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Reader Reviews of the “Double Your Dating” eBook

Double Your Dating[updated review!]  Below is what a number of readers are saying about the eBook Double Your Dating, written by David DeAngelo (originally known by “Sisonpyh” from Cliff’s List).

My words are as much true today as they were ages ago – As I see it, David’s book is the best place to start for every guy interested in a practical and decisive means to attract and successfully pick up lots of women.  After having run this site for over 10 years and seeing/collecting all kinds of strategies and tidbits of knowledge, I’d been looking for a way to put all my own knowledge together into a cohesive structure.  What I’d seen with a lot of the pickup and seduction knowledge out there is a large amount of useful material but trying to piece everything together into a concise format for myself has been daunting.  Because of that, was slowly trying to build my own structure and trying to find materials that are a best fit for that kind of learning.

I first read comments from David DeAngelo on Cliff’s List and thought “Hey, here are things that I can do without spending a lot of time researching and practicing complicated stuff.”  Soon after David put Double Your Dating together, I took a look at it and read through the whole thing and what I read was gold.  David had put together a systematic and easy-to-follow structure for any man to be able to implement.  And the beauty of his book is that it can be used as either a starting point or enhancement guide for any other techniques and tactics you may already be using successfully.  If you decide to read only one book about meeting and attracting women, David’s book is your best bet for success.  It’s an easy read, the materials are easy to retain, and you can implement the knowledge immediately.  David has alro recently updated his book to contain a lot more info and is even more helpful than before.  I highly recommend it.

~Formhandle (aka Jay Valens, Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)

TokyoPUA reviews the 2nd Edition of Double Your Dating:

The first version of this book was the first full eBook that I ever read on the subject of seduction, and it was literally one of the transformative events in my life.  There were so many earth-shattering concepts in it that I was pretty much literally blown away at the time.  I remember clearly how I literally looked at women differently as I felt like I had been given a secret code to understand them, like a Rosetta stone of the female psychology.

I remember I applied some of what I had read in the book with a total 10, tanned, busty Angelina Jolie look-alike who I had met over a year earlier and had met again coincidentally getting off a bus trip from Narita International Airport in Japan on the way to my hotel.  I had seen her in front of me but didn’t talk to her, instead I read the book and planned my approach.  There was some advice in the book that amounted to getting a woman to see your place first but don’t push her to stay, but instead get her out quickly, thus showing a lack of neediness or appearance of trying to seduce her.  So when I talked to her and noticed she was trying unsuccessfully to reach the person she was staying with by phone, I offered her to drop off all her luggage in my hotel and grab a drink or dinner in the meantime.

That simple act and then just following all the other advice in the book led to her spending the night and us literally knocking the paintings in my room off the wall at one point!  This girl had such a huge chest that as we walked down the streets arm in arm a few days later, her blouse strap literally popped and we had to go buy a clothespin to keep her from walking around half topless…

I could pretty much go on and on about this girl, but again it was the principles that I read in this book that made it all possible.  And that was just the ORIGINAL version, since then it has been updated with even more great information.

The book includes chapters on understanding women, learning what works with women, how to develop an irresistible personality to women, how to use humor and communication to attract them, great tips on body language», basics on style and class and how to fascinate women, where to meet them, dating ideas and behavior and how to get her to come to your place, AMAZING tips for getting physical once alone with her, and finally ways to keep her in a relationship.

There are also a bunch of great bonuses that were not all originally available with the first book:

  • “Sex Secrets— How To Turn A Woman On, Satisfy Her In A Big Way, And Get Her To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted”
  • “The 8 Personality Types That Naturally Attract Women”
  • Bridges — How To Go From One Step To The Next… From The Very First Meeting To The Bedroom”
  • A free starter kit that includes two double interviews from the DYD “Interviews With Dating Gurus” monthly interview series
  • A free month of subscription to the DYD “Interviews With Dating Gurus” monthly interview series

Pretty much the best value you can imagine for less than 20 bucks.  I’ve spent more on bad colognes that I hoped would get me noticed by women, whereas this book is guaranteed to improve your success with women.  They recently cut the price in half from the original 40 bucks, it is now so cheap it is crazy.  Crazy in a good way!

