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"She grabbed me…and I gave her…the “HEAD TURN!"

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She grabbed me…and I gave her…the “HEAD TURN!
8/29/02 1:57:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time


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There's a full page ad appearing about Herbal V, a sexual aid product, that
has been run recently in Men's Health which refers to "legendary" ladies
man Craig Walendy (who is a known sports figure).  Anyone have any info on
what makes him legendary?


> She has to feel understood, even if all you understand is, "I want to
fuck you, and don't make a big deal out of it." She wants to know she's
safe to express herself. That you are committed to the process of talking
her through it. That you'll protect her from her own excuses by making all
the moves. That you want her. That she's worth it. That she's the white-hot
center of the universe.  It helps to pay attention to the wisdom of George
Clinton: Free the mind and the ass will follow. Every clown in the room
wants her body. But if you acknowledge her sexy mind, brother, you will
receive an upper invitation to a lower invasion. This requires the same
techniques, ironically, that will one day save your marriage: Listen,
follow her lead, make her laugh,  flatter her silly, take control and then
take the blame.

Ross: Demonstrating your authority in her world; it's one of the Eight
Spokes of the Seduction wheel. The guy is 1/8th the way there.
> It's more than an honest night's work. It's a science. And women want
you to know your craft, doctor. Haven't you been watching Sex and the City?
Women I know say the show is a guilty pleasure. The "empowered" women on
this show bounce through endless, unsatisfying, cavalier experiments with
men -- but meanwhile they're fucking all of them! That's good news. Look at
the underlying message: Women are horny. But there's more. These New York
sexpots talk active but act passive, don't actually believe in anything and
have not one shred of willpower. And still, they demand respect.

Ross:  I agree with the TV review. So what?
> Every episode proves again that, in their neurotic groping for both a
hot hump and validation, they're putting all the power in your hands. As
long as they feel understood or at least free, they don't have a rule that
can't be stretched or broken.

Ross:  Understood, free and TURNED ON. Notice the women in the show are
turned on usually right away by the guy's looks or his power/charm.
It's that "turned on" bit guys need to work on.
You're're feel free...AND you're turned on,
free to act on it and ENJOY THIS NOW..with me, honey. Isn't that the way a
person really wants to FEEL THAT?
> Two things men are good at. Any gal worth the salt on her margarita
glass will tell you she has dorked guys who were dorks.  But the men who
got into her pants knew something. Either by accident or design, they made
a fast, sure journey straight to the center of her mind.
> Mystery: My understanding of hypnosis is this: you can hypnotize a
person into a particular state but that state will change in a few hours
eventually. States change as environmental stimulus changes with time. 3
hours after being hypnotized, the victim's slowed internal switching speed
returns to normal. It's like putting the cart before the horse. You can
focus on confidence and tricking your brain for short amounts of time to
get through the day ... OR ... you can focus on gaining COMPETENCE.
Only  with COMPETENCE does one obtain LONG LASTING confidence. Confidence
and competence are IMO very closely bound by causation.

Ross:  1. I'm not doing hypnosis.
Let me put that another way: I'm NOT...DOING..HYPNOSIS.
So we are talking about different things, entirely and secondly, I don't
agree with the theory that hypnosis is all about or even mostly about
changing switching speeds..
But since I'M...NOT...DOING...HYPNOSIS........that really is not relevant.
I'm teaching guys state control through re-channeling energy, using
posture, gesture, symbology and breath. Cliff saw the results for himself,
and by the way, from the communication I have had with these guys, the
results are not only lasting but GROWING. The only challenge one guy had is
he went out only having had 1.5 hours of sleep and could not get his state
into a good place. Well, no wonder.
2. Second point, more important: learning to control your state; your
energy, intent, awareness and even to design your state...this IS a core

"competence" which will control your access to all the other abilities and
Because without it....if you can't control are unlikely to
be able to get access to all the other skills and moves.
If we took Mystery, sleep deprived him for 4 days, pumped him full of cough
syrup and..oh yes..didn't feed him for 48's unlikely he could get
into powerful enough a state to do much of anything, and the same goes for
virtually anyone.
An extreme example, to be sure...but my point is CONTROLLING YOUR STATE IS
> Cliff's Comment: Mys doesn't feel that this is an overall effective
strategy when dealing with "10's" not only because they are usually out in
a group and rarely are out but they are not very approachable alone. But,
in my way of looking at things, you need bigger balls to go up to an HB and
tell her you think she's absolutely stunning or that she's a "shining
example of genetic perfection" than to ask some guys or the UG about your
friend's being asked to appear on the Ricki Lake show. Not to say the
latter doesn't take confidence, but it's a lot different.

Ross:  I've never thought about it that way, I guess because I have come to
see that once you get your state under control, "confidence" no longer
enters into it. It just feels natural and easy to do - you can get to that
state of "uninsultability" which you saw me teach these guys to create.
> And if there's one thing that SS does attempt to do, it is to train you
what to say and to develop competence; I don't see that as being different
between the two methods at all. Ross constantly tells his students that if
they don't go out and practice what they've been learning, nothing is going
to happen. So in that sense they both agree that you have to go out and do
it. I think Mys remains skeptical about Ross's "new technology" primarily
because he hasn't seen it himself. Even if what he says is correct that it
only has a temporary effect, think about being someone who couldn't act
before and now you are in that state and doing  what was previously
impossible or extremely difficult for you.

Ross:  But he is NOT correct. It is NOT hypnosis and it is NOT temporary.
They can't get back to the old state unless they have fucked up their
physiology in some way. And I instruct them to keep practicing the new
stuff to make sure they keep ADDING to their new and powerful states.
> Mystery: Interesting metaphor, equating short term "mind fucking" of
oneself with "comfortable travel" and at the same time limiting our readers
by increasing the concept of mere ANTICIPATORY ANXIETY up past "fearful
state" on through the shear agony of having to "crawl across the desert on
your hands and knees, half-dead and half-dying from thirst". Talk
about  exaggerating to the point of absurdity (a logical fallacy described
in THE BALONEY DETECTION KIT in the book The Demon Haunted World by Carl
Sagan).  My father, Mystery Sr. used to say, "Son, if it talks like shit,
it's shit."

Ross:  In fact, it's an accurate metaphor for what many guys feel when they
see a very hot woman they'd like to approach. For many it goes beyond
anticipatory anxiety into full blown shaking fear or just plain not being
able to speak or move. Now, I have a tech to blast through that.
> Who am I to think that first comes COMPETENCE and THEN confidence over
successive approaches? I can only tell you what works based on my knowledge
of the field and by my relations with some really great PUAs. If we focused
on INTERNAL STATE issues, we would have the momentum to actually get GOOD.

Ross: That's my point: internal state control is a CORE COMPETENCY from
which everything else flows. You can gradually get to a better state
(sometimes) through constant forcing through fear, but just as often it
only reinforces the fear anchors and digs things a deeper bit of a hole to
stay in.
> SKILL comes from experience in the field. Lots of it. I tell you,
nothing can give you confidence more than COMPETENCE. You can be made to
feel CONFIDENT for a short time by being run through "a couple of simple
processes" in a "matter of MINUTES" ... OR ... you can ACCEPT that
anticipatory anxiety is natural and healthy. It is ubiquitous throughout
all of humanity in fact.

