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“Q&A: Powerful Personal Ads” – October 4, 2002

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“Q&A: Powerful Personal Ads” – October 4, 2002

Dear David,

Apologies for the length of this, but I’m not bothered if it doesn’t make the mailbag; I just wanted to share my amazing success with you! Mine’s a familiar story; former bad boy, meets The One, hands her balls on plate, gets married, turns into SuperWuss. 12 years on, I’m divorced, broke (she got everything), jobless, and clueless about dating again… realised I needed help, eventually found your ebook and newsletter, and slowly began to turn things around.

The book and newsletter opened my eyes; suddenly my past relationships, and their failure, began to make sense, why some things worked and others didn’t. Looking back, I could see all the clues were there right in front of me. One girl had even told me she was leaving me because I was too nice!! And I still hadn’t spotted it… I’d always had no problem attracting women, just keeping them. The moment we got serious, I’d turn into Nice Guy, doing the things I thought should be done, not realizing it was just turning them off…

Anyway, I began putting your ideas into practice, and started having successes. Enough to get my confidence back and make me realize I wasn’t cast out on the scrap-heap after all, and that hey! I was actually a pretty good catch…

BUT… the Big Bang, the lightning flash, the Road-to- Damascus-conversion, came when I bought your CD’s… awesome! That’s when it hit me… there’s no tricks, techniques or lines, it’s a TOTAL PARADIGM SHIFT! And when it happens, everything just clicks into place, and there’s no going back.

It was like suddenly being able to understand animals talking! It’s a whole new language.. I walked round like a madman for 2 days, laughing and slapping my forehead… then I bought some of the books you recommended, and studied some more. The first thing I did was put a personal ad online; I wrote the most arrogant/funny profile I could think of, even adapting some phrases used by your special guests on the CD’s, called myself ‘Untameable’, and attached a really blurred photo. Within HOURS of posting, I began to get responses from women, ranging from “Wow! What a profile!” to “Get over yourself, you prick!” LOL. And it was even funnier to realize that even the couple who were abusive, STILL COULDN’T RESIST RESPONDING! One cute young thing (she’s 22, I’m 41) simply wrote “Come on up. My parents will be out, the door will be on the latch, and I’ll be in bed waiting for you. Naked.” I did. She was. LOL. The amazing thing is that I could have been anyone, a rapist or killer; this stuff is SO POWERFUL that it completly overwrote any concept of personal safety she may have had!

Anyway, I picked the best responses and began corresponding, busted on them mercilessly, moving swiftly to IM and phone whenever possible… those that asked for a better photo got sent one of a really ugly guy I found on the web… here’s a selection of some of the things these women have said;

“hey you are classic…i printed your profile and what you wanted out…and i’ve shown it around the office/town…the names you’ve been called!! and i said: ‘i know i know, but i’m attracted anyway !!’ “

“pls keep writing, you’re so exciting! “

“your barefaced effrontery impresses and excites me. “

“y’know all this is turning me into a raving loony…i’m an addict. Everytime i see an internet cafe i have to rush in and get a fix…”

“when i saw your original write up i knew you’d be a sexy bastard…and that’s what attracted me, i had no idea you’d be so scintillating/titillating/amusing and on same rude/wit level as me…”

“ok forget what you look like, get over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“you’re the only person that’s given me an orgasm!!!”

“jesus… i couldn’t sleep…i was in another zone, not sleeping not awake…just wet….and writhing…what have you done to me? and you haven’t even started yet!!! “

“you are terrible!! but very funny…”

I am currently dating 6 women on a fairly regular basis, with more meetings lining up. I’ve never had to write to them first, they are all responding to the ad. All are aware of the others, and profess to be cool with it, though I notice that they are nevertheless competing with each other. I’m being bought dinner, gifts, and taken out. One woman is taking me for a week in Egypt next month (she’s paying!) And I’ve only seen her 3 times!! The funny thing is, they are all acting the same way that most guys (and I used to) do; typical wuss behaviour. You were absolutely right Dave, WUSS = WOMAN/GIRLY MAN. LOL

So that’s my current situation. Now to my question: you know what? I don’t have any! Sure, I’m still learning, and I can still improve, but right at this moment I GET IT and don’t feel the need to ask for any more advice. I still need to finetune the C+F, adjusting it to each woman’s individual character. I have let 2 women slip by because I think I was a bit too much for them, but hey! it’s THEIR loss, not mine LOL! If they can’t match me, I shouldn’t be too bothered about losing them. But that will come with more practice, so I’m not worried.

What I would like to add though, finally, is an observation: I mentioned above that it was like suddenly being able to understand animal speech… everywhere I go I see the interactions between men and women being played out before my eyes, and I understand what is happening on a whole new level. And it amazes me just how much we have all been brainwashed by popular culture; I mean, how many pop/rock songs can you think of, sung by guys, over the last 40 years or more, that are NOT in the ‘baby I love you/please come back/I’ll do anything for you because I’m a WUSS’ category? And movies; I can’t count the movies I’ve seen where the NICE GUY gets the girl!! It’s almost like there was a vast conspiracy…. LOL.

So thank you David D’Angelo… you made a blind man see again. If you were prettier I’d kiss you, LOL. But you deserve a Nobel Prize at least. All the best, mate…

R, London UK


Can I just tell you how much I LOVE it when guys get out there and TAKE ACTION!?

You said something funny that really hit home for me…

You mentioned that learning this material is kind of like suddenly being able to understand animal communication.

I can remember when I first started realizing that this emotion called ATTRACTION was so powerful, and that if a woman felt it, she would do things that were TOTALLY illogical and be with a man REGARDLESS of whether he was “nice” or not.

And I can also remember when I first started to notice that women were using a sort of “code” language to communicate, and that when a man understood that “code”, he would trigger all kinds of amazing sexual feelings that couldn’t be explained with our current understanding of what it meant to “pursue” or “court” a woman in a “nice” way.

Remember, if a woman feels ATTRACTION, then nothing else really matters. A woman will do all kinds of crazy things and date guys who aren’t AT ALL good for her if she feels that magical emotion…

Another thing you mentioned is that by studying the materials you had a complete shift in perspective. As you know, it takes more than just learning techniques and lines to have this kind of success with women. It takes a new understanding of everything from how women are genetically programmed all the way to how women test men and how to respond.

I appreciate your email, and I think it goes without saying that if other guys would like to learn how to communicate with women on this level and get these kinds of responses, that they need to educate themselves about how ATTRACTION works, and why being a “nice guy” will NEVER create it.

And where is the best way to get this education?

Try my new CD Audio Program (the one mentioned above):

[products info link]

And if you’d like to get an introduction to the main concepts, then download a copy of my online eBook “Double Your Dating” at:

[ebook download link]

And I’ll talk to you soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

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