Of all the products I know out there right now, there really is no better, ahem, pardon the pun, “bang for your buck”.  So don’t wait, just check it out now, and get your bucks getting you banging ASAP!

~TokyoPUA (aka Ray Devans)

eBook reviews:

Via e-mail:


The title “Double Your Dating” is a misnomer.  This book really isn’t about dating at all.  It is focused on picking up babes, attracting them to you like a magnet, and then keeping them on their toes for however long you like.  It doesn’t matter if you want to attract the chick in your biology class, your one-itis from the AFC days, or the babes of the future you have yet to meet.  This book will improve whatever skills you have, even if you are already a master.  Perhaps the author should have entitled it “Quadruple your Dating”, because this book has much more value than it appears.

After doing a bit of digging around on Cliff’s List archives you will find that the author himself, Sisonpyh, has dated super-models, sometimes multiple models on a concurrent basis.  Whether you’d like to live this lifestyle for yourself, or you would like to go about attracting all the pretty girls you’ve always had your eye on, you’re going to need to know what works and what doesn’t to save yourself a lot of time and aggravation.  So, if it is advice that you arre seeking, start taking it from a guy who’s already gotten the results you’re after–David DeAngelo.

Ross Jeffries claims this man lives with Rick H.  in a party house in Los Angeles, drives a fast sports car, and has VIP passes to all the popular clubs in town… which is why (he claims) David is laying all the most beautiful girls in Los Angeles.  However, you don’t need to have looks, fame, VIP passes, or fortune to be ‘one with the ladies’.  And, yes, incase you were wondering, he used to be an AFC just like many of us when we started.

This eBook is entirely devoted to attracting these babes solely on your attitude and personality—my preferred method.  No SS patterns, no tricks, and no lies necessary.  Remember when girls in elementary school would run around blushing and try to kiss the boys they had crushes on?  Well, creating this wonderful attraction is still possible even when you’re an adult(!), although much more sexual and intense.  Getting your targets to say “I have a crush on [insert your name here].  I really really like him.  I can’t stop thinking about him!” is really what this book focuses on–attraction.  The freedom of whether you want them for an LTR, MLTR, FB, wife, whatever.  The power is all in your hands once they are pursuing YOU.

How you carry yourself in a room, interact with hot women, and especially how you keep them coming back for more is all covered in this book.  Playing hard to get, teasing them, setting yourself apart and having them obsess about you…  Yes, this book has it all.  And incase you were wondering, this isn’t another one of those bullshit “compliment her 3 times on the first date” books… this book is the real deal.

I am 20 years old.  I wish I had this book when I was 16.  Throughout my teenage life, I’ve missed the boat on countless opportunities for romance and LTRs with the girls that I liked and were actually interested in me as well.  I blew it with every one of them and could never figure out what went wrong, and started concocting with my own illogical bullshit theories that were totally false and only made things worse.  “Chicks always whine about their boyfriends not being sensitive enough.  I’m sensitive.  what’s going on here?!”.  Obviously, there were several major things I did wrong which all added up to spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.  Even many precautions of which ASF itself doesn’t even touch upon caused my chances my potential success to fly out the window.  Had I obtained this book back then and exercised control instead of manifesting my poor habits and beliefs, I could have without a doubt turned my game around and enjoyed the pleasure of every one of these girls.

Furthermore, simply coming across ASF and reading the Player Guide wasn’t enough.  After reading the materials on Fast Seduction 101, I managed to g-close a few HBs.  Unfortunately, however, I didn’t have the right plan of attack for post-PU success, and I let a few golden opportunities to slip through my hands like sand.  I wish I had my copy of “Double your Dating” back then, I could have easily turned these HBs from flakes to f-closes.