Ross:  There's no science behind that statement at all: NONE. Excitement
and feeling great about an opportunity..sure. But does a guy ALWAYS have to
feel some anxiety? That's your world and your experience, but not the case
for people with tools that you don't know about. Don't masquerade a
personal limit as scientific fact.
> Only insane people do not feel anticipatory anxiety when doing something
they haven't done before.

Ross:  According to whom? Where is the science?
> Accepting this truism, you may now get behind the steering wheel and
learn how to steer despite your warranted fears. Honestly, who do you want
flying your plane: a hypnotized pilot who FEELS confident but doesn't know
his nose from his tail ... OR ... a COMPETENT pilot who may feel at first
feel anxiety and therefore be a little more CAREFUL and double check his
switches before settling into his seat for the long flight?

Ross:  I want someone who is technically experienced and competent AND who
can keep a cool head when something goes wrong. BOTH are pretty important.
And if I had a friend who was terrified of heights, I wouldn't throw him in
a simulator and tell him to get over it. I'd cure his fear problem so he
could feel excitement at doing something new, not anxiety OR fear.
Now, if you don't know how to do this or haven't witnessed it, that is
fine. But don't state your comments as science. They aren't.
> It denies the effectiveness of CLUB work merely because RJ has a
PERSONAL THING against them. He can't work them MERELY due to his limiting
beliefs about them. "It's too loud and smoky". Why has this NOT stopped
some of the best PUAs on this planet from working them? Rick H plays in
this realm. I do. Craig does. MTL_PUA does. Supasta does. Mad Dash does.
Stripped and Badboy and Style do, too. And Nightlight9 and No9, too. What
does this say when some of the MAJOR PUAs work in this environment?
> Cliff's Comment: Ross doesn't tell you not to go into clubs, only that
his personal preference is to meet women elsewhere. I don't recall him
saying that SS won't work in clubs, either (certainly I have seen Rick H
and others use it effectively in clubs). I think we are all entitled to
approach where we want and there's no reason to put someone down because
they have different preferences than you.

Ross: I agree with all of this. Again, let's see Mys keep on clubbing when
he is 43, 44, 45 years old. And let's glue my face onto his and see how he
> Self-hypnosis is for AFCs. It's the MAGIC PILL that sounds too good to
be true because ... it IS.

Ross:  Anyone who tells you what is too good to be true is also telling you
THEY are the authority on what is true and what isn't. And they are also
saying that things HAVE to be difficult. None of this is science.


Got a real interesting situation brewing down here. This is really
something else. Went out with Susan last nite and she had semi-arranged to
have a friend or two meet us out (she's very social like that). Anyway, so
when everybody showed we had Spencer (tonite's date), Laurie, and Cricket.
Now Cricket may be the hottest fucking woman I've ever seen.
She's married and got that killer yuppie from hell look that Pam helped to
invent and she's sporting what appeared to be about a 6 carat
diamond.  Married with 2 kids and life just ain't what it used to be, you
know. I managed to get my # in her cell phone last nite (sneaky fuck) and
she's already called today to let me know she's staying over to come to
this pool party tonite. Anyway, we all went our separate ways last nite but
Laurie, who works with Susan, came with us to another club. And so we sat
there laughing our asses off and making fun of all the other women in the
place that were staring at these two lovelies that were stopping traffic
all over the place. So we leave with the idea I'm to drop Laurie at her
apartment and then take Susan home. I reversed the order. Susan was not all
too happy about that but I had calculated that I had 10 minutes of quiet
time with Laurie before we got back to her place, which BTW is like walking
distance from my house. Susan gives me the "face turn" and huffs into the
house but not before she turns to advise Laurie "He's got three kids!"
Don't know what that was all about but I jump back into the Rover with a
big ole grin on my face as I notice Laurie ain't wearing any panties under
her skin tight leopard mini that is barely covering a fearsome set of legs
as she climbs in the front seat. I had already set her up earlier over a
long discussion of relationships and what works (me), and what doesn't
(everybody else), then she wanted to talk about her ex and I shut her down
cold.."Laurie, I'm not going to be your fucking therapist."
She was shocked "Well, I don't WANT you to be my fucking therapist."
Good, let's fuck!!! : ))
Laurie is one of your basic hottest of the hot Pisces badgirl wannabee's
but she just doesn't run in the right circles. Well, the right circle just
lassoed this babe cause I kissed closed her in the car and we have a date
next week, much to Ms. Susan's regret. Laurie will no doubt be added to my
list of near death experiences with Andreanna, Pam, and my all time
favorite Jennifer, who bears a striking physical resemblance to her Pisces
sister Laurie.
So anyway, this whole thing is just hilarious but tonite I'm going to
exhaust myself working on Cricket (if you saw her you'd understand that
name, looks like a Gidget 2000 from Hell ) while Ms. Spencer is busy
playing hostess at this party. Susan has also threatened an appearance.
Since her city's not that far away. It's a hell of a lot closer than where
Nancy lives. I figure in about 6 months Cricket will be ready to rejoin her
marriage with renewed commitment as many others who have passed before her.
I should get a fee for these services.
Funny how that works.
I got Cricket's attention when the subject of astrology was introduced by
Susan (I'm still finding 90% of the chicks are fascinated by this) and she
announced I could tell when these girls were born just by looking at them.
Vickie was easy...a Sag Kookeybird, Laurie/Pisces was a piece of cake,
Spencer I missed by 2 days but she is a Cancer cusp so I was close, but
Cricket took a little study. She was the last one and I calculated she was
a Gemini with some dark shit underneath.
She said "Close, what else do you see?" AHA, she's into this!!! Well, she
had this really fresh clean look that only Virgos have so I went with that....
Correcto. She said "OK, you got my moon and rising sign...when was I born?"
I hedged "Did you have a birthday recently?" She said yes so the only
possibility was "I'm gonna have a heart attack if you're a Leo sister."
Cricket..."Oh my God, you're a Leo too!!!" big grin
Me: Yeah, but I don't really fit the classic definition. I'm not really
like all those other guys.
Spencer: Susan said you were dating 5 women!!!
Me: Now that's just not true.
Susan: NO, it's seven! (Cricket lit up...that look of surprised "what the
Me: Well, that was a few weeks ago.
Spencer: What is it now....10????? I don't think I want to go with you
tomorrow nite.
Me: That's cool, can I bring Susan?
Susan: No way, buddy. I'm not gonna be part of your collection anymore.
Me: Laurie?
Laurie: Uh....UH Oh....Uh
Spencer: Who says you're still invited?
Me: laughing ....Oh Spencer, did I forget to tell you I'm a member of the
tennis club? I hadn't planned on going until you invited me. (Small world,
ain't it?)
Then I leaned over the table, Cricket was strategically positioned directly
across from me..."Are all you society girls so judgmental?" (I just love
that one)
Cricket: I'm married.
Me: I haven't forgotten one understands the.....needs....of
married women more than I do.
Susan: Oh Jesus!
Me: Look, we're all friends here. I'm sure nobody at this table believes
that I could manage 7 women at a time, and if you're probably
fascinated to learn how such a thing can be. So I suggest we all hit the
reset button, lay out your thongs, and plan on showing up as planned
tomorrow night. Agreed?
Cliff, the collective looks at that table was just priceless, and somehow I
had just realized that I was in the very center of 4 women. I guess I did
that unconsciously but they could all hear the conversations I was having
one to one. Cricket said "I've got to go home tomorrow." I said "That's
cool, we wouldn't want you to come to a PARTY and actually have FUN for a
change." Harumph. She and Spencer soon excused themselves.  I got up, like
a gentleman shook Spencer's hand, then took Cricket's and held it while she
turned to walk away. She turned back and I said "Call me." No response.
However, she did call today at 2:00.  "I don't know why I'm calling you but
I just wanted to let you know I'm staying over tonight and going to the
party with Spencer." I tried to contain myself. Spencer called soon
thereafter: "I need you to be here at 6:15....I'll need some help setting
up if you don't mind?" So I busted her chops for being such a bitch and
trying to put me down in front of her 2 minutes I had her on
her knees but I could care less about this one....we just didn't hit it off
but I'll let her introduce me around as her date tonite as I continue to
work my way through the upper crust here in town. Oh yeah, here's a good
one.....I have these really impressive business cards that say I'm
President of this semi-fictitious company. I have a friend on the west
coast who has his own web site for the same purposes and he let me link to
his site and put in my number as east coast headquarters. Is that hilarious
or what? : )
Keyword for the day: BOLD BOLD BOLD. You know strippers are one thing. They
are all about timing, finesse and cool. City girls got to have a bad boy.
Clifford, you know I wasn't raised this way and this is completely against
my nature but this is so much fun. I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode
where George decides to do the "opposite" of what his instincts say and
becomes a monster with the chicks.
BTW, you know the ad we joked about putting in the paper the other
day...well it's going in the Sunday edition...reads " Handsome,
intelligent, well endowed modern day Don Juan seeks beautiful upscale
playmate in long-term relationship for the purpose of arousing jealousies
in order to advance the cause of diamond rings, bigger homes on the lake,
and trips to Monaco. Discretion a must." Cliff, if anything is gonna get me
killed this one might!!! hahahaha I had to drop the married chick angle
cause in my home state you can be held legally responsible for breaking up
a marriage, regardless who's at fault. I've seen staggering jury awards of
up to $1.5MM in these cases so the married girls in my back yard are off
limits. Can you believe this nonsense? This one's been on the books for
about 3 years and the court system here is vicious about taking out the
middle class.
More to follow...the moon is still full.

