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I am the tastiest strawberry you have ever tasted
12/9/02 5:30:26 PM Eastern Standard Time


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An article paraphrasing my report on Mystery's Workshop in Montreal last July
appeared in the free Montreal weekly newspaper, The Mirror.  The article, which
is unflattering, can be read at
and it seems he found his material by searching through the archives of this
list at, without ever talking to anyone or finding
out anything other than his own biases to report.


> Erick Kand (  Confidence used to be a big issue for
me. In some ways I've turned what was once my biggest weakness into my biggest
strength. I've been following the PUA (mostly Ross and Major Mark) technology
for at least five years, and that has certainly helped my own self-improvement.
Everything that is on this CD is congruent with the desire to powerfully enhance
your success in life, business, relationships, and especially with women.
Ross:  Please note that while this person has mentioned me in his product plug,
I neither endorse nor recommend this product as I know NOTHING about it.

Cliff's Comment:  This is probably my fault as the above is not his promotional
writing but rather what he put in a personal email to me and I posted it.  I am
learning that just the mention of a product on my email list can get me tied to
the product ("as mentioned on Cliff's List") when I may have just asked for
someone to give a review of something that I hadn't seen.  Sorry about that.
> Ricky Ricardo:  The greatest book I ever read, period, was "How to Get the
Women you desire into Bed." Written by some "E-diot" who known absolutely
nothing about women called Ross Jeffries (in 1996). LOL. Well that "E-diot" will
always be one of my main heroes. This book and RJ, I believe are probably the
biggest reasons why I have the size balls that I have in the clubs (although he
himself is not a clubman.)
Ross:  Thanks. You know, I wrote that book in 1988, just to correct you. It's
still available, and at $16.95, I think it represents the BEST "get your feet
wet" "jump on in" purchase for a beginner/AFC/RAFC. email yat***j@ix***.com[ ? ]
or call Straightforward at 1-903-482-1034
> Ricky Ricardo:  Don?t be afraid to be seen making out. Women don?t mind, in
fact, they seem to love seeing you making out with other women in the club. I
make out with no less than three girls in the same club each night. They all see
me making out with other young ladies. Yet, a very strange thing happens every
time. It gets easier to pick up the next girl and the next group in the club
when you are already making out with other women. It seems like women only want
what other women have. I have had women say "you were the guy over there making
out with my friend Kim." Yet, within 5 minutes we are at it. In fact, I  will be
making out with one young lady and just reach out and pull/grab the closest girl
to us. Then before you know it I am making out with her. Guys, this actually
works every time.
Ross:  On the other side of the cover, this might be a reason it is not
transitioning into a close. No girl wants to be the LAST choice or one of MANY.
(I know that seems a contradiction, but that is CHICK logic!)
> Ricky Ricardo:  I started from a different place with her though because she
was a  friend I started working the friends into lovers pattern that used quotes
& I messed up because I did not take hold of her hands to capture the state I
built in her. I would have had a powerfully stacked anchor because when I ended
the part of that pattern that talks about imagining the feeling before you have
an orgasm & can you feel that right now. I swear the girl creamed in her seat.
She just moaned & her eyes had this wide expression then she started giggling &
talking about how exciting that was.

Ross:  Good work. Remember, you can anchor LOTS of ways without actually
touching. For more on that go to  My own anchoring
skills(and I've been doing NLP since 1987; that's going on 15 years) SKYROCKETED
when I started learning with Kim and Tom. They are sneaky fuckers...the better
forms of anchoring don't require ANY touching.
> Bruno Negro:  After which I elicited her sub-modalities for falling in love,
then anchored a powerful pleasure state in her body & went on to place a picture
of me in that place where she pictured falling in love. I figured at the time
that since I did not anchor that earlier pattern I was going to run another
sexual arousal pattern on her by describing another person's experience & anchor
that state on top of the already anchored pleasure state, but as I was about to
do that some homeless guy interrupted me by asking if we had any smokes he could
bum off us which we had none. And he sat there talking to us "we were in a park
in the evening" so this guy was there bugging us & finally I got him to leave &
was about to start into the pattern & she had said she needed to go home. So
that was the end of that experiment though I will say after that the girl called
me quite frequently & was always eager to see me. BUT I was still new to the
skills so I did not close the deal like I should have & well I moved on to other
experiments. After that experiment I left the Sub-Modalities technique & got
stuck on the pattern recitations using them on BBS on the phone, in person &
using hypnotic poetry. It wasn't until recent times that I started listening &
using the personal  trance words as part of the pattern recitations. A person
can become so focused on one aspect or rather one set of tools with which to
operate that we can forget that there exist other compatible & effective tools
to be utilized for one's special needs. Thus I will re-experience the power of
Sub-modalities in my SS practice sessions & also utilize demonstrative anchoring
techniques as part of my magic bag of goodies.
Ross: The best "magic" of all is recognizing her responses and USING them and
listening to what she says and FEEDING IT BACK.Your success will go WAY up when
you DO THIS...NOW.
> Gregory Rasputin:
>> Ross: You were AFC and you STILL attracted and made out with an astonishingly
beautiful young woman. So....YOU DID IT ON YOUR LOOKS.
> Gregory Rasputin: Or maybe he was just a cool's not either SS or
> Cliff's Comment: I guess the question is, would this attitude have been
successful for someone without Zan's looks. I believe it would. I think it's
great to get ideas from guys like Zan whose looks contributed to allowing him to
develop such a strong attitude.
Ross:  You miss my point. God, I get SO tired of going through this. It seems NO
one is getting this:
this since 1988. NINETEEN-FUCKING-EIGHTY-EIGHT.  My point is that Zan was
getting hot chicks BEFORE he even had an "attitude" and that if you aren't good
looking, ATTITUDE ISN'T ENOUGH.  I never said "attitude" wasn't good.
I NEVER SAID less than good looking guys should NOT develop good attitude.
Doesn't anyone here remember my Unstoppable Confidence Tapes...where that is
what I teach guys to install in themselves? I DID THOSE IN 1994.  My point is
that a guy like Zan, who got chicks on his looks BEFORE he had a "PUA" attitude
can get away with not doing anything more than ATTITUDE plus his great looks.
Guys who don't have the great looks need ATTITUDE...and...a-n-d...AND..A-N-
D....................they need other things as well.
Zan's post had talked about how he doesn't need language patterns, etc.  Of
course he doesn't. His looks and his attitude ARE ENOUGH.
I was trying to point out that if you look like Zan, AND you have "attitude" you
probably don't need language patterns either. If you don't look that good, you
better have every tool you can in your arsenal, so don't take HIS ignoring the
power of language to guide emotions and imagination to be something YOU ought to
copy, unless you are also packing his good looks.
Geez..I'm ranting...
> Stephane: I know you really want to fuck this broad but my advice is RUN. I
would have said, "Since you admit that you are blunt, sarcastic, withdrawn and
have violent tendencies then let me ask you: What steps have you taken to
OVERCOME those problems?"

