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“Q&A: Approaching Women And Getting Started” – January 14, 2003

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“Q&A: Approaching Women And Getting Started” – January 14, 2003

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Wow, there are some GREAT emails and discussions in this Mailbag… enjoy!



I’ve been getting your newsletters for a while and I’ve also downloaded your e-book. The tips and techniques you offer are definitely useful and I’m working on incorporating them into my daily routine. So keep up the good work!

Now the question. You’ve stated numerous times how personality is more important than the other 2 biggies: looks and money. What is your take on shows like “Joe Millionaire” where the star is usually has money and/or good looks? I mean, it’s not called “Joe Personality”, and they didn’t pick Quasimodo to be the star, so it seems to me they’re discounting the personality aspect altogether. Just curious about your opinion. Thanks…



This is a GREAT question.

I’m sure that more than one guy has read one of these newsletters, then drove downtown and saw some handsome guy drive by in a Ferrari with a smoking hot babe next to him and thought “Looks and money appear to be important factors when it comes to babes”.

It doesn’t take 20 years of studying human behavior to figure out that looks and money attract women.

But what YOU’RE suggesting here, by the way you’re phrasing your question, is that all other things being equal, LOOKS and MONEY are MORE important than personality… and that, in fact, if a man has those things that he can attract more women than a guy that doesn’t have the benefit of good looks or money (but who has the most attractive personality).

Did that make sense? That sounded like a math problem from middle school.


My point is that if you have good looks, and lots of money, you will definitely have an advantage.

Looks and money will allow you to hang out in places like the South Of France, where a drink is forty bucks… and there are lots of babes there.

But here’s the KEY…

A guy who is AMAZINGLY handsome and SUPER rich will still fail MOST of the time with the women he interacts with if his PERSONALTIY isn’t together. And especially if he’s too much of a WUSSY.

On the other hand, a guy who REALLY understands what makes women feel ATTRACTION, and knows how to interact with them in a way that grabs their attention and keeps it can succeed often, even if he’s broke and ugly.

You’ll notice that the rich and handsome guys that are the REAL mac daddies are the ones who ALSO understand women – and have Cocky, Funny, Dominant personalities as well.

The reason why the show you’re referring to gets so much attention has NOTHING TO DO with the logic you’re using.

The appeal of the show is the CONCEPT, combined with the scandal/fairytale elements (not to mention a bunch of hot women to look at).

Think about it.

I get far too many emails from:

1) Guys who are successful and good-looking who are very unsuccessful with women and…

2) Average-looking and average-income guys who have TONS of success with women…

…to believe that looks and money rule attraction.

They help, but a man who understands women, communication, and ATTRACTION will be more successful than a rich, handsome guy who doesn’t.

A final thought for you: You’ve probably seen those “executive match making” services advertised in your local paper, or in the fancy car magazines.

Do you know how much they charge men to be members?

Some charge TWENTY GRAND or more.

Put that one through your logic machine, and see what you come up with.


Hi David,

After nearly 40 years on this planet, I had figured that the world consists of two types of men: those who have constant success with women and those who suck at it. I was in the latter category. After changing jobs from a company with thousands of employees and several activities clubs, social events, etc. to a company less than five employees, my social life went down the tubes. Reading your material gave me the confidence to find women anywhere: the park, the bank, the supermarket, the gym. I have never been happier. After studying your analysis of “attraction” versus “seduction,” it all clicked for me.

Anyway, here’s my issue: I have no problem approaching women who are alone and don’t fear the rejection if I’m blown off. However, when women are with others, I hesitate to approach them. Just recently, I spotted a really hot babe (9+) having lunch with a female friend (4 1/2) at a cafe. I really wanted to ask the 9 for her number. But what do I do? I could easily start a conversation with both of them, but when it comes time for the email address/phone number, do I ask both of them or just the one I’m interested in? I feel awkward not asking one woman for her number. She might think, “What’s wrong with me?” But if I do ask her for her number, I’ll never call her, which isn’t too cool either.

Pasadena, CA


Well, there are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to this topic.

I know a guy who is AMAZING at approaching groups of people, and targeting one particular woman in that group.

He uses a combination of animated storytelling, magic, and other interesting techniques to win the approval of everyone in the group, then move to the woman he wants to meet.

I also know guys who will walk up to a group of people, or a couple of women, and directly approach the woman that they’re interested in.

At the risk of sounding like I want to talk to your inner child, my gut tells me that your problem is different.

It sounds to me like you have some unconscious or belief issues around other’s opinions and what they mean to you.