(next episode:)
You know, I don't like rich people very much. They're a major pain in the
ass, especially the women. I went to pick this Spencer chick up right. She
sort of lives in my neighborhood but I'm just a teensy bit over the line
when it comes to property values OK. So I drive up to this mansion, double
check and triple check the address, swallow hard and walk up to the (duh)
side door. Looked like the front of the house to me?? Anyway, Spencer is
racing to get ready and invites me to look around. Damn Cliff, I have seen
friggin' houses from Boston to Belair but I have never seen anything like
this place. Two full time housekeepers to make sure it stays in tip top
condition. I don't even know how to describe this place. Ever watch
"Frazier"....well this is Maris' house, and I suspect Spencer is a lot like
Maris, the difficult type you know.
So we go and finish setting up for this big party she's throwing, ordering
me around like I'm a field hand. All the while I'm praying for rain to wash
away this little Junior League gala. I got my wish. 30 mile an hour winds
too!!!!! hahaha Screw with me willya : ) An outdoor pool party sort of
thing that wasn't really a pool party, it was more a debutante social deal.
Anyway, the little debs were all huddled up under the shelter, in the
bathrooms, in the tunnel, in their cars, etc. trying to escape the rain
summoned by society's #1 Voodoo Priest.
I'm sticking close to the beer cooler and found a guy I could have a
conversation with besides talking about my portfolio, or where Muffy and
Christopher were going to go to private school in Switzerland or some shit
like that. C'mon rain. Apparently Miss Cricket decided she'd had enough of
her mom's home cooking and gone back to Atlanta. That was too bad cause I
really had a lust on for that one. She's got my cell...who knows? So
finally the rain breaks, Spencer makes an appearance to introduce her
"escort" for the evening.
We walk up to these two girls who in the history of their families nobody
ever sucked a dick..."this is my escort, Gamemaster" as they begin
processing the Blue Blood directory for my family name. "Hi, I'm Spencer's
man servant for the evening...she found me in the Yellow Pages." Ellen and
Deliah Anne were not impressed. Exit Spencer : ) My redneck attempt at
humor was completely lost on the city's upper crust. Oh well, I was
determined to make an impact one way or another so with Spencer playing
hostess I went on my merry way looking for another single chick to go to
talk to. Hardware hardware everywhere, and these girls might fuck their
tennis instructors but I couldn't even get them to acknowledge my life
form....until I told them that I was Spencer's date. Apparently my little
Spencer is the most "eligible" woman on planet earth, or one of em'. That
means filthy rich I think.
So now that I'd made the rounds and was completely bored I figured I'd
score some points helping out with the party, you know...boyfriend stuff.
Pouring wine, fetching daiquiris and shit. I even volunteered to go the
store to get a dozen bags of ice with Sharon's brother-in- law...another
out of place regular guy but he had the good sense to marry into it. BTW,
Sharon's baby sister looks like King Kong. Sweet girl though, by the end of
the evening she was totally enraptured with me and I'm sure Sharon has
already been advised that she should take a closer look. Anyway, so I get
back with the fucking ice and I'm filling up tubs and shit and some
dickhead walks up and says "Nice party, you guys are doing a great job. My
investment club is planning an event next month and we need a
you have a card?" Cliff, I thought I was gonna die laughing. It was all I
could muster "Excuse me, I didn't catch your name?" Now he's looking at me
like I've got two heads cause I don't recognize him I guess "Well....I'm
Devin...Devin Murdock, of the Charleston Murdocks."
Wonder why I hate these people? "Hi Devin, I'm Gamemaster, of the Beverly
Hillbilly GM's, and I'm not a fucking caterer you stupid asshole!" That one
sent a ripple through the crowd in line at the margarita making machine.
Maybe if I had been wearing the uniform of the evening, khaki shorts, dress
penny loafers, and button down short sleeve shirts (where do they get those
damn things?) I wouldn't have been mistaken for a cook. I went to break the
story to my date before she got it second hand....brought her a drink to
soften the news that I had insulted one of her friends. I could barely keep
a straight face as I told her the story with inspired theatrics.
She just looked at me with that disapproving "How could you" look and
huffed off. Oh well, write this one off. Finally, enter the beauteous
Sharon - fashionably late and fucking Goddamn gorgeous as ever. Jeeeeewez!
Thank God she stuck close for a couple of hours, making me a real curiosity
now to the swarming Buffys and Chiclets. Yes, there was a Chiclet there
last nite. Made for a real interesting weekend with Cricket on Friday,
Chiclet on Saturday. Maybe this weekend was a dream sequence in a really
bad Disney movie. Anyway, Sharon re-introduced me around like I was
actually SOMEBODY, now my charms were beginning to take effect...or it
could have been the martinis that Hassan was making, Okka Bokka Boo's most
successful bartender.
The band that had been hired for the evening looked more like insurance
salesmen than your basic Greg Allmans. Somebody mentioned they were doctors
and lawyers from another prime area where I can't afford to live. I
overheard one of the Chiclets comment that she couldn't understand why they
did this on weekends when they obviously don't need the money. I speculated
that it was so that they could refill Prozac prescriptions and get a line
on developing divorce actions during the breaks. Again, no one was amused.
Except Susan. Gotta just naturally love that girl.
Enter Spencer's ex....with a date. Re-enter Spencer "I need a favor.....I
need you, just stay with me will you?" I figured this was a defining moment
for my character - do I play along, or do I tell her what I think of her
and her supersnob friends. I opted to play along.
Sharon excused herself to go to "another party." That's what you say at
10:30 on a Saturday nite when you show up embarrassingly alone at a social.
I'll bet she was in bed by 11:00. So now Spencer is all over me right like
we're 2 seconds from throwing down on the buffet table.
Anyway, the ex....Sandi with an "I" stayed in the background...never
