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“Q&A: Using ‘Mixed Messages’ To Create Attraction” – April 9, 2007

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“Q&A: Using ‘Mixed Messages’ To Create Attraction” – April 9, 2007


Hey Dave, how’s it hanging?

Read your stuff…interesting. Makes a lot of sense to appear different then all the others. I have one question, however. This C&F stuff (can I call it “friendly mocking”?) really only works on women who are sure of themselves and who will not take your jokes to the heart. But how many of those are in the world? I mean, with today’s “perfect” pop-stars most women have at least some insecurities. So, how can you use this technique and not accidentally hit a weak spot? Is there a neutral C&F approach?

J Brooklyn, NY


I think you’re hitting on an important point here.

I think that a lot of guys “secretly” want to figure out a way to meet women without RISKING anything.

This is probably why personal ads and online dating» web sites are so popular.

The problem with not wanting to RISK anything is that it creates a mindset that leads to being AVERAGE.

And “average” doesn’t create ATTRACTION.

I teach guys to use a specific kind of humor that I call “Cocky & Funny“.

One of the purposes of the Cocky & Funny technique is to clearly demonstrate that you are NOT intimidated by a woman, and to INSTANTLY communicate that you are DIFFERENT from other men.

You’d like to know the magic way to “not accidentally hit a weak spot”…

But guess what?

Accidents happen.

Risk is part of life.

Don’t worry so much about hitting a “weak spot” while you’re teasing or busting on a woman… just concern yourself with making sure you’re being FUNNY while you’re doing it.

If you meet a woman who is so sensitive that she can’t take a joke, or you “accidentally” over do it, don’t worry about it. No biggie.

She’s probably either too uptight or emotionally fragile for you to have a good time with anyway.

If you want to make a cake, you have to break a few eggs, man.

Remember, your objective isn’t to be MEAN to women, or to hurt them… your objective is to use a specific type of humor to create ATTRACTION.

And give up this “neutral” idea. Neutral is BORING. And Boring is NOT the way to create ATTRACTION.


David “The Man”–

First of all, your Advanced CD Series is THE most definitive exhaustive resource on dating ever written. It boggles my mind that nobody ever figured this stuff out before. You are the research scientist that broke the mold of all that bookstore fluff, the Darwin of Dating.

I can now approach and get the email of a woman who would have made me shake in my boots just a few months ago. My most recent success was a girl I dated who I turned up the C+F to the max, but my old inner wussy made a brief appearance and that was that. Oh well. “Next!” I’ll get better and better.

I have improved quite a bit, but I’m looking for some guy friends as you suggest. However, I’m having a problem finding guys who are good with women. I’m not seeing them. All I see everywhere I go are wusses. Any thoughts or ideas?

I’ve also thought about finding friends who are students of yours so we can get together for team efforts. Any suggestions here?

Thanks again for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life.



Yeah, I have one thought for you…

This “Everywhere I go all I see is wusses” thing can be a challenge. I shake my head almost every single time I go out, because I think we’re in the middle of a WUSS EPIDEMIC in this country.

Keep looking.

It’s worth it.

If you have to, ask friends and associates at work if they know any guys who are really good with women.

And remember, be cool. Guys who are good with women often like to help other guys learn. But don’t be a boat anchor around his neck…

If you do your homework and find some guys who can help you, it will REALLY pay off.



I received one of you Q&A emails by mistake, I’m sure. I am an intelligent, female professional and I reall-ll-ll-lly had a good laugh after reviewing your web site as well.

If you think that ALL women will be turned on by these things, you are very mistaken. The classy, sophisticated, and well educated as well as intriguing and very attractive will have totally different opinions on all these subjects. I think you would do better to consider your experience as incomplete.

However, I’m sure you are making an obscene amount of money by offering this misinformation for sale to men.

Laughing Uncontrollably in Alaska


An intelligent female professional that lives in ALASKA?