Look, if a woman who is VERY attractive is walking down the street with her good friend who is very UNattractive, then you can bet your last dollar that:

1) The attractive woman has been approached by a lot of men right in front of her unattractive friend.

2) The unattractive friend knows how to deal with it.

3) If you keep wasting time coming up with reasons to NOT talk to the hottie, you’re going to have a CURIOUS DRY FEELING between your legs for longer than you need to.

Look, get over it. You’re going to live. Go talk to the babe, and get her number. It’s OK.

Just quit talking like you care so much about what other people will think if you talk to a hot woman.

Don’t make me come down there and bitch-slap the Wuss out of you!


Hi David,

I heard your program and web page from a friend of mine. It’s really amazing and it really works. I knew 90% of things even before I started to learn from you but right now I don’t know what to do. I had success with many girls and it was always them coming after me (btw I’m 23 years old). Everything was ok until I met a special girl, unlike my past experiences, which I wanted to have in long term. In the beginning I had no problems at all, the girl liked me from the first time I met her and I didn’t act like a WUSS so we both were in love with each other. These days were really my best moments of my life. And then, I started to act like a WUSS, started to call her too much, doing everything she wants, sacrificing my own hobbies for being with her, telling her how I feel for her etc. She’s still with me and didn”â„¢t pull herself too much but I clearly see that THE MAGIC we had, THE MAGIC she felt for me is lost now. She just isn’t that much willing too see me kiss me sleep with me. She still do these things but I can’t see that THING in her eyes anymore. So my question is: Is there any way I can have this girl back, or am I destined to dead end? Btw I must say that this is one of the most beautiful girls I ever saw and she have a lot of options, if I loose her once it’s only a matter of time before an ultra-rich+handsome guy picks her.

Thanks for your help.


Yea, well if I were her, I wouldn’t blame her for hooking up with the rich and handsome dude.

I mean, even if he’s a WUSS like you, at least she can enjoy some of the better things in life at the same time… right?

Cummon, man… I already had to threaten a severe Wuss-Be- Gone Bitch-Slapping to the gentleman in the last email… don’t force me to make it a two-for-one special.


Stop calling her so much.

Get a life.

Stop talking like a WOMAN when you’re around her.

Don’t pretend that you’re her personal assistant.

Fire her as your therapy patient.

Stop being predictable!

You need to start being INTERESTING again.

So stop doing the wrong things, and start doing the RIGHT things.

I HIGHLY recommend my Advanced CD or DVD program to you. It would probably be the best investment you’ve made in your entire life.


Hello Mr. D.

I have titled this email question/success, because with all the success that I have had, I had a question. First the success story. I have recently met a few 8.5-9.5’s and have had so much luck with getting #’s and dates with the cocky funny routine. In fact, my buddy(who is a model) came up for the weekend and he commented on how well I have come into my own and how I remind him of … him. He was usually the master of our ‘click’ to get the girls… he just had a way with it, but I noticed with him is that he’d find a girl he’d like and get all wuss-like. I tried to learn from him about the initial attraction, but could never really apply it. Then I got your book and applied that and not only was I impressed with myself, but he was impressed with the way I’ve changed(used to be a big shy wuss). I have learned that you dont have to be the best looking guy in the world to attract the women you want. Its all in the way you talk(slowly, and confidently), the way you compose yourself and walk.

My question is: I met this girl who is a good 9-9.5. I was almost intimidated the first time we met, but I stuck to my guns and remembered your teachings. I was cocky, and funny. I bust on her all the time, yet she seems a little stand-offish. Although when I talk to and go out with other girls, she immediately wants to go out (hang out, whatever). She’ll comment on “I love how you joke with me” and when i tell her things like…”Well thanks for flaking out on me the other night, you owe me anyway.” She always say… ” I owe you!, I know”. Then I always joke with her about being a flake and that she must be a blond and shes fooling everyone (shes half black/half white with charcoal hair). Ok, well to the question: What is this girls deal? I see her maybe 2-3 times every 2 weeks or so, and we usually hang out until wee hours into the morning, and we always have fun. It seems like I see her more when I turn up 2 factors: The “Busting on her(cocky)” factor, and the “Not caring what your doing right out with this other girl” factor. In my experience a girl is either into me, or shes not… point blank. This girl is more flaky, and ON and OFF than anyone I’ve ever know. Well all of that aside, you have turned my world around in the aspect of dating, and I thank you for it. Have a good one.

ken oh


Well congratulations. I know EXACTLY how you feel… I love it that I can hang out with my guy friends who are “naturals” at meeting women and hold my own.

