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Kiss close or fuck close… depends on the context of what the person us talking about. Usually means kiss close. (also see: close, @close, # close)?


e-mail close (also see: close, *close, # close)Little Grasshopper


Turning interest on, then off, then on, etc, not necessarily at regular intervals. Basically “hot & cold”, sometimes you’re good to a chick and sometimes you throw her a challenge, to keep her guessing and make you more unpredictable.  A more elaborate form of 101 is “Push & Pull” method (by Swinggcat). Reo / Neo-Rio

3s / 3s rule

3 second rule. The rule that you should immediately try to meet a women within 3 seconds of seeing her (or her seeing you). 3 seconds isn’t exactly literal, but the translation is “DO NOT HESITATE”. Any hesitation will give you more time to falter and come up with fear-based excuses in your mind. It also give your target time to think negatively about you.Mystery


Average Frustrated Chump. A “nice guy”. A guy who has no pick up skills and rarely manages to close a target pick up. Also a guy who tends to supplicate in his behavior to HBs. Meaning, buying flowers for a chick when going out for coffee, putting her on a pedestal, and generally letting women walk all over him in the vein hope of somehow being seen as attractive in their eyes. A common term used for AFCs that have seen the error of their ways but not yet gained PUA skills is RACF (Recovering AFC).Ross Jeffries


Approach Invitation. Unconscious actions by an HB to get your specific attention (rather than peacocking to get ALL men’s attention) in order for you to have an opening opportunity with her. EC, hanging around you for an extended time for no reason, dropping something in front of you, asking you a question, fumbling with something in front of you, making nervous gestures, etc. By looking for AIs rather than wasting time on cold approaches, your PU game will become 3x more efficient while minimizing C&B results. If made use of in target-rich environments, quality approach opportunities can increase 10x. Observation of AIs is best done after warm-up (a few throwaway approaches).Formhandle


The use of phrases or words which sound alike but differ in meaning, such as blow and below.?


Alpha Male» Other Guy – In reference to a situation where you are trying to close on a chick and there’s direct (in-your-face) competition from another PUA. This is different than a cockblock because the normal disarming strategies don’t work.“old__dog”


A physical touch to associate that touch with an emotion being felt at the exact time of the touch.  Anchors can also be inserted mentally (as a forward-looking mechanism, such as causing a person to recollect a feeling when they experience something in the future) or visually (such as a Self Point).A General NLP concept


Anti Approach Invitation. Unconscious actions by an HB to do everything to avoid your specific attention. Walking away from you, avoiding EC, creating a cockblock scenario, etc. Don’t waste your time on chicks giving anti-AI to you unless you really like a challenge or spending all your time in TA mode.Formhandle


The Art of the PickupFormhandle / TokyoPUA


Anti-Slut Defense. The chick logic a woman (especially younger ones) will go through to relieve the guilt having sex too quickly with a man, assuming she has enough time to “think” about the consequences – a reaction which causes them to come up with objections or reasons that they shouldn’t fuck you in order to relieve their guilt of taking *responsibility* for doing something that society would often call “slutty”. Post-sex ASD is usually boiled down to comments from her to her friends like “it just happened”. It might be possible to consider waiting for a guy to make all the moves as an ASD. This forces HIM (in her mind) to take responsibility for the fact that she slept with you. “It just happened”, “he wouldn’t give up”, etc. In reality, both people are responsible for their own actions.yaritai

ASF / uASF (Now sometimes referred to as uASF, Unmoderated ASF … See mASF for explanation)?




Below Average Frustrated ChumpFormhandle




Body Language»?

bitch shield

Not a derogatory term – used to describe a behavior women use when attempting to fend of would-be suitors. Usually in use in clubs, bars, and other pick up places. Sometimes just referred to as a “shield”.?


