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“Q&A: Great Dating Examples And Stories” – December 31, 2002

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“Q&A: Great Dating Examples And Stories” – December 31, 2002

Well, this week I received a few longer emails that I found entertaining… so I decided to change things up a bit and respond to a few “longs” (and one short) instead of a bunch of “shorts” (and a long or two). Whatever that meant…


Hi David, Thanks-Your book and now CD series have helped to change my life over the last year. I’m Jewish and really wanted to date Jewish women. They were scarce near me in the US. You say to go live where the kind of women you want to date are, so I recently came to Israel. The Israeli women are incredibly sexy and exotic.

I contacted some women before I got there via e-mail and slept with 2 of them on first dates, and made out with another seriously on the 2nd date…and more now…In fact, I have more #’s than I can keep track of between the net and now from meeting women from performing music in small clubs. COCKY and FUNNY works folks!!! I used a lot of your “lines” and techniques by the book or w/ alterations: “look if you scare me in person, I’ll be like oh, I’ve got to go…comb my camel”

Since my Hebrew is much worse than these girls’ English, I generally use English, and get to tease them about funny things that they say or their accent…I also told a woman I met who was into exploring S&M that I would be willing to keep spanking her and tying her up IF she was willing to tutor me in Hebrew…

I made a semi-mistake of getting into a program in a small, retirement town for a half year, (Ooops!) but have created an alternative existence by traveling into the bigger cities, using my own room at a Youth Hostel to “host” a woman in her own town, and staying with a woman once we are sleeping together, sometimes leaving her place to go on a date w/ another woman…(“Who am I meeting, hon? Actually, I’m going to a brothel now!”)

???In your CD series you mention a face that you can make that drives women wild that you went around practicing making and a woman started kissing you…I think you mentioned James Dean, not sure…anyways, I want to see that face…Could you point me to a picture???


Rocking in the Holy Land!!!


Well, it’s nice to hear that the materials are crossing all cultural and international boundaries…

“I’ve got to go comb my camel…”

You gotta love telling a woman that if you meet her and she’s scary that you’re going to leave to COMB YOUR CAMEL.

Oh, and the generous offer you made in exchange for the Hebrew lessons. Very original.

And to answer your question about that you asked about the “face” that women respond to…

Check out the look that Marlon Brando has on his face on the cover of “Streetcar Named Desire”. That should give you a good idea of what I’m talking about.

Stay in touch, and keep sharing the adventures of the International Jewish Ladies Man.



Like magic…the use of your advice worked! Not just one bit of advice like a magic bullet» though…it is the combination of all your strategies, techniques and process understanding. It is important to get your book, read your email updates, and the CDs to put it all together and really “get it”. I can’t imagine what would happen if I came to your seminar….sh** I would probably be dating the next in line for Queen of England.

So I read all the books you recommended to work on my “inner game»“…very important and intelligent of you to figure all this out. I never could have done it on my own. You have got my ASM (Automatic Success Mechanism) as per Maxwell Maltz going so extreme that most times I don’t even need to make the first move….attractive women notice me now. Okay let me give you and example of what I am talking about.

Just walked into a fast food restaurant and noticed a tall, striking blonde (at least a 9.5) who bent over backwards to make sure my order was perfect….even took my cash up to the register for me. Well after all that extra attention I thought it must be time to say something, especially after all the “Dave Work” I have been doing. I wanted to say…”You must be an actress or a model” because she is so beautiful, but only a Wuss would say something like that. ASM from my sub-conscience kicked in and I laid back and then casually said “…this is a fast-paced environment, do you like it?” Dave, she began telling me some of the most interesting things. To my surprise, I had to cut her off and then I just merely said…..”Do you have email?” She said wait a minute I’ll give you one of my cards. She left the very busy floor went to the employee break room (I guess) or her car and returned with a business card that she wrote her email address on the back. She then walked me partially to the door, shook my hand and wished me good luck.

Dave…if I wouldn’t have read your stuff and listed to the CDs (five times) I would have stayed there, ordered another coke, seemed needy by just hanging out and like I didn’t have a life. Her Wuss detector would have wrote me off immediately. Meeting a beautiful woman was the last thing on my mind but the aura I must have now and the abilities I now have are thanks to you. Actually, I intend to master your stuff. Who knows maybe the Royalty circuit is just waiting for me?

I set a goal three weeks ago of dating 4-5 women in six months. Well its been three weeks of studying “Dave Stuff” and I already got three new woman in my life and if this one works out that will be four! Plus, since I am not as needy I’ve got three old girlfriends calling, emailing and sending gifts like never before. Gee…if I ever get time to actually go out and look for women, like at a night club or sporting event, I can’t imagine what will happen. I even got two women on email that are going to fly cross country at their expense to meet me and stay for the weekend. One just got a boob job and wants me to be the first to see and touch her new additions…and the other is going to work overtime for three weeks just to pay for the tickets! There is not much more of a powerful testimonial to show how effective your advice actually works for meeting women over the internet.

Wish I could come to your seminar in January but I have got a significant work commitment on that date that can not be rescheduled. Hopefully, there will me some materials that you can share.

Sincere thanks David,

L. from Denver


The Queen of England?

Dude, she’s not that hot…

Isn’t it AMAZING how differently women respond when you begin to understand and communicate with them in this way?

And the internet is SUCH a great place to apply what you’re learning and PRACTICE as well.

I learned a lot by chatting with women on instant messenging services, etc.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the internet and being able to practice in this way, it would have taken me a LOT longer to figure out a lot of the things that I now use and teach.

And of all the places to REALLY STAND OUT… when you respond to a woman’s personal ad with a great Cocky & Funny note, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Or when you IM a woman and say “It says here that you’re an actress. What, you couldn’t get a real job?”…

It sets you apart INSTANTLY from all the loser guys who are saying “Hi, you’re really pretty. Can I take you out on a date?”

