Best Hookup Sites: What Are The Top Adult Dating Sites For Casual Sex?

Hundreds of casual dating sites exist, but only a handful can be considered the best hookup sites. Out of the many we’ve reviewed, below are the top two right now with thousands of horny girls in your area just waiting to get banged.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the dating game was easy? So easy in fact that you don’t need to worry about approaching girls, buying them dinner, or bullsh*tting your way through a date just to get laid.

You just turn up and have sex. Great right? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you use a verified adult dating site.

What makes a good casual dating site?

There are several attributes that make a seemingly normal adult dating website or app way better than the average. We’ve reviewed hundreds of them, so we should know:

Best hookup sites online right now

After reviewing 44 of the top hookup sites, we’ve seen everything there is to see about casual sex and what you really should be doing to get laid.

The aim was to come up with one site... the best of the best. But we couldn’t make our minds up. So we settled for two.

Here they are:

1. Mega Hookup - (5/5)

This site is FULL of young... horny girls (teens mostly) that are just looking for a guy to satisfy their urges. There really isn’t another site quite like it. Real profiles, great support and super easy to use. Most importantly you will have an endless supply of girls to choose from and bang.

Mega Hookup
Click here to see Mega Hookup

2. Swipe Sluts - (4.8/5)

As the name suggests, this site is a little more edgy and attracts the girls that are more... shall we say, skilled. They know what type of guy they want, they just want sex and don’t even care what your name is.

The reason we rated this slightly lower was because of the features. Although they are good, Mega Hookup has some premium options that will help you get laid tonight, whereas Swipe Sluts will take a week or so before your account sees any action.

Swipe Sluts
Click here to see Swipe Sluts

Different types of adult dating sites and apps

So there are three types of casual dating sites and apps you can use these days, which are both equally as popular.

Hookup site FAQ’s

If for some reason you can’t see an answer to your question below. Please get in touch with the community and someone will answer it for you.

Are the girls real?

Yes, on the above sites they are at least. If you’re using other sites, that we haven’t recommended then you might be in for a surprise. You’ll know if the girls are fake because they will answer your questions with silly statements like “Oh cool, you are really cute x”.

Do I need to pay for premium features?

If you want better results then it’s a resounding yes. You can get laid on these sites with just a normal profile, but if you’re a normal “average” looking dude, then it’s going to be harder for you than it is for a really good looking guy.

Aren’t the girls just gold diggers?

There are some gold diggers on this site as well as straight up whores. But you can easily sniff them out and ditch them. A pro will say something like “Hey, are you looking to party tonight?”.

Isn’t Tinder the best hookup app?

It is if you like paying for girls pizza and never getting a match. Other than that, it’s pretty lame. Oh no wait, if you’re a model, then maybe you can get lucky on Tinder. It’s mostly not used for hooking up anymore, it’s used for validation and boosting girls confidence.

Best hookup sites: Conclusion

Delete every dating app you have on your phone now and use the two we suggest above, you won’t regret it because they will get you laid. If they don’t, then you’re doing something seriously wrong.

Make sure you get yourself some good photos too, they will help massively in terms of getting more profile views.