Ross: I agree....100%. Part of playing smart is BEING smart in whom you choose
NOT to deal with.


If you received two copies of the last email I sent out, it was me getting used
to the new mailing list software that I am now using and I had to send it out
twice to make sure all of you got it.  This software will make my life much
easier than what I was doing previously (believe it or not, making 31 copies of
the same email and putting not more than 100 addresses in each of the bcc: slots
- so I had to send these out 31 times in order to get one to everyone).


Do you want women to pick YOU UP?! Meet Dozens of beautiful women just by saying
the Seven "Magic" Words to them!


Rod Munch:
Here's a question for Ricky Ricardo or others.
First off, I will say that nightclubs are probably my weakest territory for
picking up women.  I've always seemed to do better in one-on-one...let's get to
know each other type situations.
However, some of the things I do in clubs are similar to what Ricky
advises...that is, having mad-crazy fun and just going out there and having a
blast, dancing like an idiot...being happy and smiling all the time.  It's not
uncommon for a girl or two to wander up to me and start dancing with me or
whatever.  However, I find that after they come up and start dancing with me,
they wander off after a minute or two.  I can't help but think in their minds
the women are making themselves available to me, giving me the opportunity to
take some sort of action, then when I don't do it, they say, "Well, this guy's
just here to have fun, he's not interested in me; I'll move along now."
So my question is, once you get a gal dancing with you or grinding on you or
whatever, how does one effect the TRANSITION to move from just dancing to
escalate the process?  I know this is a basic question, and probably has a
simple answer, but I'd like to see a variety of responses nonetheless.
Thanks to all the other guys out here for sharing their experiences and


I am not very confident even have an inferiority complex but have been always
very choosy about men. I have never managed to attract the really 'hot' men and
am really attracted to good looking men though only being of average looks
myself. I know there are men who are not particularly good looking who attract
beautiful women but could it be the case the other way round? As from what
people tell me, men go for looks a lot more than women so it might be a lot
harder for a woman of average looks to attract a good looking man than vice
versa. I would be interested in comments from both male and female subscribers.


Mark B.:
In the last few months I have been having regular meetings with a group of about
3 friends where we meet daily before we go to the gym for about an hour for
coffee and discuss women and other issues. As we sit in the coffee shop we
notice women that walk by and rank them by order of attractiveness. I noticed
that women that I find hot my friends do not find so appealing and vice versa.
Sometimes I am astounded at some of the women that my friends find appealing as
I would not even give them a first glance let alone a second one. For example,
one of my friends Chris loves what he calls "juicy" women.  That is, women that
are maybe say 10-20 pounds over their ideal weight with slight love handles. He
says that fit and trim women do not turn him on and he does not find them
intimidating in any respect. On the other hand, he finds his "juicy" type highly
attractive and breaks into a cold sweat when he sees one for he feels highly
intimidated by that level of "beauty".
I figure that my stunning woman is not necessarily your stunning woman and
perhaps not for any other man. To me this has some highly curious implications.
I do not believe there is a woman in this world that every single man finds
appealing or attractive. Hence the myth of the beautiful woman is just that a
myth. Some of the truly beautiful women that I have known and felt intimidated
by somewhat, my friends only find average. Hence I feel that the extent of
intimidation and sheer appeal of a woman is exclusive to you and not necessarily
to the world in general. Hence I feel that you can assume that the so called
"beautiful" woman has had her share of rejection and relationship trouble as
much as a not so beautiful woman. Hence it is really erroneous to assume that
since you find her so hot and appealing that so does everyone else and that you
are just another squirrel trying to get a nut. Perhaps not. Armed with this
knowledge I find that you can feel a lot more at ease in meeting her and
connecting.  But let's not delude ourselves because the so called "beautiful"
woman is usually accostumed to more attention that the less beautiful woman,
even in the general sense. I feel that most men approach these so called BW with
their full sexual and romantic intent right off the bat making the BW back off.
I have found that where you can differentiate yourself is by first focusing on a
simple conversation about anything other than her so called beauty and your
desire for her and only after a few hours say of connecting can you make your
desire for her known. This puts you in the more appealing category to her as it
makes you different and not as threatening as well as more patient and less self
Using this method I have recently scored what I consider an HB9.5 from one of my
local strip clubs. After I asked her why she came with me she said "I was
different and that I did not try take her out right away or came on too strong".
I saw her over 3 months and each time we simply talked and developed a bond and
when the time came I asked her to lunch which she enthusiastically accepted and
we took things from there. She called most guys pigs and just want to fuck and
take her out. Little did she know that I am also that pig but I chose to let her
know otherwise until I felt she was ready to discover that after she developed
an impression of me as a non pig. Diabolical, but I love it.

