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“Q&A: How To ‘Approach’ Her & Get Her Number” – September 5, 2006

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“Q&A: How To ‘Approach’ Her & Get Her Number” – September 5, 2006


Hey Dave, I’m a 27 year old guy that has been single and dateless for long enough, so I decided to “do something about it!” I purchased your DYDating book about a month ago because I knew my “wussy ways” had to go. My problem wasn’t approaching hot women, it’s been what to say to them without looking like an ass. Your book has helped me in so many ways, I can’t fit them all in this email. Following your books instructions carefully I prepared myself: Rehearsing one of your opening lines and what I would say to multiple responses. Here’s how it went… I went to Borders Books, surveyed the area. Found my target. Hot blond, by herself, tossing hair around, looking single. Using this line from your book I say, “Excuse me, I noticed you when I walked in, and I just had to find out what you were like.” She says, “Really?” Shocked and flattered. After some small talk I asked if she was seeing anyone. Nope. “Do you have email? Oh, write your number down there too.” She does and then asks me if I was available that night! I say, “No, I’m on my way out of town, but I’ll call you.” She was thanking me for approaching her! After a couple days I called and was prepared for her “tests of control” She tried to determine where and when the date would be. She wanted the bar, so I used your, “Why, so you can get me drunk and take advantage of me?” She loved that! I told her a different night and coffee. First test passed! I would have failed that one before reading your book. My first date with her was last night. I used the cocky and funny, teased and picked on her, didn’t smile much, opened doors, and most importantly stayed in control! We were holding hands and I said, “Let’s call it a night.” I could tell she wanted more, cause she started saying how amazing the date had gone and was hugging me like I was her husband going off to war for a year! What amazes me is, this was just the first attempt at getting a date, using your help, and it’s worked so well! I can just imagine what the future has in store, thanks Dave… There was so much more I wanted to share but I would have written a book. I hope some of this will help other guys see that your research gets results! Buy the book! Also your newsletters have been crucial in keeping this info fresh in my mind every day to practice. Keep them coming!

M.P. Pennsylvania


Well, all I can say to you is… YOU ARE THE MAN.

I have a lot of respect for you.


Because you actually did EXACTLY what I told you to do in the book.

And AMAZINGLY, you got good results.

It’s frustrating for me when guys write in with dumb-ass questions like:

“What should I say if she says that she has a boyfriend?”


“What if she expects me to pay for dinner on our date?”


If you just follow the simple instructions, you will get the results you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s actually pretty rare that someone has the INTELLIGENCE AND SELF-DISCIPLINE to actually do this simple thing… lol.

You’ve done many things right:

1) You rehearsed an opening line

2) You rehearsed POSSIBLE RESPONSES to your opening line

3) You used the 3-Minute Email/Number technique perfectly

4) You didn’t let her take control

5) You busted on her for TRYING to take control

6) You went to get COFFEE, and not a “dinner-type date”

7) You were Cocky & Funny

8) You ended the date early, while she was on a high

9) …and probably did everything else right, too.

The power of the things I’m teaching is MULTIPLIED when they are used TOGETHER.

One thing amplifies another… and the next amplifies those… and on and on.

It’s amazing how you can take a small spark of ATTRACTION (that YOU trigger, of course), and fan it into a HUGE FLAME by knowing what you’re doing.

Nice job.


Hey David; I’m an older guy and not in a great hurry to double my dating but I do enjoy your newsletter. I am analyzing this wuss thing that men seem to do mainly because I am was so guilty of it myself. It is through your newsletter that I am managing to control it. Why is it that so many men seem to do this? They treat women like gods or queens and that is not how they want to be treated! From the success stories that I have read from your newsletter it appears that the women want to be treated as equals/buddies. Not the crude beer drinking, belching and farting kind (although I have met some that do) but the kind that you can kid around with and tell the odd joke. They do not want to be placed on pedestals! I am 47, single again and did the wuss thing with this girl I was dating for about a year. The relationship had stagnated on her end (judging from her conversations and attitude while I continued to be this romantic door mat) so I did what you tell all the guys. I stopped calling everyday and snuck in chauvinistic jabs. One example was her relating to me that her son wants to attend a co-ed college or dorm because he wants to room with a girl that will take care of him while he is away from home. Before reading your newsletter I would not have responded with “well that’s what they are for isn’t it?” I got the smack on the arm and a warning to watch it but we seem to be relating a lot better than we did before. She seemed to enjoy the mental sparing! I don’t know where we get the idea of treating women better than we treat ourselves but your ideas have strengthened my relationship and I can hardly wait to read your book! Former Wuss; R.