actually saw him. An opportunity for me to turn on the charm, and indicate
to her that just maybe I could hang with this crew. Chat chat laugh hug
chat giggle hug touch giggle touch touch. You can just imagine. I'm
embarrassed for myself just thinking about it. To keep myself from gagging
I visualized that my stripper buddies were in the gallery and laughing
their ass off at my performance. Now I'm being dragged reluctantly onto the
dance floor. I first noticed that we were the only ones with the balls to
make fools of themselves in front of this crowd of friggin' cadavers. Ever
see the movie "Grease".....I was doing my best John Travolta, even threw in
a hip toss.....that sort of woke Spencer up. We finally summoned a few of
the walking dead out onto the floor with us. I overheard Deliah Anne
whisper to my date "he's cute." HAHA I had em' now. Strange dynamic these we're sitting alone and one by one these stiffs are coming by
to pay their respects. And the girls are borrowing me to introduce me
around and somehow miraculously they got my name right...everytime. I
credit my upbringing, and the ratio of tequila in the last batch of
margaritas I fixed up in that machine.
Well now it's 11:00 and the "noise ordinance" is shutting down the party.
The doctors and lawyers are packing up their prescription pads and legal
briefs and calling it a nite. The Sparkys and the Chiclets are all doing
that fake French cheek kiss on both sides, and all the Devin's and the
Tripps are dragging their no sock penny loafer wearing drunk asses down to
their Beemers to face the local city police gauntlet on their way back. I
couldn't wait to get home. Finally, we got rid of the last couple with the
exception of Spencer's brother and his fiancé. I hadn't noticed her cause
they got there late but it didn't escape me that this girl was a flaming
fucking hottie. And we connected, big time. I was informed that we were
"going out." The brother, Skipper, let me know we were going to the Meeting of those places that doesn't sell beer but will hook you up
with a glass of Merlot for about 60 bucks. Time to assert myself "You know
Skippy, I've been there before, and I have this to say........I ain't going
to no FUCKING MEETING HOUSE!" Skips fiancé Nancy doubled over laughing.
Spencer: We're in MY car, and I want to go to the Meeting House! (pout pout)
JT: I got the keys, you're not driving, and if I have to I'll walk home,
you little bitch. (methinks this was a first, stunned silence all
around...except for the smirk on Nancy's face.
Spencer: Well where are we going then? huff huff
JT: Mojos, let's go. Hey Skip, you follow me.
I didn't get any arguments. These girls are rarely exposed to any sort of
patriarchal take charge attitude I thought. Dead silence in Spencer's new
$85,000 Range Rover as I peeled out of the parking lot in an attempt to
lose Skipper. They somehow managed to keep up as I drove the back roads
like I was a member of the Andretti family. Skipper's new Z-8 was pretty
nimble. I imagined the terror on Nancy's face as I rounded the last corner
and skyed into Mojo's parking lot. I was stone sober BTW....sort of my
challenge to the jackboot motherfuckers they call the local authorities.
Anyway, safely inside Spencer begins to survey the decor ...her look
indicated she wasn't very impressed. "Wanna BEER?" I ordered for everybody.
I handed Nancy a beer while Spencer and Skippy discussed my questionable
heritage. Nancy asked if I knew where the ladies room was, grabbed my arm
and said "show me." That one went right over my head....I was still feeling
the effects of being treated like pond scum most of the night. Back in the
lobby I casually motioned toward the door " do you know Spencer?"
Forcing my tired face muscles to form one more wry smile "I'm just playing
Mandingo for the night, Sharon introduced us....this isn't really my
comfort zone you know."
Well, a prop from Sharon means a lot in this town. Nancy was all lit up
like Christmas tree. "You know Sharon?" grin grin eyes sparkling "Yeah,
she's my future ex wife." hahahaha Nancy was hooked. Enter the S&S combo,
apparently concerned about our well being. Skipper announces in a spark of
manly bravado that we are going to play a game of pool. The last frontier
of he-man competition...a fucking pool table. My thoughts wandered to a
young 12 year old kid in Tennessee that hustled a dime a game from the old
guys that had gotten on the outside of too many half-pints of Old
Stillwell. I accepted the challenge. Clifford, the sparks that were flying
around that room between me and Nancy were unbelievable. Sort of like
hanging around a lab that might have been owned by a Count over in
Transylvania way back before electricity was discovered but he had stuff
that ran on lighting and shit? Everybody's had these experiences I
know....the goosebumps on my legs threatened to give me away. Glance giggle
grin smile....then I got... "the look." I got... MY LOOK...the one I
patented, and use occasionally to say something that can't really be
expressed with words you know. Skipper was not all too happy when I jumped
up on another table next to his girl. touch touch lust lust, it was just
bleeding out of her. Whew! I don't think anybody noticed as I slipped her
my card and she tucked it into her bra. I had to laugh as we were pulling
out of the parking lot and Skippy was screaming and flailing his arms all
over the place as his bride to be waved goodnight.
Back at Spencer's place I was a gentleman once again. Helped her unload all
the stuff...time to say goodnight.....she grabbed me.....and I gave
her.....the "HEAD TURN!" hahahahaa That was a first. She had been insisting
all night that I come help her clean up today and I kept insisting "I ain't
fucking helping you fucking clean up!"
She called this morning at 11:00, I told her my dog didn't feel good and I
couldn't leave him at home. I'm rolling. Cliff, you tell a woman that your
dog is more important than she is and you have just sent Zulu spears
through her reality. I called her back at 1:00 to tell her that Elvis was
better and ask if she still needed help. She hung up, and I'm guessing
somehow I won't be hearing from her again anytime soon. Now I just got to
wait to hear from Nancy. My favorite type.....dark brown shoulder length
hair, natural beauty, a dangerous almost imposing physical look. The kind
of woman you wonder if you ever got in a fist fight she might be able to
take you. Say a prayer for me willya? : )