I believe that deep down inside most women just want to be with a man who will
not be afraid of telling her what he wants from her, that is they just want to
get laid just as much as we do.
Recently I have had a few highly revealing experiences. I met an HB9 a few weeks
back but have had a somewhat difficult time securing time to see her again. She
ended up returning my call eventually only to tell me she is not into
relationships right now and just wants to be friends. To this I told her that
neither am I looking for a relationship with anyone but I still would like to
have "wild, passionate and steamy sex" with her. To this she replied that we
could do that and made plans to get together. I said what I said as I figured I
had nothing to lose.
This hit me like a ton of bricks when I hung up the phone and realized what
happened. For the longest time I had been under an impression that one needs to
be in a relationship of some sort in order to have sex with a woman. My
experience this year especially has indicated that this is not the case at all
as women seem just as eager if not more so to fuck without the underlying guise
of a relationship.
Cases in point: Back in June I take out an HB8, a black girl who asks me why I
am not putting the moves on her while we sat in the car. She kept hiking up her
dress and pushing out her chest to reveal her tits all the while saying she does
not want a relationship but only to 'walk on the wild side" . Another HB8 that I
know calls me up and asks me if I would like to go to the movies with her. When
I arrive at her home she does not have movies in mind but takes me to the
bedroom and starts undressing in front of me. No relationship here either.
Another woman takes me home after the first date to "show me her apartment" and
then walks over to me and looks up at me as if to indicate she wants a kiss and
of course later a hard core fuck. No relationship here either. Over the past
year I got to know a dancer from one of my local strip bars. I ran into her at a
shopping mall with some guy who later turned out to be her boyfriend. One night
while talking to her I told her I wanted to take her home and fuck her to which
she said no but offered her number and I gave her mine. Then about a month later
she calls me at 11:30 at night to tell me she is thinking about me. Here I
dropped the ball as I told her I was sleeping and that I will call her tomorrow.
Later I realized that I had a golden opportunity to fuck the shit out of her
that night but did not and now it seems to have lost the opportunity forever. No
relationship here either.
Recently in one week I had three calls out of the blue from women that I have
had some form of contact with in the past year. With all three of them I
suggested that we get together and just have sex and they all agreed.
I am truly taken aback with all this as I realize that my assumption that one
needs to be in a relationship to have sex is incorrect and severely limiting.
While it is true that generally it is better to be very casual and non sexual at
the beginning when meeting a woman it is critical to let her know that you want
to fuck her within a short time of knowing her, say about 3-4 hours of total
interaction time since you first said your first word to her. Otherwise as my
experience and that of others I have known shows,  we lose women if we wait
longer than this in order to create a seemingly better set of conditions, so to
The way that I see it is that most women have had sexual experiences in their
lives and probably have given into men within a short time of meeting them (say
several hours to a few days at the most). I figure that if we wait to make a
move on her or let her know that we want her beyond the general time frame that
she is used to, then we simply out ourselves into the chump category and she
loses interest as we do not come across as assertive enough or as man enough to
From experience, I can say that no woman has ever frowned upon my expression of
desire to have sex with her. Ones that have initially expressed reluctance or
walked away eventually ended up coming back. Even ones that claimed they need to
wait to be in love with a guy or be in some sort of a relationship with him need
to know that we want to fuck them regardless of whether they will fuck or not at
the beginning. Saying you want to sleep with her allows her to feel desired and
wanted and puts the man in a highly sexual light in her eyes and makes her open
to considering sleeping with the guy.
Women, it seems, need to be found desirable but only after we as men have first
demonstrated some form of ability to show restraint when we first meet them.Once
we have shown to her we can be casual the expression of all desire to fuck her
and twist her all around is fair game. Now when I meet a woman I go in with the
assumption that she wants to have sex with me as much as I do. It gives me
confidence to know this and I feel more compelled to act with more forwardness
and openness toward her.
All of the above is based upon my reflection of my experience of the recent past
as compared to experience over the last few years.