Don’t even get me started there…

And since you seem to be claiming here that you’re an AUTHORITY on “The classy, sophisticated, and well educated… as well as intriguing and very attractive” women… I have to ask you where you’re getting this particular education… Alaska?

Maybe those words mean something different where you’re from.


Look, I used to be a “nice”, sweet, BORING guy who did nice things for women, acted respectful, and generally was everything I thought a “good guy” should be.

And my success with meeting and attracting women was horrible.

I had a few good relationships with attractive women, but these were ACCIDENTAL. It only happened because I was in the right place at the right time, and because the women just happened to have NOTHING BETTER GOING ON.

Now that I do what I teach, I’m able to attract beautiful women whenever I want.

You do the math.


Hey Dave,

I forward your news letter to my ex-husband and to my other male friends and they all thanked me for it. I agree with all of your advice. It’s kind of scary how well you read women. You have also helped me to realize what I’m attracted to and why. Take care!



Yeah, it’s OK for you to admit that you’re attracted to ME.

I don’t blame you.

You forgot to include your picture, dear.

Waiting patiently.

Your friend,

David D.

P.S. Stop forwarding these emails to your Ex. It’s bad enough that you love me… but to add insult to injury for the poor guy…



So, I go into a shoe store the other day and I’m just kind of browsing. The clerk– a cutie of age 21–asks me if she can help me. I kindly ask her to get me a certain pair to try on. As I put the shoes on, she enthusiastically squeaked, “WOW THOSE SHOES LOOK GREAT ON YOU!!!”. I mocked her in the same hi-pitch tone, “YOU’RE ON COMMISION YOU NEED TO SAY THAT!!” She gave me that playful little slap on the arm and told me I was “a little sh**”. I go on teasing her for 5 minutes or so and she asks me if I would like a job at this store. When she gave me the application, she also hands me her HOME ADDRESS and phone number and asked me to hand deliver it that night. To keep it short, that nite I gave her more than my job resume!!!

Now, David, the previous situation is very unusual for me, as I rarely have much to say, period. I’ve always been very shy and very quiet but am starting to come out of that. I’m not scared to approach women or anything but I just don’t know how to start or keep conversation, you know? I’ve read books on this, listened to tapes and nothing seems to help. Dave, I need some advice!!!

DK Indiana


Oh, nice one!

Great example of how to use Cocky & Funny with a woman!

And as for meeting women, stop worrying about STARTING OR KEEPING CONVERSATIONS GOING.

Just walk up to women, get their phone numbers, and then get together with them later for a cup of tea.

No “starting of conversations” required.

Use my 3 minute email/number technique, and then break out your killer sense of humor later when you’re alone with her.

You’re doing fine… don’t worry about “conversations”.

And if you do wind up in a conversation, just start out by talking about normal things, then transition into the Cocky & Funny material as you progress.


Hi Dave,

I have been receiving your emails for a while now and boy have they been working. As a matter of fact, I was actually using the C/F all the time, without even realizing it. For example,

In one of my classes there is this girl that acts weird most of the time (she’s a solid 9.5) and one day she was talking to me, and I just turned around and said to my friend: “Did you say mental hospital?” I got a shot in the arm for that one. I kept unknowingly using C/F on her for maybe three days and then after one C/F comment she replied (with her hand on my shoulder): “I like you, you make me laugh” then she winked and turned around. I was shocked! I mean, I had basically been making fun of her. Little did I know that I had been doing everything right (this was before I started getting your emails).

So anyway, my question. I have no problems meeting women in malls, on campus etc, but what about online? Are there any C/F comments I can use to start a conversation? The only ones I can think of are when they have ridiculous/absurd chat names.




Well, one of the GREAT things about teasing women is that you can basically GUESS things about them and they’ll respond.

For instance, if you’re talking to a woman online, and you haven’t seen her picture, you can say:

“OK, you’re probably some hairy, manly, seven hundred pound beast… and that’s why you haven’t sent me your picture…”

(Use this kind of thing when she says that she’s a model or dancer, etc. and it’s obviously not even close.)