Why is it that so many guys act like WUSSIES around women?

Well, there are a lot of reasons.

For some guys, it’s an AUTOMATIC, PROGRAMMED response.

See cute girl, act like Wussbag.

A lot of guys have learned that being “nice” to people makes them “like” you.

Unfortunately, no one has ever told most of us guys that making a woman LIKE you isn’t very important.

Making a woman feel ATTRACTION for you IS.

Evicting the “Inner Wussy” isn’t always easy for guys.

Some of us LOVE our Inner Wuss.

We’re proud of how sweet, thoughtful, loving, and clingy we are.

Most guys think of their Inner Wuss in a POSITIVE LIGHT.

We humans don’t like to admit that what we’ve been doing for most of our lives was WRONG. That’s another reason.

It takes a lot for most guys is to SEE WITH THEIR OWN TWO EYES how NOT being a Wuss affects women… and how it makes women RESPOND differently.

Once you realize how your Inner Wussy is making women RUN away from you, it gets easier to EVICT it.

Thanks for your email. Good stuff.


How do you approach women with headphones on, without being annoying?


I love this kind of thing.

You could have asked me anything you wanted.

You could have asked how to get phone numbers from exotic dancers… or where to hang out in order to meet supermodels.

But noooooooooo.

No way.

You want to know how to approach women with headphones on… without being ANNOYING.

You know, you didn’t really explain whether YOU were the one wearing the headphones, or SHE was the one wearing them.

Here, try this:

Put on your headphones, and turn up your Duran Duran cassette all the way. (By the way, this will work best for you if you’re wearing the type of headphones that completely cover your ears, so you cannot hear what is happening outside… and you have one of those old large YELLOW “Sports Walkmans” that you can proudly wear and display on your belt… right next to your light-brown fake leather fanny pack.)

Approach a cute girl, and start a conversation.

Yell “I’m listening to Duran Duran… does this annoy you?”

If she says “No” (you’ll be able to tell the difference between “no” and “yes” by reading her lips), then you’ve successfully found a way to approach a woman… WITH HEADPHONES ON… without being annoying.

Now please, go do something worthwhile with yourself.


So here we were in college (many moons ago), and we picked up some future nurses at a bar. We go to their apartment and are talking. I over hear my friend Hank say to the one he selected to pursue as he stared at her mouth, excuse me but does it bother you to have an over bite? Do you ever get headaches etc. Of course, I am horrified that he speaking this way instead of my normal smooth wussy way. Instead she starts a serious discussion with him where it comes out that he wants to go to medical school. He then starts in on her hair, does she usually dye it or is it natural, and what about exercise, is she serious about muscle control and being toned since in middle age all that excess will be fat? (that was before everyone was pursuing a healthy gym induced body tone). In the meantime, I cannot believe the dialogue which was a mix of minor negs, c&f, and really speaking to the girls as if he were dealing with just people dealing with insecurities. Needless to say, the rest of the girls were soon around listening and viewing for his attention.

I can still see that grin of his face as he asks some inane question putting the some girl on the spot and asking why she thinks that something is a good idea or whatever. He kept them off balance and always interested. Well now after 20-30 years, I understand exactly how it worked from reading your newsletter.



Ah yes… hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

I have to tell you something…

Your story reminds me of an interesting point.

When I first made it a point to really get this part of my own life handled, I can CLEARLY remember situations that made NO sense to me at all.

Of course, I “mentally noted” those situations, and thought about them many times.

It’s obvious that you’ve thought of this guy and this particular situation many times over the last 20-30 years.

I’m glad to have closed the loop for you, and helped you to “get” what was going on.

I just hope your story will help other guys save about 20 or 30 years of their own lives…


hey hey, mister david. i gots a question…yes gots. i’m like a really punk guy, not blink 182 punk, i’m talkin “sid vicious” pink spikey hair, dirty, chains and mohawks and what not, and i wanted to know if i could approach any girl w/ your god-like ability’s, looking as i look? i mean i’m pretty sure i could go up to other “punk” girls (which there arent many where i live) and they’d probably punch me in the face….but they’d love me for saying what i said. well anyways keep up w/ the good advice and toodles.