I just want to say to the guys out there that some of the very best movies to
watch to see Alpha Maleness in action are from the film noir genre. When I watch
these movies a bell rings ALPHA MALE». My own particular favorite is Out of the
Past with Robert Mitchum. Mitchum is the very essence of cocky, funny, COOL,
composed and ultra-confident! He's always at ease in his own skin and never,
ever supplicates to a woman nor does he ever talk up to any man either. Other
great Mitchum films where he exhibits these golden male qualities are The Big
Steal, Macao and His Kind Of Woman. The guy makes all the right moves in all the
right ways as far as I can see! He's a master negger too in these movies,
particularly the last two. I think even Mystery could take a lesson from this
guy! I would also suggest The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep with Humphrey
Bogart but would not limit myself to these alone because this (film noir) genre
is RIPE with examples of Alpha Maleness being exhibited richly on the silver
screen to an extent not nearly as appreciated by our PC world today! Studying
these movies is an education! I would also like to put in a good word for the
different Cary Grant comedies. The guy had a way of putting women in their place
and being TOTALLY comfortable in his own skin. I can't remember a single scene
of him supplicating in any way, shape, or form. Any library will have a total
listing of Cary Grant's movies as well as the film noir genre. If you want to
get right down to it? Just about ANY movie from the 1930's, 40's and to a
slightly lesser degree, the 50's will show the guy who gets the girl exhibiting
lots of Alpha Male» traits in abundance. My own personal favorite is Mitchum,
closely followed by Grant, Gable, and Bogart. Check 'em out and see Alpha
Maleness in spades!


Maximillian Hell:
>> Red Axe I found maintaining the eye contact throughout the silences is very
>Thomas:  Hmmmm...doesn't sound at all like a vampire anchor.....

Maximillian Hell:  What the heck's a vampire anchor, and where does this term
come from? No one has been able to tell me what a
tangible anchor is either.

Clifford's Comment:  I think what is meant by a tangible anchor is one that
involves something tangible - eg. a touch anchor vs. something like a wink or a
phrase.  You might check out for more on anchoring.

Thomas: as I can remember, Red Axe made a vampire reference earlier
in his post, that got snipped out of the part you published. I took that as a
meaningful metaphor *for him* and directed his attention to what he was already
doing, that he wasn't noticing, as inferred by his question about anchors. Then
I mapped it over to his conscious map of his unconscious use (his term was auto-
pilot) of NLP/SS/Whatever. It was a relatively contentless reference for me,
since I was only manipulating his structure.
But, my intention was to help him notice that he already does anchors well, even
when he doesn't *remember* to do them. And the comment about maintaining eye
contact through silence gave me a mental picture of Dracula (as played by Bela
Lugosi ;o) mesmerizing a beautiful female victim.


(Commenting on Ricky Ricardo)  Great points Ricky. I must agree on the mad/crazy
fun point. Confidence is a major and can be very addicting and infectious to
those watching.  I must ask however, why not ever take home a drunken girl ?
Ricky Ricardo Responds: Well, gentlemen, here you are running in a very sticky
legal situation. It's like gambling, many times nothing negative happens.
However, in a few cases there are horror stories. Hence, I always avoid such
See many of the girls I meet on a weekly basis, I have never met before. So
taking them home is all about trust. Now the sticky part comes after sex.
She goes home and tell her friends that she had sex with this cool guy she met
at the club. The first thing a woman's friends usually ask is, "Shannon, are you
serious?" "Wow, were you drunk?" Then they continue asking for more details. If
her friends don't approve sometimes you will hear that you took disadvantage of
Guys, I know of two young men, who I believe are in jail today (the last news I
heard.) Now, in one of the cases there was a big annual party at this nearby
college campus. Now the way I heard it from four very respectable college
professors (two male and two female) is that both students were drunk. However,
after they had sex, the young lady told her friends. The friends in turn told
her that she never gives it up that easily and that she must have been drunk.
Hence, the guy must have raped her. Well, the last time I heard the local news
this past summer, the guy was in jail--for rape.
The other case I am aware of is one night I managed to get into a frat party. I
remember one of the guys who was preventing me from entering the party, only too
well. He had several girls all over him. One of these young ladies was clearly
drunk--the blind could tell. Several days later one of my boys said to me,
"Dude, you remember that punk that would not let us into that frat party?" I
said, "Yes, why?"  He said the guy was arrested for allegedly raping that girl
who was all over him. (The newspaper confirmed it a few days later.) The way
those girls were over him, I don't think he needed to rape anyone.
Now, will this ever happen to you or me? I do not know. However, there are so
many other girls who are just as horny and ready for just the right approach.
Besides, many times the sex with a drunk is very lousy.
For instance, I know a few WUSA (women professional soccer) players who frequent
one of the clubs that I go to. Now, every time I go to the club this really cute
pro soccer girl always comes and grabs me on the dance floor. Damn girl is
gorgeous and a professional athlete, my dreams come true. However, she always
gets drunk (100% of the time). Similarly, she is always buying me drinks to get
me drunk.  Hell no, that is not for me.
As she puts it, she trains very hard ever week, therefore, she should be able to
kick back with a few drinks and have fun. The funny thing about it the next day
you turn on the TV she is there playing soccer okay.
Nevertheless, although she is cute I never ever take her home. Sure, we will
make out, but that's usually it. In deed, many times I just avoid her
It's just not worth the gamble to me. I hope that explains my position on the