Cliff's Comment: One thing that all your recent adventures has hit on me is
that you are never "the friend."  I can't recall any of these women you've
met in the longest time just saying or doing anything that says "I only
like you as a friend."  They all see you as the male to spawn with - which
is, as Major Mark would say, a good thing.  It seems like you've got the
formula for never coming across as anything else but a man to be dealt with
on a sexual level and that's something most guys would dearly love to be
able to do.

GameMaster:  Cliff, like I tell these girls..."I got enough friends, does
the look on my face say I want to be FRIENDS with you?" That usually shuts
em' up.
My mouth gets me in trouble a lot but it HAS to be that way. I went through
a long period of being de-nutted by marriage and completely declawed in
some of these confrontational situations we've been talking about and it
was killing my self-esteem. Walking away or taking the high ground is not
in my character. I was finding myself in situations where later I was
feeling all this regret for not having challenged this or that and my
subconscious was calling me a pussy. It was really fucking with me. Well,
that was then.

Cliff: Ok, this is a major problem for many.  How did you turn this around?

GameMaster:  This was actually not that difficult. Growing up in the south
and participating in the rodeo and doing all that other shit where when you
were challenged you really didn't have any choice but to stand and fight I
suppose was good conditioning for this. But I did lose my edge for a long
time....marriage will do that to you. And even after Pam and I split I
couldn't muster the self-image
I once had until I collected the validation from of all things the stripper
It was more my Spacelord alter-ego that got me booted from that little club
than anything but they really did feel that I was dangerous and a menace to
the sanctity of their membership. Maybe I went too far but I personally
don't think calling people on their bullshit and backing it up is going too
far.  It's the way things are supposed to be by God in an Old Testament
world. And it helped that I was carrying the pain of failed relationships
and some bitterness and anger along with it. Boy.....when the wheels fell
off of my gig in that town I landed in a little neighborhood joint and
after sizing things up I went to work establishing myself as King Kong in
that place. I didn't do any of this intentionally (I don't think) but
people basically irritate the hell out of me and I consider my space to be
wherever I am...not necessarily that 24" no fly zone. But inside 3 months I
had challenged the 4 reigning loudmouths to "shut the fuck up" and invited
them all outside as it worked out but they all declined. Took a while for
all this to settle down but I'm on speaking terms with all these guys now,
they give me a lot of room, and I don't have to listen to their loud
bullshit when I'm sitting on my stool. Yes, I have a spot. Like Norm on
Cheers and they keep it open for me. hahahaha And you want to know the net
net of's a sports bar and all types hang out in there. Lots of
regulars and with football season approaching the 'brothers' are making
their presence felt. They have all heard the stories and everybody knows
who I am. Example....I walked in there last nite and three black guys were
yelling and hollering about the Goddamn Dallas Cowboys and the fucking
Denver Broncos - like I give a fuck about either.
Anyway, this guy I'd never met before comes over and brings me a shot, then
introduces me to the other guys and they invite me to join them. Cliff,
they picked up my entire tab for the night and I've got three new buddies.
Now I don't know that any of this had anything to do with any of that but
one can surely speculate. Anyway, I don't recommend this course of action
to everybody
and it's not like I'm a badass anymore but I was not a happy individual
last year and 9/11 made it worse. One of the guys in there made the mistake
of calling me a communist one nite. He got decked, and I got suspended from
the bar for a month. No biggie. Funny huh?

(More misadventures)
Well, I got Miss Laurie in the saddle big time. Got her mentor for dinner
tomorrow nite, and her as the main course Wednesday nite before she leaves
for Vegas for a week.
Anyway, you asked me what I do on the phone? Well, as an intro I always go
with intuition kind of stuff. Most times I go with the basic
Spiritual/Powerful connection patterns and then use the stuff they give me
for follow up additional "intuitions." If I've done their charts
(surreptitiously) then I tell them shit they can't believe. It's very
Basically, no woman is ever going to say they are NOT spiritual, and even
if they are religious nuts they connect with this pattern. I had Laurie
eating out of my hands with this stuff. Just fucking killed her dead. She's
hot as shit. : ))
"You know, I noticed something about you.....can I share an intuition I HAD
about you? Well, this is a little deep....but this is just ME.....and you
really need to get used to this, but when I was talking to you the other
nite I felt something very powerful within yourself.........I got this
strong.....feeling, that you......and you probably have never heard this
before.....but I think you are a very very spiritual person...and I don't
necessarily mean in a religious way, although that may be there as well.
But I'm talking about something you feel very deeply about....very
passionate about....and although you know it's there, deep inside
yourself...maybe it's like you're so comfortable with your devotion , that
it's not something that's constantly on your mind, and maybe you don't
think about it everyday, but you know it's there......and you draw strength
and comfort from it. And it's a major source of inspiration in your daily
Her: Oh did you know??????
"Well, that's just one of those things that some people, when they are
really close to it, and completely connected, and tuned into that spark,
that energy, that creative force.... it's, this feeling of
contentment just sweeps over you and you just give yourself over to this
energy that is invading every nerve, every molecule of your body...cause
that's what it's all about isn't it?" blah blah blah
Sorry to throw a fucking pattern at you but the girls just eat this up.
Laurie was just fucking blown away. She can't wait till Wednesday. Gonna
give her something to think about in Vegas.
Anyway, she called and was telling me she was so sorry for not calling last
nite but she was out with her ex BF till 11:00 and shit. I shut her down
again..."You know, you've got stalker written all over you and if I hear
another word about your Goddamn boyfriend I'm gonna terminate this
"I'm not a stalker" pout
Cliff, I hammered her only the way you can hammer a Pisces chick....they
love abuse. They can handle all the abuse you can dish out and there are no
limits to what they can endure. They are born to it basically. Why do you
think they ALL love to be fucked in the ass? God Damn this girl is Jennifer
Zalesak reborn. I am so in the zone when I'm talking to her it's just
insane. She's dead....and her buddy Susan? Susan's not going to believe the
reports she gets from Laurie. I can't talk to Susan that way, you know.