One of the best things about this book is it is jam-packed with NLP exercises and other fun things for you to work on to start attracting the types of women you’ve always fantasized about.  To give you an example, I have books explaining hundreds of methods of sleight of hand with playing cards, but you only need to practice about 2 or 3 sleights to amaze an audience with a good card trick.  However, if you took the time to learn all of the moves in the book, you’d be a master sleight-of-hand artist and could fool almost anyone.  This is exactly the case with Double Your Dating, except instead of fooling people, you will be attracting them.  Most readers won’t practice everything the book suggests, but you will certainly improve your skill set if you’re willing to take the extra time to do the various exercises.

Because of the wealth of valuable information, this $39.99 [ed. now only $19.99!] work and the free newsletters is the best value I’ve ever seen on ASF.  If you have any skepticism about this book and think it isn’t worth the money, I urge you to reconsider and just take a chance.  This book has honestly changed my life for the better.  Within a few days of reading this book, I was already practicing the “Cocky & Funny” attitude this book details like there was no tomorrow to reel in the babes from college and many of my female friends.  I couldn’t believe the results and how often these girls were following me around and whining that I wasn’t paying them enough attention.  Honestly, this work is probably the closest thing to the “magic bullet” on ASF that will solve all your women problems.

And, like David DeAngelo asserts, if you are dissatisfied with the book and the 3 bonus booklets that come with package, you can simply ask for a full refund and KEEP the materials for your trouble.  I don’t think you could ever ask for a better return policy.  Actually returning the materials, however, is highly unlikely.  because you will certainly be happy with your purchase.

From Cliff’s List:


One of the best places for you to start your journey on becoming more successful with women would be to get David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating e-book.  David (who posts here under the name “Sisonpyh” — which is “hypnosis” spelled backwards) is a good friend that I have known for several years now that I originally met through one of Ross’s Speed Seduction seminars.  His posts here have been among the most outstanding contributions I have had over the years and his book (and the free bonuses) is highly recommended.

From Cliff’s List:


I have just finished reading Sisonpyh’s book ( and it is one of most comprehensive PUA works I have read (I have followed this list, ASF, and the SS list for just under an year now and have read most of the literature available online — the Player’s Guide, Maniac’s site, etc.).

I executed my first same-night close (picked up and seduced a girl in under 6 hours) shortly after reading his first post to this list, and I believe that my success was entirely due to adopting the “cocky and funny” attitude he describes.  The book expands substantially on his posts to this list and it is very thorough.

From Cliff’s List:


First off: guys, do yourself a favor and get Sisonpyh’s book (  I’d like to give it a better review when I have more time, but for now this will suffice.  Just get it.  Believe me, it’s a lot healthier and sensible than other “systems” out there.  He’s right on target.  Yes, you can take what he says out of context, to “disprove” him, but if that’s your goal, fine, you’ll find something.  If you look hard enough anywhere you’ll find something.  But if your goal is to improve your skills with women, I recommend that you get the book and read it.  Read between the lines too.



I’ve read it, and IMHO I think he offers very good advice on how to communicate with women and how to take the next step.  There are some things he talks about that seem pointless, such as washing with soap 3 times in the shower or does your shoes and belt match.  I just skip the trivial stuff like this and get to the parts where he actually talks to women and what works for him.

I’ve field-tested some of his ideas, and they do work.  His attitude is very PUA and quite the opposite of AFCs.  A few of his ideas does go against the grain here [ASF], and that just reminds me that there is no hard and solid rule written in stone that works 100% of the time.  I think its worth reading this book and trying his ideas out.

Even though his title sounds AFC, the most of the content of his book is pretty much like ASF and he introduces some new ideas that ASF or SS hasn’t mentioned.

I’m not trying to advertise for his book, and this is just MY opinion.  All I’m saying is that I know his stuff is valid and that it works because I’ve field-tested it myself.



I’ve purchesed this book and I must agree that it is a very very helpful tool.  Although I don’t think any one thing will guarantee your success, I think that this is part of the formula that will guarantee success.

Overall I’d recommend that you purchase this book.  A lot of it deals with the attitude you need and attempts to explain Chick Logic so that you will be more effective in your PU attempts.

Seminar reviews:



Just got back from ‘Double Your Dating Live in LA’ and thought I should drop some comments about how it went for those who are interested.