Peter S:
I must say that I still consider myself a "newbie" in the world of seduction and
romance. Having said that . . . I do seem to have above average results for a
guy that was so shy he would cross the street if there were 4 girls coming his
way rather than have to pass them.
Anyhow . . . I have had several successes with the "cocky and funny" style
taught by David DeAngelo. Apart from having a woman giving me $5,000 watches and
designer clothes (the watch after spending just 2 days with me) and having now
at least 2 women who are OK with me having other women beside themselves and are
just happy for whatever time I spend with them . . . I would like to relate a
recent success story . . . which resulted with me kissing a woman in her
lingerie shop at 9:50 am in the morning and steaming up the windows of my
Mercedes Benz in the middle of the day in a public car park!! Oh yes, and from
my last 10 day trip to Los Angeles I now have at least 4 women who still want to
see me again. (I only slept with one, but had a lot of fun with the others.)  I
may also add that my goals are not to sleep with 3 women per week, as I am too
busy to spend my time focusing on that goal alone.  But to simply have the
"ability" and "confidence" to choose and take whatever woman I want wherever I
am, whenever I want.
Anyway . . . I was walking along the promenade at a beach close to my place
eating strawberries, when I saw a woman in the door way of a ladies lingerie
shop. I said "hi" and offered her a strawberry, which she accepted. I then
looked at her and asked her . . .
ME: "You know as I am looking at this strawberry, it is talking to me and do you
know what it is saying?"
Her: NO
Me: "It is saying, I am the tastiest strawberry you have ever tasted, but the
girl standing in front of you tastes even better . . . (she blushes and says
"you are bad") . . . And it is also saying to me that there is only one way to
find out if this is true! . . . Do you want to honour this strawberry and do as
she says?
Her: YOU are bad news.
Me: Hey, and can you believe this . . . this banana in my bag is also saying
something . .. It is saying . . . "Holly shit . . . A talking strawberry!!!"
(She cracks up laughing)
My standard answers to a lot of everyday questions is really getting great
results . . . For example, How are you? Me: "Oh, you mean apart from being
radiantly gorgeous and irresistibly sexy?" (They always laugh or do a double
take and then laugh)
If they say nothing: Don't tell me you are intimidated my stunning good looks
and sex appeal? (I am average looking and 45 years old)
What do you do? "Oh, you mean apart from being radiantly gorgeous and
irresistibly sexy?" ("YES") "Well, apart from that I am an ass model for Calvin
Klein or I own a male escort agency, we specialize in G-spot orgasms. Because we
have done a lot of market research that indicated women are not having enough
quality orgasms. Tell me, when is the last time YOU had a mind blowing orgasm?
How old are you? Old enough so that if you want to fuck me you will not go to
I have a whole lot of scenarios that I have written down and that I practice
with my friends. Like actor rehearse lines, we rehearse the responses to
everyday scenarios. We also come up with responses to "Worst case scenarios."
What happens if she says XXX. That way, you know you can handle anything. A good
actor will completely rehearse their lines and then use them with feeling and
enthusiasm, that what we do also. Practice and rehearse. It works for business,
for picking up girls, for sport or any area you want to excel in. The main thing
is to make the decision to want to be the best at this. And to be the best
yourself. To use it for the benefit of others. I always aim to lift the other
person (girl) up. To inspire her to believe in her beauty and potential. To tap
into her own power. I NEVER want to degrade or use anyone. This to me is a key
distinction without which even if you master the art of seduction», you will
NEVER be happy and fulfilled. I am also grateful for everything life gives me.
And I get a lot of good things happening to me ALL the time. Both in my business
and in my life.
I may not be the fastest learner when it comes to seduction but I NEVER quit
once I make up my mind to learn something. And I practice and rehearse and then
go out and DO IT!!
So there it is my little contribution to humanity : )


Yum (reposted from Mystery's Lounge with permission of the author):
I recently bought Kevin Mitnick's book "The Art of Deception."  If you want to
get access to celebrity parties, concerts, etc., this is the book to get.  Kevin
spent over 5 years in Federal Prison for stealing some company secrets.
His book is like a huge "fuck you" to society, spelling out, step by step, how
to con people at companies to do things for you. And you don't even need to know
a thing about hacking computers. His book is pure "social engineering"
The amazon link...
His website also has an excerpt:
And another here...,,0471237124|excerpt,00.pdf


You should be strategically aware to pre-emptively qualify your make on women
prior to entering a relationship...and it's good to see that if they have the
power then you might as well stay away...because the result will be just a waste
of axioms are very simple....

* If I can't extract maximum happiness out of a woman...then she is draining my
time: Time keeping and her prioritizing her enthusiasm to date me is most
important...if not she is dishonourable with enthusiasm and time...she's a
goner! (My self-esteem is my survival currency I hold most dear and I work and
think damn mentally hard to get it...if a woman violates it...she will either be
dumped or be taught a ruthless lesson in self-esteem management by me.)
* I no longer enter a woman's "universe to be entertained"...either she enters
my world otherwise I have no interest with her...I'll leave you to ponder the
reasons why.
* If I find out a woman has no focus of mind...ambition... or something that she
gives her showers of self esteem...then again...I don't care how great her gums
are...she's out!
* A woman's continuos lying shows me that she is damn mentally lazy...her
continuos lying makes her dishonest...thus untrustworthy...and I'm not in the
mood to tolerate a woman's mental ambush or her hindsight crappy arguments to
upright her guilt for her righteousness...the reason for this is superbly
simple...SHE HAS NO self-esteem maintenance for herself... her integrity means
nothing to her...moreover, she fully well recognizes that she is not maintaining
the level of self-esteem necessary for me to appreciate her because she does not
recognize it within herself...thus her integrity means nothing to her...and when
that is the case...I'm sorry she's out...AND MY REASON...I use sexual intimacy
not as a Primer for my happiness but an amplifier for what I have already built
using my own efforts from my own self-esteem from my achievements I built
through out my productive if a woman is thinking that her jewels in
her pants is premium priced without her character and good personality traits
which she is lacking...then I can do better extracting greater productive
happiness reading a text book on calculus (true).
The whole of point for being with a woman is to extract and progressively
enhance one's power as a man to enjoy them and to reach ever increasing plateaus
of happiness with them...thereby productively improving oneself and in return
rewarding a woman with happiness as a man's power rises and steadily improves
throughout his life time....But if a woman is balking from such an honourable,
moral welcome and treaty from a man...then what need does a man have for her?
Nothing! For, she is a life degenerative imploding bomb!