The bolder you are, and the funnier, the better you’ll do when guessing.

Try it, you’ll like it.



Whussup Man? Well I’m not gonna waste your time or mine telling you about how great your teaching and knowledge is, because we both already know what’s up! I’m a 19 yr old who has downloaded your ebook and I’ve read about the last 20+ emails.. I’m learning a lot. But I’m not where I want to be yet.

Well here is what happened. I had lady friend of mine over to the house the other night. Now we have been friends for a little while now and I have to tried in the past to pursue this woman but like a lot of males in the world.. I would always turn wussy on her. This women is about 5′ nothing’, with a beautiful mind and a beautiful body, (she is a 8 or 9 on my scale, and I’m picky.)*the radio is ON* We haven’t talked in a while so we caught up on each others lives..had some laughs with the cocky/funny attitude and I even fixed dinner! Well I told her before I made dinner that when we finished eating she owed me a 30 min. massage. She said okay. Now, we get done eating and she tells me to dim the lights and lay down. She tells me she is goin’ to wash her hands and never comes back.. SHE LEFT!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

JF from Texas


What happened?

You went and spanked your chicken with reckless abandon?

You cried yourself to sleep?

lol… it’s probably horrible that I’m laughing at your misery, but hey, these things happen.

Don’t worry about it, man.

Next time, try making something other than “Hamburger Helper” with rainbow popsicles for dessert.

I think you’re gonna live.

The problem is that you acted like a WUSSY for so long, that the thought of you being anything more than a friend made her RUN all the way home.

You created your own problem, by trying to make a girl who was convinced that you were a Wuss into something more than a friend. It’s not easy.


Today I met an ex-girlfriend (and now good friend and occasional date) for lunch at an Indian buffet. This is a woman who has commented in the past that she didn’t like my cocky side (either I wasn’t doing it right, or she was lying), so I was looking for a good opportunity to segue into a C&F routine and see how it affected her. At one point she complained that the bread was cold, and that I should go get some fresh stuff…

ME: What’s in it for me? (unoriginal line) HER: I’ll stay and finish lunch at your table. Otherwise, I’ll go get the bread and sit over there by myself. (great answer!) ME: Well, that’d be embarrassing. HER: Yup. ME: Everyone in the restaurant would think that you had to move because you’ve got real bad gas.

And it went from there. You could see her eyes getting brighter throughout the conversation, and it ended with:

HER: Wow, you’re feisty today… ME: Yeah, so…? HER: So, it’s really… attractive. ME (laughing): Boy, you’re easy today…

That’s a confession straight from the source: feisty = attractive. And she went on to demonstrate her attraction after lunch in an unusually aggressive manner. I think everything you’re saying is capital-T Truth, brother.

You know, people assume that Kissinger was talking about political power being the ultimate aphrodisiac, but I think there are many nuances to the word “power”, and you don’t have to be a senator or CEO to exploit it.

Interesting aside: I was discussing this with an insightful female friend, and she agreed with everything you say, and added that women don’t want to be our mothers… and if we treat them like we treat our mothers (i.e., act like a wuss), what does that say?



Amen, brother. Amen.

Feisty, Sassy, Cheeky, Ballsy… = ATTRACTION.


hey dave-lets get to the chase. 2 things (first the success story).. i met this chik who was getting off work..yelled out “HEY!” and she came over to me.. i started talking about anything and everything to get/keep her attention..busting on her and all ..she gave me her # after 20 minutes.. BUt i didn’t call. then i ran into her again in the neighborhood but this time i did the same thing “whats your # again?” and then finally i wrote it down and scored on the second meeting after coffee.. the stuff works bro

