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Player Guide: Don’t forget to make a timely exit

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Don’t forget to make a timely exit

NYC: “Even the most interesting guy can run out of interesting shit. Stay with them until you have demonstrated personality and made them laugh and are at a high point… then CUT THEM OFF. Tell them you have to do something or it was nice meeting them or whatever and you would like to continue this conversation sometime under quieter circumstances. If your job is done, they will give you numbers and you can leave the group… EVEN IF IT IS THE BEST THING GOING! You can come back later if you want, but you already have their numbers in case they leave or you need to rush out or catch a chick that wants to fuck right now! Even if you have to exit the bar and take a stroll and then come back having done nothing for ten minutes, IMO, closing at a high point and returning later on is MUCH BETTER than talking yourself out and leaving nothing to the chicks’ imaginations that makes them want to talk to you in the future.”

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