Dance clubs and crowded bars, “meat markets”. The most likely places on the planet for AFCs to get rejected and, therefore, the best place for AFCs to build up a thick skin. THE best places to crash & burn.  Also, can refer to Formhandle’s weekly bootcamp assignments on mASF.Formhandle


Buying Temperature – the level of attraction a given girl has for you or someone else at any given time.  Not necessarily 1:1 specific, based on overall state of arousal.  For example increasing a girl’s buying temperature very quickly is called “spiking her buying temperature”.  Also, her buying temperature can be transferred to someone else, or transferred from someone else to you.TylerDurden

C&F / CF / C/F

Cocky & Funny.  Referring to the Cocky & Funny techniques taught by David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating.David DeAngelo, AKA


chick. duhJohn C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”

close / # close

To complete a pick up by getting a girl to commit to a “date”, giving you her phone number, or bedding her literally on the spot. Most PUAs like to differentiate between different kinds of closes (kiss close, number close, fuck close, etc.) Comes from sales terminology. i.e. “Close a deal”. (also see: *close, @close)Mystery

cockblock / CB

When obstacles take your target away or get your target disinterested in you.?

crash & burn / C&B

To attempt an approach/PU and fail miserably. A learning process. Warm-up. Don’t confuse with “CB” which is short for cockblock.?


Do A Fucking Search. Kinda like RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual). Usually thrown at newbies who post about a vague memory of a post post without bothering to search for an archive of that post.“old__dog”


Dead Approach Invitation. Opening on an AI that turns sour and creates an Anti-AI response from the HB. Different than a crash & burn on a cold approach because it involves taking advantage of positive signals you detected from a chick. DAIs are rare if you know how to detect AIs properly.Dante


“Doggy Dinner Bowl” [Look] – The look on a chick’s face when she’s tranced out or lapping up your words with a phased out look in their eyes. In that state, they are metaphorically ready to eat out of the palm of your hand.Ross Jeffries


Display High Value (action/verb) or Display(s) of High(er) Value.  An action or story which increases your perceived value.  Can be used positively or negatively depending on your perceived value prior to the DHV and whether the chick is Lower Value (you increase hers or reduce yours, preferably increase hers) or Higher Value (you increase yours or reduce hers, preferably increase yours). 


Display Low Value (action/verb) or Display(s) of Low(er) Value.  An action or story which decreases your perceived value.  Can be used positively or negatively depending on your perceived value prior to the DLV.  AFCs fall into the trap of DLVs all the time and the main reason for a PUA to consciously DLV is if the chick’s perceived value (her perception of herself) is significantly lower than your perceived value and you run the risk of blowing yourself out of the set because of the disparity.  HOWEVER, if her perceived value is lower due to LSE then never DLV and avoid the DLV and simply cater to her negative view of herself (otherwise you lower your value past her own perceived value and blow yourself out). 

E&E / EwE

Eject & Explain / Eject-with-Explanation. Ejecting from a situation with a chick without completely burning bridges but doing it in a way that allows her the opportunity to understand and “fix” the reason(s) that caused you to eject. You eject her from your sphere/world, not the other way around.John C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”


Eye Contact?


Elicit(ing) Values.?

f close

Fuck close.?


Fuck Buddy.?


Find Meet Attract Close. The basis of Mystery’s method (and pretty much all PU styles).Mystery


Fucking New Guy. A new guy to ASF, the misc sites, and the “right” way to do seduction (in contrast to the “wrong” way presented by a large number of feminazi resources which flood modern society).John C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”


First Phone CallBad Form


Field Report?


Find/Fuck Ten Other Women / Go Find/Fuck Ten Other Women?


Fuck Up [Report]?


Fucking Ugly Girl.  A REALLY ugly chick.  On the 1-10 scale, a 0.?

g close / GC

Girl Close.  A g close is what happens when you contact close (# or @ or both) a chick and it leads to a f close rather than a flake or LJBF. G closing also happens when you same-day f close a chick whether you got her contact info or not. If you get a chick’s contact info in order to follow up later (no same-day f close) and can walk away with the full confidence that you WILL lay her soon, that’s a g close.   Anything else is mental masturbation and you will likely have a flake on your hands. G closing is always better than contact closing.