I live in London and have wanted to visit LA for some time but kept putting it off, so the DYD seminar gave me the perfect excuse to make the trip as I respect David DeAngelo and have followed his material since he started posting to Cliff’s list.  Well what can I say… the seminar ROCKED and was well worth the money and the cost of the whole LA trip, including my sight seeing tour expenses and extra days I spent in LA checking out the chicks.  Those 3 Double Your Dating days made up for everything.

I got to meet some of the guys I’ve been reading about on this NG and the SS list.  I’m not gonna go into a list of names but Jay did mention here that he was attending the Double Your Dating I met him and his friend (a PUA I’ve read a lot about) in person [Editor’s note: TokyoPUA was with me ~Jay].  Also met (surprisingly) some hardcore SS guys there.  I thought Ross Jeffries has no time for David (with his recent comments on the old ASF NG), but some very close associates of Ross, including the infamous Riker, were there as well.

The seminar was presented in 3 parts:   The inner game», the outer game, and special guests speakers.  The inner game» (my main interest) took up a day and a half.  The outer game was covered on the 2nd and part of the 3rd day.  Special guests covered the rest of the 3rd day.  At the end of the 2nd day we had an extra special session with the famous hypnotists, Steve and Eric.  These guys are like from another planet or something, I can’t even begin to describe what happened, you just have to be there to experience it, a real eye opener for me.

Guest speakers:
Guest speakers included the famous Rick H (an astonishing individual), Riker, Orion, Eric, Steve and other unreal dudes.  What David was trying to get across with the guest speakers was their attitude.  Their attitude has created a reality for them that many of us would find unbelievable, but what they say is verified by many of the other guys there who’ve seen them in action.  For example Rick H could invite up to 5 women to a coffee date at the same time and they’ll all show up and fight over him and then a couple of them would end up in bed with him together.  Another guy picks up chicks like there is no tomorrow, takes them to his place and creates a ‘special’ setting (which he described to us) that leads to a f close on most occasions.  By the way, I saw the kind of women these guys hang out with, one evening at the hotel as we were about to board the bus that takes us into town I caught a glimpse of the women hanging out with David and his friends in the lobby area… they were model class chicks, tall and perfect HB10s.

The outer game:
The outer game covered many techniques, props and practical exercises. There was so much stuff put out that I can only write about a few here or this post would get too long.  Some of the stuff covered included:
– Tutorials and exercises on how to be cocky & funny (C&F)
– Approaching on the street, shop, bar, etc and getting @ & # closes
– Full blown word-for-word C&F conversation examples from David with online chicks
– Props like magic tricks, HA, Palmistry, Reflexology (not just explaining them but how to apply them in specific situations to get the desired results)
– Reframes
Bridges for critical moments
– Sex techniques. How to build anticipation and create sexual tension
– Many other techniques from other major players like Oreon, especially in the area of cold reading
– How to pick up chicks online (special session by Riker)
– Action plan (a truthful assessment of where you are now, where you want to be and what you’ll be doing in the next couple of weeks or months to get there)

The inner game»:
The inner game» is about the unspoken communication between man and woman.  David is a very intelligent dude and quite good looking as well but had some problems earlier on in attracting women, perhaps because he started off as a nice guy.  He did a lot of research, read a ton of books and practiced endlessly in the field to get to where he is today and has become quite knowledgeable in this area.  The inner game» was my main interest because I had a lot of the outer game already.  David presented the inner game» with academic precision, providing solid references to his theories, he points you to chapters in several books and published material that backs up what he is saying.  The knowledge will change your outlook and attitude, which in turn dictates how you communicate with women.  So yes, cultivating the right attitude is pretty much all it takes to get good.  I say cultivate because the right attitude is not something you just get overnight, you have to first know it then practice it constantly for it to become ingrained in you.  A LOT was covered about the inner game» and it changed some fundamental beliefs I had before the seminar.  I’ll write a little bit about what I now understand of the ‘selfish gene’ in another post.

Sarging outings:
Each night a bus was provided to take us to the hot spots in town so we could begin using what we’ve been learning straight away.  We were getting @ and # closes left and right, it was a real blast because we didn’t care at all just having fun.

