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Recent post by Ghost_ape, June 21, 2010

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One of the most personal and powerful revelations I’ve had since starting with the whole pickup scene is what this post is about: porn.

I’ve dabbled with the Mystery Method» on, and off. I’ve read Gunwitch’s method a couple of times. In both instances, I’ve noted that they both encouraged people who want sucess with women to stop masturbating ad nauseam.

It makes sense when you think about it; the less you “fap”, the more prone you are to feeling truly, biologically male. Your urges towards women are stronger. If you drink, and don’t tug the old wang too often, you’re much, more likely to perform well under such circumstances, if you pick up from club/bar game. (Though they didn’t encourage drunk Pickup.)

Anyway, I realize that this is sage advice. I realized, in fact, that it was one of the most important things to take into account when you want to become a mean lean seducing machine.

There was a hitch in that plan though. A stumbling block of sorts. Generally speaking, cutting out excessive masturbation requires watching porn a lot less. I didn’t want to do this, when I started following Mystery, and Gunwitch’s advice on masturbation. I thought:
“I’ll sarge, not “Fap” as much, and then if I don’t pick up, meh, just jerk it to some good porn the next day, to make up for the trouble.”

This takes me to my point: Porn. It’s bad. A month or two ago, I sent in a field report outlining in pretty explicit details what happens when you jerk off and watch too much porn.

Though some people would like to downplay the negative effect porn has on a man’s sexual state at all times, I say there is a definite negative correlation there.

The more porn you watch, the more porn you need. To an extent, it’s like a drug: you become desnsitized, and need a progressively bigger and bigger hit every time you take one.

This is my experience, and by no means a generalization to any other guy out there. These are simply bio-psychological musings from someone who really has no knowledge of that kind of thing beyond the proclivities of his own body. Anway, where were we?

It all starts out the same–you get shown a naught magazine by a buddy in sixth grade, start typing in “bad” urls you see written in the bathroom stall at soccer or basketball practice, stay up extra late and watch some of that cheesy shit that comes on late at night on Showcase…And there it is: Wow, a (partially) naked woman! I can see actual boobs! Look! I just saw her bare ass! This moment of “deflowering”, this delicious debauch of the senses is an undeniably interesting rite of passage at such a young age.

Then: Puberty hits. “Oh, that’s why it gets like that when I see a lady’s butt!” Suddenly, just looking at naughty things isn’t quite as exciting! (Fap-fap-fap!)

Then: “Oh, videos ont the internet?” “Woo! This is so baddd!” Fap-fap-fap

Then maybe 6 months, maybe a year later, you notice something nastier than the usual missionary-meat-and-potatoes couple going at it. “Anal?” “WHOA! Listen to her moan!”

Then the kinky stuff comes into play. Then “painful” slips into the search bar on the streaming porn. Then, before you know it, you’re into some sick shit.

And that’s the point where you realize: watching porn prevents you from fucking anyone but yourself. You get desensitized to the softer stuff, the more “hard core” you go. This is what happened to me over time. I went from nearly ejaculating on myself watching softcore with the volume muted while my parents slept a floor above me, to watching women in bondage, chains and shit get “raped”, pleading for mercy.

Then my encounter with “HB Nympho” happened, and I was so used to the voyeuristic bullshit I’d plagued my mind with for so long, that normal healthy, up-close sexual stimuli weren’t doing the trick. I wasn’t turned on by a woman with her legs spread and a loving expression in her eyes, relating to me in a breathy voice how “cute” I was, and how wet she was!

This was the last straw. A few weeks later, I decided: that was it. No more fucking porn. Don’t just cut out the hard shit; cut out everything. Don’t go on /b/, don’t put yourself in a position where you’d be exposed to that kind of crap. Just. No. More. Porn. Masturbating? Sure. No porn, though.

So, I did. I haven’t exposed myself to anything pornographic since. No pictures, not videos, and no more “First time teen crys while she gets fucked in the ass”.

What happened?

1 week in: erections started to get firmer. Started noticing women’s “assets” more in the run of the day, but felt the pressure; still wanted to fap to porn. Felt as if I was losing even more sex drive at first, because I didn’t have the extreme stimulus needed to get myself off.

2 weeks in: Erections more frequent, longer lasting. Getting turned on by things I had prior thought were trivial and not noticeable. Started being able to masturbate without anything but my imagination again.

3 weeks in: Feel like a teenager again. Haven’t met back up with HbNympho quite yet. Despite this fact, I’m more than sure I’ll rock her senseless when we do meet again. I last much longer that I ever have before.

Next week: going to try bar game. Might need to watch myself on the dance floor. I probably will have a nubile teen reaction and start getting hard if I as much as grind on a woman again.

Not only have I re-sensitized myself to real tangible sexual stimuli around me again, but I’ve freed up big portions of time I’d usually waste looking for some filthy waste of harddrive space that I’d waste even more time poisoning my mind with.

I find it baffling that the solution to a problem that was so complicated and nebulous to me before, turns out to be so simple: no more porn, Ghostape!

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