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Video : My Name Is Nobody

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Video : My Name Is Nobody

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starring: Terence Hill, Henry Fonda
directed by: Sergio Leone, Tonino Valerii

See Larger Image's Price: $19.99 prices subject to change.

Used Price: $19.99
Collectible Price: $19.99
Third Party New Price: $11.11

Availability: THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. If you would like to purchase this title, we recommend that you occasionally check this page to see if it has become available.

Sales Rank: 1,065; Release Date: 29 September, 1997; Media: VHS Tape; Theatrical Date: June, 1974; MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

  • Color
  • HiFi Sound
  • NTSC

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  • Customer Reviews
    Average Rating: 4.27 out of 5 stars

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Funniest Western Ever
    I have seen many comedy westerns including Cat Ballou, Blazing Saddles, and City Slickers. None have made me laugh harder than "My Name is Nobody". Henry Fonda plays a retiring gunfighter, Jack Beauregard, for the law while Terence Hill plays a comedic young gunfighter, Nobody, for good. His methods are quite different and should keep you in stitches more than once. The scenes at the Circus can't be beat. Although he is proficient with a gun, you never see him kill anybody to make his point. Did I mention the musical score by Ennio Morricone is great? As mentioned in a good review, laurie's boomer views, you can play just the soundtrack. I love Morricone's happy go lucky intro song , My Name is Nobody, and all the western themes that dramatize the scenes with Beauregard. I do hope this will be released on DVD in the US and for a lower price. The import quality lacks a little to be desired so I am hoping for a better transfer of the master in the future. The WHAM! version menu is overly red and the Bio has Henry Ford instead of Fonda as the name, but the bio is correct. The DVD is decent quality with a only a few screen glitches and the sound is good. The occasional graininess can't be helped since the original VHS quality was no better and probably the master print wasn't sharp. I don't regret getting the DVD since this is a great movie and my VHS is wearing out.

    Was looking for this video for years. I needed it since it's one of my all times favorite. You gotta have it too. This is Leone's masterpiece in its kind: all the elements of the spaghetti western plus the comedy part. Can't beat that. Sure, I bought it. Only thing is, it's a shame to have THAT specific edition in my collection. It is stuffed with mistakes and the cover is totally lame. First, it has written on it the cast from another Leone's movie with Quebec actor Robert Charlebois(wich they even spelled Charlesbois and that you guys at Amazon should carry). Also,they'd better have sticked to the groovy original hand drawn cover of Nobody and his red sock with a hole in it...Finally, the opening sequence is the original one written in italian. In one word, if you are looking for the famous MY NAME IS NOBODY, this is it. Go for it but if you are a maniac like me you can expect a little deception from this particular edition. Very sloppy one. If you're the average movie collector and are only looking for the content, it'll do for you.

    What a great movie....

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - Best Spaghetti Western Out There!
    If you enjoy Spaghetti Westerns, then you need to sink your teeth into "Nobody". This is our family's most favorite western out there. The musical score is excellent, and Henry Fonda is absolutley wonderful! This is a quirky, unusual western, and you need to be a western fan to appreciate it. Our old VHS tape is going to get replaced by this DVD, and I am looking forward to watching it in an even better than ever format!

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