SAB Goosecreek, South Carolina


OK, is it just me, or is there something in the air this week?

Is Uranus rising, or something freaky going on in the heavens?

A punk guy (not Blink 182 punk, but “Sid Vicous” punk, mind you), dirty, with pink mohawk and such wants to know if he can approach “any girl” looking as he looks?

And the bit about punk chicks punching you in the face, yet LOVING YOU for what you said… that’s special.

My favorite part:


For you, I ALSO recommend that “Duran Duran Headphone Non-Annoyance Approach” that I’ve outlined above. Be sure to follow the directions all the way to the end.

Oh, by the way… you might want to have the water checked down there in “Goosecreek, SC”. You might have a problem there.



I read all of your newsletters, but I have not yet bought your ebook. I think the advice you give on improving my overall attitude toward women is great, and I appreciate it. I have yet to buy your book because I believe that there are intelligent, beautiful women out there that understand attraction and can look past it to see what is best for them in the long run. It seems to me that a lot of the techniques that you present would seem pathetic to these women. You might dismiss such a woman as a stick-in-the-mud with no sense of humor, but I’m not so sure that I would rush to the same judgement. Some people would argue that a woman who considers her own emotions and responds intelligently is more desirable than a woman who constantly surrenders to her attraction against her better judgement. In short, I think there are worthwhile women out there that see right through the techniques and want something better. Is there anything in your material that addresses the question of how to approach these women?

Thanks, TR Boston, MA


DUDE, can we talk?

Just you and me?

Look, if I had to place a bet, I’d say that between the two of us, I have about 99.999997323% of the knowledge about how to meet and date beautiful, intelligent women… and you have the rest.

My assessment is based on:

1) Years of experience

2) The fact that you communicate like an overly- analytic, intellectual jackass who probably hasn’t the slightest idea of what he’s talking about

The only women running around on this planet that “consider their emotions and respond intelligently” instead of “surrendering to her attraction against her better judgment” are your MOM and your SISTER (they’re the only two women I can think of that are likely to be as stuck in their own HEADS as you).

Am I “over generalizing” here?


Oh, I’m just warming up…

Here’s another quote from your email:

“It seems to me that a lot of the techniques that you present would seem pathetic to these women.”

It SEEMS that the techniques I present would SEEM pathetic to these women?

It SEEMS? …that they would SEEM?

Man, oh man.

Look, it SEEMS that a hollow metal tube filled with hundreds of people would NEVER be able to fly 500 miles per hour at 39,000 feet above sea level.

But it does.

It SEEMS that putting black, dirty coal under tremendous pressure for millions of years would NEVER result in a perfect, beautiful diamond.

But it does.

And it SEEMS that doing all kinds of things that make logical sense would work.

But they don’t.

Get over it.

Oh, and I love this one:

“You might dismiss such a woman as a stick-in-the- mud with no sense of humor…”

Yes, I probably would.

You know why?

Because she probably WOULD BE A STICK-IN-THE- MUD with no sense of humor!

Powerful. Very powerful. I know.

At the end of your email, you asked:

“Is there anything in your material that addresses the question of how to approach these women?”

Yes, tons.

The fact is that you’re probably going to have to meet and date about 50 women before you’re going to find a woman that has her act SO together that she can fit your criteria.

And guess what?

When you finally DO meet a woman who’s together enough to be able to consider a man for more than just the attraction she feels, you’d damn well better know how to handle the situation.

Guess how you’ll learn that skill?

Right, by dating the other 50, and practicing what you’re learning.

DUDE! Go and download my online eBook RIGHT NOW. Don’t THINK about it. Just go download it right now. Right here:

[ebook download link]


dude i don’t for one minute buy into anything about women wanting to go out with cocky funny guys……..cause i have always been funny……and really cocky…and it’s never worked for me…but if you can sucker every loser that reads this stuff…..more power to you



Cocky & Funny is about 10% of the equation.

In other words, you are probably missing about 90% of the game here.

I’m including your email here because it’s SO rare that I get letters like this… I just have to respond.

I use the term “Cocky & Funny“, and talk about the technique often, because it’s an easy way to remember a concept.