A g close, however, is not the outcome itself, it’s just a sort of required progression stage in order to achieve the end goal of a full close. Check the original post on g closing.  Here’s some more info:

Essentially, what I was (and always am) trying to say is that contact closing a chick, or even extracting her, or isolating, is going to be fruitless unless your main focus is on attracting her versus prioritizing contact closing, extracting, or isolating.

I am saying: attraction before logistics.

If you don’t get a chick highly interested in you (g close) then no logistic in the world will help as a chick will simply not do a guy who she’s not interested in. So, get & build that interest first as your primary goal, and the logistics will be secondary, sometimes she’ll even figure out the logistics FOR you by suggesting contexts which seem innocent in a societal sense yet provide her with enough convenience and fluidity to allow her to relieve herself of responsibility and be able to say “it just happened”. And, remember, detecting a g close is not always easy to detect, so you must always be calibrating her interest level (pay attention for IOIs, reverse-kino, close questions/comments, negated comments coming out of the blue, etc.)




GM / GM Style

Grand Master. One of the past prominent PUAs and regular posters on uASF, Nathan, had a friend he called “GM” who’s primary pick-up style is to be extremely sexual and blatant. Almost blunt. For example, making dick jokes. This approach only works if it’s pulled off just right and you stay congruent with it.Nathan


Green PUA.  Replacement for the RAFC acronym.  See RAFC for more explanation.  Teaches a guy to make ‘i am’ rather than ‘i want’ statements about himself.f.m. breakbeat


Gunwitch Method».  See


Hot Babe?


High Class / Low Class. Sometimes in a different context, HC will stand for “Hardcore”.?


Hook Point.  The point at which general interest and neutral interest communications with a set turns into the set being “hooked” by your presence (the group has an active interest to want you to stay, a chick’s feeling of attraction is switched on).Style


“How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed” – a book by Ross Jeffries.?


High Value?


See pAImAI.?


Indicator of DisinterestMystery


Indicator of Interest – signs/signals from you or from the chick which indicates (real) sexual interest.?


Instant Value Display.  Something which cues, very quickly, a display of your value.Style


Japanese Girl?


Kino Anchored Motion InducementTokyoPUA

KC / FC / NC

Kiss close, fuck close, number close.?


Keyboard Jockey.  A guy who spends all his time posting about PU but is almost never (or literally never) out in the field.  Not a person you want to take PU advice from.Mystery?


Kinesthetic approach (physical touching). Usually of a sexual nature, to get a woman in a state of approval and arousal. Touching and stroking the side of her arm, her elbows, stroking her hair, cheeks, stroking her hand or wrist, etc.Ross Jeffries


Low sex drive / high sex drive. Referring to the level of sexual drive a chick has, specifically in reference to LTRs.  Depending on the context, could also mean Long Distance (as in Long Distance Relationship).Alan Palmer


Long Distance Relationship?


“Let’s Just Be Friends” – a slammer statement uttered by women which essentially closes the door on any chance of you ever sleeping with her.?


Last Minute Resistance?


Lay Report?


Low Self EsteemMrSex4uNYC


Long Term Relationship?


Low Value?


Mystery Method» Attraction Model (either meaning M x 3 or the 3 stages of pickup in the MM model: Attraction [A1, A2, A3], Comfort [C1, C2, C3], Seduction [S1, S2, S3])Mystery


Moderated ASF (*)… Unmoderated ASF is now sometimes referred to as uASF, Unmoderated ASF)Formhandle

mental masturbation

The concept that what you THINK is happening is really just a fantasy about what you want rather than the reality of what has occurred, is occurring, or will occur. For example, going to a strip club, attempting to PU a stripper, getting normal “customer” attention from her, then going home empty-handed with the distorted idea that you may have a chance with her.Mystery