So...if you identify that she has the power (her bullshit), then it's not
strange at all that you will leave them alone...for their life is imploding and
they'll take you down too.

PS: As a case in point of power...have a look at this dialogue I had with a
Hoe'ish/freak(a la Arthur Carr)...with whom I have an on and off acquaintance

Her: Wash my car...

Me: What are you going to do for me in return?...

Her: Nothing...if you really want to do something for some one, then you'd do it
no questions asked blah blah blah...

Me: Well you have a long time to wait...meanwhile you're acting like a thief in
the dark...

(later I text her using my cell...and I decided to set her up...)

Me (text): My car needs washing...come and wash it...meanwhile, I am certain
that having sex with you would be an uneventful experience I would not enjoy in
bait of you wanting me to wash your car!

(Mentally lazy I know this hottie is I decided to ring her to empower the in C&F mode....)

Me (call): Hey, come and wash my needs washing, you lazy fiend..

Her (laughing): No you have to come and wash my car....

Me: No...the only reason you want me to wash your car is that you want me to get
me in your back seat for a sexual excursion...

Her: Fat'll be lucky...(she thinks she has the power)

Me: Luck has nothing to do with it...I wouldn't enjoy it with you, the
experience would be uneventful and I will have a sexual blues hangover the next
day for having done the unthinkable..

Her:  (Lost for words she moans an apologetic defeated:) Whhyyyyyyyyeeee?

Me: Sorry that's for another time:
Her: You are always doing this to me..letting me hang....

Me: Well you can hang some more...cos I only use women for two things...

Her: What? What? What?

Me: To relieve tension and second for empowerment....

Her: Relieve tension.... (now she's getting intrigued)

Me: Sorry got to go..we'll discuss it later...

I did a few days later... it took me half and hour to explain to her the
difference...well this "power brute" stopped kiss/cock blocking me with her
crappy bullshit...after bloody months of getting no where with this one...but in
any case this woman is not worth having!!!!!

As a good friend of mine said..."If a woman thinks she can get your dick any
time, then she has the power"....for this reason I always externalize my
thinking to a woman if she behaves in such a way....


Doc (reposted from Mystery's Lounge with permission of the author):
Here is my first report on experimenting with my dark side.  Had an absolutely
gruelling week at work so I needed to blow off some steam this weekend.  Get a
call from best friend AFC who lives in another town 2 hours away - it's his
birthday this weekend... would I like to come out and play?  Boy would I !!!
Drive into his town on Friday night around 11:30 and meet best friend at a local
pub.  God the girls are homely in this town, but this is an experiment, after
all.  Meet his friends, 10 guys just standing around gawking at all the girls.
They are like one huge cock standing there - I think they are all engineers or
physicists or something.  I'm wearing ridiculously loud shirt (as usual) and
everyone else is in jeans and ballcaps.  So I turn to these two girls next to us
"I need your opinion, I'm from out of town, what's the difference between guys
in your city versus my city".  Girls answer some shit about the way they dress
and they could tell right away I was from out of town.  I tell them that it's
also because people from my town are just more passionate... about fashion,
about language, about politics, about cuisine and about romance, must be the
French influence.  They agree.  So we talk about why the French are such good
lovers, have they ever had a French lover, how it felt, etc., etc.  They're
roommates I find out, and their other roommate is a Frenchman, so I tease them
about being lesbians and having a gay guy live with them just to have a cover.
They laugh and insist they are not lesbians. "Too bad, cause you know that is
men's #1 fantasy... what do you think women's #1 fantasy is?"  They don't know.
"I can't really tell you, I have to show you so you can experience it (move in
very close).  It is to have adventure and danger with someone strong and
powerful and it feels like this (reach behind her head and pull her hair)".  Her
legs literally get wobbly and she looks at her friend and says, "OMG, I have
goose bumps".  Best friend AFC is looking on and he's speechless.  "I can't
believe you just pulled her hair".  Whatever - this is an experiment in
progress.  In comes AMOG - this guy is BADBOY football player or something,
shaved head, HUGE, "Who are you?" he wants to know ... it seems we are PUing his
girls and he's very territorial. So I try to befriend him "We need your opinion,
we're going shopping for leather jackets tomorrow, and yours is really unique,
where did you get it?" He's totally cool with us now, even shows us his cool
jeans and tells us where to pick some up cheap.  OK, gotta get back to my
friends, girls won't give up their digits, but take ours and say they will meet
us tomorrow night. We tell them where we'll be.
We are going out to dinner with 50 of best friend's friends. Tell my friend
about my experiment and he's totally cool with it - thinks it would be hilarious
if people hated me for a change.  I'll do my best.  Didn't know anyone there -
perfect.  Come in with guns blazing "I don't give a fuck whether you like me or
not.... you WILL WANT ME!" attitude.  Turn to table of HBs, "Is this the
singles' table?  Need your opinion, what do women really want?"  Someone spouts
off some shit about caring, nurturing, blah blah, but I spot this one girl who
blushes at the question.  Brush away all the other answers and zero in on this
girl "I know why your blushing, you naughty girl, but I wasn't thinking about
that - she was thinking that what women really want is cunnilingus, Ha ha.."  So
we talk about cunnilingus, and I tell them that girls can enhance their chances
by 1) giving good blow jobs, 2) shaving their pussies.  "Who are you?"someone
asks... "I'm your fantasy, the man you used to dream of when you were a little
girl" (Thanks Toecutter), "You're too much,  sit here for dinner".  OK.  "What
do you do?". "I'm a pimp"  "Cool, can I be your ho?"  "No, I have a special
clientele of Japanese business men who pay by the pound, so I only have really
fat girls working for me, your ass is too skinny and you wouldn't bring in
enough." Ha ha.  Talk about difference between making love, sex, and fucking.
Girl at other table turns around cause she wants to know.  So I slide my chair
over to her table now and explain the difference: "making love is this deep
connection blah blah, ... and fucking is raw, powerful, and feels like this
(pull her hair)".  She starts fanning herself and says "OMG, I'm so aroused."
Friends are giggling.  There is a SHB at this table.  Talk about what I find
sexy.  Turn to SHB, "You don't know what sexy is... look at you, you're trying
too hard, you look like a little girl playing dress up, real sexiness doesn't
come from wearing make up or tight clothes, you're probably even uncomfortable
in your clothes.  It comes from inside, being in touch with that natural woman
inside of you..." Everyone is STUNNED.  Her friend looks at me and says "You
don't realize what you're doing... No one has ever spoken to her this way... She
has guys licking her feet all the time, I think you are going to fuck her up,".
SHB is shattered, for the rest of the night, she doesn't even want to look at me
but she is always somehow standing around close to me. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?
Maybe insulted her too much.  Who cares - experiment.

