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Recent post by Luke2009, June 25, 2010

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Original discussion thread:

How Facebook has become a big asset for me!

I’ve basically ditched texting and switched to Facebook.


Texting is private (most of the time.) Only you and here see it. Sure, it’s good if you’re trying to send her something private and can’t talk with her in person or call her, but if you’re using it to set up a date then Facebook is better because…

EVERYBODY sees your messages. (Well at least your friends do.)

Girl will text me:

Girl: Are we hanging out tomorrow?
Me: Yes we are. I’m busy at work. Just leave me a FB message and I’ll get to it when Im done.

Most of the time she will post on my wall, sometimes though she will post it as a message which defeats the purpose, but what can you do!

Now, if she posts it on your wall, you have a hot girl(hopefully she’s hot ) asking when you’re going to hang out in front of all your friends. IT creates jealousy. Whenever a hot girl posts on my wall almost ALWAYS THE SAME DAY will another girl either text me or unexpectantly call me. Yes, girls who HAVENT come in contact with me will all of a sudden try hanging out with me.

It makes you less creepy.

My new thing now is to NOT get phone numbers. No, No, No. Screw that. When I meet a hot girl at a place where I can’t really take her home, I usually will end the conversation with…

Me: I need to go, but you seem pretty cool. Do you have Facebook?

Girl: Yes, blah blah blah

Me: Cool, I have Facebook on my phone, let me send you a request

BAM! Just sent her a request. When she goes home, she’ll see my profile with all these hot girls posting on my wall and flirting with me and it will make me more desirable . Screw taking her phone number and possibly getting flaked on. Sure, there are flakes on FB but I have dramatically seen them go down.

What I’ll usually do is if she doesn’t contact me, I’ll either drop her a message or try to catch on her chat. Either way, I’ll set up a meet and then get her # through that.

Now, on to some No No’s of Facebook…

1. Don’t spend too much time on it. I know some people who are Facebook whores. They comment on everyone’s statuses and whenever you go on chat, they’re online. Don’t be one of these people. Facebook is good to set up meets, NOT TO GET GIRLS. Remember that, plus spending too much time on FB will devalue you and make you seem like you don’t have a life.

2. Don’t be all depressy. You need to show people that you’re a fun, upbeat kind of guy. If you’re having a bad day.. cool. Don’t post a sad status, all it does is make you look pathetic.

That’s all. Feel free to add some tips and/or your thoughts!

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