Multiple Long Term Relationships. An acronym and a methodology. Multiple polyamorous sexual relationships. NOT a string of ONSs or an accumulation of FBs, but rather maintaining multiple sexually-centered LTRs at the same time. It is best to inform all the women in your MLTRs that you are polyamorous.Svengali


An enhanced form of MLTR where the goal is to accumulate a number of LTRs with chicks that are bisexual (at least 1 who is your Primary), so that they or she help(s) with the work of finding more chicks for you (sometimes called “Tandem Hunting”).  Idea for this was picked up from Rick H at a seminar.TokyoPUA /


A further enhancement of MLTR2/MLTR^2 where the goal is to utilize 1 or more bisexual Primary chicks in your “harem” of LTRs in order to garner sex with at least 3 women at the same time.  Not necessarily through tandem hunting but of accumulating connections with multiple women who’ve been pre-screened for bisexuality and then coordinating meets with your Primary(ies) so that you end up with 3 or more girls.  Could also be just simply having MLTR where you regularly fuck at least 3 chicks at the same time from the “harem” regularly. TokyoPUA /


Mystery MethodMystery


Most Chicks Don’t Suffice. A feeling in a guy (whether AFC, PUA, doesn’t matter) that most chicks he meets don’t interest him enough, even more so than a typical looks preference.  Usually MCDS is an extreme scenario as only being interested in chicks who are extremely beautiful or have an extreme personality type.Travel_64


Male Pattern Blindness / Pattern Male Blindness – A condition that afflicts men in which they are in a situation where a woman is giving every signal he needs to make a successful close but he does not notice. Later on, he may finally realize his blunder but the realization comes too late.Vincent


Master PUAStyle

Mr. Smooth [Style]

An approach used primarily with a wingman. A wingman of one of the prominent Japan-based PUAs on ASF, Maniac, uses this so-called style to enhance his friend’s approach while also presupposing something positive about his friend. Done with a very friendly attitude, very disarming. Example: “We can both agree that my friend here is a sexy guy, but what do you think about his tie?” That sets up the target to agree without any resistance that the friend is sexy and then opens up a conversation about the tie which can lead to more conversation and additional rapport.Maniac


A term for going out to approach chicks for the purpose of pick ups (originates from Japan, where they make videos of how to do this…)Maniac

neg / neg hit

A negative remark towards a girl designed to break her indifference to you by showing her that you are indifferent to her beauty (or other striking features). Not an insult, that would be bad. More like “Those are interesting nails – are they real?” or “It’s really cute how your nose wiggles when you talk – look, there it goes again! <chuckle>”. No more than 2 negs on an average HB (7-9/7-9), a maximum of 3 on a super HB (10/10). Negs are pretty much a necessity for 10s or strippers (whether they’re 10s or not – simply because they are in an environment which is conducive to them thinking they are 10s).Mystery

newbie mission

Svengali’s call to action for all AFCs who want to change their ways.Svengali


The act of looking for additional pick up opportunities without lingering on a particular situation.?




Neuro Linguistic Programming. A termed coined in the 1970s, from the book Trance-Formations : Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. A way to subconsciously place people in a trance for the purpose of encouraging them to do things you want.Bandler/Grinder


New Maniac Plan?


New Maniac Report … I think 🙂?


“Not Ready For a Relationship” – a statement uttered by women (similar to LJBF) which essentially indicates that although she’s not in a current relationship, she wouldn’t want one with you let alone go out with you. Although it’s similar to LJBF, it’s possible to TA the situation quickly. It’s important to note that women don’t need a “relationship” with you to want to sleep with you.?


Any person (or thing) which could potentially block your chances with the target girl.Mystery


A disorder commonly found in AFCs, that forces them to think that one chick is so special that they’ll do ANYTHING to get into her panties. The most common cure for this disease is to go out and fuck a Baker’s Dozen of other chicks to see that one piece isn’t that special. Also see the first question in the ASF FAQ.John C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”


One night stand?