But if you don’t know how women think, and you don’t understand how to take things smoothly from one step to the next… and you don’t know how to use your voice tone and body language» to communicate, then no amount of Cocky and ANYTHING is going to help you.

Pay attention, and learn something.

I don’t “sucker” anyone. My programs always come with a no-questions, 100% money back guarantee. And I honor that guarantee.

I CHALLENGE you to invest some time in yourself and improve your success with women. Stop being a negative, pessimistic whiner, and DO SOMETHING to improve yourself.


Brother, I see an unpleasant pattern here. My questions are always the constructive kind of questions, at least to me. Being in your newsletter is something very far from my mind, until I have success stories to write about, that is. Tell me, am I making a mistake by mentioning to you that I am a beginner, and that I don’t have your book just yet (Bare with me, I live under less than ideal conditions in South Africa, a 3rd world country, I’m going to have that book before the year is over, mind you). I have written about five questions, all with the best intentions, not even one of them recieved a response. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, no book, no replies. I envy those guys whose emails I read in your mailbag, even those ladies who get a taste of your cocky medicine when they try rubbish your material, at least they get responses. Truth of the matter is, no person alive is more willing than me to learn your material, I will not think twice about betting my bottom dollar (we use rands in South Africa), no person alive is capable of learning and making the best out of your material than me. I am gifted (by God) in creative writing. I have discovered that there are girls who respond to my cocky and funny remarks with sarcasism, eg, she’s wearing one of those pants made out of snake leather, firstly I give her a compliment on how brave she is to tackle and kill the snake, but then I make a U turn and accuse her of being selfish, killing the snake just so she can have the pants (trousers) so that she can impress a guy like me. I go on to say I don’t go for the selfish cruel type. Discouraging thing is, all this time she is not offering resistance, she’d simply say, “fine, I kill snakes”, “Yes, I’m cruel,so?”. How in the name of doublemydating do I counteract a sarcastic attitude succesfully. Last, but not least, this lovely girl gave me her email address after I practised what you preach, but to my disappointment, it didn’t work (the email address). I think she made a mistake when she wrote it down, maybe she was nervous, you see I made her write it on my hand. I want to tease her thoroughly about this (giving me the wrong email address). Will you give me a start here. I am going to think of some ideas too, the best of your ideas, the best of my ideas, together… explosive, earth shattering.

keep well, Deagelo


I think you should apply for a job as Indiana Jones’ main sidekick in his next movie.

Man, you’re a trip.

Yeah, I’ll give you a start…

When you see that girl again, walk up to her and say, “You know, I feel bad about this… but I just can’t be with a girl who doesn’t even know her own email address”.

Then leave, and find 10 more girls, and get their email addresses.

Problem solved.

Now send me some rands for the advice, Mister Gifted By God In Creative Writing.

Keep Well, Sidekick Of Indy



no i am not going to flood you with ‘you da man’ comments. but i do think that you are on to something. many of my gals and i often discuss how it is so messed and twisted that your suggestions are truly do work. we often find ourselves sliding out from uncomfortably stuffy relationships and gravitating towards the hard- to- get ones. HOWEVER those are the relationships that leave a girl insecure and frankly… crazy. is there ever a point where this little game will leave both the girl and the guy happy? at what level can a man truly be honest with a girl and stop yankin her two steps foward and one step back. if he cares about her…and dare i say, loves her, when can he say it? i mean, even if you as a guy are “winning”, and get the girl and she, as the girl is “winning” because she is attracted and interested in her man; ultimately your both losing cuz it isnt real, it is just trying to win a little game. i know few girls who wanna play the game all there lives and it could only last so long. i am gonna go out on a limb and generalize big time when i say that all anyone really wants is to be genuinely cared about and to genuinely care about someone else. your ‘game’ kinda cheapens that. but i do appreciate how your creating a super-race of more interesting men to date

– L.O., Provo, Utah



I like the sound of that…

A woman telling me that I’m “Creating a super- race of more interesting men to date”.

Love it.

OK, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

If a guy learns everything that I’m teaching, he will not only be more interesting to DATE, he’ll be more interesting to have a RELATIONSHIP with, and more interesting to MARRY.


Because he won’t be a WUSSY. He won’t be CLINGY. He won’t be ANNOYING. He won’t act INSECURE all the time.

