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Player Guide: Talking to her = echoing her

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Talking to her = echoing her

Girls want to be understood. In order for her to feel understood, you need to listen to what she says, rephrase it and feed it back to her (it helps if you agree with whatever statement she made:). Listen to what she says, remember it and you can make her feel connected to you and understood by you even weeks after your conversation by just simply repeating what she told to you during your conversation:) So make sure a lot of your communication to her is a subtle echo of what she feeds you. Now this strategy is already quite effective on its own but combine it with using trance-words and she’s gonna levitate right in front of your eyes:)

ASF: “You need to do more than just agree with her…going uh uh won’t cut it. However you also can’t just repeat what she said verbatim. You have to take something she’s said and paraphrase it and present it as an original thought or opinion.”

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