After dinner, head to bar ... 0 PU opportunities.  Surprise! The two girls from
last night are there.  They say: "You guys don't seem happy to see us, we came
all the way out here and you're ignoring us".  Test?  NEXT! Friend is
disappointed because he really liked them.  Wind up in a cab home with best
friend and some TV reporter from dinner - she winds up with us at his place but
best friend doesn't want to have a three-some with this chick - its hilarious.
So she keeps finding excuses to hang around but we send her home an hour later.
I think I can do this BAD BOY thing.  Its fun as hell.
Keep you posted on this experiment.  Advice on where I could capitalize on this


Rio (Commenting on Doc, above - also reposted from Mystery's Lounge with
permission of the author):
I like being the asshole too, but if you don't learn to train the monkey, the
monkey will train you. I admit that I think you went too far on a few
occasions... that's OK, but too far is too far.
What you have to realise is that half of the badboy power comes from SCREENING
chicks harshly. You come along and say something like "Hey, you look like a ho,
now prove me wrong". That's waaaay too harsh. It doesn't need to be that strong.
(For example, in that situation I would have said something like "You look like
someone who must take guys home all the time....! ; ) You don't? Well,... I
don't know... you have this look about you which suggests to me that you're not
quite being honest! I'm not sure I can trust you with an answer like that. You
are dressed to kill, I must say.")

PUAs DON'T need to put too much effort into getting the chick. Sure, being a
dick is fun, but it has it's downtime and negative consequences.... believe me.
And you can't use it in all situations.

Learn to RELAX while sarging, and choose your words a little more carefully and
use some sensibility. You MUST still screen women for being little fuck-sluts in
disguise, but do it in a way that isn't likely to scare women off or cause them
to not trust you, or think that you are a total dick.

If an AFC guy can win a chick's trust at least, then so can you. And when you
have gained that.... then you can start screening her PROPERLY for being that
little fuck-slut.

....and never forget.... women only realize that the man they love is a jerk
AFTER he has fucked her and left!
Screening a chick is where the game is really at.
You design routines, and situations, and stories to tell, that will put them in
various situations where they will be severely TESTED to see how they react, and
respond. This is all part-and-parcel of getting to know someone. Those routines
are things we talk about all the time. If you feel that your sarging needs focus
(to avoid careering around the place doing the bad-boy-cocky-funny and hitting
on chicks aimlessly), you must learn to meet and screen women for your brand of
Women are screening us men for the same thing, and it turns them on to know that
you are doing it back to them.
Of course, you are NOT screening them for friendship (cause if you screen for
friendship, that's what you'll get!). You are screening them for playful sex
with a possible relationship, and hence, your routines should be headed in that
direction. Any other kind of chit-chat, and screening for anything else is a
WASTE of her (and your) time and opportunity.
Now, some stories and routines and things that work for me:
1. What women want.(To find out what kind of woman I'm dealing with)
2. What I'm prepared to give a woman I love. (I get to show that I have high
standards and requirements for women)
3. Things she could do to improve herself. (This may come earlier if she's being
a bitch)
4. Stories about women whom I don't like. (To see if she's done these bad things
5. Stories about women who like spontaneous sex. (To see if she's up for it)
6. Stories about women who are not as they appear. (To see if there's a hidden
side to her that I can bring out)
7. How I can't stand picky and fussy women, who have "types", whine how they
can't get a man, and who stupidly cross people out of their lives based on
superficial things.
8. How I can't stand women who say they hate men and don't like sex, because
they are full of shit.
9. How I am tired of listening to women's problems, because I only want to have
fun with them.
etc. etc. etc.
All the time, I am screening her for sexual responsive kino AND heavily
critiquing her answers. For her, it is like being on the TV show "Perfect
match". She is sitting next to two other female competitors, and I am behind the
screen fielding them risque questions which they have to answer correctly in
order for me to decide who I'm going to take on my free holiday.
Instead of going ballsy into a sarge (which is fun, I admit, because I've been
there and done that and it works..... ... sometimes!) you should be going in
there to have fun, but ALWAYS have a critical eye for the company you've just
picked up. You haven't gained their trust just like they haven't gained yours,
you don't know where they've been, and trust is something that has to be earned
or your sarge will go nowhere or to fake-numbers-ville quickly.
You can still pull all the craziness of a ballsy sarge with a non-ballsy sarge
as long as you don't skimp on the screening. If you learn to USE THE FORCE with
more focus on what you are screening for, your sarging can only improve.
Even if you may not be God's gift to women, always remember that women are God's
gift to you. So have fun!


