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Player Guide: Building a bridge AFC-style

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Building a bridge AFC-style

ASF: “YOU are interested in her, SHE appears interested in you, what you need is a bridge to open communications: such bridges are constructed from a readily available material known commonly as bullshite. Think up some credible or not so credible story & get over there and knock on her door. You could tell her you’re thinking of buying a dog and ask here advice, you could say you’ve noticed she drinks beer & you know of a good supplier, you could tell her you’re doing a survey (you have a PC, so make some convincing looking questionnaires), you could tell her you’re selling insurance or anything. It doesn’t matter: you know its bullshit and she knows its bullshit. If she’s receptive, as appears, it doesn’t matter, she’ll play along – that’s one of the reasons why god put bullshit on earth. If not, she’ll tell you to fuck off: so what?”

The Spare Shoe technique. This is a variation of building an AFC-style bridge with a little less AFC-ness and a little more PUA-ness. Don’t be fooled however, the fact that the bridge is built out of BS doesn’t have to mean it won’t hold, especially if she is laughing her way across the bridge🙂

(author has requested anonymity), Mindlist: “Go up there one evening and bring a shoe or shirt or something. Knock on her door. When she answers, say, “Hey, you, I was just passing by and I noticed this shoe here. Is it yours?” Well, of course she’ll say no, and then you smile and reply, “Oh, hmm, well, I guess it must be mine then. So what’re you up to?” Then chat a little more and then run an SS pattern on her. Or chat a bit more and then sit down in her doorway and continue talking as if everything is natural. She’ll notice and laugh and either invite you in or else ask what you’re doing. You can then reply, “Oh, I was getting a little tired standing up, but we’re having such fun talking that I decided to rest a bit so I could put all my energy into making you laugh.” She’ll smile and either sit down to continue talking or else invite you in.

Even if she’s busy, the above should make a cute impression, and you can follow up with an SS pattern to ask her out to coffee.”

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