[Funnily enough, I didn’t find the women in LA (in the areas I went to) that attractive.  I know there are other areas with all the super models etc and the kind of women David and his friends date, but in the areas I visited I found the women to be less attractive than the chicks in London.]

Coming DYD product:
The seminar was recorded live and would be made into a product very soon perhaps on DVD format and audiotapes.  Those of us who attended the seminar would be able to order our copy at a reduced price.  If you like David’s book I would advice you get the course as soon as it is released.  Don’t waste any time, when it comes out get it IMMEDIATELY, it may change your life.


NB: I can’t expand on any of the techniques taught because they are copyrighted to David, so please don’t ask.



Yes, it was a life changing experience.  Eric and Steve took me to a world and back where I transformed from wussy to man eating shark.  Just by watching David’s body language», I was able to learn what I was doing wrong in life.  You can only go so far by sitting in front of your computer reading post after post and ebook after ebook before you become stagnant.  You have to experience Double Your Dating.

The energy in that room at the end of the seminar was more intense then anything that the universe had ever experienced up until that time.  I for one have a new life now….let the fun begin…by the way, there are no words that can describe how beautiful David D’s girlfriend is.  It’s great motivation for us to see the results he is getting…



After listening to David DeAngelo’s Audio/DVD programs, I felt like I learned so much from the program that David couldn’t possibly teach me anymore information.  I expected a repeating of the same stuff at the seminar; however, I attended the seminar anyways because I really wanted to meet guest speakers.  When I arrived, I was surprised to learn lots of new material in addition to chillin with top seducers.

DAY 1: The Inner Game» (Friday 1/24/03)

David DeAngelo did an outstanding job of reframing common limited beliefs that men have in dealing with women…and the attendees practice doing exercises with each other that really help pound powerful frames of beliefs into your head.  I was very impressed with how well David explained the model of how to balance your life and still accomplish the goals you want with women.

After watching slide after slide of articles dealing with evolution and the sex revolution, it became clear to me that David really understands how to explain how the physiology and psychology of women of women work.  I was amazed at some of the stats that David explains because his research leads to proof that a women is more likely to conceive a child from a lover than a partner.

The reasons for this are revealed as David goes deeper and deeper into the psychology of attraction.  We also take time to practice some NLP techniques that help to improve one’s self-image, such as time line exercises, affirmations, and ideal self exercises.  As a Master Hypnotist, I found these exercises very amusing and powerful techniques to use to help men develop confidence with women.

DAY 2: The Outer Game (1/25/03)

After a night of outrageous fun, I return the next day to a very light-hearted fun seminar…full of funny comebacks, body language» techniques, and a fascinating explanation of how the “Bad Boy Persona” gets men laid.  We spent a lot of time on the topic of the frames of history’s best seducers, and I end of talking a lot about this during lunch time with some of my friends.

The next half of the day was spent on how to communicate with women, where to find beautiful women, and what to say with women.  This is the most engaging part of the seminar in my opinion.  Listening to David and conversing with other seducers about their favorite cocky and funny lines, frames, and comebacks made the trip to Los Angeles well worth the price.

My favorite part of the seminar was discussing closing techniques and listening to tactics used for successful dates.  David has an outstanding way of demonstrating techniques that are useful ways of sparking chemistry through flirting.  His cocky comedy is now one of my most powerful tools in my seduction toolkit.  By breaking cocky & funny down into a science, cocky comedy is now a learnable technology.

DAY 3: Guest Speakers (1/26/03)

After discussing the variety of gimmicks that seducers use in the Game, including magic, palm-reading, hand-writing analysis, etc, David discusses some of his own special field-tested techniques.  I especially enjoyed listening to David discuss some of his favorite advanced sexual role-playing techniques with us because I am interested in spicing up my sex life with new and exciting playful role-playing.

Finally, the long-awaited guest speakers are given interviews at the seminar.  TokyoPUA talks about mASF and its application to the community.  Craig discusses his methods for seducing girls at bars.  Peter S. discusses his frame of being the most sexually attractive man on earth and how to use it in cocky comedy.  Orion discusses street approaches.  Rick H tells tales of seducing bisexual women.