Eric H.:
> Max: Here's a new book I heard about: Make Every Girl Want You - How to Have
SEX with HOT Girls (without even dating them!) $14.95
> Cliff's Comment: This one has gotten some really bad reviews - see
Eric H.:  I read that review and strangely enuff, I HAVE gotten "you're the only
guy who listens to me, that's sexy" responses, though I do have to say it had
more to do with my attitude than the fact I was acting merely acting
compassionate. And, this is even stranger, I've had strippers want to date me
for this very same quality, no kidding, one still asks a friend about me to this
day. I stay away from most strippers though for various reasons..
> Cliff's Comment:  I don't hold any credibility to these numbers, but I do
think there's probably a much stronger connection between chocolate &
pleasure/sex than we think.
Eric H.: Comment on "chocolate thoughts"... I know of a few women who eat
chocolate when they want to satisfy their craving for sex...though the need for
sex is usually stronger than what chocolate provides in the long run.. The BJ
pattern is almost perfect for this particular instance....: )


Dwacon (who says: Give the gift of Kama Sutra for Christmas
I find a lot of CB-ing when I'm out. One HB9 I had tranced out using some quotes
from the "Sexual Key" book and we were about to leave when her girlfriends
literally grabbed her by the arms and dragged her away. This never happens on
the road... but prolly because I'm not in the nightclub environment while
travelling, so the female pack mentality isn't an issue to deal with. It is
usually a couple gals having lunch at a restaurant or a solo gal on travel that
I meet in the hotel. Totally different dynamic.
One FUNNY event I'll relate. I went to a "Lock and Key" party the young
professionals held. They give the girls a lock and the guys a key and you have
to go around finding your match. Well I get there fashionably late and spot the
hottest HB10 in the room... she is surrounded by AFCs so I march right up to her
and after some perfunctory patterning shove my key into her lock and it opens.
Easy... but the coordinator of the event disqualified us because it was "too
quick" in her judgement and we were told to mingle some more (having been given
new lock/key). So... I go around and see an UG-10 (picture Miss Hathaway from
the Beverly Hillbillies) that I know from the gym who is crying becuz nobody's
key works (not that anyone was trying). Luckily mine didn't work either but she
jumps on me and practically shoves her tongue down my throat. She suggests a
teté-a-teté in the restroom but better judgement prevailed. I find a pixie-ish
HB7 who is also crying because no one's key work... so I give her a hug and it
doesn't take much before she's into it... but then one of the coordinators runs
over and screams "DON'T DO THAT... WE COULD GET SUED" and that pretty much
spooked her. I'm thinking next time I try one of those events I'll need one or
two good wings.
Another thing is "buyer's remorse" where I'll close and later call or e-mail and
get no response. One HB gave me her number and address and invited me home for
dinner. When I called to confirm got the answering machine and no return call. I
later saw her and she practically crawled out of a window to avoid me. Hmm...

I'd like to hear ideas and comments about how to deal with cock blocking.

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Comments on this product from Tony B.:
I thought I might drop you a quick line regarding some of the more popular sites that have been seen within this "seduction community". After seeing several terrible reviews and "flames" from, I decided to make a decision for myself based upon my own ideas of what could be offered on the Seven Magic Words product and after several months of reading great novels about how to attract women and multiple posts about how women are most attracted to men, I STILL found the site to be beneficial. After joining the site, I was happy to learn all the new techniques that I have never seen on any list and that alone made it worth the money. I am not typically the type of person that spends money on a site especially a seduction site, I would rather pay for some audio or video, but the information that was offered was different and unequal to anything I have seen in the past.  At any rate, I know you wanted a review.. and I have actually come to know the owner, and he puts more attention in his members area than I would expect to see from any other site.

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Advanced Macking has one of the most enticing websites. An updated review would also be welcome.

This one also looked pretty interesting. Information on breakups and loving-styles.

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A course by Jian Wang to teach you how to write hypnotic language to make others obey your command.

Arte’s New Sex Video is kind of interesting. He shows a lot about playing with a woman’s g spot (which he demonstrates on his comely girlfriend – but I could have done without seeing your dick, Arte). I will do a more extensive review after I have watched it again more carefully.

Check this out.

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