When he does find an exceptional woman and he chooses to “settle down” and have a deep, authentic relationship with a special girl, he’ll be the kind of guy that every woman alive wants to be with.

He’ll know the game well enough to STAY INTERESTING, and he’ll also know the game well enough to NOT HAVE TO PLAY IT if he doesn’t need to.

Trust me, this is all a good thing.

I appreciate your email and your comments.


Hey David.

Your stuff is incredible! I have the book and am just about finished with the advanced series dvd. My success rate has skyrocketed! I do have one question though. You mention being scarce. I know this is HUGE. How much scarcity is enough? I don’t want to come off as a needy wuss, but at the same time I don’t want to seem so disinterested that the woman just dismisses me as a player. How many times a week do you recommend contact by email, phone or meeting?




Don’t worry about a woman “dismissing you as a player”.

In fact, don’t WORRY about ANYTHING that a woman thinks of you.

What a woman thinks of you is HER business, not yours.

This is the kind of thinking that keeps you from becoming the man that YOU want to be… and keeps you trying to please other people… women in this case.

I recommend that you learn for yourself just how scarce is “enough”. As you’ve heard me say, don’t see a woman that you’ve just met more than once a week (sometimes twice), and don’t call her more than once or twice a week in addition.

This is your own personal insecurity issue, and you need to get over it.

Watch the interview section of the Advanced Series DVDs that you have. Listen to how those guys that I interview think about this topic.

That will do it.



Thanks so much for your material – I have the E- Book and the Advanced CD series and they’re great! I just had a pretty good experience I wanted to share with you that happened just last night. I was out at a very crowded bar where it was ladies night and I was standing at the bar trying to order drinks when a girl bumps in to me very slightly. I turn to her and as seriously as I could said, “If you wanted to meet me you could’ve just said hi, you didn’t have to be violent about it…”(Yes I stole it from you – but it was perfect in this situation) At this she started laughing and grabbed my arm and said “oh yes” in a playful sarcastic way. Right then my friend came up (who is a natural with the ladies) and started talking to me, so I ignored her for a bit as she was now sitting next to me. So I turn back to the bar to order my drinks and she says, “Hey you don’t want me to have to get violent here now do you?” I look at her and say, “You know I think we got off on the wrong foot, my name is ______, and as soon as you apologize everything will be fine.” She couldn’t believe it and said, “ME APOLOGIZE?!? You’re a cocky feisty one aren’t you! I think you should apologize to me!” To which I said, “I wouldn’t hold my breath honey.” So after about 30 more seconds of chit chat I tell her I have to go meet my friends and I ask for the digits. Well she says, “I don’t even know you. We haven’t had the chance to talk – I can’t just give you my number.” So at this point I say, “Well I’ve got to go and you’re right we don’t know each other right now and to do that we have to talk more and in the year 2005 we use phones to talk to each other.” She comes back and says, “I don’t know what type of relationships you’ve had before…” At which point I stop her dead and say, “Whoa, who said anything about a relationship??? I’m outta here!” So I turn to leave and she grabs me by my arm tells me to wait and gives me her number.

I learned a couple of things.

1) You have to be willing to walk away – this conversation wouldn’t have had the same effect if I wasn’t willing to walk away.

2) Mastery is in the details – speaking from a martial arts perspective (I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) you have to make sure that the small details are right for things to work. I probably shouldn’t have asked for her number – I should have used the email approach, I didn’t have a pen, etc. And

3) You can only get better by doing it. You just have to get out there and practice, work out the kinks and get your game going.

So thanks for giving us the tools Dave! BTW, I have one question: On your CD series you mention that you were thinking of coming out with a product that showed the techniques live in real situations, is that still in the works? That would be beyond helpful!


Mackin’ in Colorado


You have described a PERFECT example of how to behave with a woman that you’ve just met.

Every time she said something to you, you ALWAYS had a better comeback. You demonstrated:

1) That you didn’t need her

2) That you were confident enough to “push it” a little

3) That you must be ready and willing to walk away

Women can SENSE it when you have the attitude that you’ve just described.

This is good stuff, and I wish that every man alive could have seen this story take place.

And to answer your question, keep your eyes open in the future.


