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Some of Formhandle's old sketches (1990-92)

(as examples for the "right brain" excercise)

Please don't be intimidated by the appearance of complexity in some of the sketches. Most of these only took 10-20 minutes, 2 or 3 of them maybe took 30-60 minutes. Anybody in the right state of mind (so to speak) can accomplish this type of drawing. But I do admit that I've been drawing this way before I could even read so it might take some practice to draw this "accurately", although the point is not accuracy. The point is to get into a certain state of mind so that you can see from your right brain rather than your left.

Please excuse the bad image quality. Some of the scans are pretty poor, as I only threw these together in a few minutes. Some sketches had to be scanned in pieces because of their size (24"x36").

All images Copyright © 1990-1992 by the owner/operator of All Rights Reserved.

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