OverQualify. The point where the chick rules herself out for not feeling competent enough for any kind of relationship with you. A situation where you come across so smooth and alpha that you simply overqualify yourself to your target.Mystery


Outing Report?


“pre-AI male AI, a semi-passive action or series of actions meant to inducement a chick to initiate an AI.  A means to “pre-condition” a chick to initiate some form of non-verbal IOI before actually approaching her or doing an opener, usually the best IOI response to the structure being an AI. Essentially, it’s a conscious male tactic (applied as if it was unconscious) that reverses the frame of a female unconscious “PU” tactic. 3 levels of pre-approach: 1.) No AI, walk into a room full of 100 chicks, randomly approach 10, randomly get 1 or 2 interested, perhaps not your best choice of chicks overall, but still better than 0. 2.) AI observation, walk into a room, observe the 10-20 chicks giving you AI, pick the 5 that interest you, spend half the time interacting with half as many chicks who’ve shown already shown interest (2 * 2 * 2 = 8x efficiency, with increased chick quality).  And, with the more positive interactions, social proof for the other 95 chicks is enhanced, providing a method of roughly 10x better results. 3.) pAImAI+AI, walk into a room of 100 chicks, vibe intent everywhere and make presence known, observe chicks selectively (like a calm hunter), and cause 30 chicks to display clear IOIs or initiate significant AIs, approach the few (2-3) that REALLY interest you, knowing they are already highly interested, and that you’ve already displayed intent (10x AI efficiency * 1.5chicks * 2x interest = 30x efficiency, with MUCH increased chick quality).   Overall, the first method is still better than what most guys do, so understanding pAImAI/AI structure, even without many PU skills under one’s belt, increases opportunity at least 30x, if not 100x. Note: Some people migth refer to pAImAI as IAI (“Inducement to Approach Invitation”).  Also, capitalization isn’t strict on pAImAI – it can be types as paimai or PAIMAI, and pronounced “pie-my”.Formhandle


An arrangement of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) phrases and speeches used to direct the target girl and get her into a state which allows her to be lead.Ross Jeffries


Enhanced social proof. A PAWN can be any woman in any situation, doesn’t have to be a friend or acquaintance of yours, and can be created on-the-fly. On-the-fly PAWNs are best for building up social proof literally out of thin air, snowballing into more PAWN opportunities and further enhancing your status in the eyes of any potential targets (even ones you have not seen yet). PAWNS can be unwitting participants or completely willing to help your game.Mystery


A woman (LJBF material or one of your MLTRs) who you can use as social proof when out on PU session. Used to enhance your status in the eyes of any potential targets (even ones you have not seen yet). Similar to a PAWN but prepared in advance. The earliest known use of the term “pivot” to describe this concept was used in 1996 within the alt.polyamory FAQ, re-posted by IAM***K@wo***.net[ ? ] in a 1996/09/12 article on ASF titled “Re: boyfriend destroyer”.  There are also a couple of other old posts from mASF describing this concept here and here.alt.polyamory FAQ
& ASF circa 1996


A pick up artist (PUA)?


Pattern On-The-Fly. Rather than just memorizing specific patterns (which is very inflexible), it’s better to get to the point where you can take any situation and create a pattern for it on-the-fly. It’s probably still good to know a few key patterns (modified a bit to match your own speaking style) such as: Natural Woman, Incredible Connection, Sex Is Natural, Falling In Love, Blammo, Boyfriend Destroyer, and a few you’ve created custom for yourself and your own situations/desires.Brother Ketel


Pattern Of The Week?


Pre Lay Relaxation Mode – “Basically you just have to be very natural about everything you say and do on the way to the lay venue. There is this point in any same day lay as you go from the decision point to your place that could get awkward if she suddenly changes her mind.”TokyoPUA


Point To Self / Self Point. Pointing briefly to yourself by touching your chest or your stomach or motioning to yourself. An aspect of delivering a pattern which anchors a certain feeling, phrase, or idea to you.  Also, depending on the context, could mean “Sticking Point”, relating to a mental limitation that is affacting a guy’s game.?