Mr. David D. Sir,

I’ve never doubted the authenticity of the e-mails sent to you, but I had doubts that a lot of this stuff would work for an older guy like me. I’ve always had a C&F attitude, but always toned it down around women because I didn’t want to intimidate them. Also, I read your e-mails and e- book for some time, and didn’t find some of what you call C&F all that funny. So, I didn’t “get it”. I finally broke down and bought your DVD series. Everything else you do only hints at what is on the Advanced Series. Just watching it was a revelation. Without doing any real work, my attitude changed.

Finally, at 47, I’ve realized it’s okay to unleash my cynical, pointed sense of humor on women. Mr. David D. Sir, my success has really shocked me. As I said before, I really haven’t had much time to sit down & work out some of the strategies, etc. you teach. But, in the first week after watching the DVD (it took me about 2 weeks to get through it), I noticed women responding to my C&F. Funny thing, I wasn’t even trying, it just came out as a result of the freedom I’ve taken from your program. You’re right – they love it!

Getting e-mails has become second nature. Getting beyond that is my next step. You know, Mr. David D. Sir, if I wasn’t the man, I’d swear you were. Anybody who thinks your stuff is BS can e-mail me. I’m a believer. BTW, the DVD is great because we get to see all of your friends (except Brent(?)) are butt-ugly, but still successful. That’s important to know.

dwk – Seattle


Well, thanks for the compliment about my friends.

I’m sure that they’ll appreciate it… lol.

And yes, even “older guys” like you (and I hope you’re ugly like my friends, too) can have tremendous success with women.

And you’re right…

Everything that I talk about only hints at what’s in my Advanced Series.

It’s not because I’m trying to “hold back”…

It’s just because if I took the entire 12 hours of my Advanced Dating Techniques program and had it transcribed word-for-word, it would probably be a thousand pages long… and it wouldn’t be even 10% as powerful in written form, because you don’t get to HEAR me talk, and SEE my body language» (as well as see and hear the voice tone and body language» of my “butt-ugly” friends who are good with women).

It took me a LOOOOONG time to put all of the information together to make that program.

Years of reading books, watching guys in action, testing out different techniques and concepts, and trying everything myself went into it.

And I’ll tell you, in the 12+ hours that I talk in that program, I’m only sharing the GOOD STUFF. I only talk about ideas that WORK in the REAL WORLD.

I’ve probably tried or read about 50 ideas, techniques, pickup lines, and other bizarre tricks to find one great thing that actually works…

This is THE ULTIMATE SYSTEM for improving your self image, overcoming fear and shyness, understanding how women think, and meeting more women.

I cover everything.

You know, the funny thing is that most of the questions you hear in these newsletters that say “David, I watched your Advanced Series, but you didn’t mention how to…” are actually not correct.

The fact is that I usually DID cover whatever topic the guy is asking about. He just forgot, because there was SO MUCH information covered…

And I’m serious about this.

This program will BLOW YOUR MIND. I honestly believe that you will look back on it and realize that it’s the best investment you’ve made in ANYTHING… EVER.

Oh, and in case I didn’t make it clear, it will also show you, step-by-step, in DETAIL, how to approach, meet, talk to, get the emails and numbers of, get dates with, not PAY FOR dates with, and smoothly take things to a “physical level” with WOMEN. Literally HUNDREDS of ways, in fact.

You will get a new perspective on women and dating and a set of concepts and techniques that I personally guarantee will INSTANTLY improve your success with women.

All the details, plus free audio and video clips are here:

[products info link]

And if you haven’t downloaded your copy of my online eBook “Double Your Dating“, then you need to do that immediately. You can download it to your computer and be reading it within a few minutes. It’s here:

[ebook download link]

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

P.S. I’ve written you a letter telling “my story” about how I learned to meet and attract women… and I’d like you to check it out. I’ve also put up information and video clips of all of my different programs as well. Go read the letter here:

[products info link]

P.P.S. If you’d like to send me a Success Story, Question, or Comment, follow these guidelines:

1) Keep it short and to the point. Two paragraphs max.

2) Tell me what’s working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the “Your stuff is great” and “I don’t need to tell you how well your stuff works” comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics… because this helps other guys to see what’s working in different situations.

3) If you have a Success Story, write “Success Story” in the subject line of the email. I read these first.

4) At the end of the email, give me your initials and tell me where you’re from.

5) Send it to me at:

[newsletter sign-up link]

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