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“A Secret To Use TONIGHT” – July 11, 2002

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“A Secret To Use TONIGHT” – July 11, 2002

This Dating Tip is going to be short and to the point.

There’s a HUGE mistake that I see guys making ALL THE TIME when it comes to women and dating.

And it goes a little somethin’ like this…


For example, let’s say that a guy is talking to a woman at a coffee shop. Maybe she’s sitting at the next table over and they strike up a conversation about the weather.

Further, let’s say that the woman is unusually attractive and the man is unusually AVERAGE in his approach and method of communicating that he’s interested.

This guy might say something like:

“So, let me guess… you have a boyfriend, right?”


“OK, I have to tell you… I find you really attractive and I’d like to take you out sometime.”

I’m sure you’ve seen this kind of thing a thousand times in your life.

But what’s going on here? Is the guy actually asking a casual question?


The guy is literally communicating that he’d like to PURSUE A RELATIONSHIP with the woman.

Yea, and even worse, he’s doing it within a few minutes of meeting her!

Explained differently, the guy is trying to sell the woman on a relationship in the future based on five minutes of conversation.

And what happens? Of course…

The woman puts up the resistance INSTANTLY.

It’s all kinds of wrong in all kinds of ways.

It’s WUSSY behavior in its purest form.

It’s one of the biggest mistakes men make, period.

And of course this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Guys do this kind of “selling too far ahead” stuff all the way along.

Guys ask things like:

“So, am I your type?”


“How do you like me so far?”


“What do you look for in an ideal partner?”



You can’t do this stuff! If you do you’ll create an instant barrier to success!

So what’s the alternative?

I really thought you’d never ask.

The alternative is to know all the steps from the first meeting all the way to the bedroom (and beyond), and ONLY WORK ON GETTING TO THE NEXT STEP in each situation.

If you’re talking to a girl, just get her email.

If you’re talking on the phone, just arrange a meeting for a cup of tea.

If you’re kissing, just go back to your place to be alone.

Never again try to sell past the very next step.


If you own a copy of my eBook “Double Your Dating“, then open up the bonus booklet called “Bridges: How To Go From One Step To The Next… From The First Meeting To The Bedroom” and read it again.

Get a clear picture in your mind of each of the 10 steps that are listed in that booklet, and get a clear mental image of how each step fits into and flows into the next.

Notice how you might be doing things at different steps that are trying to sell too far in advance. For instance, you might realize that you always get too deep into family and relationship talk with women before you even kiss them.

Think about how you’re going to ONLY GET TO THE VERY NEXT STEP in your particular situation… and then plan exactly how you’re going to do it in the future.

In the booklet you’ll get some great ideas for how to transition from one step to the next, so use them.

If you HAVEN’T YET downloaded your copy of my eBook, then you need to do that first. Go to:

[ebook download link]

…to get it.

Read it, then go back and do the homework. This one piece of the puzzle will make a big difference.

Talk to you again soon!

Your Friend,

David D.

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