In summary, David goes finishes up the seminar with an overview of everything that was explained at the seminar, and puts emphasis on the key traits of successful seducers: high status frames, sexual awareness, lack of insecurity, leadership, humor, confidence, understanding of attraction, and a sense of living in your own dominant reality.  David’s teaching style is so fluid, I’m ready to implement all of this right now!

Formhandle reviews a Double Your Dating seminar:

This past summer, I had the pleasure of attending a 3-day Double Your Dating seminar in Los Angeles with TokyoPUA (who will be writing up a separate review).  We got a chance to meet David DeAngelo and immerse ourselves in David’s array of knowledge about dealing with and interacting with women so as to create the maximum initial and ongoing attraction as possible.  David doesn’t teach linguistic skills or any hypnotic methods of seduction.  Rather, he explains the basis for the actions and reactions of women and how to make that knowledge usable and applicable on a consistent basis.  His seminar is not just a re-hash of his eBook, it is a massive extension of the knowledge.

The seminar was structured into 3 sections (inner game», outer game, and guest speakers) and David went over the first 2 sections systematically and in great detail; the guest speakers were quite inspirational and I learned a lot from them as well – I am beginning to make use of some of that knowledge already.  In the inner game», David taught a massive amount on the basis of how the human brain functions when encountering situations with possible sexual outcomes based on evolutionary conditions and how to best position yourself as the kind of man who is attractive to women on a deeply programmed level.  In the outer game, David outlined, in detail, how to make use of inner game» knowledge in a tangible way.  The outer game section was most similar to the eBook, but with a significant amount of additional information.

David is a very intelligent and well-read individual, having read hundreds of books on human psychology and evolution, and is a very capable teacher.  The seminar was extremely well-structured and presented, and David was able to get through a huge amount of information during the event.  I was quite impressed with the overall knowledge and it helped me reinforce the overall base attitude that helps me the most when out doing PU.  I would say the seminar was focused more on the pick-up aspect of the game than seduction aspect, but for 3 days straight there was just about the best and widest range of pick-up attitude and skills taught than anything else I’m aware of.  And with the understanding of David’s core concept, “Cocky & Funny”, how to take initial pick-ups and interest from women to the ultimate goal of being sexual with them.

~Formhandle (aka Jay Valens, Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)

TokyoPUA reviews a Double Your Dating seminar:

The Double Your Dating seminar was the first seminar I had ever attended of its kind, and I heartily recommend it to others of all levels.  I consider myself to be a very good pick up artist and still the seminar was incredibly valuable to me, and I could see how it would be even more useful to someone who is just a novice.

Basically, David has taken 5 years of personal research into the area of succeeding with women and boiled it down into three days.  David had told me before the seminar that he had read over 1000 books on the subjects related to self-help, genetics, sociology, etc. in the course of this research.  It was hard for me to believe at first until I actually attended the seminar and he made a believer out of me.

But David didn’t do just research, he actually went out and applied what he was learning.  He came up with great techniques, tested them out, and kept what worked.  At the same time, he learned from and modeled other people who have amazing, literally unbelievable success with women.  And he brings this all to you in the seminar as well, including live appearances by the masters themselves!  In essence, you get a perfect blend of theory and practice.  I’m not lying when I say my perception of what is possible with women was radically altered while attending the seminar, and yours will be, too.

I went out and immediately applied a bit of what I had learned in the ebook and seminar to help me do a full seduction in just one hour in Japan.  You can read exactly where I talk about the exact techniques from his seminar that helped me.  But there are so many more things that you will learn in this seminar, you simply have to experience it for yourself.

Its taken me years of trial and error to get where I am, and I would gladly go back in time if I had the chance and take David’s seminar when I was younger, even if I had to go into debt to do it!  The money and time and effort you will save cant be quantified, so get yourself registered right now.

~TokyoPUA, aka Ray Devans

Readers of Fast Seduction 101 who have read this book or sat in on a seminar are welcome to submit their own reviews.

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