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Recent post by Luke2009, June 25, 2010

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Original discussion thread:

I’m done with High School and I really have come to the find out the #1 thing holding me back from the things I want in my life… and that is, my friends ask my social circle.

Before finding mASF, I was a chode (nothing new here.) I had one GF, no experience with woman, blah blah blah. My best friend, on the other hand, was awesome with girls. Funny thing is, he never introduced me or tried helping me with my girl problems (not that he should of, just pointing that out.) In addition, he would always AMOG me in front of other girls. It was like normal for him to do that and I grew accustomed to it. In addition, my second best friend was more similar to me. He wasn’t a player, but he had LTR’s in the past and currently is in one. He would also AMOG, but twice as hard. It seemed like he would embarrass me any chance he got.

My social circle includes my friend’s friends, guys that they hung out with who were cool with me at first, but then when they saw that my bestfriends were making fun of me, they would do the same thing. It seemed like everybody was making fun of me and, being the pussy that I was, just took it.

Fast forward two years ago when I found mASF. Things changed. I stopped being a huge chode, began working out, going out more, being more confident and began seeing results with girls. My friends, were so supportive when we were chilling, but the same thing still occurred when would hang out with others. They would still AMOG me. I began sticking up for myself more often, but it seemed to me like this just made me look like more of a douchebag if anything.

So, a couple of weeks ago was my HS graduation. My so called friends didn’t take pictures with me and sort of ignored me the whole time.

It got me thinking, these people have been bringing me down for too long. Shit, I’m doing great with the ladies, in the best shape of my life, doing things I have never done before. I don’t need these guys. I used to NEED them, I needed friends and is why I put up with them so long. Now, I don’t need friends. Yeah sure, I want friends, but fuck I don’t need them.

So, I’m off to create an ideal social circle. I have made a couple of new buddies from the university I’m going to and it’s such a change. We hung out with girls a couple of days ago and it was totally different. No AMOG from them. Hopefully, I can extend my new social circle. I’ll keep you all updated on this!

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