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“Meeting Women Online” DVD Video Series  by Double Your Dating

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Reviews of the “Meeting Women Online” DVD Video Series by Double Your Dating»

TokyoPUA (a.k.a. Ray Devans) reviews “Meeting Women Online“, a DVD video series by Double Your Dating»:

I recently had the pleasure of watching the new video series from Double Your Dating» called “Meeting Women Online”. Simply stated, this DVD set is perhaps the most complete system I have ever seen for improving success with women through computer related methods like dating sites», IM, social networking sites, etc.

As an overall summary, what you get with “Meeting Women Online” is 5 DVDs (or 10 CDs if you chose that option) in which David DeAngelo not only shares his own personal best secrets for meeting women online, but also those of 7 other experts on the subject. As usual with all the DYD products, the video, audio, and overall presentation is top notch and superbly well-organized.

The 5 DVDs are mostly comprised of David explaining the concepts or interviewing his various experts. The first DVD is entirely David talking, and he really delves in deep to set the basic foundation of knowledge you need, including the benefits of online dating», the psychology of women, excerpts from his ever-present library of books on the table behind him, etc. Together with his commentary while interviewing the experts, David covers everything you need to know to be amazingly successful with online dating». Things like the Do’s and Don’ts of your profile, pictures, instant messages, and more are detailed for you. His biggest realizations through his own experiences with online dating» are also shared. (I should add here that I met David’s ex-girlfriend who he met through the Internet and she was absolutely gorgeous, so its not just theory, he put it into practice).

As usual, practically no stone is left unturned and David even brought out information from the book “Freakonomics” to explain why attempting to brag in a profile with no picture is worse than just having an average profile with an ugly picture. In similar ways, he draws on his unmatched knowledge of marketing and evolutional psychology to really explain the process of online dating». Further, Shannon from their team put up a test profile of herself, and they used the responses they got as a hilarious illustration of what NOT to do!

Now for a summary of the guest presentations:

Style – The first speaker is perhaps the most well known of the group, as Style is Neil Strauss in real life, the author of the New York Times best-selling book “The Game”. Neil shares his 7 steps for “working personal ads”. This is, to my knowledge, the only place he has ever gone into so much detail in video on his system, which is truly unique. He basically uses reverse psychology and plays the “bad boy” rebel type to hook women’s interest. A classic line he advises for the hot women with few details in their profile is: “I tell you what, I will send you my actual pictures if you send me your actual personality”.

Richard – The master of Cocky and Funny himself, Richard details his application of C&F to online dating». Some of the Do’s and Don’t are covered, and he shares his attention getting line: “You and I are close, but not quite a match. But props on your profile.” Followed by a tip on how she can improve her profile to get more men and “Good luck.”

Brent – one of the most popular DYD guests, this NYC dating coach teaches you how to keep the power at all times, both while online and once you get to meet her in person. By delving into the psychology of how women categorize men online, and sharing tricks for getting women to respond to you and meet you, he also makes sure you have what you need to actually get her to meet you in person. His advice for that first meeting? “Meet her for coffee, and always be 10 minutes late.”

Chet – One of the most dynamic presenters of the group, this dating coach from Tampa, FL had a great presentation that chronicles his years of expertise with personals, going all the way back to newspaper personals and all the way through modern day internet dating. He has a reputedly huge program for online dating» that “has responses for anything she can say to you, cut and paste”, and he shares some of the gems from it. But what I liked best was that he shared his actual profile photos, and you could really see how photos like that would work to get women of all ages flying from around the world to meet him in his hometown (no joke!). Not bad for a guy who is about 50 years old! Every profile should have a photo like the one you will see of him at his front door, it is at once simple, yet pure genius.

Katherine Scott – One thing David never skimps on in his recent programs is getting the female perspective right from the source. Dating expert Katherine Scott goes through actual profiles from audience members and not only gives tips for improvement, but took them aside for new photos, and you can totally see the logic and see the difference as well. Also she gives you some great tips for the 3 most important parts of your profile and how to make sure they are top notch.

Dave M. – A personal friend of mine and an absolute master when it comes to online dating», Dave M. gave perhaps the most detailed presentation of the group. I took the most notes while watching his segment. Dave M. took the most scientific approach of any of the experts to making a system, literally trying out every dating site and technique he could and then using Excel sheets to track the results! He shares his 6 step process for meeting women online. There were so many gold nuggets of information in his presentation that it’s almost unfair to select just one, but I will leave you with this one. He sends messages titled “This Member Might Be Interested In You”. The idea is to mimic the mails titles that the dating sites» themselves send out to members to increase the likelihood of it getting opened, while at the same time making use of feminine psychology that gets the women curious about the “Might” part. Brilliant!

Kevin – The final guest dating coach also had some great advice, including how to avoid various pitfalls, including what he calls the “hottie turning into heffer” syndrome, where the hot girl you saw online shows up 50 pounds heavier. Like David M., his research has shown a counterintuitive thing for all you washboard stomach guys out there, women are more often turned off by a man with a “topless” profile, the idea being that he is trying too hard, etc.

After Kevin’s interview, David ties everything together neatly and tells you how to get the most out of the product and your online dating» experience.

So there you have it. Of course, I could write a book on everything I learned, but hey, that is the purpose of video right? You will learn a hundred times more by actually watching “Meeting Women Online” than anything I could write about it.

I tried to think of negatives to this product, but it is just really good, even if I wasn’t generally an optimist. Maybe they could have had more screen shots of actual profiles? There, that is my token negative: “needs more screen shots”.

But seriously, if you are too busy to go out as often as you would like to meet women, if you would like to be able to always have the perfect response to women but usually can’t think of one on the spot and could use the extra time online dating» provides, if you like the idea of having access to literally MILLIONS of beautiful women at your fingertips and the power to get them to respond to you instead of the other guys, then “Meeting Women Online” is perfect for you.

Hell, even if you consider yourself an expert already with online dating» there would still be plenty to learn from this product. I have started using a few of the tips myself and immediately have seen an increase in the number of responses to my profile and mails, so I am not kidding when I say it can help anyone at any level.

My simple advice then is to get this product, and create a masterpiece profile that, together with everything else you learn about the online dating» process, will work for you around the clock 24/7 and automatically get you dates for years to come. If that sounds good to you, check it out now!

~Ray Devans, 2006-12-11

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