Pick Up. The act/art of meeting and attracting women.?


Pick Up Artist?


Pick Up GuruFormhandle


Pick Up MasterFormhandle


Recovering Average Frustrated Chump. A guy who realizes consciously that he is an AFC and is taking the steps to correct the situation.  A lot of guys have chosen to deprecate this acronym in favor of GPUA (Green PUA), which is much more positive.  In that regard, a guy is only RAFC for the moment he realizes his AFCness and chooses the path to PUAdom.  Once choosing that path, he becomes a GPUA.  Some guys make use of a small “r” in rAFC to denote that their recovery from AFCdom is still being worked on.  So, if you can follow this logic, the levels of skill, oin order of precedence is: WBAFC, BAFC, AFC, rAFC, RAFC, GPUA, PUA, PUM, PUG (although PUM and PUG are rarely used).  Most guys in the western hemisphere are AFC.?


When a PU venue turns stale (you’ve approached all the HB’s you can possibly approach in there or the opportunities have staled out) and you need to move onto a new venue.Little Grasshopper


Read The Fucking Manual / Read The Fornication Materials.   Referring to the Fast Seduction 101 site as a whole, primarily the FAQ, Player Guide?

sarge / sargy

The act of explicitly going out and picking up women using pick-up and seduction techniques.Ross Jeffries


Sort of like an alcoholic… except addicted to wanting to meet, pick-up, and seduce women…. do I really need to describe this?Eddy

Self Point

Discreetly pointing to oneself while talking about a characteristic, feeling, or positive topic.  Use of NLP visual anchoring.Ross Jeffries


Super Hot Babe?

shit test

When a chick does or says something which is meant to judge the reaction or response from a male, whether the test is done consciously or unconsciously.   The specific words of the response are less meaningful than the method and mode (attitude) of the response.?


SituationJohn C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”


Simple Messaging System. It’s a common phone text-messaging feature, nowadays provided with most cell phone accounts. It used to be a service predominantly found in Europe, now it’s pretty much everywhere.?


Significant Other?

Social Proof

The concept that when you are seen with other women (or keeping a crowd entertained) your social status is raised in the eyes of HBs in the near vicinity. Other forms of display can be seen as social proof (chummy with everyone at a certain place, at ease in your environment, etc.)Robert B. Cialdini,
initiated as a
seduction concept
by Nathan


Statement of Disinterest. e.g. “I don’t like you.”N/A


Statement of Intent / Show of Interest. In initiating conversation, or perhaps during fluff-talk stage, making your intent (sexual interest) clear so as to nip LJBF in the bud early on. By declaring your intent (directly or subtly) clear early on, you avoid later resistance to taking the conversation in that direction and clear the way for an easier close. Show of Interest: A (sincere) compliment – Followed by a QUESTION intended to elicit some values (which can be fed back to her later). Statement Of Intent: To suggest doing some romantic activity together. Followed by a CHALLENGE – that is either to do a takeaway, or take the comment back with a “Just Kidding!” or whatever.Rio


Sticking Point.  Could also be short for “Social Proof” or “Self Point”, depends on the context.  Sticking point relates to a primary aspect of a guy’s game that he seems to be having issues with.   Pinpointing such a sticking point usually helps a guy to focus on fixing that point and continuing to progress with the improvement of his overall game.Juggler and, later, Style


Speed Seduction?


Short Term Relationship?


Tits and Ass?


Turn Around. To change an LJBF situation with a woman into something sexual.?


