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Fast Seduction 101 Branding Campaign and Global Vision

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If you are interested in advertising or promotional opportunities on Fast Seduction 101, please contact us at [email protected] for price quote and more details, so we can help you with your placement and purchase decision.
Fast Seduction 101, at, aims to bring its visitors and customers a one stop resource and shopping solution for all types of seduction and pickup related content.  We even work with other sites towards the goal of making Fast Seduction 101 recognizable as a global brand in seduction content and product delivery.

An example of the current set of sites that are brand affiliated with us is as follows:

    The original and main page.

    Australian affiliated site.

    United Kingdom affiliated site.

    An example of how individual seduction experts are encouraged to help brand FS101.

    One of the most famous seduction examples on the net, this page has been in existence for nearly 5 years.  It also has a very global presence since the primary author lives in Tokyo, Japan.

    German affiliated site.

    Romanian affiliated site.

    South American (Lima, Spanish) affiliated site.

  • More branding relationships are buing built.

Worldwide live chats are also scheduled weekly for site vistors.

Fast Seduction 101 believes that the market for seduction is truly global, and thus we are aiming to establish our presence globally from the outset.   This concept is also illustrated by the fact that we have real-time live translation links on the site to help foreign visitors get the most out of reading Fast Seduction 101.  Further, we have relationships with top product makers in Japan, and hope to expand to other areas in Asia.   We recognize that the void created by the “work all day father / stay home mother” in this region has left most men with their only real source of advice on how to deal with women coming from their mothers.  Fast Seduction 101 even has an employee/shareholder (fluent in Japanese) living in Tokyo to further the foothold of the site in this rich market.

In general, the web site is recognized worldwide already, and our efforts are continuing to increase our branding presence and thereby add value to our advertisers.

If you are interested in advertising, please contact us at [email protected] for a price quote, payment information, how to get started, and additional traffic statistics which can help you with your placement and purchase decision.  Once you’ve decided to advertise with us, take a look at our Ad Products page to determine the opportunities that will best meet your needs.

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