This has been such a good weekend that I'm going to go to bed without
supper just so I could share this with you. I know it's long. but it's
worth a read.
Those of you who have met me (Mys, Beowolf) know that one of the things I
do is teach basic seduction seminars to both men AND women. I teach a
seminar for women on how to seduce men. It's hilarious - once in a while,
I'll get an HB show up at this seminar.
The preliminaries
Get to Toronto on Thursday night. Call a girl I kiss closed on my last trip
to tell her that I'll be in town. Actually I kiss-opened her while she was
talking to some other guy. I interrupted and said "excuse me, but your
friend is cute and I've never kissed a red head before". Then I just smiled
big and kissed her.
She calls me back to tell me that it's too short notice and she already has
plans. I tell her that I'm crazy busy and that I only have this one night
free. She calls me back to tell me that her plans fell through, we'll meet
at 9 pm. Great! Come pick me up at my hotel.
I think we're going out somewhere. But when she gets to the hotel, she
comes in to the room and takes off her shoes. Hmmm! I guess we're not going
out. Big kiss and a hug.
HB: I was hoping you'd call me. She wants to know what I'm doing in town.
Me: I give seminars on seduction.
HB: No way
Me: Why. I was able to seduce you. What attracted you to me?
HB: It was the way you just walked up and kissed me. I've thought alot
about that kiss since last time.
Me: What did you like about that?
HB: I was stunned. Part of me was saying "who is this guy, who does he
think he is", but it was such a good kiss. Then I thought "this guy is
confident, strong, knows what he wants and is not scared. I need a man who
is stronger than me. I'm very strong and at work they tell me I'm
aggressive, so I need a man who can make me feel vulnerable"
Me: How did it feel when I kissed you?
HB: I'm not going to tell you
Me: It's OK. I know you don't want to tell me because it was probably the
best kiss in your life and you don't want me to get cocky.
HB: Shut up. (Smiles.) I felt an instant connection OK? Like you just have
this commanding presence. You walk around and everyone knows who is in charge.
Get her to describe what the kiss felt like. Then we talk about what makes
a good connection like we felt - energy. So we talk about energy, about how
there are people in life who are energy givers, and takers. Talk about how
the energy feels. I went camping alone for a week to connect to that
infinite source of energy. Her too, it turns out. Then she asks if anything
scary happened while I was camping alone. Yeah, was fasting for 2 days and
got lost during a hike, thought "this is a pretty dumb way to die." Then I
felt the fear get worse. Then, I just let go (THIS IS KEY), felt that
feeling that everything is ok if I just abandon myself, that I will know
what to do - you know, when you just abandon yourself to the moment and it
feels so natural, and then you feel safe....
Start kissing, SUPER SLOW hand movements carressing her face, neck, tits,
ass, thighs and back up. Grab her hair and pull gently - she likes it. Pull
harder - she loves it. Bite her neck. All the time SUPER SLOW caresses. she
has an orgasm before I ever touch her pussy. Made her come 4 more times
(clit x2, deep vaginal stimulation x2). Amazing blow-job. She did this
thing with my cock in her mouth and her DD tits around my pole. I came so
hard that I thought my soul was going to exit my body through my cock.

Give the seduction class to girls, two HB's in the class - one Persian
engineer and one Divorcé. My best friend (total AFC - but he is a rocket
scientist - used to work for the Space Agency) comes into town and meets me
after the seminar. Quiet night cause I am exhausted - didn't even have the
energy to sarge. Still raving about last night's blow job.

Give the seduction class to the guys. They don't believe me. Want to see me
do what I say. OK. Let's go out tonight, but my work day is not finished.
Run a speed dating session in the afternoon (people sign up, you have 5
minutes to talk to someone then you move on to the next - I provide the
discussion topics: favourite ice-cream flavour, best childhood memory, most
daring thing you've ever done, etc.) Goes awesome. I get the occasional HB
showing up. The group from the speed dating is supercharged and they want
to go out too. OK, let's go out.
I wear an incredibly loud orange checkered shirt. The guys don't get it.
The girls get it. Go to the Indian for diner and drinks. HB Persian
engineer about an 8, but not very sexy - from the night before is sitting
next to me at dinner and is in trance the whole time. I keep caressing her
hair, cheeks, etc., every time she says something cute. My best friend is
talking to an Ultra-hot Asian girl (9.5 - ex-model) and they are having
this amazing connection because they are both into this eastern
spirituality stuff. Turns out she has a bf, but wants to set him up with
her Brazilian friend - he is devastated cause she was the girl of his
dreams. HB big tits who was at the speed dating comes in and pulls her
chair between me and Persian girl. This is getting fun. They are competing
for my attention and I am just ball busting everyone at the table the whole
time trying to sex up the conversation to see how far I can push the envelope.
We go upstairs to the dance club part and I immediately (do not pass go, do
not collect 200$) approach a two set (both 8's) - "Honestly, what do you
think of my shirt?" I use this opener all night, and no negative comments
from chycks. Best friend AFC joins in. "Highlight of your day, besides
meeting us." Girls have had an awesome day bungy jumping, and henna tatoos.
I tell them that I like them already. HB is going to get drinks - I take is
as a IOD and we head to the dance floor. Dancing like a fool and very
erotically - girls are laughing. "Hey did you pinch my ass?" Open up two
more groups on the dance floor with this "did you pinch my ass" opener. I'm
feeling like I can walk on water cause everyone is looking at this guy with
the outrageous shirt. One of the girls I accused of pinching my ass walks
off the dance floor and caresses my ass for real - I catch her hand hold it
before she leaves: "I knew I had to keep my eyes one you, I knew you were a
trouble maker...but I like you anyways, even if you're naughty". Kiss her
as she walks off the dance floor. She smiles.
I find my group from supper on the dance floor. Start grinding with HB
Persian and the HB big tits alternately. My friends the bungy jumpers are
back dancing behind me. They wanted to know where I went - they just turned
around for drinks and I disappeared. Start dancing with them now - they're
cuter on the dance floor. But I can't stay with just one girl. I walk off
and run into one of the guys from the seminar - he's working a set of twins
who are wearing coloured contacts - red and white ones - really spooky.
They look like witches. He's talking about environmental disasters (he's
some kind of environmental scientist) and they are bored silly ... but
kudos to him for even approaching the twins. I'm just out of control and
we're being hysterical with the twins with the scientist in tow. HB bungy
jumper comes walking by "do you ever just stand still?" NO WAY". I decide I
like HB bungy best, she will be my target tonight.
She isolates me and we are talking, a lot of kino, sharing a cuban cigar
SHE brought. I like this girl a lot - she has moxy. I want to *close. Then
HB big tits from the group comes up and CB me. She says, right in front of
my target "I'm really into you. No really, I would love to go to bed with
you tonight." I'm not interested - I want bungy girl. Big tits replies "I
might even consider having a three-some with your friend if you want". This
is an interesting offer. Bungy girl is a bit thrown off and says " I'll
leave you with your friend, you seem to have alot to talk about." FUCK!!!!
Drag big tits to best friend AFC "Bro, do you want to have a 3-some
tonight?". He's a little stunned. Doesn't think he's ready for a 3-some
with his best friend. OK. Big tits is hurt "Well if you don't want to go
home with me, I'll take your best friend home."
I guess she's trying to make me jealous. I'm OK with that. He needs it more
than me. She tries some dirty dancing to try and make me change my mind.
"I'm not going to change my mind. My body, my choice". Kiss her good night.
Shake hand with best friend AFC and wish them well. Try to find bungy girl
but she's gone. Too bad. It's been a great night anyways.

