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“How To Let Women Know You’re ‘A Catch'” – November 9, 2005

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“How To Let Women Know You’re ‘A Catch’” – November 9, 2005

Hey ,

Can you remember the last time you met a woman that you were REALLY interested in?

Maybe she was just your type physically… or you felt a strong emotional connection with her.

Either way, when you meet someone you think might be “a great catch”, it feels DIFFERENT.

One of the “side effects” of meeting a person who is a great catch, is that other people seem to “fade into the distance”.

Sure… you might keep your options open… but on some level, you think less and less about others… and more and more about the “catch” you’ve met.

I KNOW you know what I mean…

Any guy will admit that when you meet a woman you might REALLY like… none of the other ones matter quite as much.

But here’s something most men DON’T ever stop to think about…

WOMEN go through this VERY SAME THING as well.

That’s right… women respond in a very similar way… just like us men… except for one small difference…

As you know… women are typically more “relationship-minded” than men.

They don’t want to date more than one guy at a time as OFTEN as most men.

So, when a woman does meet a guy she REALLY likes, other guys she happened to meet before him don’t just get “pushed to the backburner”… THEY OFTEN GET THROWN OFF OF HER LIST COMPLETELY.

In other words, a woman’s “hot list” generally only has room for ONE.

Can you remember a time when you’ve gotten a woman’s phone number or email address and things seemed HOT… but when you called her she seemed “distant”… or just plain didn’t call you back AT ALL?

Or… can you remember a time when you went on a fun date with a woman… it seemed like she had a great time… but then you NEVER saw her again?

If either of these things have happened to you, chances are it’s because she happened to meet another guy soon after that she felt was a BETTER CATCH than you.

And just as YOU would do if you met someone who you found more interesting and attractive than HER… she stopped caring about those “second best” guys completely.

Unfortunately… those “second best” guys included YOU.

Yeah, it sucks.

But, it makes sense. If you or I were in her shoes, we’d do the same.

So what’s the solution here?

The key, of course… is to make a woman realize that YOU are THE BEST CATCH available… and do this the very FIRST time you meet her.

Do it right and she will completely FORGET about all of the other guys that are pursuing her. She’ll settle for YOU and ONLY YOU.

So, how do you make this happen?

It comes down to 2 things:

1. ATTRACTION – It goes without saying that you must get a woman to feel MASSIVE ATTRACTION for you in order for her to see you as her TOP CHOICE.

2. CONNECTION – Once the attraction is there, you must connect with her on an EMOTIONAL level… which lets her know that you are not only an attractive man… but the IDEAL MAN for her.

And now… I’d like to show you how you can learn how to do this QUICKLY and EASILY… with nearly every woman that you meet.

I just finished up an interview with a new friend of mine who has some of the most innovative and powerful ways I’ve ever seen to build attraction in a woman FAST… and connect with her on a DEEP EMOTIONAL LEVEL.

My friend is a “pickup coach” who makes his living by bringing guys “into the field” and showing them how to meet women LIVE.

His extensive field experience has led him to come up with some brand new breakthrough techniques a guy can use in nearly any situation to stand out from every other man a woman has met or will meet again… and to put himself on the VERY TOP of her “hot list” EVERYTIME.

My friend definitely understands the value of being THE BEST in a woman’s eyes…

He’s figured out some unique ways to tell exactly HOW MUCH a woman is interested in him… and how to quickly “ramp it up” if he isn’t where he needs to be.

As you can imagine, his “flake” rate is almost ZERO.

When he gets a number or an email address from a woman, it nearly ALWAYS turns into a date.

And, of course… after he hangs out with a woman once, it’s almost always HIS CHOICE as to whether or not he sees her again.

Seeing as how my friend does this for a living, I was expecting to have to twist his arm to get him to reveal his REALLY powerful techniques… but to my surprise, from the moment we started, it was like I had struck the jackpot on a slot machine… I sat in near silence as he rattled off one KILLER idea after another… far faster than I could take notes!

The best part about the things he shared is that it’s ALL stuff that any “regular” guy can learn and do QUICKLY… without a whole lot of “trial and error” or hard work.

Here’s a small sample of what he shared:

– A psychological trigger you can use in the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman that tells her you attract A LOT of women (This takes advantage of the female competitive nature and makes her want to get her hands on you NOW… before another woman has a chance)

– How to approach a woman in a DIRECT way… WITHOUT looking “typical” or boring (This is how the “naturals” meet MORE women than us “regular” guys… WITHOUT using pickup lines)

– An incredibly simple way to give yourself a STRONG SEXUAL PRESENCE that all women notice (Of course, this will also make all men HATE you… they won’t “get” why the women are looking at YOU and not them…)

– Nature’s way of telling a woman when a man is her BEST POSSIBLE CHOICE (All “naturals” use these signals instinctively. Here’s how YOU can “cheat the system” and use them to trigger the BIOLOGICAL attraction buttons that practically FORCE a woman to choose YOU)

– The surprising thing that prevents most guys from EVER becoming “cool”… and what to do about it

– How to get a woman who is with her friends “psychologically” ALONE with you – My friend’s method of dialing up INTENSE attraction in a woman BEFORE she feels comfortable enough to leave her group of friends (This is AWESOME… a woman usually won’t leave her friends for you right away… but now you can get her just as turned on as if she did)

– The simplest yet most powerful body language» “tweak” you can make to signal CONFIDENCE and POWER to a woman you have just started a conversation with

– The 5 things that make a woman decide whether or not to reject you BEFORE you ever open your mouth (Miss more than 1 of these and you’ll be shot down… but nail all 5 and ANYTHING you say will work)

