... If you want to become instant buddies with the bartender, the
easiest way is to go to the club a half hour before it gets packed, begin
some friendly convo then order a drink and drop a $5 tip [($1-$2)/drink
after that]-. This will get you noticed and served first if the bar is
crowded, which can be leveraged as social proof. For example, I'm more
inclined to talk with, introduce around, give out VIP's... Also avoid
buying the bartender shots because they're at work and it gets annoying
after the 25th shot.
>Shagfu: Anyway, after initially stalling, Peter and I decided to just go
for it, and we spotted a 4-5 set at the bar. Peter explained the method,
and he opened on one of the girls.

ADD4HB: A confident, friendly approach is best in most situations in a bar.
Working on a 4-5 set on the dance floor is a little harder than a 1-2 set
unless your kino game is strong and that you're acutely aware of SOI's
especially from a behind approach. Remember to glance at their friends'
expressions as it usually mirrors the state your target is in. Speed up or
slow your kino using these cues. At the bar, the best advice I can give
is... do not hesitate on any level of SOI. They are, at minimum, receptive
to an initial contact. A simple "Hi" and Smile of acknowledgement should
give you an open.
I seem to like to do that first when I'm warming up, then move on to my
wing or to get a drink and then return and open the girl with fluff because
I set the delay long enough for the second approach to not appear as an
initial contact.


Mark B.:
> Pablo: I was studying Dave's eye contact experiments the other night,
and I have been testing them out lately. He states that for the most part
you should keep eye contact with the girl while holding a blank expression
(that is until she smiles). But when I do this 75-80% of the time the girl
just looks away nervously. I am 6'5" and I may be a little intimidating
when I look someone in the eye while holding no expression on my face. I
noticed that if I look into the girl's eyes then smile before she does, I
get better results; meaning, the girl will smile and say "hi" or even
sometimes giggle. Yet, I heard that if you smile or say "hi" first, the
girl will treat you friendly, but you will have no chance of getting with
her because you have given her all the power or something to that effect.
What would suggest I do?

Mark B.: I have found that a slight smile with direct eye contact is one of
the best options to take. Then after she notices your smile, immediately
say hi or hello. If you do not then you look like some sort of indulgent
creep or stalker. This afternoon I walked into my office building elevator
and simply smiled and said hi to an HB8. We walked outside the building and
talked for a bit. She veered off into another building for a meeting before
I had a chance to ask her for lunch but when I see her again I will close
her. All I did was just make comments on the weather and ask her a few
simple questions but she carried most of the conversation herself.
On another note, I now never ask a woman out for it's own sake such as
"would you like to go out". This implies some sort of vague objective and
women being women tend to bring it to the most common or likely denominator
when you do not state your purpose in asking her out which is that "he
wants a relationship". This desire stated too soon without knowing her well
turns her off in most cases. I now ask women for a specific purpose such a
drink, or lunch or a drive to the beaches or some other specific activity.
This way they know what they are into and do not make inaccurate
presumptuous assumptions about what you want.
On yet another note I also discovered that "I am not looking for a
relationship" does not mean she does not want to bone you. In many cases,
this just means that she is not ready to have you call her twice per day
everyday and talk for hours at a time as in many cases a relationship to a
woman tends to imply frequency of contact and frequency of seeing each
other. Backing off and simply calling her only with the purpose of making
plans with her for a specific activity achieves the goal of not making it
seem like you want a relationship yet at the same time offers the
opportunity to spend time with her to allow you to grow and her and you to
develop an attraction using your great SS skills. Having backed off from a
few women recently who stated they were not looking to get serious because
we talked too often, achieved the goal of them in turn calling me MORE
often than before and becoming more sexually open and agreeable. Showing
them regard and respect seems to turn them on.
The last point is on the subject of being in control. I figure that there
exists control over her and control over yourself. In my experience, trying
to control her tends to backfire as women tend to shy away from an overly
dominating man. Simply making suggestions to her but still giving her the
option of an easy out does the trick neatly. But if a man tends to overly
dominate and even if they stay with him, like my mother with my supposed
father, they just end up fucking around on him just to get their "freedom"
across. I realized that the best type of control is control over what she
asks you to do for her. Even within this category I feel are two
subcategories of control. The first is giving into her requests to actively
do something and the second is to give into her request to stop doing
something. I have found that it's best not to give into her demands for you
to positively do something such as go for seafood if you wanted steak or go
see a movie if you wanted a play, where to park or whatever. Giving into
these demands usually results in coming across as spineless and jellyfish
like and results in a cold lonely bed. On the other hand, not giving into a
request to stop doing something is asshole-like such as not turning down
your loud music or not getting too drunk. But even her it's important to
distinguish whether she makes her request because something is genuinely
bothering her or whether she just wants to get her way. Not letting her get
her way too often with respect to what you do for her seems to elevate you
in her eyes and create powerful attraction. Fine but important point.

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