I’m about to push the boundaries of my normally rather politically correct way of talking about women by venturing a guess…

I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that this girl is or has been either…

1) An exotic dancer

2) An escort of some kind

3) A model or actress

I know, I know… attractive women often are.

But there’s something about these “careers” that, in my personal experience, seems to lead to the exact kinds of flaky, wishy-washy, inconsistent behavior you’re talking about.

I mean, she could also just be a dingbat. Let’s not rule that out.

The reason you probably like this girl so much is BECAUSE she isn’t predictable.

I mean, you could have asked me anything here, and you chose to ask me about one particular situation with one particular girl.

That tells me that whatever she’s doing is WORKING, and it’s probably WORKED all her life.

You feel me?


Hi Dave! Your awesome! I got your book a while back and I got your CD series last summer and I have to thank you. You’ve opened up my mind and made everything crystal clear for me. Since I got your program I have had more success with women, hot women, then I ever thought possible and the funny part is that it just took me to be me and be the man that I am. Thanks buddy! Anyways…my question. I noticed something funny the past few times I was out with some hot women. I would make the meeting, we would get together and while we were together everything is going great then at some point deep in my head I would get the thought that this girl isn’t what I want and she is lucky I’m here with her. My behavior didn’t change, just the thought of not proceeding with her, but instantly they’ve turned into wussie’s. It was like they could read my mind and know they weren’t up to par with me. Whats up with that. Can they read stuff like that. It was an instant flip…I mean instant. One more question. If a girl of interest keeps on begging you to open up about your life, I’m not talking about feelings, just about your life, is that a bad idea. Is that wussie behavior?


CMI, Miami


OK, you’re touching on something here that is VERY powerful.

I could probably write 20 pages on this topic alone.

Here’s the deal…

Women are MUCH better at reading body language» than men.

And, as you’ve learned from my other materials, we humans respond VERY powerfully to body language» in general.

The more you interact with women, and the more you use what you’re learning from me, the more you’ll find that women will FOLLOW YOUR LEAD.

In other words, when you chase a woman, she’ll run.

When you play hard to get, she’ll pursue you.

If you do things to make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you, then begin to lose interest and behave in a “less interested” way, women will become insecure and start acting like needy Wuss guys. Really.

In fact, one of the things you’ll find as you become more and more successful is that women will start becoming VERY attached to you VERY quickly.

Next time you are at a coffee shop, walk up to the counter and greet the person at the register as if they’re an old friend that you haven’t seen for a few months.

Say “Heyyyy… how have you been doing?” with a big smile.

Watch as they respond to you THE SAME WAY.

We humans respond to subtle body language» so instantly and so powerfully that it sometimes scares me.


Dave it is without a doubt that a “whole” and discerning women many of which I know would see through your game in about 12 seconds.

The good news for you is that they are a significant minority today, nevertheless spawning a new age of brash young players isn’t what the world needs.

Many think serial dating will bring them closer to “The One” when its the exact opposite that is true.

Seeing as this has now become your livelihood I don’t expect you to want to understand.

Regards B


Well, thanks for the input.

I personally don’t promote “serial dating”.

You’re right… it’s really a waste of time.

If you’re going to get out there and REALLY make a go of it, you should use “parallel dating”… or dating several women AT THE SAME TIME.

And what are you talking about when you say that “Many think serial dating will bring them closer to “The One” when its the the exact opposite that is true”?

Do you mean that not dating at all will help you find “The One” faster?

The only “One” that I can imagine you referring to is MY CHICKEN.

By the way, what exactly is a “whole and discerning women”?

If you’re going to spell it wrong, you might as well say “womens”, because at least it’s FUNNY.

lol… thanks for the comedy interjection.

(By the way, for all those out there who don’t know what “lol” means, it stands for “Laughing Out Loud”, which I was when writing the above!)



This might be long winded, but deal with it, I have alot to say. Just like everybody else seems to, I also wanna say how much your info has changed my life, honestly. I am a good-looking, athletic, smart, and funny guy who had no clue. I would usually just fall into relationships b/c the girls dug me, but I never found a chick who really made me flip. I couldn’t really approach hot women successfully. I really was a wuss at heart and didn’t know it. About six months ago I finally met a girl who flipped me. She was a 10 in every sense. Stunningly beautiful (think Cover Girl face meets porn star bod, girly (I love girly), shy, and had a slight Southern accent.) She completely enraptured me, and that’s why I blew it. She turned me into a wuss, big time. I couldn’t even think about being my normal self around me, b/c when we went out, she seemed to be interviewing me. She knew she a catch and was very particular about guys she dates. I was never funny around her, never cocky, because I was so trying to impress her. I told her she was beautiful about once a date (there was four). I called her about four times a week, and spent about $150 on her birthday. Just like you say, she ended it, and I went into a funk. That’s when I started researching it and found you.