Didn't get laid last night slept like a champ. Dim sum with best friend to
get the low-down on big tits - he's not talking, he's a gentleman. Fuck
buddy from Montreal flying in to Toronto on business and comes in early so
we can spend the afternoon. coffee, CN tower, playing with her, toying with
her. She is charged. She kisses me on the back of my neck and I say, "don't
do that." She says "why?", I grab her hand and put in on my cock that is
getting hard from her kisses on my neck. She loves the effect she is having
on me. Grab her ass every chance I get, whisper what I am going to do to
her in excruciating detail. We need to leave the CN Tower right away she
tells me - she is going to fuck me silly. Get on the elevator - 58 seconds
to go down. She is standing behind me, her back up against the wall. I push
myself towards her with my hands behind my back and start caressing her
clit during the whole elevator ride down. She is dying. Back to my hotel,
she fucks my brains silly. No sensuality, just raw! Time to catch my flight
back to Montreal.
Time to go home. I love this. One of my best nights ever in terms of
feeling unstoppable. Good weekend. So much to learn. 3 billion women to


> Anybody else have any ideas on handling a dangerous bf after a
> GameMaster responds: Here's my thoughts on this subject and Cliff this
requires a little setup because of generational differences and general
mentality I guess. Anyway, I'm 49 years old and I don't go looking for
trouble anymore, although there was a time. So I'm not limited by the
physical reluctance of what I call the Nintendo Generation.... no offense.

Luceo: Heh, it's not the Nintendo Generation I'm worried about... it's the
Columbine generation. : ) Or really, the Columbine principle, since people
of all ages in all times have had the capacity to go bonkers and kill
people. My guess was that you're intuitively picking women who are attached
to guys who won't really come after you, or won't resort to beating her as
punishment, and you pretty much confirmed that is a part of your strategy,
even if it was unconscious. My other guess is that if you ever do find
yourself facing some of the not-so-pleasant responses from bfs or husbands
or the children or whoever, that you'll be ready to die, because you've had
enough fun in this life already.
That's just proof for Robert Anton Wilson's statement: Reality is whatever
you can get away with! :)


Maximillian Hell:
> Maximillian Hell: Not a question but a declaration: "I am waiting for my
friend(s)," spoken in a haughty tone as if somehow her waiting status
precludes the convo from going any further.
> Gregory Rasputin: To get that declaration, you must've asked "so what're
you doing here?" A question so plain you must never ask it in the first place.

Maximillian Hell:  Actually, I didn't. The declarations came out of
nowhere, and made zero sense in the context of the convo--it's the most
bizarre chick-logic non-sequitur  I've ever heard. I got it once directly
after I introduced myself, another time it came soon after a similar intro.

Me: "Hi I'm Max, I haven't met you yet."
HB: "I'm waiting for my friends."
Me: ?!
I assume it's supposed to mean "I am not here to be picked up." I suppose
in that one case I could start referring to her as
"waiting-for-my-friends," as though it were her name and ball-bust her a
bit ("Were your parents hippies, or did you choose that name for
yourself?"). I dunno. I really don't like negging, teasing or ball-busting
much. I realize it is an important style, but I have seen guys for years
crash-and-burn doing it. It has to be not obvious or snarky. I wish I could
find a style based on being more "real." Often when friends tease me, it
goes over my head and I respond obliviously, much to their amusement. Maybe
mismatching is more "me." Hey! Writing this stuff out really helps clarify
my thoughts.


> Matthew A: Kudos on your motivation to become a better lover and enjoy
the pleasures of a woman. Be careful how you word it! "Living SEXUAL
ECSTASY" I  have these images of your dick falling off. LOL
Carlos:  Sexual Ecstasy is when all your body, your soul and your heart is
in on the sexual moment. It's a state of total flow and congruence.
I word my goal better as "Being a Better Lover... Conditioning for a
maximum sexual and emotional response.
Yesterday I received a book of NLP called Know How by Leslie
Cameron-Bandler and found a chapter on sex.
In this chapter, Leslie Cameron-Bandler talks about 3 things:
1. Your beliefs or complex equivalence about sex should be congruent with
the enjoyment of it.
Complex equivalences as sex = natural, sex = expression of love, sex =
2. Attending to sensation in the outgoing present. She talks about a state
3. Flexibility in order to change your behavior in order to fulfill the
criteria for pleasure of your partner.
She also outlines a complete exercise called "Arousing your Interest".
In this book I found all that I wanted regarding using NLP for better sex.
> If I were you, I would focus on gaining MORE PLEASURE with what is
already there. Hyper-Emperia, Hypnosis for Sex, and you mentioned becoming
multi-orgasmic, and to that I recommend "The Multi-Orgasm Man" written by
Mantak Chia. I don't know if you are interested in Tantric practices. If
you are curious, start with some simple reading and judge for yourself.

Carlos: I do have the Hyper-sex book and haven't used their info yet. I
haven't found any book about Hypnosis for Sex. Could you send me some names?
Regarding Being Multi-orgasmic. I bought a book by a Venezuelan Sexual
Doctor that has a complete program of exercises. I am gonna begin the
program with the help of this doctor.
You can find info on:


Mark B.:
Hey to all of you looking to prolong your sexual performance. I recently
got a cold and began taking several 1,000 units of vitamin C to counter the
cold (1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg at night, time release). I began
waking up in the middle of the night with the most massive and rock hard
hardons you can imagine. I am in the mood to fuck all the time and have
been able to cum several times and stay hard right after, all massive
loads. I am not a scientist or a nutritionist but something in vitamin C
has significantly improved my sexual function. Added to that I have a
slight semi all the time and even on cold days I look about 30% bigger
flaccid than normal. And of course the babes love it as well.


Dwayne (Multiple Orgasms R Us...
The Dangers of a Broken Wing
Went to Hooters for lunch with a recently divorced buddy (big time AFC) and
I see a waitress that I know.  She asks what we want to drink.  I said, "An
ice tea, but only if I can have a hug" she gives me a hug and says they
only serve un-sweetened tea.  So I say I need a kiss for sweetening and she
gives me a kiss.  So would-be wing is sitting with his jaw dropped and then
starts spurting the most stupid garbage... that has her roll her eyes and
leave our table.

I kindly advise him to not speak... just observe and learn.  Anyway, I
wasn't going to try and pick up Katie... I wanted to see what new blood was
on board.  So, I see a new girl who is a more likely target... a
19-year-old blonde with just-enough curves and some grand tetons... so I
call her over (reading her name tag) and start talking with the warmth of a
long-time old friend... and after a bit of fluff trance her out with some
textbook patterns.  Well, would-be-wing-man Robin creeps out of the bat
cave and starts making lewd comments about her tongue piercing, and she jets.

Again, I tell him to shut his mouth...

To my surprise, she returns and sidles up next to me (back to nerdolio) and
we're getting into convo again, and I go straight for the arousal
patterns.  She gets really turned on and I tell her about how my girlfriend
back in NYC loved to ride my Sybian... but alas since I moved it has sat
unused.  She was really interested and I tell her that I would consider
letting her "just SEE it... only to look at it" in exchange for her number
-- and she starts to write it down.

