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Recent post by JohnnyC69, June 20, 2010

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Original discussion thread:

Just singing some praise for IAmMaximus. His thread about “risking douchebag” in regards to how to dress was so on the fucking money. I’m not going to post a link. If you’re of average intelligence, you will know that it’s not far from this post.

I would have put this into that thread, but it was getting a little long, so I figured I’d dedicate a whole new one to the topic, just for you Max!

I just got my income tax return, so I decided to do a little clothes shopping. I don’t know how many of you have a Kohl’s clothing store near where you live, but it would behoove you to check this place out. It’s one of those places that sells manufacturer rejected clothes at ridiculous discounts. No shit guys, I picked up this pair of designer jeans that look like they could easily cost $150 for less than 1/10th of that.

Anyway, when I went into the store, I kept thinking about the stuff that got discussed in that original thread by Max. I thought about what really makes a douchebag anyway? In the thread, it was mentioned (quite accurately, I believe) that most of the time when average dressed guys call a well dressed guy in the Ed Hardy shirt a “douchebag” it’s because he’s perceived as more of a sexual threat than the average dressed guy. It was also mentioned that this is akin to when girls call the chicks in the tight black skirts “skanks.” It’s haterade!

Anyway, I think what bothers me about the typical “douchebag” is the fact that most of these asshats simply lack originality. They’re mostly conformists just following trends. That’s my issue with the Ed Hardy shit.

So what do I do? Here I am with this wallet full of crisp hundred dollar bills but fuck if I want to throw down one of them for one shirt. Shit…what kind of a douchebag would spend that kind of money on one fucking t-shirt?

But I still wanted to get some sex appeal. I just wanted to be original.

Picked up aforementioned jeans and two t-shirts that are borderline TOO tight. They fit snugly and show off my bicep tattoos without hugging my beer gut. Designs like eagle wings, tribal line designs and iron crosses. Total rock star shit. I look fucking PIMP in these outfits.

I’ve been out to the clubs the past two nights in a row. I can’t believe the difference it made in my game, just knowing that I was the hottest motherfucker in the building. I was sitting there mentally passing over the chicks that I used to think were solid 8’s and 9’s simply because I didn’t like something about their facial expression. Total prize mentality.

The first night out, I swooped in on this cute redhead with a phenomenal ass. She had been surrounded by 4 chodes trying to get somewhere with her. I approached as soon as she seperated from them to head to the bathroom. I said ‘Hi’ and grabbed her hand. She reciprocated.

Me: I’ve been wanting to talk to you all night but you’ve just been surrounded by all those guys…let’s go outside and talk
Her: Ok…

Yes, that set hooked THAT easily. I was a little drunk so I got sloppy come close time, but I was amazed at how much of a difference just LOOKING GOOD made in hooking a set.

Last night, was out with Paladin at one of our favorite hangouts. Place was packed to the fucking GILLS with hotties. Once again, I was mentally passing over a lot of them as I just didn’t feel they were what I was looking for. I’m telling you guys, when you put a little bit of effort into how you look, you can really go into these game scenarios from a very powerful position.

I opened a few sets that didn’t go anywhere. Paladin and I actually had one drunk chick try to get us to take her home. We found her friends and helped them get her into their car. Shit like that happening. I should mention that the sets that didn’t go anywhere STILL hooked. It’s like I’ve reached this level where blowouts on opening are a thing of the past. That all of a sudden feels like rookie shit.

It was getting near last call and I went to the bar to grab one more drink. I get my drink and look to my left and there she was. A blond goddess that looked like she belonged in Perfect 10 magazine. Perfect body, perfect face, but more than that, she just had this overall demeanor of a really sweet, down to earth, nice girl.

Me: Wow….you are fucking….GORGEOUS
Her: (DDB) Oh my god…thank you!
Me: Bet you get that all the time huh
Her: Actually…not really. No.

It was vibe from there on out. I don’t remember much dialogue. I do remember that she was flipping her hair and rubbing her boob against my arm ever so casually during the conversation. I go for the close and she gives me the bf objection. Whatevs. It’s a SP I’m running into more and more, but from what I’ve learned about the importance of style, clothes and how easy it is to hook now, it’s a next level SP that I’m actually kind of happy to be at.

Anyway, thanks a lot Max. That post was a total game-changer for me.

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