I met about five girls in the month after I got your CD series. I even had this married chick try to molest me even though we’d been out together before!! The c&f stuff works!!! Oh my god. I met this girl out one night with some buddies who was being hounded by two guys. She was stellar. We all were talking about her. I started throwing my broken dart tips at her when she would look at me. She was shocked!!! Anyway, got the digits and we’ve been dating for a couple months now. I was dating another chick for the first month, but decided to be exclusive (for now). She tells me how she loves it when I’m cocky, she loves it when I follow it up with funny b/c “I don’t take myself too seriously.” She tells me I’m the first guy who doesn’t seem to drop everything for her. I don’t call her back right away, if at all. he loves it when I make plans and am forceful with her. Basically, she loves “manly” qualities. Now she tells me she’s falling in love with me. Guys, just be a man and the girls will eat it up!!!!! My question is how do you deal with women who say one thing but really respond to and want the opposite. I am struggling with this at times. For instance, she will say she wants me to not be so cocky all the time, but when I do it, she gets this look in her eyes and kisses me immediately!!!!



Hey man, I’m glad you woke up!

I won’t even address your story of going from failure to success, because it speaks for itself. And good job.

You’ve asked a KILLER question.

My answer:

You have begun to realize a powerful fundamental truth about women.

They don’t always say what they mean, and they don’t always mean what they say.

When you can start communicating with them on a different level, and realize that many of the things they SAY are actually tests and distractions, you will evolve to a new level, and begin acting in a way that other guys will think must be magic.

DO WHAT WORKS. And keep doing it.

At some level, I believe that ALL women secretly want a man who does what she RESPONDS to (not what she says), and does it WITHOUT HER HAVING TO TELL HIM.


Hey Dave,

I’ve got a question. Your stuff is great; it makes a lot of sense. However, how do you transform it into reality? I mean, I perfectly understand what I need to do but when push comes to shove I always get nervous and, as a result, always screw up. What’s a secret to keeping calm? And don’t tell me “experience” because this very problem is the only obstacle against getting experience in the first place.

Brooklyn, NY


I know what you’re saying here.

The answer is to start small.

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, or what anyone else thinks.

Just go out for a day, and go to a mall alone.

Walk into every store in the mall, and start a conversation with a woman that works there.

Don’t worry about whether the woman is good looking, married, or whatever.

You’re just practicing.

At first, let them start the conversations.

When they say “Can I help you find something?” reply with “Yes, that would be great. I’m looking for joy, peace, and a rich girlfriend. Do you have any of those here?” Say it with a straight face, like a comedian would.

After you’ve done this 20 times, reflect on what you learned. Think about what worked and what didn’t. Think about the conversations that took place as a result.

Take a break, and walk down to a department store, and spray some cologne on each wrist. On your right wrist spray Dolce and Gabanna, and on your left spray Armani Aqua Di Gio.

Next, walk into 20 more stores. This time, try to make DIRECT eye contact with the first woman you see that works there, and HOLD it until she either starts talking to you, or she looks away. Then walk over to her, and say “Hi, I need a female perspective on something. Which of these colognes do you like better?”

Then, when she chooses one, shake your head and look at her with a disapproving look and say “You would.”

Then give her a sly smile, and say “Why do you like it better? I want to be a chick magnet here, so tell me what you’re thinking”.

If you do this exactly as I’ve described, you will have “gotten started”, and you’ll have a base of experience to work from.

By the way, if any of the women are CUTE, feel free to say “Hey, I have to go. Do you have email?”


I’m married. Have been for over 5 years. I love the married life, but things were getting too routine for my wife and I, especially after my son was born. Life was comfortable and stale. But your email list gave me clues to change that.

This C&F routine is healthy for my marriage. My wife finds me more attractive and she’s noticing that other women are noticing me too. Much of the vibrancy has returned for my wife and I; she responds to me better. So for those married men out there wondering if this might work for you, try it. It takes a little prudence concerning when to tease and make fun, but it’s more about attitude and confidence: in a word, posture. And posture is a lifestyle (regardless of income). Don’t just do it – live it.

D in Des Moines


This is pure truth.