Looks like a textbook close when once again, Diarrhea-of-the-mouth speaks
up and says, "Don't give him your number, he's a pickup artist."

Well, at this point I'm looking around the table for sharp objects as he
continues, "Hey, the old guy at the other table looks lonely... you should
go over there and talk to him so we can eat our lunch."

Well, she leaves and after that pretty much avoids the table, so I give him
a verbal smack and tell him, let's just finish eating and leave.  So he is
like, "What, she wasn't really gonna give you her number, was she?"  I tell
him what an idiot he is and he keeps asking if I want him to bring her over
so I can "try again" and I said, no... the moment is lost -- forget about it.

So what does he do?  He jumps up and grabs her and drags her over and says,
"If you don't give him your number, he'll never speak to me again."   Well,
at this point I kindly tell her to ignore him and go back to waiting tables
and it was fun but we'll get our cheque from Katie and then leave.

Later, as we're leaving, he blurts out, "Maybe I should give her $20 to
thank her for talking to us."  I tell him absolutely not -- that is  a
JACK-ASSED bad idea... but he pulls out the money anyway and goes over to
her -- so at this point I exit, realizing I will prolly be banned for life
from this Hooters.

At this point... I just walk out of the place.  There is a martial arts
store on the opposite end of the strip-mall and I'm thinking of purchasing
one of their nunchuks to beat him soundly about the cranium.  Or maybe a
Samurai sword?  No judge would convict me...

Moral to this story:  never sarge with an AFC by your side...

And now, let the the chorus of "told ya so's" and "you shudda knew better"


> DrJay: Re: the part about videotaping approaches...have you heard of
kenxtions? ( ...he has a video that comes with his
package that shows approaches. just an fyi...he used to have some clips on
his website that you might find of interest. he basically rigged a camera
into a backpack.
> Cliff's Comments:  Yes, I have the Kenxtions video and those are not bad
except I don't think there's anyone reading these emails who will consider
those approaches as being very advanced.  I also think that in most of
those the targets were receptive and the PUA didn't do much that would
differentiate him from any regular guy doing an approach.  What we are
talking about here are watching more advanced strategies and tactics in action.

NightLight9: I think that the Kenxtions approaches are all about odds and
improving the odds:  roach 100 women, get 30 numbers, meet with 10 and bang
2.  If you can double any of those numbers you bang twice as many but it's
still a shotgun approach.  Some good stuff, but overall more about attitude
than technique.
> Gregory Rasputin:
> Maximillian Hell: Not a question but a declaration: "I am waiting for my
friend(s)," spoken in a haughty tone as if somehow her waiting status
precludes the convo from going any further. I've twice received this line
upon my initial approach. I guess some sort of neg is called for: "YOU have
friends?" But there must be something better than that--typically the
target appears hostile in that circumstance.
> Gregory Rasputin:  To get that declaration, you must've asked "so
what're you doing here?" A question so plain you must never  ask it in the
first place.

NightLight9: You get that declaration when you approach a girl and she is
trying to blow you off and you may not have said anything at
all.  Typically, though, it means you entered with out a bullet proof opener.
"So what?  Do you want a medal or a rubber cookie?"
or the infamous
"are you always this rude? or only to people cooler than you?"

cliff’s list advertisment section
Cliff’s Comment: For those of you who are just reading about this for the first time, I decided a couple of emails ago to add links to these emails.  The idea would be to get enough money in to hire someone to take over the administrative work (and also to buy things which would improve this list, such as proper mailing list software) for this list.  If you were going to buy the product anyway, just use the link that appears below and you are helping to keep this list going at no extra cost to anyone.



One of the best places for you to start your journey on becoming more successful with women would be to get David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating» e-book.  David (who posts here under the name "Sisonpyh" — which is "hypnosis" spelled backwards) is a good friend that I have known for several years now that I originally met through one of Ross’ Speed Seduction» seminars.  His posts here have been among the most outstanding contributions I have had over the years and his book (and the free bonuses) is highly recommended.

Ron Louis and David Copeland have been reading these emails for awhile and recently sent me their Mastery Program Tape series which I have finished listening to. It has some very good stuff on it and that, in combination with other pieces that you can pick up here and from the other products mentioned can be a help. For those who are just starting out learning how to deal with women, this is an excellent basic daily course to take you through the process of dealing with women. For those who are more advanced, you should pick up a few good ideas from this set of tapes.

Comments on this product from Tony B.:
I thought I might drop you a quick line regarding some of the more popular sites that have been seen within this "seduction community". After seeing several terrible reviews and "flames" from, I decided to make a decision for myself based upon my own ideas of what could be offered on the Seven Magic Words product and after several months of reading great novels about how to attract women and multiple posts about how women are most attracted to men, I STILL found the site to be beneficial. After joining the site, I was happy to learn all the new techniques that I have never seen on any list and that alone made it worth the money. I am not typically the type of person that spends money on a site especially a seduction site, I would rather pay for some audio or video, but the information that was offered was different and unequal to anything I have seen in the past.  At any rate, I know you wanted a review.. and I have actually come to know the owner, and he puts more attention in his members area than I would expect to see from any other site.

Not only does this next site give you an unconditional 1 year no risk money back guarantee, but it stands alone and it’s program is unmatched. Right now they’re doing a Free Trial period, and I’d take advantage of this while you can. The site reads "Learn the proven secrets for meeting, attracting, and seducing women. From A – Z, you’ll discover the most advanced techniques for picking up women ever developed." Check out their Free Trial (before it ends) and you’ll see why their members like this program so much.


Here’s another one which I think has been reviewed here in the past but I haven’t gone through the old emails to check. Do You Want To Know A Simple, Two Minute Hypnotic Technique That Lets YOU Secretly Put Any Woman Into An Instant Trance And Persuades Her To Ask YOU Out?

Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

Success Secrets Our free newsletter reveals it all Money and Personal Finance secrets; Business & Marketing secrets; Health, Fitness, and Weight-Loss advice; Self Defense secrets; Memory Improvement tips; Smart Advice on Flirting, Dating, Sex, and Relationships; Personal Development tips; Communication and Negotiation tips; Tax Secrets & Loopholes! Investment and Stock Market tips; and Much More

The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Relationships is only $8.95 and looks very interesting. Comments, please.

Plus! Free Survey Results of Women Using Personals for SexThe Guide contains the following Inside Secrets: Replying to ads – how to get noticed and get a date for hot sex.   Placing ads – how to beat the competition and get lots of replies How to handle follow up communication to keep her interested. Examples of replies that worked on us. You can just copy and paste these into your ads or replies. Saves you time and increases your chances! A directory of the best websites for meeting hot women! Sick of chicks who are only into cybersex and nothing else! The Guide contains a list of the best adult personals sites.

A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

cliff’s free plugs section
Cliff’s Comment: The following are all recommended but clicking on the links and buying from them doesn’t send any money back here (it is also recommended that the sponsors of these sites consider setting this up — from the little experience I have had since I started the commercial section a couple of weeks ago, I think you are missing a lot of business by not doing this):


[all words] [any words]

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