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David Shade’s Manual

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Review(s) of David Shade’s Manual,

Formhandle’s review, 2001-08-31:

David sent me a copy in the mail last week and what I can say so far is it kicks ass. I’m hoping to try as many of his techniques as soon possible 🙂  More info will be provided by me in the future in that regard.

From Cliff’s List, 2001-05-09a:


Review: David Shade’s Manual

Today, exactly as promised, I received my copy of David Shade’s Manual.  And, being the kind of guy I am, eagerly read it cover to cover, all 95 bound A5 pages of it.

David summarizes the book as “Advanced sexual techniques and practical hypnosis to enhance your relationship and drive your woman wild.”

Parts of it I recognized from some of David’s internet posts (e.g. “Using NLP to Slip in the Back Door” and “The Remote Control Egg”), other parts I didn’t recognize, so I presume that they are either new material, or else I’ve not seen them before.  For anyone who has read the posts I’m referring to, you may find it useful to know that a significant percentage of David’s Manual is presented along similar lines.

I particularly appreciate the way that the book is written from the point of view of David’s experience.  He isn’t saying “This is how it is”, he is just describing what has worked for him and his GF.  This may be a way of indicating that “Your mileage may vary”, however there are places in the book where David mentions his results with women other than his GF.

I liked this book a lot. It is everything I was hoping to read in the book “Hyper Emperia” but didn’t find there.  H.E. would make a good companion book to David Shade’s Manual as it goes into a lot more detail about how to hypnotize someone.  Where H.E. is lacking, however, and where David’s book is very strong is on ideas on what to do with your GF once you’ve got her hypnotized (Make her cum for an hour, anyone?) and the physical details that you’ll need to know to do those things, such as how and where to touch her.

Compared to other books I’ve read on sex (e.g. Lover’s Guide type of thing) David’s Manual is VERY advanced, even before you start to consider the hypnosis side of things.  Many of the sexual techniques described are things you may have a hard time believing – “Instant Orgasm on Command”, “Cumming Continuously”, or “The One Hour Cum”, though as far as I know these phenomena have all been documented in other places, too.

I liked David’s well considered book/product references, including one or two to avoid.   I also appreciate the fact that he has tried out things in the books he references and summarizes his experience with them.  I’ll be getting myself onto Amazon to check out the recommended titles straight away!

David doesn’t say a great deal about the what’s and why’s of hypnosis, though since most guys on this list will be familiar with Ross’ SS material, I guess he didn’t really need to.  He does, however give excellent instruction in what you need to actually do to hypnotize your GF, including a complete script.  Also, he covers potential issues/questions, such as “Will she remember?” and “She won’t let me hypnotize her.,” etc.

So, in summary, I loved this book. Lots of great ideas, complete with instructions.   Some new references to look up for reliable info on advanced sexual techniques.  And if only a tenth of the things in here worked as described, you’d be begging to be reincarnated as a woman!

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