now for the wuss part..i meet this chik last summer who was in town for her job assignment that lasted for 1 month. Shes a real player. We met again after the party (she called me and said hey I’m coming over) and within 30 minutes she was in my bed in her bra/panties BUT i didn’t do anything cause she was complaining about how guys are such dogs. so i didn’t do anything for the next 5 meetings. She said “I’m glad you never did anything cause we still wouldn’t be talking if u did”. Anyway, last time we meet she invites me AND 4 other guys for dinner. she sits on their laps (just like she did with me) to make me jealous. we have kept in touch for 5 months and next month she’ll be back for a 2 week visit. i have heard shes talking to 5 other guys in town besides me. whenever i confront her on the phone about these guys she says “nooo! I’m not! and I’ve never slept with any of them so ignore the rumors! who do you believe them or me??!” she called me 1 month ago and let my phone ring once, and then when i called her back it was a guys voice (she moved in with her “friend” from high school)

my question is: i told her how i felt about her and she already said she just wants to be friends because she travels around a lot. she’ll be staying with 1 or 2 of these guys shes talking to when she comes back and will try to make me sooo jealous i know it. she called me last week and actually asked me for one of these guys numbers. I got angry and hung up on her (something i would never have done before) and then she called me back and actually seems a lot more interested. Then i called her yesterday from work and told her that a stripper approached me at a bar and asked me out and then this girl said “ohh well why don’t you go out with her then?” but then said “OH by the way Im coming back on APRIL 21st”.. i want to beat her at her own damn game! but i already gave her so much power. i wish i could just take it all back and make her feel the same way.





Wow, this is actually a very powerful story.

First, she intimidated you by telling you that “guys are dogs”… which caused you to not try to take things to a physical level.

When you did that, YOU FAILED THE FIRST TEST.

She intimidated you with her words!

Then, the more you pursued her without progressing, the more she tested you.

Until she finally started INSULTING you… right in front of a bunch of other guys!

By the way, when you mentioned that after you hung up on her she seemed a lot more interested… it’s probably true.

Look, man…. BAIL! Drop it. Hit the road.

You screwed up in the beginning by handing over control of the relationship to her, and it’s not worth the trouble or hassle to try to take it back.

She’s probably the type of girl that LOVES to play guys and make them chase her… and who enjoys seeing how much a guy will do to get her… only to leave after he does all he can.

Move on.

But remember the lesson. Steer clear of women like this in the future.

Note: If you’ve read this story, and you can IDENTIFY with this guy who wrote it… and you know what it feels like to want a woman, but be completely OUT OF CONTROL of the situation… then I recommend that you work on your INNER GAME» as much as possible. Self Image and Self Esteem are keys in this area, as they help you pass these “tests” that women throw at you… and they help you raise your standards, and avoid unhealthy women. If what I’m saying is making sense to you, then you should go RIGHT NOW and check out my DEEP INNER GAME» DVD/CD program. This program will help you out in this area more than any other program ANYWHERE:

[products info link]



For the past 6 weeks I’ve been hearing…

“You scare me” (said jokingly) “I never know if you’re being serious” “You know what I love about you? You make me laugh…”

… and its all down to you.

Dave, you are “da man”, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you and tell you what happened – all thanks to your newsletters and amazing book

I got in touch with D via a personals web site, we started emailing, and I started the C&F. The first date was amazing. We went out to lunch – I never laid off the C&F and she was lapping it up. We went back to her place and started getting “cosy” (with the comments “I don’t normally do this on a first date”). I had to leave for another engagement but she desperately wanted me to stay!! So I went back on the Sunday and we’ve been together ever since.

Dave, you have saved another lost soul. Once again, a huge thank you.

R England


Hey, you’re welcome.

Cash donations are welcome, along with large gifts and other favors (no, I don’t want a kiss).

Just make sure you keep doing what worked to begin with, and don’t turn into a WUSSY!



First, I LOVE your Advanced Dating Techniques CD program. Everyone; do yourself a favor, BUY David’s stuff! It’s EXCELLENT!!! Well worth the INVESTMENT in YOURSELF!!!

