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Recent post by Daigoro, June 19, 2010

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Original discussion thread:

I am totally lame.

Originally, I wrote this as a reply to IAmMaximus over in the Beginners board and now I realized I want some criticism/feedback on this shit, too.

Why must I seek the approval of others? Lame.

On the other hand, this shit might be helpful so…

I offer you guys, for the first time anywhere, the Daigoro model for kino: YELLOW LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT.

It’s based on the idea that girls love kino, we just need to know how to deliver it. Never get discouraged, always persist and always escalate with sound logistics.

First Principle: There are no red lights. Any time your touch does not take, it’s a yellow light. Just slow down and proceed with caution. Do little harmless things to test her boundaries. Wear down her defenses. Feel the material of her dress. Did she flinch? If not, it’s on (green light). Do 60’s high-5 test. If she accepts, that’s a green light. Try my finger technique. If she doesn’t jump out of her chair, it’s fucking on! Ramp up the kino!

Second Principle: Sometimes no-touch can be touch, too. Don’t only think about skin on skin. Think about invading her space. Once she’s comfortable with you invading her external space, you’re practically home to invading her inner space. Have a fucking staring contest until you both glimpse each other’s souls. Re-read everything that Chopan ever wrote. Lean in conspiratorially and whisper shit in her ear. If she smiles and doesn’t back away, it’s on. Also, smelling her neck or hair can sometimes be as intimate as a hand on the thigh, both of which, btw, imply that it is on. (However, be sure to keep the vibe sexy and not simply “sampling perfume at the department store.”)

Third Principle: Make them want to touch you, too. Remember how shaving his head made IAmMaximus a rockstar? I truly believe that women respond to tactile visual stimulae like bald heads, cashmere sweaters, steel watches and finely ironed cotton shirts. So, let her touch your head. Show her how rough your hands are compared to hers. Also, it almost goes without saying, shower HARD, clean your fingernails and carry breath freshener.

Fourth Principle: During rapport, do something in unison. Dance. Have her sit on your lap. Put your faces ear to ear and try to match your breathing. Sing a duet at a karaoke like “Don’t You Want Me Baby” by the Human League. These are all symbolic metaphors for the sex you will soon be a-having.

Fifth Principle: When it’s time to kiss, don’t. Instead, hand goes gently on breast. Pretend to kiss and instead smell her neck more deeply and give it a bite. Put her hand on your boner. Hook your pinky finger just inside her jeans and play with the waistband of her panties or thong.

Make sure you cross the kino border into sex before committing the romantic act of kissing.

Sixth Principle: Discretion and logistics are everything. Discreet kino is even more arousing than regular kino. Avoid ASD by being aware of your surroundings. Isolate when necessary. Use tables as covers for your maneuvers. Look away as you fondle.

Push kino, by all means, but make sure you have an end in mind. By that I mean not just “getting laid” but seeding a bounce and making her horny enough to comply by rubbing her clit through her jeans. Or go “out for a smoke” and pull her in, hard, for a makeout when she least expects. Hand goes down her pants. You say, “Let’s get the fuck out of here after this smoke.”

I don’t know if this shit constitutes a “system” but these are rules I live by. Drop me a note for any questions, context or clarification.

Other comments and criticism welcome as well. Props to Maximus for getting me to type this shit out…

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