– The little-known body language» signs that tell a woman you are skilled at “other” things

– Why meeting women in the daytime is FAR EASIER than meeting women at night… and how to do it, step-by-step (My friend will tell you his “secret spots”, and some of the funniest and most effective opening lines I’ve ever heard)

– How to make GREAT body language» a natural part of you in the fastest amount of time humanly possible (This is one of the best ways I’ve ever heard to hard-wire this crucial skill into your brain QUICKLY and PERMANENTLY… and you need to learn it)

– The “little things” women notice about a guy’s wardrobe you can use to set yourself ABOVE guys who are wearing more expensive clothing

– A surprisingly effective way to get a woman to have coffee with you immediately after you meet her (I love this because it avoids the risk of getting her phone number and not going anywhere)

– An awesome way to casually and comfortably approach a woman in a supermarket… then transition into a fun and flirty conversation with her

– How to create a connection with a woman that is MUCH DEEPER than physical attraction (The BEST way to prevent flaking and make her see YOU as her #1 choice)

– A woman’s “Secret Attraction Indicator” – Use this to know with 100% accuracy whether or not she is into you… AND just how interested she REALLY is)

– You know how the SEXIEST women at the gym always seem to be wearing headphones? My friend came up with a HILARIOUS way to approach these women that says ALL the right things… and you need to hear it!

– A simple, “works every time” way to meet a woman in a clothing store that works on employees too!

– How to approach a GROUP of women in a way that captivates everyone in it and makes them ALL want to have a conversation with you

– Two important changes you must make to your voice when approaching a woman in a bar (The first one grabs her attention… the second lets her know you are CONFIDENT and CHARISMATIC)

– A simple shift in your body language» to use when approaching a group of women that commands attention while letting them know you are cool and not a “creep”

– What to say to the women you AREN’T attracted to in a group to keep them from getting in your way and —at the same time— make the one you DO like want you MORE

– How to fine tune your humor when talking to a woman for the very first time to make sure she “gets” your Cocky Comedy

– A brand new way to isolate a woman that prevents her friends from “cockblocking” and makes her feel totally comfortable

– A powerful way to get DEEP INSIDE of a woman’s head and make her feel like you know her better than even her best friends

– A sensual, yet non-threatening way to initiate physical contact with a woman that tells her you know EXACTLY how to please her in the bedroom

– A fun way to tease a woman while you are holding hands that builds intense SEXUAL TENSION quickly

– My KILLER “Instant Date” – A way to create a strong connection with a woman the very first time you meet her that I’ve NEVER shared anywhere else

– A simple flirtation trick that lets a woman know you know how to READ her body (Which all women know is THE KEY to satisfying her sexually)

– An easy way to rescue a woman from a guy she doesn’t want to talk to that women love… and guys can’t do ANYTHING to stop!

– How to get deep and meaningful with a woman you’ve just met so she sees you as a “keeper” from the start

– Specific parts of yourself to reveal that make a woman emotionally bonded to you… even if you have only known each other for 5 minutes

– A spin you can put on “typical” questions to turn “casual” conversation into a deep discussion she will appreciate

– How to let a woman know you appreciate her as a person in a way that dials up attraction VERY fast instead of making you look like a “kiss ass”

– How to build intimacy BEFORE there is any sexuality… perfectly setting the stage for later

– The best way to get a woman’s phone number in a bar that I haven’t heard in a LONG time (Great, because it sets you apart from everyone else and makes light of the fact that you met in a bar,… and even gets her to come around if she is hesitant!)

– A way to set up the first phone call in advance that ensures the conversation will pick up EXACTLY where you left off… AND lead to a date

– What to do AFTER you get her number to “seal the deal”

– A fun role-playing game you can use the first time you meet a woman to naturally and comfortably lead into a kiss

– And much, much more…

This interview was something else… I don’t know where my friend came up with all of this stuff… but I wish I could take credit for it!

By the time you finish going through it, you will have the tools at your disposal to make a woman VERY interested in you within MINUTES of meeting her… easily blowing all present and future competition out of the water.

It’s a good feeling.

I’ve decided to release it as this month’s edition of my “Interviews With Dating Gurus” series.

If you’re NOT already subscribed, then you need to subscribe RIGHT NOW to make sure you hear this incredible interview… and learn these skills for yourself.

And don’t let the fact that this stuff is easy to learn fool you…

Although you’ll see IMMEDIATE improvements in your “game” the day you get it… this interview is so JAM PACKED with great material you’re going to have to go through it 4 or 5 times to get all of the nuggets out of it.

But here’s the deal:

It’s “going to press” on Friday morning. If you want to hear this interview, you’re going to need to be subscribed before THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT.

That’s this Thursday the 10th… before MIDNIGHT, Pacific Standard Time.

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And guess what?

These two double interviews are a SHAMELESS bribe… they’re yours to KEEP… even if you decide not to stay subscribed in the future.

Does that sound like a crazy offer to you?

If not, it should.

But, I’m not even a little bit worried about offering this “bribe” to you.

Here’s why – the 3 interviews you are getting are literally MIND BLOWING.

In fact, I don’t EVER release an interview that isn’t worth TEN TIMES what you pay for it.

And I’ll bet you the biggest steak in Texas that once you listen to these CDs… and see the results they give you with women… I won’t be able to buy them back from you for one thousand dollars.

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I think it’s easy to see that you simply CANNOT LOSE by giving this program a try.

WORST CASE SCENARIO… you get a bunch of free CDs.

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It can all be yours… but it’s up to you to take the next step.

Go here for the rest of the details, and to sign up:

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You’ll be glad you did.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

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