This past Thursday, I was on a second date with this attractive female. Been using the c&f on both dates and she eating eating it up. Anyway, we end up back at her place. First, we get there and I sit back on the couch. She asks if I want a drink, so I tell her NO. Suggesting that she is just trying to get me drunk. We watch TV for a little bit; then when I was thirsty, I got up and asked her if she wanted a drink.She said no, so when I went to her fridge and I asked her what do you want me to bring you back, because I’m not drinking alone. After we both finish our first drink, I lean over and pecked her on the lips. She tried to kiss me back and I told her to settle down and go get us another drink, which she did.

….Fast forward, after a night of everything, but sex (I didn’t have a condom), as I was kissing her good night (she wanted me to stay, but I was leaving for a trip Friday morning, so I told her No.)

she said, “I’m going to regret not sleeping with you in the morning.”

I smile and kiss her.

She said, “Maybe next time.”

I said, “Maybe.”

Then she said, “or the time after that.” That light bulb my David D. light bulb went on, this preparedst.

Being prepaid I said, “What makes you think I’ll want to have sex with you next time? Or the time after that?”

She said, “You’re a guy and that’s what all guys want.”

I said, “Maybe I’ll only kiss you next time.”

She said, “I hope we’d AT LEAST do that.”

Driving the nail home that I was in control and she wasn’t going to use sex as a weapon, I said, “Fine, then hand holding it is.”

She said, “Hand holding?”

hand-holding, “Yes, you’ve been promoted to hand holding.”

She said, “How is that a promotion?”

I kissed her and said, “I’ll tell you next time.” and left. Needless to say, next time I’ll score, if I want to. LOL!!! Of course I will, because that’s what all guys want. hehehehe!!! This stuff is GREAT!

I haven’t finished cd 10 or 11 yet, but I do have a question about paying? When is it appropriate to let her pay? How often? How do I let her pay without being perceived as a wussy?

Thanks again. You have changed my life for the better. I now get it. Plus, it’s fun to watch the guys who Chicago-land This stuff is VERY POWERFUL, use it with caution.

J Chicagoland


Very nice.

Mixed messages, teasing, stepping back, making her feel anticipation and want it badly… GREAT.

This is a great example of how to handle a situation like this one.

As far as letting women pay…

The whole topic of “paying” is kind of a pain.

It has gotten into many women’s heads that if a guy pays it means that he’s a “gentleman” and if he doesn’t it means that “he’s not”.


Howdy, Dave — I wrote to you about a year ago with what I thought was a great “Success Story” involving a biker chick. She was just so hot, and she came on to me right in front of her biker boyfriend, after I busted on her about how I thought only good-looking women got to ride on Harleys. Well, she turned out to be one sick puppy. Chock full of really strange mental and personality things. Well, I kept being C&F with other women while I was dating this chick — and I’m sure glad I said, “No” when she wanted to move in with me! Anyhow, to make a long story a bit shorter, I’m now involved with a 50 year-old 10. Perhaps a 10.5!! I’m 55, average looking, divorced x2, definitely not wealthy, etc, etc. I treated this woman as if she was my “bratty little sister” and after a couple months of banter, she asked me for a date! I had not even bought her a cuppa! Anyhow, we have been dating since last summer, and back around Christmastime, I started getting wussyfied with her. I saw immediately that it was not the right thing to do. She began to withdraw, so I did not call her or see her for a week. It was tough to pull back and get back to doing the right things. (No, I didn’t have dreams of you bitch-slapping me! I got that vicariously in your emails!!) My point is this — if it works, keep doing it!! Don’t stop. And, as soon as you realize you’ve reverted, AS SOON AS, get back to right behavior. This woman loves me even more now because I was able to backpedal quickly. Pay attention to yourself and what you are doing and saying, guys! Don’t ever go back to wussiness. Wussy only works with your mom, and you don’t want to date her, do you? Pay attention to yourself and what you are doing and saying! Be in control of your life.

Thanks, Mr. Dave. G from Colorado


Exactly… do what works, and if you start slipping, pull back and then get back with the program.