I have a lot of married men and women who subscribe to these newsletters, and the consensus is that this stuff makes LIFE more fun and interesting.


Dear Dave:

I am beginning to learn how to control myself and have more confidence towards women thanks to your book, but there has been a problem I’ve had for quite some time now. The problem is: when should I do things for a woman? Such as if she asks me to go to her car for something, or to go and buy her something out a vending machine we have in our office. Or even making copies of documents for her.

I usually don’t mind doing these things for women, but I sometimes feel like I’m just some pet to her and she doesn’t really care who I am as long as I’m her “do Boy”.

I would like the help of a experienced master for help.



I actually think it’s fine if you do things for women, buy them things, make copies for them… and fetch whatever her heart desires from the vending machine at work.

But you’re missing one VERY important piece of the puzzle here.

I recommend that you IMMEDIATELY go out and buy yourself a fine collar, and a good leather leash to go with it.

Next time a woman asks you to go to the car for something, just mention that you needed a “walk” anyway, and ask her if she’d mind holding your leash.

Then take it out, put it on yourself, and hand her the “Master” end of it.

Any other questions?


Hello to everyone who reads the newsletter, and of course to you too Dave.

I want to start off by saying if you haven’t got the audio series yet- do it! If you don’t have the success you want yet, you owe it to yourself, you will have no regrets I promise. Just to warn you this is kind’ve a long email, BUT ITS WORTH THE READ, I PROMISE!!

I want to share an interesting story that I think will help many people realize the importance of body language». I’m a college student and I’m currently in a class called “Nonverbal Communication”. The very first story in the textbook (this is a true story by the way) was about a horse called ‘Clever Henry’ who was very famous in the late 1800s. The horses owner taught Henry to add and subtract- he’d ask Henry questions and the horse would stamp out the correct answer on the ground (for instance, if the answer was 8, he’d stamp 8 times) Eventually the horse could also correctly answer multiplication and division problems in front of large crowds. People were stunned and thought it was a scam, but no one could see a way that Henry was cheating. Finally some people found that if they whispered a problem in Henry’s ear- he would do nothing. He only answered a question when someone was right in front of him. It turns out that this horse was reading body language»!!; when the person in front of him asked the question, knowing the correct answer in their own mind, they would naturally, (but unknowingly) make a subtle movement when Henry reached the correct number of stamps… they would for instance, nod their head just a quarter inch, or furrow their brow a little… this horse picked up on it and stopped stamping as soon as he saw this action!! Amazing! So my question for you readers is-if even A HORSE can pick up on the subtlest body language», how much more can a WOMAN pick up on these things!? just something to think about. Just as the audio series says- “what you say is not so important, but HOW you say it!” so guys, pay attention to what you are saying with your body.

Now Dave, I have a question for you. I’m to the point where I can get a lot of phone numbers but I’m having trouble when it comes to the second meeting- having women flake out on me and what not. I remember you saying that you had the same trouble yourself along the way- getting tons of numbers, but realizing that wasn’t the same thing as “success”. I just wondered what it was that you did to solve this problem and get that second meeting (as well as the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on). You’re advice is appreciated!

Grand Rapids, MI


Well I LOVE the horse story… very interesting.

And YOUR problem, my friend, is that you need to take what you’ve just said and THINK ABOUT IT.

You’re doing something either in that first meeting or on the phone/online when you ask women out that’s causing them to flake on you consistently.

Try making the date sound more appealing. Say “I’m going to go somewhere really fun, and you should come along with me. Where are you RIGHT NOW? Come meet me!”

Think about the horse, and figure out what subtle things you’re doing that are causing women to avoid you after they meet you.

You will learn a lot when you get my Advanced Program.

Things you’ve never even imagined…



Another satisfied customer here! But, something is going wrong…two questions based upon that.

1. I have been doing C&F pretty well, and my dates respond as they should. The problem comes later. How should I end a date? What to say and do?

2. This is one that is throwing me off: At least five times recently, I ended a date that was very successful by all accounts. C&F kept it lively and my date interested and attracted. The date ends with her saying she really wants to get together again soon, etc. The next day, I receive an e-mail saying something like, “On my way home, I thought about the date and I just want to take things slowly” or “I apologize for being so forward, I don’t know what came over me. I don’t want to lead you on, and I have decided I am not going to date anyone for a while.” !!! Three women told me I was their last date for a while because they were so confused!

What is going on, Dave?

SF , Seattle WA


Oh, you are running into a VERY interesting problem here.