The girl you are trying to seduce/close.Mystery


The concept of having an overall set of resources at your disposal for accomplishing any given goal with chicks. Those resources can be mental, personally physical, material, or external cue factors (real or simulated). As a guy learns about pick-up and seduction, his overall toolbox grows. Also, as a guy improves his game, he begins to learn what aspects of his toolbox are best suited for any given scenario.   Just as no particular situation needs all possible things in a guy’s toolbox to accomplish his goal, no particular situation can be overcome with just one tool from the toolbox. Collecting and perfecting tools into the toolbox is one part of the improvement process, knowing which tools to use at any given time is another.TokyoPUA


The Fucking Manual / The Fornication Materials.  Referring to the Fast Seduction 101 site as a whole, primarily the FAQ, Player Guide?


Universal Female Excuse Archive (“I’m washing my hair that night.”, “My grandmother’s cat died.”, “I’m having family problems for the next 3 months.”, etc.)Ross Jeffries


Ugly GirlMystery


UG cockblockJohn C. Ryan, AKA
Jack “Jetman”


Unique Selling Proposition (a sales tactic).N/A


Victim Chick. A chick which comes with a lot of emotional baggage (possibly of past abuse) who gives guys the opportunity to be a rescuer, feel like a hero, feel loved and vitally important in an intense way. Quite often, you’ll hear this type of girl say “I’ve never told anyone this…” when talking about her messed up past.Alan Palmer /


An UG (Ugly Girl) of rating 4 and under.Mystery


Way Below Average Frustrated ChumpFormhandle

wing / wingman

A fellow pick up friend (possibly pick up artist) who goes along with you when you sarge or hit the clubs.?


Yet Another Outing Report?


Zero Night StandMrSex4uNYC

Comments on rating girls by their looks…

Some guys use the following ranking:

  • 1-7.5 is an UG
  • 7.6-8.4 is a B or Babe
  • 8.5-10 is a HB
  • the TV gorgeous SHB (super hot babe) is 10.1+

Formhandle Rating System:

  • 1-5 is an UG – 30% of all chicks
  • 6 is a neutral until screened for personality (she can gain or lose points)
  • 6.5 is a B or Babe (50% of the chicks run into on average)
  • 7-8.4 is an everyday HB (waitress, receptionist, cheerleader, 10% of all chicks)
  • 8.5-9 is an eye-catching HB (magazine model, stripper, aeobics instructor, 6% of all chicks)
  • 9.5 is high-quality HB (girl-next-door who could be model/TV personality, healthy, natural, intelligent, 3% of all chicks)
  • 9.9 is SHB, way less than 1% of all chicks
  • There are no 10s

On my scale, 1 out of 5 chicks are a “HB” before getting to know them and, of the remaining 4 only 1 of them might be a “HB” after getting to know them.  Of the rest, maybe 1/3 might be able to improve their appearance to be a “HB” if they took care of themselves physically, dressed & primped themselves better, increased their self-esteem, and improved their attitudes.  So many girls let themselves go because of a mixture of laziness and western society’s PC message that people should be accepted for the way they are, even if that means being unhealty and obese.  Also, western society rewards people for rudeness.  Too bad for those chicks, I won’t deal with them or they’re going to get my Jerk Response.

Formhandle’s comment:
Keep in mind that people’s personal rating systems vary widely. A lot of people would consider anything above 8.0 a HB. Not that we should rank females in generic categories like this, but hey, we gotta track our successes somehow. Another thing to keep in mind is that some 8.0+s will have a < 5.0 personality but some 5.0+s will have a > 8.0 personality. Some guys also like to differentiate between the face and body. E.g. “She was a 7.5/8.5”, meaning a 7.5 face and 8.5 body (or is it the other way around?). Got it?  Don’t got it?  OK: 1 is bad 10 is good.  Simple enough?

Also, some guys rate HBs on whether they could be a model, porn star, or stripper in order to determine the difference between an 8, 9, 9.5. I personally rate looks based on how much they turn my own eyes on rather than if they appeal to the masses. I’m an artist so I have a different aesthetic taste and prefer girls who are more natural looking than waify and more vibrant than curvy. For example, although I would take Pamela Anderson given the chance, she would only rate an 8.5-8.7 on my scale.



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