Good job, and keep it up.

Thanks for the email.


Here’s a Q for you…I haven’t ordered you CD’s yet, I’ve been reading your emails and taking in the info slowly, but I’ll definitely do so soon. On the issue of being generous….It has always in my nature to be generous of myself unconditionally with most people I like, but I don’t give away my life just for attention or to “buy” people’s friendship, and certainly for a woman’s attention, I have always known that just doesn’t work. I come from a family in which it is natural for us to be generous as a matter of good form, but never beyond the means available. It’s a cultural trait I guess. Being tight and always expecting a reward for everything is neurotic anyways. Problem is between women and I is that I have no problem with doing a small favor for a woman just out of what I feel is just decency. But I don’t expect to immediately jump in the sack with her. It’s a paradox for me. Like going to a club and buying some woman a drink, but not expecting anything in return except having a good time and just getting along. Maybe it’s a good way to sort out the user/flaky types from the cool and normal types, doing a small favor and seeing how they react. I’ve had good results from controlling how much I will give, and sometimes throwing in some humor like this “O.K. one drink ( sly grin he re) but if you start stumbling around I’m not paying your cab fare home!”, This always gets a laugh and loosens up the woman, and keeps me in control(I think) without seeming that I’m a sucker or trying to buy her attention. What is your view on this kind of thing? Oh, another thing I’ll do is _not_ get clingy if I do something like fact I’ve found that if I just walk away and find something to do for a few minutes( talk to a friend or even go to the bathroom or whatever that) right after doing a small favor, and allowing some “breathing space”, that the next time around they get at ease and usually a good conversation usual starts leading to and exchange of digits. Do you think I’m on the right track? or is it too “friendly”(read doomed wuss)?

Thanks C.M.


This is a great question.

I think that most of us REALLY want to be “good” to women… we want to do nice things, treat women well, and “take care” of them.

I can understand your generosity mindset, and I actually admire you for having an “abundance” mentality.

But I’m going to present you with another way of looking at things… one that might really help you.

What if you thought of “generosity” a little differently?

What if you were to realize that being “generous” with a woman sometimes means to ACT like you’re being NOT generous at all?

What if you were to see that if you were too “generous” at first, that a woman would SUSPECT that you were only being generous to MANIPULATE her?

It’s not you.

It’s that women are so used to men trying to do things for them in order to get attention and sex in return that they:

1) See this kind of generosity as “average” and expected behavior… and immediately slot you into the “regular, nice guy” category when you do it.

2) Often see generosity as a form of manipulation, whereby a man uses gifts and dinners to set up a situation where the women feels that she needs to “put out” in return.

Lean back.

Be generous LATER, when it will be perceived to be more authentic and special.

It sounds to me like you’re a genuinely good guy.

The challenge is getting a woman’s attention for long enough that you can actually SHOW her this side of you, and have it not come across as “ass kissing” behavior.


Hey Dave,

First, let me say how powerful your techniques are. A lot of the methods you teach have been part of my success in the past; I just didn’t realize it until I started using your various Double Your Dating» materials!

I’m from Manhattan, New York; and I work in probably one of the best places in the world to find unbelievably beautiful women; the “fashion district.” In this part of NYC, their are hordes of models going from fittings to fittings, to photo shoots etc. Here is a real-world example of your excellent teachings in action!