And the answer is probably not at all what you’d expect.

My guess is that these women are feeling VERY attracted to you, but you’re not taking things to a PHYSICAL level with them, so they’re getting confused and excusing themselves.

If you go out with a woman, and she feels ATTRACTED to you, but you don’t do anything with that attraction, and instead say “OK, good night”, you will scare women away.

If you’re going to be turning them on, you’d better take the next step.

That should solve your problem, my man.


Hey David,

I’ve been a long time subscriber to your news letter and I actually bought your online book. The information you gave me is invaluable. I understand women a lot better now. Before I was your typical wuss boy kissing up to women. At one point in my life I almost gave up on the ladies. However, your newsletter and e-book changed my entire perception on women at what they’re attracted to. The cocky funny routine works like a charm. I have women giving me e-mails and phone numbers left and right. One in particular just walked up to me and introduced herself to me and gave me her number. That was because I held my head up high and my back straight like I was king of the universe. So fellahs posture is as important than cocky funny. Now I met this fantastic girl that I WANT to keep. David, I used the C.F. over an internet chat at work. She was so interested by my attitude she came to pick me up from my job to go out. Well we ended up staying at my house and yaddi yaddi yadda I was really tired the next day. This girl can’t get enough of me. To be honest I can’t get enough of her. We would have never met if it weren’t for you’re advice. Guys buy his book and listen to his advice it works. I will suggest your newsletter to my wuss friends. They”â„¢ve been begging me to find out what my secret is.

P. Canada


Yea, I agree. Buy this guy’s book…


Dave…your reply to not paying when out with women by not going to dinner, or going out for drinks was pretty lame….sooner or later in the relationship that’s going to happen. There has to be a better way to handle these situations. I think you should get some feedback from other students….



You know, you’re RIGHT.

As you said… “…sooner or later in the relationship that’s going to happen…”.

It’s a good thing I don’t teach RELATIONSHIPS, isn’t it?

Look, my perspective is that you’re going to have to date quite a few women before you’re going to find a REAL GEM.

You know, the kind of woman that has all aspects of her life together.

Now, let’s say that you have to date 25 women in order to find her.

Let’s also assume that you will know by date number 5 if a woman ISN’T the one, and therefore isn’t worth dating anymore (I’m assuming here that you’re actively LOOKING for a “relationship”).

Further, let’s estimate the cost of paying for dinner or a typical “date” at $50.00.

If you do yourself a favor and AVOID typical “date” types of situations, and instead opt for more fun, interesting, and FREE adventures with the women you are seeing, you could potentially save up to…

…let’s see…

More money than you are probably worth.

Now quit heckling me, and next time you write in, write something helpful along with your question.


Hey Dave, amazing stuff, I’ve just read your newsletters, and I’ve seen ridiculous results! It makes girl’s fall in love with you and they have no idea why, you hear them saying stuff like you’re just different, I can just be myself, we really connect, etc. I just laugh and sit smugly thinking “it’s pretty much only because I challenge you”.

If I ordered the cd or dvd, what about the print stuff you used to advertise, the bridges, etc. is that info. included, or has it been updated and incorporated, etc.?

By the way, I’ve been studying social-psychology, and I’ve seen so much overlap from all these complicated theories based on psychological principles and it seems like bwhat you have figured out on your own is the same as what these dorks in labs have toiled to figure out for years. Genius Dave. So what’s the best move? If I order the latest, do I miss out on some basics? Or is it cumulative?



Thanks for the compliments.

Isn’t it strange that THIS is the stuff that makes women say “I’ve never met anyone like you before” and “You’re just different” and “I just feel a connection with you”?


To answer your question about which thing would be best to get…

It’s all great.

I recommend that you read my eBook “Double Your Dating” and the three bonus booklets that come along with it.

This will give you a foundation and basic understanding of my concepts and techniques.

The Advanced CD/DVD series is just that… it’s advanced.

You don’t HAVE to read the eBook first. You’ll totally understand everything that you learn in the Advanced Program without it.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that my Advanced Dating Techniques series is just an “expanded” version of my eBook… or that it’s me talking about the stuff in my eBook and repeating myself.

This is NOT AT ALL true.

In fact, you’ll be surprised when you listen to my Advanced Program, because it’s almost COMPLETELY new material.

In short, start with the eBook, then work up to the Advanced Series. Or get both… I’ve put a lot of time, effort, and energy into making them great, and I know you’ll learn TONS of amazing things from each.

The eBook is here:

[ebook download link]

The Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD Program is here:

[products info link]

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

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