I like your ideas about incorporating self help and personal development into your routine. I’ve read a lot of great self help books, and they have helped me to deal with my “personal stuff” and feel more comfortable in my own skin in general.

Great job, and congratulations on your success.



I look forward to reading your newsletters. As geeky as it sounds, I actually take notes on them and have filled up an entire notebook. I’m a 23-year old guy, smart, handsome, in-shape, many interests, and yet I’ve been completely clueless about women. I didn’t get my first girlfriend until I was 19, and I’ve been the quintessential wuss in most of my female interactions. Girls usually shied away from me after meeting me, and numerous times I’ve had girls smile at me from across the room and then suddenly act disinterested as soon as I opened my mouth. All this and I notice how one of my friends who has no education, job, ambitions or nice possessions gets all the women he wants. Like you say, dating isn’t fair.

From reading your newsletters, it has helped me to adopt a different frame of mind, that of a more calm, cool, in-control dude instead of a submissive, insecure trailer. At first I didn’t like the C&F routine because I thought it went against my Christian morals, but I’ve been able to make peace with the idea as I saw it more as self-improvement and a means of obtaining better human relationships. Not just a means of getting booty. Girls are beginning to hang around me more, especially in school, although at first I had a hard time relapsing into wuss behavior. I’ve had more dates and lined up some more promising ones.

My question is twofold. One, how does one keep from regressing into wuss behavior after initial success, and two, do you have any special deals on your ebook and CD series for poor, full-time college students who work two jobs?

Thanks, and keep inspiring wusses everywhere to be better!



To answer your second question first, no. I don’t have any kind of special “full-time college students who work two jobs” price. But I’m working on creating a system that will allow you to pay with a few payments over time. Keep your eyes out for more info.

To answer your first question second…


The way to not “regress into Wuss behavior after initial success” is…

1) Have a life.

Stay busy. Spend time on your own. Do things with friends that don’t involve the woman you’re dating.

Too many guys will meet a woman, then basically say in one way or another to her: “You are my everything now, and I will do whatever I have to do to please you and spend time with you”.

Big mistake.

If you stay busy, and keep your own life going it will make you MORE attractive.

You’ve probably heard me say “Give her the gift of missing you”… and this is one good way to do it.

It also keeps your mind on straight, and makes you remember that you have a life, and you can enjoy yourself any time you want without her.

2) Don’t too mushy too often.

Use romance as a spice, not a main dish. Don’t buy her things all the time (if at all).

Don’t say too many “mushy” things, either.

The key here is to only show your “sensitive” side once in awhile, and to NEVER let that side of you take over and prevent you from acting like a man. Women aren’t ATTRACTED to Wussy behavior… so don’t do it.

3) YOU be the one to end the interactions with her.

End phone calls, dates, etc. with her on a high note, and always end them a little too soon.

Most guys act clingy and keep holding on to a woman when talking, on a date, etc.

Let’s say you’re talking to her on the phone for a few minutes, and you’re having a GREAT conversation.

End it.

Say “Great, I’m going to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Leave her always wanting more.

This is one way that you can continually demonstrate to yourself that you can stay in control of yourself…


If you DO start acting like a Wuss, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Old Proverb: No matter how far down the wrong road you’ve gone, TURN BACK.

But turn back before it’s too late, because once a woman has you in the Mental Wussy Slot, it’s hard to get out, and even worse, it’s REALLY hard to get a woman who once felt ATTRACTION for you to feel it again after you’ve had a Wussy Spaz Attack.


YO BIATCH! YOU STILL HAVEN”T PUT MY KICK ASS STORY IN YOUR NEWSLETTER YET!!! you better do it, cuz i nailed that hottie i wrote to you about!



What can I say?

It just had to be included.

I love the attention-getting and original “Yo biatch!” and the sensitivity of “I nailed that hottie”.

You really have a way with words, man.

OK, now everyone knows that you’re a stud. Keep up the good work.

And maybe look into some “How to communicate like an adult man” courses… and stop reading all those damn Maxim and Stuff magazines and listening to Snoop so much.

…so, do I have a great job or what? I get to make fun of people and get paid for it. It’s tough being me.

I want to talk a little more about the concept of NOT BEING A WUSSY.

I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking about this, researching it, and coming up with the reasons why men act like this in the first place… and more importantly, how to recognize these things and CHANGE them when you want to.

In my Advanced CD/DVD Program, I devote a lot of time to this topic. I talk about everything from the evolutionary reasons to the cultural reasons why men and women behave the way they do, and how to use this knowledge to turn the tables MASSIVELY in your favor when it comes to the dating world.

I have gotten a lot of feedback from guys saying things like “This stuff has completely changed the way I think about women” and “Now when I interact with women, I’m the one in control because I understand what’s going on in their minds” etc.

As men, I think that MOST of our programming is BACKWARDS when it comes to women and dating. And if you want to learn how to think FORWARDS and get the kinds of results that most men will only dream of all their lives, then I recommend that you check out my program.

I know that information contained in it will improve your dating success just like it’s improved mine…

[products info link]

And as always, if you haven’t yet taken the time to read my orginal book “Double Your Dating“, then you need to do that as soon as possible. It’s the foundation for everything that I teach in these newsletters, and it will make EVERYTHING work better for you. It’s here:

[ebook download link]

I’ll talk to you again soon!

Your Friend,

David D.

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2) Tell me what’s working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the “Your stuff is great” and “I don’t need to tell you how well your stuff works” comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics… because this helps other guys to see what’s working in different situations.

3) If you have a Success Story, write “Success Story” in the subject line of the email. I read these first.

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