#1, when I go out to lunch; I don’t go to a fast food joint, I go to a salad bar (these are very popular in this part of town). The theory being that, I desire a girl with a great figure, and fast food is not the path to one, so I hit the salad spots! Recently, I see this very well known model (who happens to have a major modeling contract with a cosmetics company) at my favorite lunch spot, waiting on line to pay for her salad. She is of course an absolute 10, wearing a super sexy outfit complete with some killer stiletto style heels; so I see my ‘in.’ I walk up behind her and say “what is up with those shoes,” in *almost* a disapproving way. She gives a half glance towards me and says in a slightly confused, self conches way “what, their Jimmie Choo’s.” Still looking down, I respond “their sharp.” She responds “thanks.” At this point, I’m still just not much more than another guy looking to get her attention, in her eyes. So I respond “that wasn’t a complement, I’m saying that they’re SHARP; like they could be used as a weapon!” She responds with a big smile. At this point, the woman at the register says “next! (we both walk to the register) Are you together” I quickly respond “no- way did you see those weapons she calls shoes?” this don’t even make complete sense, but that’s the point! I make sure I pay first (cutting ahead of her), then as she starts to pay for her order, I say “I’ll tell you what, if you promise to keep your shoes on the floor, I’ll LET you have lunch with me today.” After that c&f comment she had this really confused look on her face like, who the hell is this guy to talk to me like this? Notice DYD-ers, I didn’t even act like I knew who she was. As a matter of fact, to this day I never play into her fame/success AT ALL!

To keep a long story from getting any longer, I got her email that day at lunch, and now we have been dating for three months! I cannot thank you enough Dave, for showing me the errors of my ways, and helping me date so many beautiful girls.

G from Manhattan


Ah, models.

The object of desire for so many men.

And what do most guys do when they run into a woman who is of “model quality”?

They get nervous, act stupid, and say things that sound exactly like the other 47 guys that she has talked to that day…

Beautiful women are some of the VERY BEST people to bust on.

Think of it this way:

Her beauty (and in your case, fame) is her weapon.

It’s where her power comes from.

When you approach a woman like this and immediately acknowledge her beauty, you also say, “I see that you are powerful, and I’m one of those who your power affects”.

On the other hand, when you totally disregard her “outward beauty” and instead start making fun of her, teasing, and enjoying yourself, you instead say, “I am the powerful one, and your beauty magic doesn’t work on me”.

This has an INSTANT effect.

It separates you from 999 out of 1,000 other men that she meets.

And if you’re CHARMING and FUNNY as well, it just says all the right things.

Great job, and congratulations on finding a beautiful woman who you enjoy enough to date on an ongoing basis.

…and if you’re reading this Mailbag right now, and thinking to yourself, “Man, I need to start learning this stuff and get this part of my life handled…”


There’s no better time than the present.

Here’s an interesting thought…

At one of my live seminars, I met a guy who owns my Advanced Dating Techniques program.

Get this:

He told me that he has listened to the CD version of the program 13 times now. 13 times!

Why do you think he’s listened to it so many times?

Because he still learns NEW stuff EVERY time he listens to it.

So what am I trying to say here?

I’m trying to say that it’s JAM PACKED with incredible information.

My Advanced Series was actually recorded at a special 3 day seminar I did. It was then edited down to a tight presentation (over 12 full hours), and released on CD and DVD.

It’s me teaching all of my very best stuff.

I don’t hold anything back, and I have the time to explain all of my concepts in detail… with examples and step-by-step techniques for each of them.

This is the best program you’ll find on meeting more women and getting more dates, and I highly recommend that you check it out.

It’s here:

[products info link]

…and it’s also important that you read my eBook “Double Your Dating“. It’s the foundation for all of the things I teach in these newsletters, and all the things I teach in my Advanced Dating Techniques program. You can download it here and be reading it in just a few minutes:

[ebook download link]

I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

P.S. Make sure you go and look at all the different programs I’ve created to help you meet women… you can watch video clips of each of them here:

[products info link]

P.P.S. If you’d like to send me a Success Story, Question, or Comment, follow these guidelines:

1) Keep it short and to the point. Two paragraphs max.

2) Tell me what’s working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the “Your stuff is great” and “I don’t need to tell you how well your stuff works” comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics… because this helps other guys to see what’s working in different situations.

3) If you have a Success Story, write “Success Story” in the subject line of the email. I read these first.

4) At the end of the email, give me your initials and tell me where you’re from.

5) Send it to me at:

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…don’t just hit “reply” to this email.


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